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from the edge of the forest, towards the deep green sea


Seam Stale

Posted by Scythey , Jun 30 2014 · 64 views

I got Payday: The Heist from a friend

and then I crafted some cards and got a backpack expander and an item and a name tag in TF2

that's it that's all

I don't buy video games much


[UPDATED] The Cure

Posted by Scythey , Jun 26 2014 · 205 views
music, collections
Posted Image

[originally published 5/18/14, updated 6/26/14]

also decided to update and republish this because I finally ordered and received a copy of the band's original Europe-only debut Three Imaginary Boys. I now own every single studio album and non-promotional compilation the band has released, including the remix album Mixed Up and the limited first-press edition of Greatest Hits featuring the acoustic bonus disc.

the only thing that could possibly make this collection more thorough and complete, outside of live stuff which I have no interest in, is the Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities box set, which I do hope to pick up someday but for now have neither the money nor the space to add it to my collection.

all of these are the various US pressings except for Three Imaginary Boys, which is a Fiction European pressing manufactured in France, and Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, which is the original Fiction UK pressing manufactured in West Germany.

left stack, top to bottom:

- Three Imaginary Boys
- Boys Don't Cry (American version of Three Imaginary Boys with altered tracklist)
- Seventeen Seconds
- Faith
- fourth album idk I can say the name of on this website
- Japanese Whispers: The Singles (collection of non-album singles and B-sides)
- The Top
- The Head on the Door
- Staring at the Sea: The Singles
- Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

right stack, top to bottom:

- Disintegration (is the best album ever)
- Mixed Up
- Wish
- Wild Mood Swings
- Galore: The Singles 1987-1997
- Bloodflowers
- Greatest Hits (limited edition with Acoustic Hits bonus disc)
- The Cure
- 4:13 Dream

owned but not pictured:

- The Crow soundtrack (includes the track "Burn", which in my opinion is their best post-Disintegration song)
- Sleep When I'm Dead (CD single)
- The Only One (CD single)


[UPDATED] Mastodon

Posted by Scythey , Jun 25 2014 · 245 views
music, collections
Posted Image

[originally published 3/14/14, updated 6/25/14]

decided to update and republish this, since yesterday I picked up the band's newest album. still missing the Call of the Mastodon compilation of early tracks, but I'll get that eventually.

from the top to the bottom:

- Remission
- Leviathan (Ozzfest Edition, sans slipcase which the used copy I got sadly didn't include)
- Blood Mountain
- Crack the Skye

- The Hunter (unfortunately the version with "Blasteroid" censored, which I was unaware of when I bought it)
- Once More 'Round the Sun


Mulder and Scully

Posted by Scythey , Jun 14 2014 · 79 views

Posted Image
got these from a flea market today, out of package and sans-accessories, for $1 each. dude who sold me them told me he'd give me the accessories later if he can find them.



Posted by Scythey , Jun 10 2014 · 95 views
music, collections
Posted Image
(click for larger image)
just finished off my Weezer collection.
top to bottom:
- Weezer (the blue album)
- Pinkerton (the best album)
- Weezer (the green album)
- Maladroit (the underrated album)
- Make Believe (the bad album)
- Weezer (the red album)
- Raditude (the worst album)
- Hurley (the deluxe album)
- Death to False Metal (the outtakes album)
also pictured are my Weezer T-shirt (left) and my Weezer Snuggie (right). because those exist.


Dead Cities

Posted by Scythey , May 30 2014 · 98 views
music, collections
Posted Image
just three days after ordering it, I've got a copy of M83's out-of-print second album Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts.
normally this goes for anywhere from $30 for a used copy to $150 for a new one - but I lucked out and got this complete "Used - Good" copy for only $7 plus shipping, likely because of an automated price-matching bot dropping the price to match an incomplete "Used - Acceptable" listing from another seller.
I actually feel like the seller underrated it, too, because both discs look as though they've never been played at all.
while this isn't the rarest or most valuable album I own, it's definitely one I'm most proud of owning.



Posted by Scythey , May 28 2014 · 95 views
music, collections
Posted Image
just sort-of completed my Converge collection.
top to bottom:

Petitioning the Empty Sky (1998 Equal Vision edition)
- When Forever Comes Crashing
- Jane Doe
- You Fail Me
- No Heroes
- Axe to Fall
- All We Love We Leave Behind
I say it's "sort-of" completed because A. Petitioning the Empty Sky is defective and has to be replaced and B. I don't have Halo in a Haystack, their long-out-of-print debut. I'd like to get the two rarities/early material compilations, Caring and Killing and Unloved and Weeded Out, which contain most of the Halo in a Haystack tracks between the two of them, provided I can find them for a decent price. I'll probably also end up getting the 2005 remastered versions of Petitioning the Empty Sky and When Forever Comes Crashing eventually.


