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October Double VIP Points

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 29 2015 · 368 views

Every year, Lego has a promotion in October for double VIP points on purchases from the Lego Store and online and such. This year is no different... except instead of lasting for the full month, it's only lasting the first FOUR days.

So I guess they felt they were too generous with their promotion earlier, so they had to reaaaaaally cut down the timeframe for it. (I guess losing 10% to crazy AFOLs who spend like crazy all month must've hurt their sales too much?) Plus, now it doesn't coinside with any of their other October promotions. But I guess they are doing the double VIP point deal at other times of the year more often now, so it might seem natural that october loses it for the full month.

Luckily, those four days fall on BrickCon, so we won't be skipping our regular trips to the Lynnwood or Bellevue Lego Stores. I hope they still have the Ninjago temple set by then...



System Bionicle 2015 Mask Connection Method

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News Aug 26 2015 · 454 views
I just came across a new method for connection Bionicle 2015 masks to 2x2 round bricks.

Posted Image

The new style of Bionicle masks that came out this year had an odd connection that allowed for them to be flipped off the head as part of an action feature, but this made their connection point rather loose. The heads were less than ideal to squeeze them on, and while you could fit them on technic axle or rod holes, they were often weak or loose.

This new method uses a 2x2 round bricls, which slides in between the two prongs on the back of the mask. And the fit is quite snug, like they were made for each other. The little bumps on the prongs align with the curved edges of the round bring just right. Works with both a smooth round brick and one with ridges. (The one with ridges kind of does a better job locking it radially, so it won't rotate as easily.) On some of the masks, you can also use standard plates to "lock" it in, so it won't slide up or down.

So far, this method works on all the masks, including the six Toa masks, the protector masks, the three villain masks (Skull Spider, Scorpio, and Grinder), as well as the Mask of Creation. The round brick will fit in to all of them, although some have less room to fit in the locking standard plates that I used in the picture above, so some modifications have to be made.

Still, this new method is quite strong, and allows now for easy integration into system. (Plus, the round bricks have axle holes through them, so they can be integrated into CCBS models too.) And when you use transparent round bricks, they shine through as eyes quite well, almost better than the original heads. Plus, there's a larger selection of trans colors to choose from. I have a basic mask stand that relies on socket pieces, but I may need to redesign it to utilize this new method with system bricks.

Anyway, that's what I've got to share for now. (Or maybe I'm just really late to the game on this. I haven't seen this method before, but I'm not following Bionicle MOCs that closely, so maybe I just missed it?)



Lego Store August 2015 Visit

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 01 2015 · 296 views

Summer sets are out, so it was time for a visit to the local Lego Store to check out their new sets.

Bionicle was there in force. The shelves weren't completely empty, but they were getting picked through. I talked with one of the employees, and he said that while Bionicle isn't the best seller, it's still moving. It'll be interesting to see how Bionicle G2 did compared to Hero factory, but suffice to say that it's moderately popular.

They had Scooby Doo sets, but only some of the cheaper ones left, which I take it means the larger models sold out today. They also had only the cheaper Jurassic World set, with the other ones still being sold out. So say what you will about the mediocrity of the line, it's selling. Ninjago was selling; the Morro Dragon was gone, and the other sets were starting to look picked thru. The employee said that Ninjago is doing real well, especially the new spinners, which I thought was interesting. (I have a couple that I've been meaning to review.) Surprisingly, they had plenty of the Big Bang Ideas set, so glad availability isn't an issue with that one. (Great figs, lousy build IMO.) Apparently the one set they've been selling out of regularly is the big Ferrari model. But yeah, it was quite interesting to see what was going quickly on the first(ish) day of the summer release.

Of course, I ended up buying a bit, probably more than I needed (but is that really a thing that can happen?) I got Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder of course, a must buy. I'll probably pick up the other Skull baddies at regular stores when I see em on sale or something... need some fodder to keep me interested for the rest of the year! And although it wasn't new, I grabbed the Hulkbuster set, because this is the first time I've seen it on Lego store shelves. (I've seen it overpriced at Target and TRU, so at least this time I earned VIP points.) (Also now I have all the Avengers except Quicksilver.) And I bought the two new Ninjago cycles. I've reviewed all of the larger Ninjago motorcycles so far, so gotta keep up with that trend. (I have a couple other sets that I want to review, it's just kinda troublesome to do it when my apartment is boiling in this heat. I'll probably get to them eventually.) And I qualified for that Pirates exclusive set thing... not that interested in it, might just keep it unopened as a memento. :shrugs:

Oh, and I updated my BZ-Koro story after, like, four months. IT'S NOT DEAD YET FOLKS!



