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Gali Masters Mosaic: Final

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions Mar 18 2015 · 620 views

This past weekend at Bricks Cascade, the collaborative Gali Masters Mosaic finally came together. (A little last minute too, with the ones being sent in arriving just in the nick of time and another one requiring some last minute updates.) I haven't got pictures for everything else yet, but time to present this mosaic in its full glory!

Posted Image

And it wouldn't be a BZPower mosaic without a group pict of all the builders. (Yes, ALL of them, even the ones that weren't physically there.)

Posted Image

From left to right: Trisha, Andrew*, Jason, Ben, Dan*, Riley.

Thanks again to everybody who contributed. And fret not if you weren't able to see this one; it's on the BZPower Convention MOC circuit, so it'll be showing up at a few east coast conventions, including BrickFair!


*photoshopped into pict :P


Made Bank at Cascade

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Mar 15 2015 · 434 views

I actually did very well at Cascade this year, probably even better than my first year there where I won a bunch of stuff. This time I've won larger stuff!! And now I'm going to brag and provide a list.

Won the large Friends shopping mall as a giveaway.
Got two free mixels in as Mixels Match game (take two Mixels and build a non-Mixel thing... but use all the pieces.)
Got the technic snowmobile in a Technic Game (where you build a non-technic thing, or at least not one that's on the box. I was one of only a few who did manage to use all the technic bits, but others made much better things and Roa won.)
Won a Friends vet set for coming in third in the Scavenger Hunt (find various items around the convention hall and photograph em.)
Bought the Friends juice bar for cheap (it was a leftover from a draft.)
Bought the Crystal Elves set, a Construction truck set, and a Lego mug at the Lego store.
Got the huge Agents headquarters truck because I was a theme coordinator. DeeVee unfortunately got the Ninjago mech dragon (because he was Bionicle coordinator), which he said he already has multiples of.
Won the Mines of Moria set and a trophy from the Super Heroes theme for my Flash Star Lab. That was unexpected.
Then got the Five Armies and Smaug set for 47% off at scratch and dent!

Plus traded a few figs around, and ended up with all 5 of the elves characters, and the Maula mammoth fig.

Oh, and you know, hung out with a bunch of cool people,. And the weekends not over yet!



Elves Joke

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, Lego Conventions Mar 09 2015 · 532 views

You know the new Lego Elves theme is aimed towards girls because when the main character gets lost... she asks for directions! Ba dump dump chshshshshshshsh!

(Wonder how many people will be offended by this. I mean I don't think it's offensive but it's about a gender stereotype and people seem to get easily offended by stuff like that.)

In other news, I have 5 of the 12 baseplates completed for the mosaic, plus one extra in case somebody else doesn't get theirs in on time. (I hope it would be just one somebody, my brick supply has dwindled and I don't think I can crank out any more.) Like 5 more are in the mail (presumably) and should be arriving soon, and the other two will be brought in, so I'm fairly certain they'll all make it.

Yeah, Bricks Cascade this weekend! Otherwise known as the rare weekend where I won't be online the entire time!



Animorphs in Animal-Mechs

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions Feb 22 2015 · 492 views

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image

This is for a collaboration at BricksCascade. Basically, I had Animorph figs and I wanted to show them off, so I forced them into this set.

I've had a couple ideas of how to incorporate the figs into some battle scene, and it's tricky. The characters are rarely in battle as humans, because they usually morph into animals. But even if I made minifig-scale brick build animals (or somehow used animal molds) I wouldn't have a need for the actual figs. So how would I pull this off? Well, I put my custom made figs into animal mechs! And then I set them out against various henchman. Since this is the Super Heroes theme, I decided that Red Skull was the baddies leader, and he has allied with the Yeerks, thus explaining the Hork-Bajir mech and Visser Three.

This will probably go straight over the heads of most people, since I bet they all aren't obsessed with a decade-and-a-half old book series. But I do like how some of the animal mechs turned out, so that should work, and they can ignore the backstory!



