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MOCing Spree

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions Feb 27 2014 · 151 views
BRICKSCASCADE and 1 more...
So with the convention looming in the near future, I had to think about what models I was bringing.
For Bionicle, I don't have a lot of new stuff.  I've got the remnants of my Rahi project and Takanuva.  I also built a few Bionicle trees for the BioniLug display, and I have this new Pohatu Phantoka model that I've been working on for a while, but not a lot new.
For Space, I have my modular ships (which I'm keeping track of in a sidebar.)  I have 8 completed, but six more colors that I want to make... in theory.  Each ship is only about 10 studs long, but I've been working in rare colors and experimenting with odd designs, so each section has taken a lot of time to put together, and I don't know if I'll have the chance to finish any more before the convention.
But what I did finish today was an actual SHIP model.  I dunno if I've posted it here or not (I showed it off at PortLug once) but I built a long octagonal nose for the ship (60 studs) in black and trans neon green.  Well, today I built up the engine to make it full SHIP length.  (Well, to my annoyance, the body measured to like 96 studs... and it's too interlocked to take it apart and add the extra lengths... so I put an extra beam on the nose to lengthen it instead.)  And since it's all black and trans neon green, it looks ultra rad under a black light, and will do great in BrickCon's Dark Side this year.
I also took the chance and built another mini ship using all my trans medium blue elements, including some of the Bionicle socket and visor pieces.  The rest of it is black, and IMO it looks even cooler under a black light!  (Maybe it's because trans medium blue is rarer than neon green that I say this.  I am, however, continuously disappointed that all the trans blue elements this year are seemingly trans light blue, which doesn't do anything with a black light.)
For art, I have this nifty little sculpture from the Lego Movie that I'm gonna show off.  Also, hopefully we can redisplay the Hau/Krana mosaic this year?  Maybe.
For Mecha, I have three Lego Movie models; a Hero Factory built Micro Manager, a Wyldstyle Mech, and an Emmet Mech.  (I think I posted these here, or at least WIPs)  I was going to display them opening weekend for the movie, but then Portland got snowed it, so that didn't happen.  Now they'll show up at BricksCascade.  Also, I have a crazy bunny mech that I keep bringing back.
I also built something for steampunk!  And it's piloted by a Pohatu Minifig!  (Cause I just secured a Pohatu pen, so now I have mini masks for all the Toa!)  But even if it has some Bionicle flavoring, it's still steampunk-y.  With gears.
I also have a list of other models I want to build... but now I'm back to work (on the weekends now) so I won't really have time to build.  I'll get some days off next weekend before the con, but I'll probably be busy with other stuff.  I'm planning to move into an apartment closer to Portland soon, so there's lots of details to work out with that.  Meanwhile, I also want to photograph some of my models too... so much to do, so little time.
And yet I still wrote this lengthy blog entry that nobody will read... kay, night all!


Brick Badge Sayings

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, Thoughts Nov 14 2013 · 192 views

