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Korra Game

Posted by xccj , in News Oct 30 2014 · 372 views

So the first thing I do when I get Internet? It's not work on the projects I said I would. It was download the new Legend of Korra game off Steam and play it. (I only recently downloaded Steam when it wouldn't let me download Lego Marvel without it. I got a couple of games at the beginning of the summer but I've been so swamps with stuff in the last few... months, that I've hardly done any actual "gaming".)

Anyway, the Korra game is fun. Decent animation and voice acting, which is cool since they got the original actors to do it, I believe. A basic story to go by, nothing fantastic (would expect better from the show) but still good for what it's for. I'm actually rather fond of the gameplay of going around and beating on things. There are some good combos to use with the bending, eventually, when you earn them. The Mecha Tank bosses can be really tough tho.

My biggest gripe has to be the controls. Since I'm doing this over PC, Steam only seems to allow me to use keyboard and mouse. Nevermind that I have a Logitech game controller collected that works on other games; none of the games I've gotten from Steam seem to recognize it. Worse yet, I don't seem to have the ability to change the keyboard controls for the Korra game, which is kind of a pain when all the buttons are in one general area. Would work so much better with a controller. :(

Not that I've beaten it yet; still stuck on the final level, second round of bosses, methinks. I kinda wish it was longer and spanned more areas (it covers Republic City, Air Temple Island, the South Pole, and the Spirit World, and I think it ends there.) I also wish some more characters were included, but while they're referenced, this seems to be a Korra-only game. (With the exception of Naga, and I guess Mako and Bolin appear in the Pro-Bending bit that I have yet to unlock...)

Um, yeah, that's what I've done with my time. Also tried to build a table when I realized that it required a specialized tool that I don't have to work, and disassembled my fan to try and fix it but now it won't go back together. So really the gaming is the more productive thing I've done.



Moving Tomorrow

Posted by xccj , in News Oct 21 2014 · 216 views


Want to punch things.

Stupid adult responsibilities.

Also no internet.



No Internet... Again

Posted by xccj , in News Oct 20 2014 · 247 views

I'm moving on Tuesday and today I finally got around to calling about the Internet. (I was putting it off cause I always get put on hold. Last time I did it I was on the phone for over an hour going over details. This time, it only took 20 minutes... but still!)

Anyway, I'm currently in a lousy place where I can only get 6 MBPS (which they never really advertised to me... but I've only really recorded 2 MBPS so that estimate was off anyway.) And where I'm moving to can boost me all the way up to 30 MBPS (or advertised as such.) Still, it'll be nice to get a faster connection. The sad thing is, it'll require an installation, which means I have to wait another week before it gets installed... yet again. Well, still, I guess better than last time where it took like two weeks for them... to hook up my neighbor's place accidentally and then switch over to mine.

And I'm sticking with this company despite all the issues cause they're the only ones offering Internet at the price I can afford. The other ones might (maybe sorta) offer better service, but it would come bundled with cable and cost and arm and a leg (and maybe an appendix) so that's not gonna happen. Still, kinda annoying, but not like I was posting much of anything. Will still be able to check in at work and on my phone.



Pending Ninjago Entry

Posted by xccj , in News Sep 22 2014 · 179 views

I've been working on a Ninjago flash game for the last... two weeks. (Idea's been in my head since they announced the contest.) But I've still got some issues to tweak out, which I hope to get up in time for the contest's deadline... which is tonight. >.< So yeah, if I don't get it entered I will be a little upset.

Might also grab some artwork from the game that I made and enter it in as, y'know, art. I don't think that's cheating? :P (I mean, it's not like it's actually going to win, but still all the same, it'll be something to pass over for the winner.)

Anyway, something for you to look forward to tonight? Maybe? Hopefully.



Went For Broke With My VIP Card

Posted by xccj , in News Sep 18 2014 · 202 views

Posted Image

Yeah, this happened.

I got this card when the VIP program initially began a while back. So in some ways, the design is pretty vintage, and it's kinda cool to have been a part of something from the beginning that's generally gotten better over the years. (Or maybe it was always the same but now I just have a bigger budget to utilize it with.) But recently (AKA past year) I've been noticing that the card wasn't aging well. The barcode on the back is starting to fade... which is to be expected because most of the rest of the text has already faded out completely. I can still read the card number, and it's a relatively low number, thus proving that I got it early on. :D

But now that the card is physically broken, I think it's time to replace it. At some point I was given a number to call where they'll send me a new card that will still be linked to my old account, but I'll miss this card, for however much you can miss a card that's been in your wallet for almost a decade.

