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Well Um That's Disheartening

Posted by xccj , in News Oct 30 2013 · 123 views

I totally had my bet that the site wouldn't be up until sometime after the new year.  Guess I'm not getting in on that jackpot.  :P
(Also, I had just about finished reposting my story that got lost in the archives... well, guess I need to start that up again.)
I can't think of anything else that I posted back then that was worth anything, so I guess I'll just have to come up with new worthless things to write about.  (But gosh I do luv my blog!)



Posted by xccj , in News Aug 21 2013 · 338 views

My cousin's wedding is this weekend, so I'm leaving to go to an island with sketchy-at-best wifi.  That means that I probably won't be uber active, not that I am anyway.  Normally, after posting an entry on a contraversail topic, I would stay around to keep an eye on it, but alas I won't be able to do that very well.  So yeah.
Also gonna meet Swert in Tacoma and Razlak/Mylo
Please keep things civil, 'kay?


Tally The Votes

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 18 2013 · 94 views

Monster / Titan Contest
My entries
MOC: 0 votes.  Pretty standard.
Story: 4 votes.  Dunno what people were thinking, but it apparently ties me in second...?
Art: 4 votes.  Again.  Technically it's 4th place?  But there were clearly some better things there, and they got their votes deservingly.
Games: 7 votes?  WHA?  At the very least, this means that I should actually try and make that game.  Totes wasn't expecting that.
Again, all in all, there were some epic entries in all the categories, so it'll be fun to see what comes out on top in the finals!!


It's a Monster of an Entry List

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 10 2013 · 88 views

For example, you should be afraid of The Frog-Baboon-Wolf Monster That Wants to Eat You.

Don't believe me? Then this alliterative account of its attack on Lego City should strike the fear into your heart.

You know what else would probably stop your heart (as well as most of the other working parts of your body): Driving a Monster Truck on Titan. Unless you're a Toa, then it's cool.

You know where you can also find Toa? In my game idea!

You know what's another cool thing to listen to besides my rambling? Music! I... uh, don't have a music entry, but it's pretty cool that we got a handful of entries in that category. I wish I could make music, I just have no talent for it.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO? Vote in the polls. When they get posted. Don't worry about it, I'll remind you when they're up. :sly:
WHAT YOU SHOULD'VE DONE is enter the Monster contest.  If you did, then you're awesome.  If you didn't, then you should be INSANELY JEALOUS off of the cool entries people posted.  (Well, there's also my stuff, but I'm not sure if that counts under "cool entries.")


A Monster on Titan

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 04 2013 · 109 views
Titan, Monster Contest
Posted Image


It's the Toa Mata driving a Monster Truck on the Moon Titan.

Because this totally fits with the current theme.

Some of you might counter this, cause there isnt any apparent conflict between the Monster (truck) or Titan (the moon) BUT THERE IS. And I will break down the categories.

ATMOSPHERE: Titans atmosphere is primarily made up of methane and ethane gases, which are totally not breathable to humans. Since the Monster truck has an opened cab, the Toa are stuck breathing that stuff. Would that affect the Toa, since has it even been established that they have to breathe oxygen. (I thought they just breathed gaseous protodermis.) Advantage: Titan

GRAVITY: Titan has a lot less gravity than Earth, so the monster truck has to use a fraction of its power to roll across the landscape. Advantage: Monster Truck

TEMPERATURE: Titan is very, very cold. Its only like reeeeeeaaaaaally far from the sun. (Saturn doesnt count as a heat source.) Besides 5/6 of the Toa being cold (Kopaka would probably be fine) this might be a problem for the Monster Trucks power source. If its a combustion engine, it might freeze the gasoline. If its a battery, it might freeze the electrons or something. If its powered by Kanoka discs, I bet even those dont work well when it gets too cold. Advantage: Titan

AWSOME ROAD TRIP: The Toa are having a blast, being the first Matoran universe beings to travel across the surface of the only moon in our solar system with an atmosphere. (Aqua Magna and Bota Magna count as proto planets and not moons, I think.) Advantage: Monster Truck

Its gonna be a close match between these two, and this image certainly portrays that conflict. Thats why this is a TOTALLY LEGITIMATE INTERPRETATION OF THE CONTESTS THEME!!

You can post stuff here or in the topic, Im following both so Ill see it, but remember posts count in the topic and not in the blog. ;)



Lego Animorphs?