Gosh, convention season is just around the corner!  And by that I mean still 4 months away.  Bricks Cascade just opened registration for the Portland area convention, but also brings up some news concerning brick badges.
I don't know about BrickFair and all those other places, but this year Seattle's BrickCon officially went to paper badges.  They have some legitimate reasons for doing so, so I can't really blame em for doing so.  And, on the plus side, they still provided us with custom engraved bricks for our registration, which we could easily add to our current growing badges.  But we had to wear a paper badge too.  And Bricks Cascade is going the same direction.  On one hand, they're only issuing one engraved brick with standard registration; more cost extra.  On the other hand, the extra cost is only $2 per bricks, which is cheaper than going straight to the engraver, and you can print whatever you want and don't have to be limited to name and location.
But that aside, there's the more important thing about what to put on the engraved bricks!   I need ideas and suggestions.  (I know I've discussed this before and maybe even made a blog entry before, but here goes again.)  So, list of some of my ideas, mostly quotes from the MNOLG, feel free to make suggestions.  (Or steal some.)  Of note, they can only be 22 characters long, so I've included some original text and then tried to shorten them.  (I included estimated character count in parenthesies, but I could be off in some cases.)
Ta-Koro, Mata Nui (17)
Ga-Koro, Mata Nui (17)
Po-Koro, Mata Nui (17)
Onu-Koro, Mata Nui (18)
Le-Koro, Mata Nui (17)*
Ko-Koro, Mata Nui (17)**
Coliseum, Metru Nui (19)
Cavern of Life, Voya Nui (24)
Tunnel Engineer 2nd Class (25)
Tunnel Engineer Class 2 (23)
Engineer, 2nd Class (19)
Marn Tunnel 12, Section 4 (25)
Marn Tunnel Section 4 (21)
High Commander of Ussalry (25)
High Ussalry Commander (22)
Veteran of the Makuta Wars (26)
Veteran of Makuta War (21)
Right Hand of Turaga Whenua (27)
Right Hand of Whenua (20)
Oh, and Taipu's here too (24)
And Taipu's Here Too (20)
Captain of Ta-Koro Guard (24)
Ta-Koro Guardsman (17)
Tahu Was Here (13)
Deepwood Wayfinder (18)*
Highfly Vinesman (16)*
Fastest Leaf-Runner (19)
Everquick Pilot (15)
I Want To Be A Toa Hero (23)
I'm A Toa-Hero (14)
Stay Outta The Sun! (19)
Another Hafu Original (21)
Koli Champion (13)
Kohlii Champion (15)
Who Ate All The Pies? (21)*
I Ship Maku and Huki (20)
Pohatu Rocks! (12)
Nuju's Translator (18)
What's a Bohrok? (16)
Beware the Swarm (16)
You Wake One, You Wake Them All (31)
Wake One, Wake Them All (23)
I'm With An Cool Dude (21)
Find the Masks (14)
I'm a Bionicle Fan (18)
Bionicle Fan: Deal With It (26)
My Other Mask is a Hau (22)
*I've already made these.
**CF's made this one


BrickCon Mosaic

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, MOCs Aug 18 2013 · 256 views
Eh, trying to organize this with other's input hasn't worked out yet, so I'm just pushing this forward solo:
Potential BrickCon BZPower Bionicle Mosaic

Posted Image


[01] [02] [03] [04]
[05] [06] [07] [08]
[09] [10] [11] [12]


Piece 1: Xccj
Piece 2: Chocolate Frogs
Piece 3: Kakaru
Piece 4: Brickthing
Piece 5: Swert (Maybe?)
Piece 6: Brickthing (Potentially?)
Piece 7: Xccj
Piece 8: Kakaru
Piece 9: Mylo Xyloto (Razlak)
Piece 10: Kakaru
Piece 11: Kopakanui
Piece 12: Kopakanui
Okay, now we should be all set unless somebody drops the ball.
Details: So we need peeps to contribute 32x32 baseplates for this.  (Baseplates outlines in red)  The standard stuff for mosaics apply: you can use stacked plates, you should use newer dark and light bleys instead of old style grays, and don't even think about using bricks with hollow studs (like technic bricks).
There are some rareish colors like dark green and dark blue in use here.  (And orange... and lime.)  There's also dark red / brown (the program doesn't know the difference between the two) and for this mosaic that color could go either direction.  I think I have enough pieces on my own that I could pull off any particular baseplates, but definately not all of this.  I do have a stand that should hold the full thing.
And if you decide to build one but come to a point where just one stud is throwing you off... well, I'll allow for little tweaks like that, as long as it doesn't mess with the full flow of the thing.  (I've done that in that past, so yeah.)
Oh, and just to be clear, this is for BrickCon attendees only.  Few reasons for that: A: BrickCon leadership is more stringent about people shipping stuff in compared to BrickFair or other conventions, B: I'm deciding this late in the game so we really don't have time to play with shipping dates, and C: This isn't the official BZPower mosaic thingy, that's reserved for BrickFair.  :P  But it's hard enough to get all ye BrickConees to talk in one place, so I'm just kinda keeping track of it here.
So, if you're qualified, claimy a piece!
(And if there's not enough interest... better to know now than later) Well, there should be enough interest now, hope it works out!


BrickCon Colab?

