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Worst Weekend Ever

Posted by xccj , in News Feb 09 2014 · 134 views

Because The Lego Movie came out and I can't see it because the entire city froze and all the theaters seemed to have closed down.  Stupid snow storm and freezing rain.
Oh, and I lost my phone.  But tracked it down, and a co-worker picked it up for me.  So it's not that distressful of a situation anymore.


Spinning Rocka Head

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, News Jan 18 2014 · 147 views

Gosh, I've been here for 11 years now.  It's kinda sad to see BZP nowadays, where the only discussions in the forums seem to be arguments... granted, it was like that 11 years ago, there were just more people doing it.  :P  But it's not quite as big a community as before.  But there are still lots of cool people here, and conventions are always super fun, and where else will I blog about random things?
Anyway, been reeeeeeeally busy at work.  They've officially nicknamed me Jego, cause I like Lego, which they poke fun at a lot.  But I do too, so its fair play.  ;)  Right now I have some minifigs and the Trash Chomper on my desk, but I really need to build some custom models for display.
I'm getting excited for Bricks Cascade, and I've been attending some PortLug meetings, although that'll come to an end when I start working weekends.  I've been looking to rent some apartment closer to the city so I won't have to deal with an hour and a half commute (1 way) each day, but it's a pain to do when all the apartments have terrible business hours: 10-3, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with apparently a two hour lunch.  Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but since I'm working full time, I don't currently have a way to go check places out.  (It'll be better when I start working weekends, but they haven't given me a set limit for when that'll be.)
Um, not a whole lot of other stuff to mention.  I did some set reviews, and I guess nobody cared...?  I got initially excited when I started doing video reviews because I can film and edit and it's Lego... but then I forgot that I hate the sound of my voice and can't seem to spit out coherent sentenses between all my thoughts while reviewing.  I like reviewing, but I don't think others really like my reviews, so sometimes I'm confused as to why I really do it.  (Although I do like the ones about Collectible Minifigs because I give advice on how to feel for them that I KNOW is accurate cause I've given it IRL to others and its worked so there!!!)
But where was I?  Oh yeah, 11 years on BZPower.  YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY.  MUHAHA.  (Unless you have the ability to ban people...)


Recent Lego Purchases

Posted by xccj , in News Nov 29 2013 · 145 views

Yay Black Friday!  Shop.Lego.com actually has some okay deals, especially with free shipping on any purchase.  I'm too cheap to get the exclusive sets and all, but I'm all for grabbing a couple of the smaller stuff at 50% off.  So I grabbed the Magic Tricks Friends set, Fox Speedorz set, and Skunk Speedorz set.  Yayz, should be in the mail soon.
Also, I've hinted at it, but I'll just come right out and say that I did indeed pick up some 2014 Ninjago sets.  Fred Meyers appeared to have released them early, and Pat (DeVee) clued me in.  (They're actually only in the Oregon stores, so I visited the one closest to my train station, which coincidentally happened to be the exact store that Pat went to.)  Best of all, they had some of the prices wrong in our favor... the $12 was just $10, and the $60 one was $50.  I first bought Zane's plane ($50 instead of $60) but the 10% off coupon I brought had expired so I didn't get a further discount.  But then the other day I went back and they had Kai's Plane, plus a 25% off toys coupon, and I had an additional $2 off toys coupon... so I saved 35% on that set.  (Sadly, it was the accurate price.)  They had some Hobbit sets too... emphesis on had.  But then i checked my local Washington store and there was the Laketown set... so if you want Hobbit or Ninjago stuff (and, y'know, live in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho... or a few locations in Alaska) check out your Fred Meyers.
I probably shouldn't be going on a Lego buying binge, since I just started working and do kind of need to save up for other stuff.  But golly, I just can't help taking advantage of some good deals!  :P
I'm also working on Black Friday, but it's totally not in retail so the office is just kind of laid back, and I feel sorry for all the folks who were forced to work insane hours today and yesterday.  I hope y'all got some serious dough for your efforts!!


Story Finished

Posted by xccj , in News, Stories Nov 19 2013 · 113 views

So, yeah, at 50,281 words, I finished my story for NaNo. Like, legitly finished too. I was actually getting worried as I was writing the final scenes, wondering it it would make it over the cut, and it just barely did. I expect when I got back to re-edit and trim the fat, it'll drop below the mark. That's what happened to the one I wrote last time. Although this time I don't have as many scenes that would be as unnecessary. Plus, I would estimate that a good third of it is fighting scenes. I went into a lot of detail and threw together a lot of may-not-actually-be-physically-possible moves. I tried not to be too repetitive, but I'll have to see how a read through goes later this month.
But the reason why I rushed to finish so early was because I started work on Monday. And now I have much less free time. The 8 hour days (plus an hour for lunch) are kinda hard on my after spending a summer unemployed. (Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't complain, and I'll just have to get used to it.) But then add on to that a three hour commute per day and it's like "Where'd the time go?" I guess this is the part of life where ya never have any free time. Oh well, I guess it's about time I joined the working crowd and start earning my keep.
Heck, I even have two or three different ideas for the BBC Contest, but no free time to build!  (And i won't be able to until after the contest ends.)  I also want to make some things to send to the Bionicle conventions, so maybe I'll throw some stuff together this weekend if I'm able.


New Job

Posted by xccj , in News Nov 15 2013 · 142 views

FIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY got employment.  And it's as a data guy person thing.
It's also a weekend shift, making it suddenly way more difficult to attend conventions or most future LUG meetings.  On the other hand, MONEY, EXPERIENCE, and NOT-BEING-A-BUM all kinda outweight that.  :happydance:


I Guess The Bigger Question Is

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, News Nov 08 2013 · 232 views

Is there even an audience that still reads my blog at all?