Gali Masters Mosaic Sound-Off

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, MOCs Feb 20 2015 · 401 views

Heyo! I've been trying to contact those of you who were making pieces, but for completion's sake, I'm putting together a quick blog post.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image


Complete - In Progress - Assuming Progress - No Claim

Xccj: 05, 06, 08, 09 Completed
Chocolate Frogs: 10 Completed
Black Six: 01, 02, 04 In Progress
Kayru: 07 In Progress
Based Goomy: 12 Assuming Progress
Danny316p: 11 Assuming Progress

This does mean that we currently have one piece left unclaimed. I've exhausted all my baseplates and a lot of my bricks (except, surprisingly, dark azure and medium blue) so if I need to fill that last one out, it'll mean some last minute orders I'm just waiting on an order of the parts, hope it arrives on time. And it is a bit last minute, seeing as Bricks Cascade is less than three weeks away. So if you're sending in a piece, sooner than later. ;)

Another thing to consider is sending this on the BZP Convention circuit after Cascade, which means it'll go to Brick Universe, BrickFair NE, and Brickfair VA. (And then I'd prefer to have it shipped back to me for BrickCon, which would skip BrickFair NJ, but a majority of the pieces come from west-coasters who can pick up their pieces at BrickCon.) I don't mind handling shipping for the whole thing, as long as everybody else is cool with this? (Alas, I also don't expect it to have a stand for the east coast conventions, but it'll fit mine for the west coast ones.)

Thoughts, status updates appreciated. Thankee!




NEED: MOCs for a Black Light Display at Bricks Cascade

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Feb 11 2015 · 430 views

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but it's been on my mind for a while.

I'm going to be setting up a small black light display at BricksCascade. Unfortunately, I only have one decent MOC that's made out of fluorescent colors. Last time, I just made a quick mash up of all my decent pieces that would look good... but it was a messy design. Instead, I would rather share the display with two-three other Toa sized characters, which is about what I think can fit inside the display. If you've built something that is made with a lot of trans neon green, trans bright green, trans neon orange, or trans medium blue (AKA colors that look awesome under a black light) and will have it on display at BricksCascade, then let me know. (Or you can make one... still have a month left. Although it took four months for me to get mine together, after various redesigns and parts orders.)

Anyway, wanted to put that out there. I think it'll technically qualify for the Lights and Action theme for the BZPower MOC circuit, anyway. (Also, no, I am not sending my black light display to any of the other conventions, it's a little too bulky for that.)



Final Gali Masters Mosaic Design

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, MOCs Jan 18 2015 · 680 views
So I made some changes based on suggestions by some members (ironically ones who probably won't participate) and now we have this design:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image


People who've remarked interest:

Xccj: Pieces 05, 08, and 09
Chocolate Frogs: 10
Black Six: 01, 02
Letagi: 03, 06
Kayru: 07
Based Goomy: 12
Danny316p: 11

List of sections with difficulty and color requirements:

Piece 01: (Medium) Black Six Claimed. Requires dark green, lime, black, lgt gray, white
Piece 02: (Easy) Black Six Claimed. Little bit of dark green and green, then black, white, lgt gray.
Piece 03: (Medium) Letagi Claimed. Blue, Dark Blue, dk gray, lgt Gray, Tan, lots of White
Piece 04: (Easy) Dark green, Lime, Green, lots of white and lgt gray, Pending Xccj Claim
Piece 05: (Hard) Xccj Claimed. (Yellow, orange, dk tan, sand blue, dk azure, dk blue)
Piece 06: (Medium) Letagi Claimed. A few medium blue, one purple, some tan, redish-brown, dark blue, blue, black, both grays, white
Piece 07: (Medium) Kayr Claimed. A few dark azure and medium blue, some dark blue, blue, black, dk gray, lots of white and lgt gray
Piece 8: (Hard) Xccj Claimed. (Dk Azure, Dk Blue, Med. Blue, Sand Blue, Purple, Blue, Black)
Piece 9: (Hard) Xccj Claimed. (Dk Azure, Dk Blue, Blue, Med Blue, Yellow)
Piece 10: (Easy) CF Claimed. (Dk Blue, blue, Dk Gray, Lgt Gray, White)
Piece 11: (Hard) Dany316p Claimed. Dk Azure, Medium Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Tan, Black, Dk Gray, Lgt Gray, White
Piece 12: (Easy) Based Goomy Claimed. Some medium blue, dark blue, tan, dk gray, black, then lgt gray, blue, lots of white.

Claim your piece now and bring it to Bricks Cascade!

(And if we can't make it to twelve baseplates, we might need to tweak this down to a 96x96 stud mosaic. But hopefully we can pull it off!)

We would have some standards. This is going to be a studs up mosaic, with a brick's depth. (This means you can stack three plates and only the top one has to be the right color!) We want solid studs on top, so any regular plate or brick will work, but bricks with hollow studs, like technic bricks, are out. Let me know if you have any questions about colors or whatnot; I'm not against making small tweaks here and there. I also claimed most of the pieces with rare colors, which I'm pretty sure I can cover with my collection. If you feel you can cover one of the pieces I've claimed, I'll be happy to give it up, but I figured most people who'd want to participate might not have been collecting as much dark azure, dark purple, or sand blue as me. :P

This is meant for Bricks Cascade, but since that convention is on the official BZP MOC Convention Circuit, pieces could theoretically be sent in too.

