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Posted by xccj , in News, TV Jul 05 2012 · 160 views

So, first off, went to a friend's Forth of July party tonight. Shot of fireworks. Fun stuff, ext ext.

I've been doing my regular rounds of sites tonight, and I've been getting the same add on multiple ones, including BZP. (It's actually above my blog entry page right now... I used to have an ad block thing that worked well but then it turns out it was a trial and I need to pay $30 a month to have it work so I removed it whatever.)

Anyway, the ad that's been following me everywhere... Warehouse 13, Season 3 on DVD July 10th. :D

Google Ads know what I like.

(Also, considering buying a season pass for season 4 so I can get the episodes day-after and not feel bad about not watching them on traditional sites that only air the episodes after a month or two. Hey, I love the show, so I'll pay a bit in order to support it.)



Spiderman Was Amazing

Posted by xccj , in News, TV Jul 03 2012 · 148 views

Ha, see what I did with the title there?

Yay Midnight showing! Okay, it wasn't like a crowd of super geeks who all dressed up or anything, but it was a fun crowd... it's more fun when there are multiple people laughing at the jokes. Turns out I didn't really need to arrive an hour and a half early, tho. At least not at the smaller local theater.

As for the actual movie... well, I don't know where to begin? Or I do, but that would be spoiler-y. Sufice to say, I thought it was a great movie, and it had some really great moments in it that the first trilogy lacked. It also had some slow moments, but they were more awkward teenager moments than mopey emo moments. And it did tell a lot of back story on Peter, which helped build his character (and of Uncle Ben, who was much cooler this time around.) I guess the biggest problem was that it felt like a lot was left unresolved... like we have to wait for the next movie to solve the mystery! :o How devious of those movie makers.

But yeah, action scenes were great, and had a somewhat more realistic approach. (Also, Spidey built his web launchers this time... which is awesome because I thought that was a cheap move in the early movies having him shoot them naturally.) The acting was decent, for a super hero movie, anyway. It wasn't as amazing as Avengers, but that's a hard one to beat. I think it's better than the other Spiderman movies tho. (At least II and III... I seem to remember the first one being enjoyable, but the new one still excelled in some areas.)

Also, Gwen Stacy > Mary Jane. :P

So, yeah, I'd recomend seeing it. And fair warning; there is a teaser scene after the main ending credits, but not one at the very, very end of the credits. Half the people stayed behind just in case, and we were all disappointed.



Spell Check Is Back!

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, News Jun 25 2012 · 118 views

My Google Toolbar (on IE) spellcheck option is finally working on BZP again. This last month, I've been getting an error every time it tries to check spelling on the forum. I'm not sure what the issue was, since it worked elsewhere on IE, and auto spelling didn't work on FireFox on BZP either. (But it did on Chrome... but I don't really use Chrome too much.)

Basically, for the last month I've been flying blind on BZP. AKA I've just been typing and spelling to my best ability, and when I type out longer, complicated words like antidiestablishmentarianism, I would likely miss out on a few letters somewhere that a quick spellcheck would catch, but since I didn't have a spellcheck, I just left them as they were.

Now, spellcheck is working again, so now I can see that "antidiestablishmentarianism" is actually spelled "antidisestablishmentarianism"!!!! Yay for me!

(Still don't have a grammar check or logic check option, but even if I did, I'd probably just ignore them out of principal.)

(Also of note, with the exception of the long example word, I had 3 other minor misspellings in this entry... but not any more. :P )

I get excited over random stuff, don't I?



Stuff The Week

Posted by xccj , in News, TV Jun 23 2012 · 121 views

Well, first, since employment decided to pass me up this summer, I'm being forced to do yard work and getting yelled at that I'm not doing enough. Fun stuff. I either work until heat exhaustion or in the pouring rain. Summer weather, make up your mind!

(On the other hand, it looks like I got turned down for a techy job purely because I have to go back to school so I couldn't work full time... but I guess I met the other qualifications? Yay, hollow victory.)

