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I Have Two Places!

Posted by xccj , in News Oct 20 2015 · 425 views

Okay, I'm renting, but I currently can claim residence in two different locations! That means I'm wealthy, right? Only rich people can own two places at once! :happydance:

... for the next 11 days, anyway.

I'm in the process of moving again, but this time my rents are overlapping by a few days. On one hand, that just means more money leaking away, but this will mean I can gradually move, instead of doing it all in one mad rush. So multiple mad rushes. Yay.

But then I enter the period of being new to a place, which is where I don't have internet. Once I move out of my old place, I won't get connected at my new place until December, so basically an entire month off the grid!! (Well, I will have web access at work, plus mobile access on my phone, but still, that's not going to allow for much streaming of Youtube vids.)

So that's why I'll be EVEN LESS ACTIVE! Hah, like you even noticed I was inactive. But I'll be showing up at Brick Universe, Dallas, where I have a cool mosaic in the works with danny316p. And I have a mask for that contest, although I have a feeling it won't do so well compared to the competition, but hey at least I'll enter this time. And maybe I'll update my story again... the one that I said I wouldn't go months without an update... which I last updated months ago... blarg.

I should probably start packing...



Giveaway Ended

Posted by xccj , in News Sep 29 2015 · 409 views

Since few people read or watch my reviews, this might be a surprise, but I was doing a giveaway of some of the collectible series 14 monster minifigures in my last review. You just had to leave a comment on the youtube vid. Well only 18 comments, and I'm planning to give out 7 figs, so that's good chances... if people respond to me. :sly:

Even when I do get the responses, it might be a while before I ship them out, because I'm in the process of moving again this month. (My rent went up 18%, whereas my income... well it was more like 0.5%. Suffice to say, I cannot afford my current location.) That means cleaning and packing and, worst of all, SORTING my collection that is currently spread across my living room floor. :glare:

But first, BrickCon this weekend. Hope to see a bunch of ya there.


Rose City Comic Con

Posted by xccj , in News Sep 20 2015 · 436 views

So I went to my first Comic Con yesterday. I found it to be a combination of something I disliked greatly (crowds) and something I’m only mildly interested in (comics.) I would probably not go again on my own, as it was expensive and I would rather attend a Lego convention, but it would be fun to go with a friend or something. (I was planning to attend with some people, but they all dropped out for various reasons and I ended up going alone.) It was an okay event, but not quite worth the money and time I put into it, IMO. (Okay, mainly it’s just the crowds. I do NOT like crowds and it was jammed the entire time. I arrived half an hour before one of the panels and then stood in line for 50 minutes... suffice to say I missed the first bit of the panel.)

I guess a big draw is celebrity appearances. There were a few people whose autographs I would’ve been interested in, but $30+ for each? Yeah, I don’t adore celebrities that much, sorry. Still, the highlight of the show for me was the two panels I was able to attend. The first one was Silas Weir Mitchell and Reggie Lee answering questions about Grimm, which was great because half the panel was them discussing what they liked about filming in Portland. The next was Elizabeth Henstridge and Brett Dalton talking about Agents of SHIELD. I’m only moderately impressed with the show now, but they were very entertaining. (And at one point a young girl dressed like Thor asked a question, and they brought her up to the stage to take a picture with them... and her question was one of the more interesting ones too.) It was fun, but also the kind of thing I could’ve enjoyed just as much watching on Youtube as in person. (And they filmed the whole thing, so I expect it would pop up on Youtube soon anyway.)

There was some excellent artwork on display, from various artists and stuff. But see, I didn’t know any of them, so there was none of that “meet the creator of your favorite comic” stuff for me. Pretty much if felt like wandering through an art forum that was very specific to super heroes. Lots of great stuff, lots of amazing artwork, but OMG the crowds. I’ve seen crowds at Lego conventions, but this was like a constant wall to wall group of people. It never let up, and it made it difficult to pass by all the booths. I know it’s totally introverted, but I would’ve rather browsed the artwork online. Still, I splurged a bit and bought a couple of posters, or prints or whatever they’re called, both to support the local artists and because I need more variety in my poster collection in my apartment. I got two Legend of Korra prints (one is Korrasami), a Star Wars print, and a Sword Art Online print. (Went over my budget on that, but hey glad some artists accepted credit card and not just cash.)