Um, and in other news, I'm moving again. :annoyed: I blame Kakaru.



Recent Things I've Paid For

Posted by xccj , in News Sep 11 2014 · 259 views

  • Rent
  • Utilities
Those two don't count.

Onto the real list:
  • Universal Studios Two Day pass. See my entry on Florida trip. But man that park was expensive!
  • Multiple BrickLink Orders... I should probably stop
  • Chima Phoenix Temple. Got the classic space guy free set out of it too. Still haven't had the chance to build it, sadly.
  • Captain America II Blu Ray. First real purchase of a Marvel movie, but I just really liked the action in this one.
  • Randall Munroe's "What If" book. I suppose it's kind of a let down that I've already read more than half the content, and he doesn't include alt text for every picture. But some of the new content is great too, and my favorite ones are included anyway.
  • Paying back debts to parents and certain BZP admins who won't ship my MOCs back otherwise. :P
  • That gym membership that I am totally underutilizing... for the past three months.
Planned big future purchases
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • At least $100 worth of Lego for the next two-three months. Eh, I have my eye on some pricey sets, (Ninjago temple, Smaug) and for once actually have an income I can blow on my one and only hobby. B-) Just don't want to get them all at once, so I'll stagger em. (And/or come to my senses and not buy everything.)
  • BrickCon... in general.
  • A Windows Tablet. My desktop is great, but so very non-mobile. My laptop is basically a paperweight and my phone is severely limited by touch screen, and I really like the features I've seen for the Surface 2.
  • A new smart phone... when my plan allows me to upgrade in December.
  • Food. Likely to include Goldfish.
  • Medical bills for a sleep study to see if I have health issues that are preventing me from sleeping well. (Hmm, this one should probably be a higher priority than Lego sets, but it isn't.)


Florida Trip

Posted by xccj , in News Sep 04 2014 · 278 views
Last weekend I went on a trip. Maybe not a vacation cause it was not exactly relaxing. But it was super fun. I got to hang out with two of my friends from my internship 1.5 years ago that I haven't seen since. It's kind of a big deal for me since I don't really have any friends locally that I can hang out with. Now I'm tempted to fly out and meet them more... too bad I won't be able to get time off work to do so. (Funny, it was a pretty instantaneous shift from having time but no money to having money but no time.)

Anyway, although I traveled a lot during my internship, I never actually got to Florida, so this was my first time there. I flew into Orlando, and for two days we went to the Universal Studios parks, then I drove up to one of my friend's campus (the other had to fly back after Universal Studios) in Daytona Beach and visited the Daytona racetrack. Then we drove down and visited the Kennedy Space Center. There were also visits to the beach, where I can say I truly swam in the Atlantic. (And a few months ago I was in the Pacific, so yay for two oceans in one summer!)

I had a great time. I spent a lot of money, but not quite as much as I anticipated. I was super burned out by the end of it, and there was also the HEAT AND HUMIDITY that was absolutely terrible. I know I'm a cold weather person and can't handle any kind of heat, but it was just killer, and I know it wasn't just me cause my friend, who has lived in Florida and India, was also complaining. (Not saying it was abnormal for Florida, but it was more than I can stand.) But the take-away was that I got to hang out with some really good friends and I already miss em.

Now back to work where I'm bound to receive flak for not being there. Next trip: BrickCon... if I can get the weekend off. (I dunno, I've requested it but it might be asking for a bit much.)



Florida Bound

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 28 2014 · 265 views

Yay a summer vacation! And people at work are only mildly annoyed that I'm taking time off!

So this weekend I'm going to be flying to Florida to meet up with some of my friends from my Southwest Internship. It's going to be a long flight; basically if you at a map of the continental US, I'm in the upper left hand corner and I'm headed to the lower right hand corner.