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Jul 10 2013 · 149 views
I know BrickCon has done some pretty cool collaborations in the past, but the closest the Bionicle gang has come is to build a mosaic.  But here's an idea I have, so feel free to critique it, add your own ideas, suggest improvements, ext.
So I built this tower out of Bionicle limb pieces and reinforced with Hero Factory limbs and liftarms.  It's 3-4 feet tall, and relatively sturdy, but bend a few joints wrong and it'll bend over.  It's nothing super awesome to look at, but it's tall for something made purely with Bionicle / HF elements.
So here's an idea for a collaboration; we all build Toa / humanoids that can hang onto the tower.  They can hang onto the edges, dangle from the supports, or be trapped inside.  Ideally, I would say that each figure would need to be about the size of a Toa Metru or an Av-Matoran body.  But I would suggest not using super advance techniques.  The figures should be relatively lightweight, and not be fragile, because they're liable to fall off.  So, basically make a cheesy basic Toa.  :P
Should we have a certain theme?  Certain colors, or do we want to just throw whatever random stuff we all come up with on it and call it good.  See how many we can fit on it before it breaks?  In theory, each Toa should have some ability to connect to pins to keep them securely in place, but other forms of grip could also be used.
So, what do y'all think?  Anybody interested?


Flying To Cascade

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Mar 07 2013 · 128 views

Maybe.  I leave tomorrow night right after work.  I have three flights to get from DAL to PDX, and since I'm flying non rev, there's a chance that I could get pulled from any one of them.  BUT I'M GOING TO TRY AND MAKE IT AND BRING MY MINIFIG TOA WITH ME.  Hope to see a bunch of cool cats when I get in.  (See, we got new kitties just before I left... oh, and I guess I'll meet some BZPers there too.)
I'll update entry if/when I get stuck in Albuquerque or Oakland or the Mohave Desert or Moria... as long as there's cell reception down there.


A Day of Cascade

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Feb 17 2013 · 106 views

So I registered for Bricks Cascade.  Only instead of going for the full convention, I'm only going to make it on Saturday.  All day Saturday, so any cool stuff going on I can be a part of... but nothing Friday or Sunday.
See, even though I've lived near Portland for years, I'm currently working in Dallas.  So my plans are to fly to Portland Friday night, hang out on Saturday, and head back Sunday morning and be ready for work the following Monday.
I'm lucky in one aspect that I can fly non-rev (basically, I don't pay) which means I can fly as far as I want.  The downside is... non-rev means I fill in any empty seats, and if none exist... well then I don't fly.  Or if the flight gets canceled like it did to New York last weekend, there's not much I can do.  (I know a lot of interns who's travel plans were messed up by that storm, so I wasn't the only one.)  In short, there's a chance that I might not be able to make the flight to Portland.  But so far it seems empty enough, so I'm holding out hope.
And I'll bring some of my MOCs!  Sadly, nothing that hasn't already been seen at BrickCon or even Bricks Cascade last year.  But if Cascade is anything like last year, there'll be plenty of room for some random MOCs that I can fill up... for a day anyway.


Baseplate Punch

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Oct 30 2012 · 206 views
Be mindful of the 500 kB filesize limit, young Padawan. ~Valenti

I punched it so hard. And then used the Force to pull it back up. Obviously.



BrickCon People Caption Contest Part 6

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Oct 23 2012 · 178 views
Oh yeah, when I lock an entry, I don't get comments on it. Well, in that case, time to break out more BrickCon Photos!

Post something funny / witty / ironic as a caption for the photo, because you know you want to!

This time, it's Return of the Hat!

Part 6

Posted Image



BrickCon People Caption Contest Part 5

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Oct 16 2012 · 225 views
Pro: Getting a call about an interview. Yayz!
Con: They did it at 8 AM. Don't they know that night owls are asleep until at least 11?

Enough about me, more BrickCon Captions...

I have a lot of cool people pictures from our fun times at BrickCon. Instead of just posting them all at once, I'll stagger them out into multiple blog entries, and let you submit captions for each of them / comment on em. No prize other than sharing your wit with the community.

Part 5

Posted Image

Man, I have like 20 of these so I could keep doing this all month.



BrickCon People Caption Contest Part 4

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Oct 13 2012 · 188 views
What's this? A front page news story on BrickCon? That's right, a one week turnaround! (Okay, I know Black Six has gotten stuff posted up quicker for some conventions, but a week is still better than average for speedy convention coverage, and probably also a personal best.)

Anyway, back to caption contest...

I have a lot of cool people pictures from our fun times at BrickCon. Instead of just posting them all at once, I'll stagger them out into multiple blog entries, and let you submit captions for each of them / comment on em. No prize other than sharing your wit with the community.

Now we turn to the theme of Micah...

Part 4

Posted Image


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