Oh, and I guess there was cosplay. Like, a LOT of costumes. I guess if you like dressing up, that alone would be reason enough to attend. There were some really great ones too. But I’m just not into that, mostly because I’m visually unappealing to look at anyway. Also, in case I forgot to mention it, crowds. (As fun as it would be to go to New York or San Diego for ones where Lego has an official presence, I could totally not handle that level of crowds for that long a time.) Oh, there was a neat display by PortLug, basically a highlights of BricksCascade display, but it was nothing compared to what they can put up when they have their own full convention. :P



Animorphs Movie?

Posted by xccj , in News Sep 11 2015 · 518 views

I thought it was just hype (and some extremely wishful thinking on some fan's part) but apparently it's a real thing that might happen. I'm trying to not let myself get excited, because I don't know how well they could pull it off with a single movie since the series was quite extensive... but all the same it's something to look forward to. (And hey, suddenly my Lego models seem a little more relevant.)



Work Related Injuries

Posted by xccj , in News Sep 05 2015 · 561 views
Im not dead yet and 2 more...
I may or may not have passed out at work today.

At one moment, I'm standing up and then start laughing at a hilarious joke a coworker said. The next moment I'm on the floor. I honestly don't know what happened.

If its fatal, at least I could say I died as I lived... laughing hard at an offensive joke. :D

Also finished my collection of series 14 figs, got some Star Wars buildable figures, bought a frickin' car... the usual.



October Double VIP Points

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 29 2015 · 594 views

Every year, Lego has a promotion in October for double VIP points on purchases from the Lego Store and online and such. This year is no different... except instead of lasting for the full month, it's only lasting the first FOUR days.

So I guess they felt they were too generous with their promotion earlier, so they had to reaaaaaally cut down the timeframe for it. (I guess losing 10% to crazy AFOLs who spend like crazy all month must've hurt their sales too much?) Plus, now it doesn't coinside with any of their other October promotions. But I guess they are doing the double VIP point deal at other times of the year more often now, so it might seem natural that october loses it for the full month.

Luckily, those four days fall on BrickCon, so we won't be skipping our regular trips to the Lynnwood or Bellevue Lego Stores. I hope they still have the Ninjago temple set by then...



System Bionicle 2015 Mask Connection Method

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News Aug 26 2015 · 792 views
I just came across a new method for connection Bionicle 2015 masks to 2x2 round bricks.

Posted Image

The new style of Bionicle masks that came out this year had an odd connection that allowed for them to be flipped off the head as part of an action feature, but this made their connection point rather loose. The heads were less than ideal to squeeze them on, and while you could fit them on technic axle or rod holes, they were often weak or loose.

This new method uses a 2x2 round bricls, which slides in between the two prongs on the back of the mask. And the fit is quite snug, like they were made for each other. The little bumps on the prongs align with the curved edges of the round bring just right. Works with both a smooth round brick and one with ridges. (The one with ridges kind of does a better job locking it radially, so it won't rotate as easily.) On some of the masks, you can also use standard plates to "lock" it in, so it won't slide up or down.

So far, this method works on all the masks, including the six Toa masks, the protector masks, the three villain masks (Skull Spider, Scorpio, and Grinder), as well as the Mask of Creation. The round brick will fit in to all of them, although some have less room to fit in the locking standard plates that I used in the picture above, so some modifications have to be made.

Still, this new method is quite strong, and allows now for easy integration into system. (Plus, the round bricks have axle holes through them, so they can be integrated into CCBS models too.) And when you use transparent round bricks, they shine through as eyes quite well, almost better than the original heads. Plus, there's a larger selection of trans colors to choose from. I have a basic mask stand that relies on socket pieces, but I may need to redesign it to utilize this new method with system bricks.

Anyway, that's what I've got to share for now. (Or maybe I'm just really late to the game on this. I haven't seen this method before, but I'm not following Bionicle MOCs that closely, so maybe I just missed it?)