Like no replies lately. Or maybe it's just that my content's been boring. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? CAT PICTURES? I MAY HAVE SOME OF THOSE ACTUALLY.

But I'll post a short list of borning updates anyway. :P
  • Nano: Have 12,000 words written. But I'm progressing so far in the plot that I'm afraid I might finish before I hit the goal. Like, my other related stories have only gotten to 30K-40K, and I'm not going to add in excess just for the sake of work count. Oh well.
  • PortLUG: I'm finally going to try and attend a LUG meeting for the first time. And see if I can help out for Bricks Cascade somehow.
  • I have a second job interview for tomorrow, so I should stop blogging and go think about that.
  • There's also that brick game on the Lego Movie site that I've gotten addicted to. That's probably not a good thing for productivity.
  • Also the new Lego Movie sets are so awesome. On one hand, I think a bunch of the vehicle mechs will probably only get short cameos in the actual movie. On the other hand, when else would we get city vehicle mechs? Lots of people don't like em, but I think they're great. Also there's a higher percentage of female figs in this sets, although most of them seem to be the damsels in distress. Still, so much want! Need to get a job just so I can afford these!
  • Oh right, interview, gonna stop procrastinating.


So, Update on Story Stuff?

Posted by xccj , in News, Stories Nov 01 2013 · 104 views

The most ironic thing about the shutdown?  I was one chapter shy of finishing my repost of my epic Kulagi's Kanoka.  Now, after a second data loss, I have to repost it AGAIN.  I'm not angry or anything (nobody was reviewing it anyway) but I find the irony amusing.
So I'm going to try and repost it.  (And get my post count up some more... gee, I lost all of like 30 posts!  That's a lot for me!)  No, seriously, I'm reposting it! Maybe try to do it faster than last time.  Maybe not.  I've also considered posting it elsewhere online.  I mean, I've come across other fan fiction sites before.  But I'm hesitant to do so because it probably wouldn't get me any new reviewers, and because I'm too fond of the BZP library, even in its excess of inactivity.  I might do it at some point, but I'll focus on BZP first.  At the very least, I have a good copy saved on my laptop AND external harddrive.
(Additionally, I found that somebody also copied my epic Time Disruption onto some Bionicle fan fiction wiki, so even tho it was without my permission, it still means that it's out there on the internet.  Doesn't bother me, except that maybe they should've copied a few of my other stories too.  :P )
And even tho the lack of reviews kinda depressed me, I did start a mini sequel to Kulagi's Kanoka, set during the Dark Hunter wars.  I'd love to post it here eventually and get people's take on it... but I kinda already know that nobody would read and review it.  I had a hard enough time getting reviews when BZP was in its golden age... can't expect much now when the library is almost a graveyard.
And finally, I'm thinking about doing NaNo this year again.  I'm kinda harsh on the whole National November Writing Month thing, because I view myself as better than them cause I can write whenever I want to, and I work on quality over quantity, (And even then I can produce some quantity... even tho quality is only determined by me.)  But between having a few stories I need to rewrite and still technically being unemployed, I have the time to do it, so I should challenge myself.  Although it will be different than the first time I really participated.  Then, I used existing characters from one of my original story themes and wrote a new story.  This time, I'm planning to rewrite a story that I lost years ago.  This means that I know all the basic plot twists and how it ends and everything waaaaay in advance, so I just need to push myself to type it up and flesh it out.  The issue is that I'm pretty sure the original one I wrote years ago was more like 30,000 - 40,000 words, so I dunno if it'll hit the 50,000 word mark before I finish it.  But if that happens, so what, I'll have one of my stories completed!  (The NaNo I did three years ago was 51,000 after one month, but incomplete.  I finally wrote the finale this summer, and it finished at about 72,000.)
But don't worry, I don't plan on posting it here and asking you to review it.  :P  Heck, the 582 word blog entry is already pushing it for your expected attention span.  Oh well.
Maybe tomorrow I'll write a blog updating some MOC things I've been working on.  :P


Well Um That's Disheartening

Posted by xccj , in News Oct 30 2013 · 132 views

I totally had my bet that the site wouldn't be up until sometime after the new year.  Guess I'm not getting in on that jackpot.  :P
(Also, I had just about finished reposting my story that got lost in the archives... well, guess I need to start that up again.)
I can't think of anything else that I posted back then that was worth anything, so I guess I'll just have to come up with new worthless things to write about.  (But gosh I do luv my blog!)



Posted by xccj , in News Aug 21 2013 · 354 views

My cousin's wedding is this weekend, so I'm leaving to go to an island with sketchy-at-best wifi.  That means that I probably won't be uber active, not that I am anyway.  Normally, after posting an entry on a contraversail topic, I would stay around to keep an eye on it, but alas I won't be able to do that very well.  So yeah.
Also gonna meet Swert in Tacoma and Razlak/Mylo
Please keep things civil, 'kay?


Tally The Votes

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 18 2013 · 102 views

Monster / Titan Contest
My entries
MOC: 0 votes.  Pretty standard.
Story: 4 votes.  Dunno what people were thinking, but it apparently ties me in second...?
Art: 4 votes.  Again.  Technically it's 4th place?  But there were clearly some better things there, and they got their votes deservingly.
Games: 7 votes?  WHA?  At the very least, this means that I should actually try and make that game.  Totes wasn't expecting that.
Again, all in all, there were some epic entries in all the categories, so it'll be fun to see what comes out on top in the finals!!

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