Chimaira + Lamb of God

Posted by Scythey , May 19 2014 · 137 views
music, collections
since at least one person likes to see these, how about a two-for-one.
Posted Image
this one's the more interesting of the two.
top to bottom:
- Pass Out of Existence
- The Impossibility of Reason
- Chimaira
- Resurrection (2-disc limited edition with variant artwork)
- The Infection (2-disc US limited edition with bonus track "Revenge")
- The Age of Heck (censored for BZP; not actual title)
- Crown of Phantoms (2-disc IndieGoGo campaign backer-exclusive fan edition with bonus track "New Apocalypse", reworked and expanded artwork, two custom guitar picks, and exclusive digital download copy with 6 additional bonus tracks and digital booklet)
though I was somewhat disappointed by their last couple of albums, Chimaira are easily one of my favorite bands to come out of the so-called "New Wave of American Heavy Metal", with their self-titled probably being my favorite album from that entire scene. because of this, I'd like to collect as much of their stuff as possible. I still need their debut EP This Present Darkness, and eventually I'd like to track down the 2-disc limited editions of The Impossibility of Reason and the self-titled as well as the European 2-disc special edition of The Age of Heck. sometime soon I also plan on ordering the Freddy vs. Jason, Masters of Horror II, Resident Evil: Extinction, and Saw VI soundtracks so I can get the tracks "Army of Me", "Threnody", "Paralyzed", and "Warpath", which are Impossibility of Reason, self-titled, Resurrection, and The Infection B-sides respectively.

Posted Image
the less interesting of the two.
top to bottom:
- Burn the Priest (2005 reissue; self-titled debut by the band under their original name)
- New American Gospel (2006 reissue; first album released under their current name)
- As the Palaces Burn
- Ashes of the Wake
- Sacrament (producer edition featuring bonus disc of song stems and multitracks)
- Wrath
- Resolution
- As the Palaces Burn: 10th Anniversary Edition (2-disc remixed and remastered 2013 reissue)
not much else to get with this collection. I'd like to pick up the 3-disc Hourglass box set sometime (which I've seen for cheap and passed on, something I still regret) if only for the B-sides and rarities on the third disc. if I really wanted to be a completionist, I'd get the Killadelphia live album as well, but I've honestly never been much of a fan of those.
I really need to get some updated pictures of my large Smashing Pumpkins collection.


Michael Jackson

Posted by Scythey , May 17 2014 · 163 views
music, collections
this past Tuesday marked the release of another shameful record label cash-grab Michael Jackson posthumous "album" consisting of songs that Jackson rejected and likely never would've wanted released, updated to modern pop radio "standards" and featuring vocals that may or may not even be the real King of Pop himself.
like anyone who legitimately respected the man as an entertainer, instead of supporting corporate greed and the desecration of his legacy I've elected to use this occasion as an excuse (not that one is necessary) to instead reflect on what I consider the best years of his career, the Epic Records releases of Off the Wall through HIStory: Past, Present and Future Book I.
in doing so I've decided to follow up my previous "album collection" blog entries with one dedicated to the King of Pop.
Posted Image

(click for larger image)
stack on left, top to bottom:
- Off the Wall (special edition)
- Thriller (special edition)
- Bad (special edition)
- Dangerous (special edition)
- HIStory: Past, Present and Future Book I
- This Is It (single-disc edition; technically a posthumous release, but it was one that Jackson himself had approved and been involved with before his death, so I count it as his final legitimate release.)
on the right is the "collector's edition" released last year of Jackson's 2003 compilation Number Ones. although it resembles vinyl packaging, it's actually an 8x8 digipak housing a standard CD and featuring an 8x8 version of the album's booklet with "enhanced graphics".
I've yet to pick up Invincible - honestly, I've been holding off on it because I simply find it to be a disappointing release. that said, I do plan on picking it up sometime soon along with Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix.
as a side-note, writing this has reminded me that I never posted any pictures of my completed The Cure collection - my favorite band of all time with the largest amount of albums by a single artist I own to show for it. I'll probably do that soon.


Happy Wester...

Posted by Scythey , Apr 20 2014 · 145 views

easter's too mainstream


details: Ryuujin/19/Ø/atheist
interests: music, science, other assorted things

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