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Contest Entry: Christmas Time On Hope V I

Posted by xccj , in Stories Dec 21 2011 · 239 views
COT Short Story Contest
Hey, look, there's also a COT Short Story Christmas themed contest! I think I'll enter! I think I'll write a 6 thousand word story. Great!

So yep, my story, despite the title, doesn't focus on Christmas too much... mostly at the beginning and end. But it's there! I took a lot of inspiration from various Sci Fi shows, but the two that were most influential were Firefly and Titan IE. I got the kind-of intergalactic government system from Firefly (although mine is less like the Alliance and more like the UN). And the big thing from Titan IE was just the idea that vibrant communities could live on space stations. And there were various other references (even a Bionicle one... I stole a line from Pohatu, although it wasn't too original so maybe it shouldn't count.) However, the big thing I thought up on my own was the aliens: that came from studying for my Biology class, and reading about these cool plant / bacteria symbiotes, so I decided to come up with one of my own.

The story ended up being quite long because I wanted to throw in a lot of actiony stuff with all the basic plots, leave room for some morals and character development, and have a good amount of witty dialogue. I thought it had a good flow to it, but so far the people I've asked to read it have refused to do so, so I don't have any other opinions on it. You know what you could do? You could read it and give me a quick review. I'd like that very much!

Story Topic can be found here. It is in COT, so I expect that when I wake up tomorrow, it'll be in three pages deep, so this one link may be the only way for people to get to it. :o

Anyway, that's all, thanks for reading!


Sci Fi Christmas Story Stats

Posted by xccj , in Stories Dec 19 2011 · 269 views

You know, the one for the COT Christmas Short Story Contest? I've had it outlined for a while, but I decided to start writing it tonight. But there wasn't a part where I could stop writing, and I just kept typing away until I came to the conclusion. I still need to edit it slightly, but right now it's at 12 pages in MS Word with over 6,500 words. So yeah, it'll be a long one. But I felt that I covered all the major themes that I wanted, and the flow feels nice to me, so hopefully it won't be too long. (After all, the last story contest had some lengthy entries too)



Vacation Over

Posted by xccj , in Stories, News Nov 28 2011 · 301 views

This has been my first real vacation since spring break last March. Since then, I've either been in school, had work, or a combination of the two. I only started getting my weekends free in November, so it's nice to have free time again. (I'm not counting BrickFair or BrickCon as vacation times... those were ADVENTURES!)

Sadly, now my days off are through, and I have a morning class to attend tomorrow. (Why am I still awake again? I should get some sleep.) Also, I have some large assignments due soonish. And while I got a lot done this break, schoolwork was not high on the list. :( (I did manage to write 12,000 words for my story, and no it was not for NaNo; I actually just like to try to work on my stories when I can.) Finals are just around the corner, so I gotta stop slacking and get to work.

Of course, I do have one BZP project that I hope to complete this week. Ben, Aaron, and Rene know what I'm talking about. ;)



Reposting Epics?

Posted by xccj , in Stories Oct 18 2011 · 281 views

So I had maybe like three epics that were in progress when BZPower went down. But I'm considering some new options. I would like the story to all be on the new forums, so people won't have to jump back between the archives and new forums and such. So what I could do is repost some of the chapters here (y'know, one day at a time, as per forum rules.)

BUT this could be a problem for my Slizers on Mata Nui epic. (Yes, I still plan to finish it) I mean, I have like 50 or so chapters posted so far. But here's another difficulty; some of the earlier chapters were pretty bland, and I wouldn't want to repost that kind of writing without improving it. And the story, while I enjoyed writing it, turned out tooooooooo long. This may be because I tended to ramble, having little fights here and there that didn't really lead anywhere, and then empty conversations that just rehashed old content.

So perhaps what I should really do is REWRITE SoMN from the very beginning. That way I can improve the writing, speed up the pace, and even remove inconsistencies. After all, I started this back in 05, before we knew about the Brotherhood, the vast Matoran Universe, and the fact that everything was inside a giant robot. It would be easier to tackle these at the beginning rather than trying to explain them in the middle of the epic.

Of course, there's the issue of readers; I would like to have some people who follow the epic, if but occasionally. I know pretty much all the older readers have vanished, and newer readers don't want to read through 50 chapters to get caught up. But if I start from scratch, I might be able to gain some new readers... and if any old readers return, I hope to add a few new side stories to make it different than the original.

But I guess the question I'm posing here is: should I do this, and if I do, will you read it? Even if it's only a chapter every week or so (not something that will take a long time to read). I would like to get back into the story writing business, and I'd like to take any blog readers I can get along for the journey. ;)

(Do I still have blog readers? This new blog format makes it difficult to find specific blogs, so I have a feeling mine might keep getting looked over)


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