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sun/moon reveal

Posted by Serein , Sep 06 2016 · 179 views

I don't get the hype, the sun is revealed every morning and the moon is revealed every night. it's nothing new guys.


A Random Question

Posted by Serein , Sep 04 2016 · 188 views

what's your credit card number and billing information?


first day on ToaD's server

Posted by Serein , Aug 27 2016 · 173 views

Posted Image

off to a great start



Posted by Serein , Aug 25 2016 · 698 views
music, collections
(originally published 7 October 2014, updated and re-published 30 August 2015, updated and re-published again 25 August 2016)

Posted Image

picked up the new rarities compilation Death Resonance last week. kinda bummed that it makes owning the Beyond the Infinite EP redundant by including all of those tracks, considering I dropped $25 to have it imported from Japan and all, but whatever.

from top to bottom:

- Steelbath Suicide (Century Media 2000 reissue)
- The Chainheart Machine
- A Predator's Portrait (2003 German re-press)
- Natural Born Chaos
- Figure Number Five
- Stabbing the Drama (US limited edition)
- Sworn to a Great Divide (limited edition, if that wasn't obvious)
- The Panic Broadcast
- The Living Infinite

- Beyond the Infinite (B-sides EP released exclusively in Asia)
- The Ride Majestic (limited edition)
- Death Resonance

still missing the live album they released last year, but then I've never been one for live albums anyway. I'd also like to get the 2011 reissue of A Predator's Portrait at some point, if only for that sweet new artwork and owning the bonus track "Asylum Dance" physically (I bought the MP3 of it off Amazon a couple years back).


Spongebob Squarepants tried to burn down my house

Posted by Serein , Aug 19 2016 · 278 views

not even kidding. I had one of these in my room and last night it exploded and almost started a house fire

smelled something burning and suddenly there was a loud bang like a firecracker and a flash of light and smoke and sparks started pouring out of the top of it

unplugged it and threw it away this morning. I didn't even realize it was still plugged in, I hadn't even used it in 10+ years


brick fair

Posted by Serein , Aug 02 2016 · 156 views

Posted Image


bionice g3 precidtions

Posted by Serein , Jul 30 2016 · 186 views

  • there will be only two sets the first year, Malibu Tahu and Game Dev Tahu
  • Pohatu and Kopaka will finally get married and adopt Takua
  • Onua will be a horse just because. it's popular these days
  • Makuta's real name will be revealed and it's Geoff, with a G, not a J, get it right
  • crossover with Lego Friends
  • new animations but due to budget constraints all narration and voices will be replaced by stock sound effects of dolphins
  • will be promoted with an original song composed and performed by Death Grips
  • the villain will be a tennis ball that some kid threw through your window and it hit your shelf and knocked over all your sets...thanks Jeremy
  • Geg Fartshey will write the story, but halfway in he'll retcon romance and make Pohatu and Kopaka roommates and Takua their dog
  • will be a record-breaking smash hit in sales and wildly popular with fans, but will be cancelled after the first year because Lego craves child tears


RIP Bionicle

Posted by Serein , Jul 30 2016 · 68 views
Ill be honest, I didnt even and 2 more...
pour one out for my homies. never 4get


me @BZP

Posted by Serein , Jul 26 2016 · 72 views

I might stick around for a little while longer


holy grail

Posted by Serein , Jul 23 2016 · 90 views

I said I'd pop back in on special occasions and I think this counts

a couple weeks ago I dropped $40 on a copy of Machinae Supremacy's rare, out-of-print Redeemer (Underground Edition) CD. this was an independently-released limited run version of their second album that was only available through their website and has long since been discontinued, featuring a different mix and an alternate tracklist to its more common major label retail counterpart. they rarely ever show up for sale anywhere so when I saw it, I had to jump on it, and today it finally arrived.

Posted Image

as the title states, this is basically a holy grail of my music collection. I'm stoked to finally own a copy.

updated collection picture:

Posted Image

from top to bottom:

- Redeemer (Underground Edition)
- Redeemer (Retail Edition)
- Overworld
- A View from the End of the World
- The Beat of Our Decay (rare UK promotional compilation)
- Rise of a Digital Nation
- Phantom Shadow

also owned digitally and not pictured:

- Deus Ex Machinae (band's first album, available for free through their website)
- Origin (compilation of free singles available through their website)
- Arcade (compilation of free singles available through their website)
- Fury (compilation of free singles available through their website)
- Echoes (compilation of free cover songs available through their website)
- Jets'n'Guns original soundtrack (free through their website)
- Jets'n'Guns Gold EP (free through their website)
- Gianna Sisters Twisted Dreams original soundtrack
- Epic Fan Pack (odds 'n' ends collection briefly available through their website)
- Live at Assembly 2011 (HD live video officially distributed through The Pirate Bay)
- "Gerudo Valley" single (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time cover, free single released this year)

band's currently in the studio working on the follow-up to Phantom Shadow, which is supposed to be released later this year. I'll update this entry when the time comes.


  • Serein Amelia
  • AKA Scythey
  • 22 years old
  • she/her
  • taken by Kit

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