Posted by xccj , in News Jul 16 2013 · 263 views

Hah, talk about a Cuusoo idea guaranteed to fail.  (Like, seriously, how would you even start.  Buildable animals and figs and aliens and spaceships would be cool, but there's no good way to incorporate morphing into a toy.  They did transformers Animorph toys back in the 90s, and while they worked, they looked pretty bad.)
But I digress.
I'm talking more about Animorph characters digitized in Lego form.  I've had the figs designed in LDD for a while, but I decided to try and pursue some drawings of actual morphs.  The following is my first attempt:
Posted Image
This was drawn in Flash, where I'm finally starting to use the pen tool rather than just drawing individual lines and linking them up later.  Anyway, the fig and dolphin mold were taken from LDD (and traced) and I think they turned out nicely.  The mid-morph was done by me, and I'm less pleased with it.  I've been working on some ways to potentially animate the morphs, and if I continue on I might make a little game out of it. (Like, really little, I don't want to go all crazy on it like the last one)
So, is this worth following up on?  There are more animal molds I could use, and who knows, I could even like BUILD MY OWN ANIMALS if I really wanted to.  (Maybe a Gorilla... :P )  Thoughts, opinions?  Thankee!


Game UpDate

Posted by xccj , in News Jun 10 2013 · 99 views

Ha, if you thought this was about some video game I was playing, YOU'RE WRONG!  This is about the game I'M MAKING!
So, a few blog posts back (wait, only three posts ago?  Man, I need to update this more) I asked for artists who'd want to help me make this Flash game.  No one responded.  But that's okay, cause I DON'T NEED Y'ALL and I made the artwork myself.   And then I added animation and code and clicky stuff and things.  It's a game!!
Okay, it's not 100% completed.  If I'd give it a percentage, I'd say 80%.  There are six levels for each region on Mata Nui (the classic island, not some dumb ol giant robot inner universe) and I have all of them completed except for Le-Koro.  The gameplay is you collect hidden masks.  Hopefully I can finish it in a week or so, and then I can post it here and in my resume to show that I can code stuff.  (What, Flash Actionscript is going out of style and isn't as important to web developers?  NOOO!)
Okay, really, the art could use some improvement, and there are still some bugs in it that either I don't know how to fix or I have a vague idea of how to fix and am too lazy to try it yet because it kinda works anyway.  I've already had ideas for similiar, future projects, so if there's an artist out there who wants in, let me know.  ;)
I'd also like to thank Swert and Kakaru for testing it for my and telling me what's broken and such.  (They're the only people who'll respond to my IMs anyway, and only some of the time at that.)
I don't really have stuff to show yet, so in the meantime, here's a Mahi.
Posted Image


Nooo Waaaaiiiii

Posted by xccj , in News May 26 2013 · 78 views

I posted a legit news story for the first time in forever!!
I forgot that I was a reporter!!
Oh, and it helped that Duel Matrix submitted the report.  :D


Game Idea: Need Artists

Posted by xccj , in News May 20 2013 · 58 views

I mentioned this idea to Kakaru when I met up with him last week, and he mentioned I should make a topic, but I'll do a blog post instead.  :P
So I have this idea for a Flash game.  Nothing nearly as complicated as MNOLG; basically a "find a hidden object in a picture" thing, Bionicle themed.  I've been practising on writing code for such a game, and I'm pretty sure I could get this completed with ease.  But... well, first, I need material.  I can animate and code, but I can't draw, and I especially can't draw complicated images with hidden objects located within them.  :(
So that's where you can come in!  Are you an artist who excels in designing complicated landscapes?  If so, PM me or contact me somehow, and I'll tell you the specifics of my idea!  It's not a ton of work; as I mentioned, it won't be the MNOLG with hundreds of scenes, but rather maybe just 6 scenes, 7 tops.  And, of course, the artwork needs to be digital and easily transferable into Adobe Flash.  Vector art would be appreciated (PowerPoint yay!) but I think I can make due with something drawn in MS Paint.  Hand drawn stuff might not work too well tho.  :(
So yeah, let me know if you're interested.  If not... well, might as well try and ask.
Oh, and I got to hang out with Kakaru and his family last week on my drive from Dallas to Portland.  It was a blast!  Except the part where we looked at our old BrickShelfs...


Leaving Dallas

Posted by xccj , in News May 10 2013 · 50 views

Hey, an update from me, yayz!
So this past weekend I got to meet Toaraga in person.  (Turns out there are other BZPers in Dallas!)  He was a pretty cool guy, and it was fun chatting with him.  Toaraga, you need to come to a convention sometime. ;)
I also visited the Dallas Lego Store one last time, and bought a handful of Series 10 figs.  There were a lot of people in there looking for the gold fig, and apparently at least 5 of the goldies have been found in that store.  (By customers)  But they still had a ton of bags to feel through, and I got the figs I wanted. (Librarian, Medusa, Roman General, Warrior Girl, Bee Girl, Sailor, and Baseball Player.) I know some people get tired of these collectible figs... but I'm not one of them.  :P
I'm also set to move out of Dallas this weekend, and then it's another road trip back to Portland, so I'll be offline for a week again.  (Because I've been soo active these last few months.)  That, and I'm losing Internet tonight, so... yeah, gonna be away from BZP for a while.  (Well, I'll check up on it via my mobile web on my phone, but I rarely use that to post.)
Anyway, need to find a job to pay for the next Lego convention.  See ya!

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