Lessee... also sending in paperwork to have a surgery this summer. (Hey, I don't have work or school to get in the way of the 6 week recovery period.) Hopefully my condition is bad enough that I qualify for a study at OHSU, so yay again?

Also put stuff for my passport. Issue is that I was technically born in Canada... and lived there for a full six months before my parents moved back to the states. And despite all the paperwork we had to turn in (originals too... and they stapled the papers, thus putting needless holes in them, lame) it turns out I might have the wrong kind of foreign birth certificates. Like, the lady was like listing off three or four different types I could have, and it's like seriously, I was born, this paperwork has the details, what more do you need. But she kept insisting that I was Canadian... I'm surprised she didn't try to deport me on the spot. (See, basics is US citizenship depends on where you were born, so for me that's Canada. But Canadian citizenship depends on where your father was born, so for me that's the US. So by that logic I'm not accepted anywhere?) I'm sure it can get worked out in the end, but it's just a pain in the neck.

Also, just a quick word on TV shows. (Or not so quick.) Finished up the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. (Or at least as far as new episodes are concerned.) It was a fun show, and now I feel better informed about them after seeing the movie. :P Also looked up some older Batman cartoons... but Batman just doesn't have the same feel to it. (Also, I noticed Marvel cartoons tend to use laser weapons everywhere, but Batman had actual guns and bullets and stuff... different violence policies.) And these last two days I watched Iron Man: Armored Adventures. At first I was put off by the cover art; looks kind of lame. But it turns out to be less-cartoon and more 3D generations, so it has a very different look to it, and even though it's kind of annoying at sometimes (why is her paper hovering over the top of a sink?) it's better than I expected. Plus, I love the whole angle of Iron Man as a teenager, and they've had some really good characters. (AKA not introducing a new one each episode and bringing back older ones to actually finish off arcs.) I just got through the first season, and I liked what they did with it. Now I have to find the second season online. :)

Also, I have a comedy I should be able to post for the Library Summer Olympics contest, but it needs some work finalizing it. (And making sure all the character names are correct.) I've also been making progress on some of my other stories, which is cool, even tho I can't post them on BZP. (Don't bother asking, I know you wouldn't read them anyway.)




Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News Jun 21 2012 · 153 views

It stings more when you think you had a chance. :P

But, yeah, BBC Contest Polls. I'm in this one. Vote for me... or y'know, one of the decent MOCs. (I'm not even going to bother linking to the single Flash Fiction poll I made it into because I'm not doing well in it anyway and besides it wasn't even that great a story to begin with.

But yeah, my dragon moc is in 4th place, with some actual votes to it besides my own! Woot! It's too far gone to really advance unless they take half the entries and bring them to the finals, but I'm hoping to keep a hold of 4th place. :P I'll probably send it to BFair anyway. I have a couple of fiery Rahi MOCs that could fit in, as well as some that I think are just cool in general.

Also, even though I don't have a job, I've kept busy. I have a whole number of personal story projects that I've been putting off because of school and such, so I've been working on them. Parents want me to do more yard work tho. :(



Review: Lasha's Bite Cycle

Posted by xccj , in Review, News, MOCs Jun 17 2012 · 780 views

Posted Image
(Click For Link)

Yay, another Ninjago Review! Last one from me (for this year at least.) Unless somebody wants to send me the Ultimate 4-Headed Dragon Battle set to review (and keep.) That is such an epic set and I want it but I don't really have money and if I do buy a large set this year it's going to be Helms Deep.

Also, with this set I now have Cole ZX, which means that I have a complete set of Ninja. (Well, missing the green one, if you count him, but I'll grab his spinner pack when it comes out.) Now... well, I'm kind of eager for a snake army. Anybody have lots of snake figs they want to get rid of / trade. And I don't mean a bunch of Rattlas or Snappas... ideally I'd like one of each character, especially the generals, but I'm not willing to buy all the sets or pay the fig prices on Bricklink... so yep, if you have cool snake figs (and maybe want some series 6/7 figs, since I have extras) let me know! :P (Yeah, this is being hopeful.)