Thanks again, and claim your piece(s) today!



Gali Masters Mosaic?

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Jan 13 2015 · 677 views
Posted Image


So, what do you think? This has been recolored to better fit a selection of colors that are easy to utilize. )The red is just outlining the 32x32 sections.) The blue on the shoulders / thighs is dark azure, because I have a lot of that color in bricks. I expect to do at least one of those sections to use my supply, and I can probably cover all of them it nobody else has enough of the bricks in that color. I also made the skull spider green and lime... which is technically not set accurate, but some of the spiders in the comics / animations haven't been exact color matches either. I had to do the color change because the "silver" blended in too much with my white and light gray background. Also, an interesting thing I'd like to try for the heads (well, Gali's, at least) is use trans colored plates for the eyes. In Gali's case, maybe trans neon green over blue plates? Trans red over green for the skull spider?

There are a few sections that are kinda boring swaths of mono-color, but what can you do?

So, any interest? Or should I try one of the other Toa instead? (If there is interest, I can post higher-res picts of the individual pieces later.)



Potential Toa Masters Mosaics?

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions Jan 12 2015 · 500 views
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

These are, of course, raw versions that I just threw through Pic-to-Brick's mosaic generator once. (Oh, I got that to work for me again, turns out I didn't have Java installed. Huh.) Anyway, things would definitely get tweaked to stay with more consistent coloring. Particularly, the backgrounds would probably get changed to grayscale, although I'd probably keep the styling instead of making it a solid background. Adds some extra flair, if just for shades of gray.

I myself am partial to the Gali pose (which is 96x128 studs, the other two being 96x96) however Pohatu's did turn out to be the sharpest. I looked at Kopaka and Lewa and didn't really see any nice action scenes that would translate to mosaics well. Tahu might have some, yes, but he moves too fast and I don't like the video device they have on Bionicle.com, makes it hard to go frame-by-frame. :shrugs:

Opinions? I'd consider other suggestions too.



Bricks Cascade Bionicle Colab Mosaic?

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Jan 10 2015 · 409 views

The convention is only a couple of months away, so this may be a little too late for some of y'all who apparently need 6 months to build stuff, but I'm going to suggest it anyway. (I think we have a similar turnaround once for BrickCon, so it's not impossible.)

We've done Bionicle mosaics before at conventions. CF and Nukaya have made Kopaka, Onua, and the full team of Toa Mata at BrickFair, and we've done the Kaukau Waterfall and Lewa-in-Protodermis at BrickCon. But so far none at Cascade, despite a fairly good BZP turnout. And with Bionicle's return, we could even design something that is maybe not ten years old!

One idea I have is to do an image of the island of Okoto. This would require a substantial amount of blue for the ocean, but for the most part the other colors aren't rare. (Although rarity varies by collection, I guess.) Another option would just be to focus on a single character's headshot, which is possible, although we might have to substitute gold for yellow if we do Tahu, Kopaka, or Onua. But the new style of animation allows for pretty definite color zones, so it would be relatively easy to generate something compared to other styles that have actual shading on the characters (which requires more brick colors in mosaics.)

The general idea would be to make a 96x96-ish stud mosaic, large enough to capture the eye of passer-bys. That's a hefty amount for a single individual, but when if you split it up into 32x32 baseplate sections, it's more manageable. Then we would need 5-9 builders to contribute. (I can always do multiple plates, since my basic brick collection has expanded since I started practicing with mosaics.) But we need interest and at least a low level of commitment. That's failed to materialize in the past few years so that's why I'm kinda pessimistic about this happening. But if you are interested, post here saying what picture you'd like (as well as maybe what colors you would work best with.) If we can get enough people interested in a single idea, I'll draft it up, provide pieces to claim, and hopefully give y'all enough time to build it and/or Bricklink any parts you might need.

And since I'm talking collaborations... I'll be putting up a black light display at Cascade, but I only have one decent Toa-sized model to put in. If somebody else has a similar Toa-sized design that would look good in black light, perhaps we can make a scene. Granted, the display is probably only big enough for 3-4 Toa, and it would be cool to have multiple colors. Mine's in medium trans blue, but trans neon green and trans neon orange also work well. (Granted, for masks you'd probably want either the TNGM or the trans orange Kaukau. I'm using the misprint light blue kaukau. I don't know of many other masks that glow, unless you happen to have the trans orange Hau new Tahu mask.) I'd like to make my own, but I don't have the inspiration to pull that off at the moment.

So what'll it be? Any takers?


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