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A Little Less Than 1080p

Posted by Tufi Piyufi , Feb 17 2011 · 738 views

Random Ramblings
There's a word people love to throw around when it comes to MOCs, artwork, and sets. But not just any examples, oh no. It only really pops up when the subjects are female.

You don't get to be surprised that's what this blog entry in this blog is about.

I've seen some great female MOCs get posted in BBC. Streamlined yet well-armoured, minus the woefully out-of-place ponytail, and in footwear you can actually fight in. I often regret not publically recognizing them as they come up for just plain getting it. Something always comes up and before I know it, I've lost the chance. And believe me, it is regret. It is a deep regret that I never manage to post in these topics and applaud the builders. I can't tell you how much I regret not offering a voice counter to what's heard instead.

These MOCs are great, you see. Maybe some general technical and/or aesthetic qualms, but you'd be hard-pressed to find any MOC without them. But that's rarely the problem. Instead, I see people talk about how these MOCs are 'great, but not very feminine'. These MOCs, with silhouettes and lines of movement that have captured je ne sais quoi in a jar and put it on a shelf. These MOCs, already a step ahead of the general crowd. These MOCs, that for once, are actually feminine.

And then it dawns on me like a smoggy sunrise.

These MOCs also tend to avoid the trend of putting two things on her chest just 'cause girls have two things on their chests. And believe me, they're things. They're not breasts. They bear no resemblance. Sometimes they're round? But that and the numbers are the only resemblances. They stick out terribly. Did I ever mention in this or any other entry that they always stick out? There is no room for anything less than a D-cup in Bionicle, it seems. Even that's on the small end of things.

And then, the MOCs with spine-shattering chest tumours are the ones deemed 'feminine'. Really. Never mind that they could have shoulders that'd be out of place on Onua. Never mind that they could have the hips of an especially elfin 10-year-old Matoran boy. Never mind they could have all the grace of a herd of half-tranquilized gorillas. I guarantee you, the vast majority of posts in topics like these will praise the 'femininity' of the featured MOC.

So near as I can tell, according to the Bionicle fandom at large, 'femininity' isn't a set of subtle qualities that work together to convey a general aesthetic sense. To be 'feminine', all you need is huge round things on your chest. That is the definition I have determined from countless posts and topics. That's the definition that seems to be on the books.

That is an absolutely terrible definition.

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Queen of Noise
Feb 17 2011 11:26 PM
Hey people!

Did you know that the shoulders of women are roughly the same width as their hips?

Did you know that women have legitimate HIPS and that the hips are probably an even more important aspect of the feminine body than breasts? The hips curve, unlike the straight lines that make up men's sides.

Did you know that breasts are NOT just big globes stuck on a woman's chest? Did you know that they are affected by gravity and also not simply round? They hang, and grow 'downward and outward,' to put it simply. Hint: Roodaka has it upside down.

BZPulitzer for Jen.

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I find it even stranger that half the entries to the female MOC contest are actually the non-demeaning type mentioned first in this entry, while a majority of the entries to the manly MOC contest are chunky, top-heavy stereotypical masses of "manly" over-muscularization.
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At first, I was overjoyed to see a Tufi Piyufi blog post.

And then I was sad that this had nothing to do with TVs.

But then happy again because it is remarkable informative as a POV.
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Doesn't matter how many ways you say it, it'll still be as true and go out to as deaf a crowd. x)

Your post did get me to take a look at my long-neglected Gali Titan WIP... The chest thing isn't so bad, but there are some serious proportion problems otherwise. Guh. Lower legs particularly, those'll have to be reworked from the ground up. Again. But hey, thanks for the impetus for progress! :)

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QUOTE(BCii @ Feb 20 2011, 08:13 AM)
Doesn't matter how many ways you say it, it'll still be as true and go out to as deaf a crowd. x)

Fortunately, some of us know sign language.

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Tuan Taureo
Mar 22 2011 11:48 AM
Feel free to recommend any of these MoCs to the BGC topic, Your Imperial Majesty. happy.gif

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