Also, tomorrow, I'll take pictures of and enter my BBC Contest fiery creature. I'd post WIP images, BUT that would get me disqualified and also require the effort to take said picts. It is a rider and a steed, so hopefully it'll be allowed. (I asked like 4 days ago in the contest topic and have not received an answer yet, so if I get disqualified it'll be because of a last minute rule clarification... seriously last minute, since tomorrow is the last day to enter.)

Oh, and also read / view the Lasha's Bite Cycle review. It's even been Velox-approved! How many reviews can boast that!? (None of my other ones, so this is a first for me!)



I Killed Swert

Posted by xccj , in News Jun 14 2012 · 174 views

Swert 9:21 pm
lame joke

Jason Xccj 9:22 pm
hahaha die

Swert 9:23 pm

Jason Xccj 9:23 pm
*posts blog saying I killed Swert*



I Got Accepted!

Posted by xccj , in News, Lego Conventions Jun 13 2012 · 156 views

Well, not really accepted, but more like I’m qualified for it.

No, not a job. A surgery.

See, I had this acid reflux problem, and they stuck a tube down my throat and left it there for 24 hours to see just how bad it was. Turns out, it was very bad. (Either that, or I accidentally drank battery acid last night…) So, yay, I qualify for a surgery. Maybe.

In other news… I moved my Lego collection into our unfinished basement tonight. That means more room to spread out down there, and plus my bedroom remains less messy! (The downside… less lighting, dusty conditions, and my cat likes to hang down there too.) Now I’m taking apart most of my creations from Bricks Cascade (because I can’t ship all of them to BrickFair or BrickCon, so no need to keep all of them intact.) Hopefully, I can also come up with some sort of fire-Rahi in time for the BBC Contest.

Oh, yeah, also… still no job. I guess lying on your applications is still a bad thing, but you’re supposed to leave out lots of little details, like when you have to return to school. So that’s apparently how half my friends got these seasonal positions and I didn’t… because they didn’t say when they had to leave and I did, so automatically that makes them better candidates.



Job Conflicts

Posted by xccj , in News, Lego Conventions May 21 2012 · 152 views

So I got an interview for a position at a new movie theater they're opening next month, which could offer a nice summer job. (Yes, Ben, I totally stole the idea from you. :P ) They had this big thing where we could go meet with somebody there and fill out applications and such. But there was one conflict.

Their training sessions for the jobs is the same week as Bricks Cascade. >.<

It's a bummer, but hopefully I can work around it. At the very least, I can ditch the convention mid-day and go to the training sessions... if I get the job. So here's hoping. (I also hav a handful of other internships that I'm still waiting to hear back from.)

Looking for employment is just no fun. :(



Marvel-Ous Weekend

Posted by xccj , in News, TV May 21 2012 · 101 views

I watched an episode of Grimm and Avatar this weekend. The season finale of Grimm was pretty good, except it ended with quite a few unresolved issues. Luckily there's an assured season two... but that means I have to wait until then to see what happens. D: (Avatar was good too.)

But I also caught up on the latest Marvel cartoons by watching The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-Man. Both decent shows. It's really my first move into the whole Avengers thing outside of the movies, and it wasn't bad. And the latest Spider-Man cartoon takes it in a different direction than some of the other shows I've seen.

(Apparently these are also based on... comic books? Who knew?)

Also made more Bricks Cascade plans, transport wise, ext. At this rate I doubt I'll get employment by then, so I'm counting on having the entire weekend off... juuuuust no moneys. (Man, this lack of an income is really messing with my plan to buy all the LotR sets this summer!)

Aaaaand I need more to blog about. Cat pictures maybe? More MOCs?


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