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The Blog of Thoughts


I'm Back

Posted by Canama , Jun 05 2006 · 157 views
As you may have noticed, I'm back. I will continue putting entries up.



Greg Q&a

Posted by Canama , May 29 2006 · 431 views
Some stuff that might intrest readers:

Questions regular. Answers bold. Comments italicized.

1. While in spirit form, can Matoro pick up things?
1) No
Thought so.

2. Could Jaller's mask allow him to squeeze into a small space?
2) No - it can't change the shape of his body
Just something that I had on my mind

3. Does Hahli think that the headaches that she gets when she's close to the MoLi are bad signs at first?
3) Well, no one likes a headache

4. Could Hewkii make a microscopic object into a deadly weapon?
4) I tend to doubt it, because how would he even see it?
The reason I asked is because he told someone else that he could make a blade of grass into a deadly weapon.

5. Is there a limit to how high or far Nuparu's mask can take him?
5) He can't leave the atmosphere
A little question that I had.

6. Can Kongu project his own thoughts into other's minds? (Say the Inika are cornered and Kongu has a strategy. Could Kongu tell the others mentally?)
6) Yes
Thought so.

7. How far into the future can Vezon see?
7) Not that far
I would assume that he couldn't see something 1000 years in the future after reading the answer.

8. How insane is Vezon?
8) I am not sure how you quantify this?
Just wondered

9. Can you separate Vezon from Fenrakk?
9a. If yes, would Vezon object to it?
9) As far as Vezon knows, doing that would kill him, so yes, he would object
Vezon's strange.

9b. Would Fenrakk?
9b) Fenrakk's job is to protect the mask, he's not just going to let you take it.
So he would object, too.

Here they are.




Posted by Canama , May 29 2006 · 238 views
I hope that the Turaga Lhikan set, Munchkin Piraka ( tongue.gif ) set, and bug set are avalible in the U.S. patriot.gif flag_usa.gif . I really want the sets and peices. If they're not sets or not avalable in the U.S. ( sad.gif cry.gif crying.gif ), I'll be upset. I hope they come out in the U.S.!

4.5 YEAR LATER EDIT: Waaaaaaaat

4.5 YEAR LATER EDIT AGAIN: Also I can't count



New Chapter In "ask The Toa Inika"

Posted by Canama , May 28 2006 · 138 views
I have released the next chapter in my Ask the Toa Inika comedy. Be sure to read it! Cookieo will do the next chapter.



Constant Changes

Posted by Canama , May 28 2006 · 535 views
If you're wondering about the constant changes a few moments ago, that was me messing with the content blocks. I might change it up more.


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