Lego Store August 2015 Visit

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 01 2015 · 522 views

Summer sets are out, so it was time for a visit to the local Lego Store to check out their new sets.

Bionicle was there in force. The shelves weren't completely empty, but they were getting picked through. I talked with one of the employees, and he said that while Bionicle isn't the best seller, it's still moving. It'll be interesting to see how Bionicle G2 did compared to Hero factory, but suffice to say that it's moderately popular.

They had Scooby Doo sets, but only some of the cheaper ones left, which I take it means the larger models sold out today. They also had only the cheaper Jurassic World set, with the other ones still being sold out. So say what you will about the mediocrity of the line, it's selling. Ninjago was selling; the Morro Dragon was gone, and the other sets were starting to look picked thru. The employee said that Ninjago is doing real well, especially the new spinners, which I thought was interesting. (I have a couple that I've been meaning to review.) Surprisingly, they had plenty of the Big Bang Ideas set, so glad availability isn't an issue with that one. (Great figs, lousy build IMO.) Apparently the one set they've been selling out of regularly is the big Ferrari model. But yeah, it was quite interesting to see what was going quickly on the first(ish) day of the summer release.

Of course, I ended up buying a bit, probably more than I needed (but is that really a thing that can happen?) I got Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder of course, a must buy. I'll probably pick up the other Skull baddies at regular stores when I see em on sale or something... need some fodder to keep me interested for the rest of the year! And although it wasn't new, I grabbed the Hulkbuster set, because this is the first time I've seen it on Lego store shelves. (I've seen it overpriced at Target and TRU, so at least this time I earned VIP points.) (Also now I have all the Avengers except Quicksilver.) And I bought the two new Ninjago cycles. I've reviewed all of the larger Ninjago motorcycles so far, so gotta keep up with that trend. (I have a couple other sets that I want to review, it's just kinda troublesome to do it when my apartment is boiling in this heat. I'll probably get to them eventually.) And I qualified for that Pirates exclusive set thing... not that interested in it, might just keep it unopened as a memento. :shrugs:

Oh, and I updated my BZ-Koro story after, like, four months. IT'S NOT DEAD YET FOLKS!



Today is Just Too Hot

Posted by xccj , in News Jul 01 2015 · 492 views

I'll just preface this in saying that I have no heat tolerance.

So, I spent all of last summer in an apartment with no Air Conditioning and it was terrible. I decided to get ahead of the curve and got an (expensive) portable AC unit a few months ago. But its loud and is constantly filling up with water that needs to be changed every 40 minutes when its on, but as needy as it was, it did provide cool air for a bit.

But it's been in the upper 90s here this week, and then the bloody interior fan decided to break, causing it to make a really irksome high pitch whine while running. So, yeah, not working. I am not very pleased with this at all, and it is still way too hot out. Man, summers suck. At least I can take comfort is knowing that I have full AC at work... yay.

Also, I guess a lot of people liked my last review of Skull SLICAHR! But apparently I also upset a bunch of other people, to the point where a few are asking me to never review anything again. So, YAY, I upset Youtube Trolls!! But there are still some out there, so I will continue to post sub quality reviews until I hath angered every last one of em. Muhahaha.

Curse the heat.



Reverse Engineering Contest IV: Thoughts On It

Posted by xccj , in News Jun 06 2015 · 241 views

So for the past 10 weeks I have been partaking in the Reverse Engineering Contest IV on Flickr. It's been my first real Flickr contest, and it's been interesting to interact with a different community of builders. Anyway, the idea was the host would post some small, convoluted Lego design and we would have to show how it was built. Lots of odd dimensions, from 1/2 plates to 1/4 plates to mind-numbing 1/8 plates. Not a lot of room for technic, mostly system. But it's been fun. There would be two challenges a week, although a couple of times five were squeezed in.

I initially started it just to see how well I could do, but I managed to get all the main challenges, but I lost in the second round of the tie breaker, so I'm officially out as far as prizes are concerned. But I've learned a few new techniques and such, and now to see if I can use any (of the legal ones) in some MOCs...

While I can't blame this contest for all my inactivity from the last couple of months, it is a big reason why I haven't MOCed much. :sly:


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