Today is Just Too Hot

Posted by xccj , in News Jul 01 2015 · 355 views

I'll just preface this in saying that I have no heat tolerance.

So, I spent all of last summer in an apartment with no Air Conditioning and it was terrible. I decided to get ahead of the curve and got an (expensive) portable AC unit a few months ago. But its loud and is constantly filling up with water that needs to be changed every 40 minutes when its on, but as needy as it was, it did provide cool air for a bit.

But it's been in the upper 90s here this week, and then the bloody interior fan decided to break, causing it to make a really irksome high pitch whine while running. So, yeah, not working. I am not very pleased with this at all, and it is still way too hot out. Man, summers suck. At least I can take comfort is knowing that I have full AC at work... yay.

Also, I guess a lot of people liked my last review of Skull SLICAHR! But apparently I also upset a bunch of other people, to the point where a few are asking me to never review anything again. So, YAY, I upset Youtube Trolls!! But there are still some out there, so I will continue to post sub quality reviews until I hath angered every last one of em. Muhahaha.

Curse the heat.



Reverse Engineering Contest IV: Thoughts On It

Posted by xccj , in News Jun 06 2015 · 164 views

So for the past 10 weeks I have been partaking in the Reverse Engineering Contest IV on Flickr. It's been my first real Flickr contest, and it's been interesting to interact with a different community of builders. Anyway, the idea was the host would post some small, convoluted Lego design and we would have to show how it was built. Lots of odd dimensions, from 1/2 plates to 1/4 plates to mind-numbing 1/8 plates. Not a lot of room for technic, mostly system. But it's been fun. There would be two challenges a week, although a couple of times five were squeezed in.

I initially started it just to see how well I could do, but I managed to get all the main challenges, but I lost in the second round of the tie breaker, so I'm officially out as far as prizes are concerned. But I've learned a few new techniques and such, and now to see if I can use any (of the legal ones) in some MOCs...

While I can't blame this contest for all my inactivity from the last couple of months, it is a big reason why I haven't MOCed much. :sly:



Let the Hunt Begin!

Posted by xccj , in News Mar 31 2015 · 276 views
After reading about the contest this morning, I took some time on my lunch break to wander around downtown Portland and look for some interesting faces in thing. And I dusted off my old twitter account... which I haven't used for three years. (I mean, I could use FB but I'm a little unsure of how to get it tagged in, and I'm not on instagram, so Twitter it is!)

I posted a couple of shots, including an interesting angle from a boat, a ladder, some markings on a tree, an interesting bit of broken masonry, and the joints of the light rail trains. And I plan to keep looking for more as I can, and hopefully can get some other good ones up. (Since Twitter is stupid and apparently won't let me BBCode link to each pict individually, here's a general link.

I am curious as to just what they're looking for. I was trying to find something that naturally looked like a face. But can we arrange things, using different mediums of artwork to create a mask? (Rearrange stones / sticks on the ground or something? I'm assuming anything made out of actual Lego would be a no-no, which is kind of unusual for a Lego contest...)



Fredies Comes Through Again

Posted by xccj , in News Feb 17 2015 · 239 views

After having no new sets all through January (except the Series 4 Mixels), Fred Meyers has come back strong with a bunch of new sets in store, including City, Chima, Bionicle (but only Kopaka, Onua, and LoSS), Ultra Agents, and (most excitedly) Elves and Ninjago. I'm planning to save a couple of purchases for the double VIP points from Lego stores in March, but I couldn't resist and purchased a two of the three new Ninjago sets right away. (They didn't have them all there.) Expect reviews shortly.

Also, my complaint to Kumata Nuva. I keep automatically saying "Tournament of Shadows" when I mean "Tournament of Elements" as seen in the Ninjago television series. Kumata, your Epic / RPG has got that name engrained into my head!



Oh Hey, It's The 17th

Posted by xccj , in News Jan 18 2015 · 223 views

What is that now, Furno's spinning head?

Anyway, this is my... (2015-2003) ... twelfth BZP anniversary. You can try to get rid of me, but I just won't leave.

And since I might as well update something... in regards to my BZP story, no I have not forgotten about it, I've just been focusing on a bunch of other projects (some voluntarily, others not so much.) But it will continue!

Anybody care? No. Oh well. Also, Gali mosaic for Bricks Cascade! I'll do a quick update of it (eventually) and then piece claiming can begin! And with this rush, we'll see if it does get done in time!



Hit Right on Target

Posted by xccj , in News Dec 21 2014 · 625 views

I'd been hearing some reports about Bionicle showing up in Target, so I decided to swing by my local one... and found some.

