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Spotlight: Bionicle Guru

Posted by -Sidorak- , Jan 24 2009 · 573 views

This is a great post that you shouldn't miss.

QUOTE(Bionicle Guru @ Jan 24 2009, 04:21 PM) View Post
Well, unlike some of you guys, I like this place. I just don't have the time anymore to frequent BZPower forums as often as I would like.

However, in the past year or so, I've definitely seen some new things that irk me beyond the minor server-lagging nuisance. Namely:

The Death of Adjectives -- I can remember a time when member and admin, moderator and banned scum, could all appreciate BIONICLE and laud it with praises such as "the Bohrok have an ingenious and handy way in which they can be stored in their canister", "The Piraka have hideously wonderful facial designs", or "2005 was a convoluted story year" (well, maybe that isn't praise, per se). Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with those statements, at least they were made using the English language as best as possible. Nowadays, I can barely read a Talkback thread in response to anything new about BIONICLE sets, books, or various other paraphernalia without seeing things only described in terms of "win" or "fail."

Gresh's colors are WIN!

QUOTE(Another BZP Member)
Gali has no melee weapon?? FAIL

Now, I know some of you kids are from foreign countries, and your grasp of English may be limited. Understandable. Here in the USA, also, many BZP members are actually still in elementary school, and naturally, no one expects you to be pulling a wide array of adjectives out of your pre-pubescent brain. However, you DO know some good adjectives like "awesome", "brilliant", "horrible", "disgusting", and "bland," to name just a very few of a long list. I mean, your English teachers still are teaching you this stuff, right?

QUOTE("Face-palm" BZP Member)
But mr. guru, you're right! I do know another great adjective! Check this out:
I bought Jetrax T6 last weekend and after building it i say it is EPIC win!

See??? smile.gif

Well, at least I can be thankful we all know how to use nouns... And thank goodness for the front-page reviews. While I do not necessarily like the style (bring back Dimensioneer! He knew how to get me excited for a BIONICLE set), I like how the FA/FL/Admins who write them up are generally very clear and intelligent people who value the power of adjectives to describe our beloved toy line.

Redundancy of Topic Redundancy - This does not apply to just topics; some members' posts are also rather redundant, and I am not talking about new members nor triple-posting by accident. Some people just do not want to let a dead horse be. They think they've thought some new idea or angle on an old idea, and thus, this requires them making a whole topic about it. Take that absolutely RIDICULOUS spate of topics within a ONE-month period about how bad the Comedy Forum is. OK, first time is attention-getting, second time is post-worthy, third time is boring, and the fourth time makes you just want to rip the screen off your laptop. OK. I GET IT. The Comedy Forum is not always funny. What do you want me to do about it??? Start a new topic called BORNICLE 2??? Stop harassing me!

Same goes for a lot of other things. General Discussion breeds stuff like that constantly. You know what I am talking about. BIONICLE is going downhill. If BIONICLE never existed, what you do? What BIONICLE year had the best "theme?" If you gave Tahu a cookie, would he ask for a cup of milk? COME ON. We've seen all this before. FAs and FLs, I KNOW you guys have seen this all before. You've been around awhile, and while new members will come up with these ideas for the most part, I still vehemently do not believe that necessitates a "new" topic every two months about your worries if BIONICLE will be around in 2012 when that asteroid hits the Earth. I think a new policy on these types of redundant topics is in order. Someone want to step up to the plate?

Other than that, this is a cool community. Kudos to the administrators for keeping it real all the time, yo. Word to the Big Three: BR, Bink, and Big D. If the worst thing I can say about a forum is that the members are ignorant of adjectives and have a memory capacity of only two months, then I think they have succeeded in making BZPower TRULY the number one source for BIONICLE news and discussion.



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EPIC win.

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- L4TG
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QUOTE(Mr. Rabbit @ Jan 24 2009, 10:00 PM)
EPIC win.


Part of me wants to strangle you, and part of me is amused. tongue.gif

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Takua the Wanderer
Jan 25 2009 04:19 AM
Psst... Strangle him. tongue.gif
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Bionicle Guru
Jun 10 2015 12:10 PM

I just now saw this blog entry. I'm touched, and thankful that one of my lost posts from the Old BZPower was preserved here. That, my friend, is an EPIC win!

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