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Bring Back Bionicle On Cuusoo: A Friendly Rant

Posted by Fox Mulder , Jan 10 2012 · 74 views

Hey guys. Know what Lego, as a company, is? A business. And do you know what the point of a business is? To make money. They provide a product in order to garner sales and, thus, to make money. If a product doesn't sell well enough, it gets canned. Remember Mars Mission, or Power Miners, or any of those other Lego themes that didn't sell well and died an early death?

So a couple years back, Bionicle's sales started slipping. It had been going for nearly a decade, it had a good run, but it was losing popularity (fun fact: the members of fansites and clubs, IE most of you guys, only make up a small portion of the overall consumer base!) and making less money for Lego. It was being overtaken in sales by System lines and licensed themes. The storyline at this point had become so muddy and confused (not to mention completely reliant on past knowledge, which makes it -very- hard for a new fan to get into) and the sets weren’t selling well, so the only logical thing was to stop it. Bionicle had run its course.

And Bionicle had an ending. It finished. If they had canceled it totally out of the blue without wrapping up anything in the storyline, I could totally understand you guys’ utter nerd-rage. But the story had an end, and heck; they even gave us a final series of sets (the Stars) as a tribute to some of the line’s most endearing characters! Even the sets had an actual conclusion!

“But wait,” you say, “Lego doesn’t just care about money! They care about making us happy, which is why Cuusoo even exists!”

Which is true. As far as customer relations go, Lego is one of the best in the business – but in case you haven’t noticed, not everything that goes up on Cuusoo becomes a line of sets (so far, nothing has at all). Why is this? Because they’re looking to see what can get them the most potential buyers. That’s the point of the whole “support” system: to see how many people, at a minimum, would be willing to purchase the product. And get them money. Because that’s what they want. Since they’re a business. They want to make cool toys for you guys, it’s true, but they only make what they think will get them the most sales and the most money.

In closing, Lego isn’t your best friend who does whatever you want, they’re a company. And a company does what’s best for business, not for a minority group of buyers like yourselves.

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yeah well lego is my best bud he's like mummy
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I just think the whole "Bring Bionicle Back" on Cusoo is counterpoductive to the point of Cusoo, which is to find new themes, new ideas, and new concepts; the Bionicle thing is detracting from that use of it. I'd -much- rather see, for instance, a Zelda line than Bionicle again.

A mini-Link would be so cool ;-;
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Cuusoo's fame is the reason for these things, really.
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Maybe if they brought Bionicle back, they could make a whole new story line. Like, focus on completely different characters, and other worlds. Anything as long as it's not the Hero Factory story.
(I do not support this Cuusoo group, just saying because the HF story is ridiculous)
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Takuma Nuva
Jan 10 2012 07:15 PM

(I do not support this Cuusoo group, just saying because the HF story is ridiculous)

Hero Factory has a story?
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I mean like, the movies.
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Jan 10 2012 07:38 PM

(I do not support this Cuusoo group, just saying because the HF story is ridiculous)

Hero Factory has a story?


For the record: I definitely support Bionicle returning. I also support Bionicle enjoying a satisfactory hiatus (at least a few years) before coming back stronger than ever thanks to fan participation.
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It has more of a setting than a story IMO.
I don't see people asking Greg/Lego/whoever what's going to happen next or anything.

And that setting stinks.
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I just think the whole "Bring Bionicle Back" on Cusoo is counterpoductive to the point of Cusoo, which is to find new themes, new ideas, and new concepts; the Bionicle thing is detracting from that use of it. I'd -much- rather see, for instance, a Zelda line than Bionicle again.A mini-Link would be so cool ;-;

Yes, yes, SO this.

You're missing a big opportunity here, LEGO, Zelda is the new point of awesomeness. =D
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I agree entirely with this entry, but I'd also like to say that I don't quite know when people will figure out that HF isn't meant to be the successor of Bionicle, story-wise, NinjaGo is. If people are looking for a theme with a storyline, that's NinjaGo. HF is just another run-of-the-mill Lego line, complete with a somewhat underdeveloped and cliche story. It just happens to be a constraction line.
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Aanchir: Rachira of Time
Jan 11 2012 03:27 PM
I'd like to make one major correction: one set HAS been made through Cuusoo, and two others have reached the consideration threshold. The first set made was the Shinkai 6500, which made it through Cuusoo back when the site was only in Japan and had a much lower vote threshold. As such, it was only distributed in Japan. The second set to make it through the support process was the Hayabusa, which is still in development. The Minecraft proposal is, of course, the first proposal to have made it through the support process after Cuusoo went global and the consideration threshold was raised to 10,000 supporters. It, too, remains in development.

Anyway, great points in general. A lot of people overestimate the purchasing strength of the BIONICLE fan community. While there are a lot of BIONICLE fans, there are nowhere near enough who actually bought sets to have kept the theme going past 2010. BIONICLE could come back in some form someday, and Cuusoo is a good experiment in quantifying how many fans it would take to bring it back even in a much-reduced form (one or two tribute sets, for example). But the amount of BIONICLE fans who were buying sets in the theme's latter years could not have kept the theme alive in the first place, so there's no reason to think that they can be counted on to bring the theme back in full force without some serious re-imagining of the theme to help it bring in new buyers the way Hero Factory and other currently-running themes have been doing.

I haven't really supported the bring back BIONICLE project not because I wouldn't like to see some tribute to the theme, but because I'm more than happy to consider BIONICLE over, and don't want to support a project that intends to bring it back in some vaguely-described form nobody can agree on (the actual project description makes it sound as though the theme would just pick up where it left off, which I would consider both difficult and pointless).

If I could have any posthumous tribute to BIONICLE, it would be something along the lines of the Avatar: The Last Airbender art book, something that goes into detail about the development of BIONICLE from beginning to end and all the human effort that made the theme what it was (of course, with lots of development sketches and details about writing the story to let us see the BIONICLE sets and story from a newer, more personal perspective). That, and a minifigure with a hat decorated with the BIONICLE logo, like mine. Because holy cheese, that would be awesome.
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