Posted Image

For Bionicle, they only had the two protectors, so I grabbed both. Oddly enough, the cashier was really excited to see they had them in and was bummer when I said there were only a few left. (And then seemed reluctant to sell me the ones I picked up... I assume it was all part of an act.) In addition to Bionicle, they had some other 2015 stuff from other themes, including Disney Princesses, the battle packs (Lions and Bears) from Chima, the Double Decker Couch from the Lego Movie (pictured above), and a bunch of Friends sets, some of which I don't even remember seeing online.

Well, I could just brag about my find... or I could help you with your search!

Yesterday, The Brick Fan posted a bit on how you could track Target's inventory if you had their DCPI number. It wasn't 100% accurate, but it would show you the stock stores nearby had. Unfortunately, the article only gave the DCPI number for the Frozen Princess set, and I couldn't find one for Bionicle... until I went to the store.

The DCPI number for the Protectors is 204 00 1009. This number seemed to be shared between both protectors, so Target doesn't seem to currently be distinguishing between color for them... yet.

And just for grins, the DCPI number for the Lego Movie set is 204 00 1476. In general, if they have one of the new sets in stock, they probably have the rest, given the inventory described above. I know I selected my specific Target cause it had the Frozen castle (had, it was sold out by the time I showed up) but it seemed to be a good indicator.

Happy toy hunting. And if you can't find it... well, wait a few weeks and I'm sure they'll be everywhere. Besides, NYCC goers have already had these for months, so there's not much to brag about getting them early, now is there.



Collectible Minifigures Series 13

Posted by xccj , in News Dec 15 2014 · 264 views

Posted Image

Fred Meyers has let again released a series of collectible minifigures earlier than anybody else. They did it with Series 3, they did it with the Lego Movie batch, and they're doing it again with Series 13. Granted, I had to go through three stores to find one that had em in stock (and now I'm kicking myself for not just buying the whole crew). If I can make a future trip and secure the rest, I might do another full review, but for now, some quick notes!
  • Unicorn Girl: Eh, kinda bland, at least from the front. Although most images don't show it, the back of the neck and the tail have some nice lavender fur. But with the positioning of the horn, she's gotta be one of the tallest figs around. The tail is nice, ala Rocket Raccoon.
  • Hot Dog Guy: Wow, that hot dog suit is ridiculously easy to feel for. He's supposedly very rare, so being easy to feel for and probably popular will likely make him hard to find at all. (I did feel two, but I think I was going through a new box.)
  • Disc Gal: Wow, psychedelic printing on her arms and legs. Plus, puffy hair in dark brown!
  • Goblin: Not bad. Better than some of the LotR/Hobbit ones IMO.
  • Egyptian: Nice design, like the shield printing.
  • Samurai: Hey, it's like Nya grown up! It's an interesting choice to make a female samurai, but no complaining from me. Descent female robe printing on the torso too!
  • Carpenter: Like the new saw piece. His hat is the same as Emmet's (hard hat with hair) but each in new colors, so that's a plus.
  • Paleontologist: Really digging the fossil tile! The helmet comes with an oddly shaped ponytail that kind of forces it to be a little off center, and also means that mold won't work well for a male variant. Oh well. Still, she's miles ahead of the other paleontologist in the Research Institution, and she's totally going to replace her too!
  • Alien Squid: Very cool new head design. Also nice dark azure color scheme, he'll fit right in with some of the latest space themes. (I assume since he's in blue, he's a good guy.) (I'm also still waiting for non-printed dark azure legs.)
  • Lady Cyclops: Pretty much a female version of the old Cyclops, only in sand blue. She has lipstick on her head piece, but I think that piece is ugly anyway, and really like the expressions printed on the minifig head. I also like they they gave her a more roundish belly, to show that not all bloodthirsty female monsters have to maintain an unnatural thin waistline!

Some other notes from feeling around for other figs
  • I was 9 out of 10 in my first round of feeling. I did initially mistake the goblin's sword for that of the king's. I was able to figure it out before I opened the pack, but that was after I'd already bought it.
  • The fencer seemed to be super common in the box I went through, because I seemed to keep coming across it and the pointy foil sword. Then it turns out it's actually one of the rare ones! I guess it's probably the least appealing of this batch.
  • I noticed the artwork on the checklist has changed a bit. Instead of each character printed above a background, the rows are lined up with a shelf, almost like they're on display in the printout. Plus, the numbered checkboxes moved from the top of the figs to the bottom.
  • Also, the instructions all comes with a code that we can enter online to win. Guess I'm keeping all of them now instead of keeping a few and tossing the rest.
I'll have to see if I can get the last six soon and post a decent review. It might help, cause I already got most of the rares... but then again, while the store had three boxes out today, those might be gone soon, especially with all the holiday shoppers.


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