When I had the chance to get free flights, I visited a lot of the country, but never made it to Florida. Based on what I know of it, it will be full of hurricanes, old people (riding crocodiles), and burned spies blowing everything up. I'm sure that it all totally accurate too. One thing I do know is that it's supposed to be super hot this weekend. Or at least five degree hotter than it is in Oregon right now. :annoyed: Seriously, the problem is more of why are temperatures in Portland so close to those in Florida? See map reference again.

I guess the other bit of news is that my phone's starting to act up, so I'm going to pretty much keep it turned off during the day. I might check things online on it at night, but going to be unreachable during the day. (Not that BZPower members need to ever reach me, so really I should be sending this to my coworkers.) Oh well, if you point out some fallacy in my arguments and wonder why I'm not responding to your genius (or lack thereof) now you know why! :P

(Also I don't think we'll be visiting LEGOLAND Florida. Sad face.)



Buy from Lego Online Now!

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 01 2014 · 343 views

Except in the span of me starting to write that front page article and posting it, shop.lego.com decided to just crash.

It happened in the middle of verifying my order too! So I don't know if I'm getting the Exo-Suit or not.

It seems that the hype for the new sets (likely the rumored-quite-a-bit-to-be-a-limited-release Exo-Suit) may have crashed the site? They posted an unusual error report on the shopping cart page, saying that we can't use express shipping or VIP points and that they'll add all the perks (free shipping, free polybag) later if they qualify. Also that it could take 24 hours to process your order, oh, and by the way, availability might not be up to date, so that limited production set that we totally say is available is actually sold out... sorry sukkah!

I see this for potential to reeeeeeally screw up orders. "Oh, sorry, we forgot the free polybag?" "What's that, we charged you for shipping when you qualified to get it for no cost?" "Instead of LEGO sets, your package contained a bobcat? Odd." I've had good experience with Lego customer service a few times in the past, so I'm sure they could eventually help work it out... but yeah I still could see this going badly.

Or worst of all, my order might not have gone through at all, and by the time I realize that the Exo-Suit will have sold out. :( I don't want to risk dropping more cash to redo the purchase on the off chance that it did fail... especially when they mentioned that there will be a delayed response. But if it goes over 24 hours, I might redo my purchase.

(My purchase, to note, was a Exo-Suit, 2x Research Institutions [an extra for a potential gift maybe?], Breeze Flea Machine, discounted Dragon Bolt, and Aquaman parts pack that also contains Batman.)

But, all in all, not the smoothest release of new sets from Lego, not by a long shot.



And I Just Went In For a PAB Cup...

Posted by xccj , in News Jul 07 2014 · 301 views

And I left the LEGO Store with the Batman Steamroller set, the X-Men Blackbird, Friends Tiger polybag (FINALLY they had it) and the TMNT Shredder polybag. Oh, and a PAB Cup with medium lavender and dark azure 2x4 plates, which was the primary reason I visited. (Also a few ladder pieces, cause why not. No horses though... they sold out of those within days, sadly.)

I was only going to buy the PAB cup... but then they had the Friends polybag, and then I wanted to get something non-girly, then I saw that the Batman set was 20% off (cause it's kinda a lame set for its regular cost) and then I realized that I was only like $15 away from the $75 limit to get the free polybag, but there weren't any $15 sets that I had my eye on, so I just went ahead and grabbed the Blackbird. And ended up spending way more than I anticipated, but these were all sets that I've had my eye on, and it's kinda a good deal on the one, and I'm getting VIP points that I can use later this year on the REALLY large sets... and I have an income but no impulse control when it comes to LEGO.

Also anybody know the worth of the Shredder polybag? In hindsight, I really don't want it, not being a fan of TMNT, so it's mostly meh to me. Maybe I could trade it for something later? I also have the Martian Manhunter fig that I was also thinking about trading for something. Don't know the something yet. Maybe a Storm or Batgirl fig... oh wait, don't need those. Maybe cheese slopes? :P

(Speaking of cheese slopes, I made an order 3 weeks ago on Bricklink and the guy still hasn't shipped em! Longest I've ever waited on an order was a month, and that was from Canada so it had to go through customs. The guy mentioned he had a back-log, and my order was pretty big... but still! He'd better get the numbers right two... another order must've just weighed the parts, and as such it came up short on two bulk items. :( )

What's that, I'm supposed to be a financially responsible adult now? Eh... maybe later.


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