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Next Week

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions May 22 2012 · 118 views

I've blogged a lot about Bricks Cascade lately, but now it's time to get down to the important stuff.






Job Conflicts

Posted by xccj , in News, Lego Conventions May 21 2012 · 130 views

So I got an interview for a position at a new movie theater they're opening next month, which could offer a nice summer job. (Yes, Ben, I totally stole the idea from you. :P ) They had this big thing where we could go meet with somebody there and fill out applications and such. But there was one conflict.

Their training sessions for the jobs is the same week as Bricks Cascade. >.<

It's a bummer, but hopefully I can work around it. At the very least, I can ditch the convention mid-day and go to the training sessions... if I get the job. So here's hoping. (I also hav a handful of other internships that I'm still waiting to hear back from.)

Looking for employment is just no fun. :(



Job Hunt Disappointments

Posted by xccj , in News, Lego Conventions May 15 2012 · 85 views

Man, today has not been my best day. So I'm gonna gripe in my blog.

First off, I've been applying to some local stores, including Lowes, since I need a summer job. Lowes has seasonal positions, and I've applied for a dozen in the last couple of weeks, including like 4 this weekend. Monday morning (1 AM) I get four emails that all say "You aren't accepted." Then my sister comes home from school, applies for one position online Sunday night, and BOOM she has an interview the next day. What the heck?

Granted, I did sign up for a college student online job finder thingy... which has lots of technical jobs in the local area. Most of them aren't the temporary summer stuff I'm interested in, but I've applied for a couple, and I did get an email from one of them asking for some writing samples, which I assume is a good sign.

I've also been building quite a bit; got a few mechs and space ships designed for Bricks Cascade, in addition to the many Bionicle MOCs I've made. (Seriously, my Bionicle stuff isn't the best, but there's enough that it can fill up some table space if we don't get a lot of Bionicle MOCs on display... but that's not gonna happen cause you're all going to bring / send stuff in, right. :P ) Another snag was hit today when I went to register some of my MOCs and realized I didn't remember my password for my Bricks Cascade account. :o Luckily, I was able to email them and got it back... it would be nice if there was some sort of "recover password" feature, but I suppose people could also attempt to [i]NOT]/i] forget their passwords too...

Oh, and vehicle transportation for the convention has become a slight issue. I'll probably be bringing around 4 other people around, but my car only fits 5 and the trunk space isn't unlimited. (I thought I would have access to our Explorer, but now the rest of my family is planning to flee from the area come Lego convention season, and they're gonna take the big car with the dog, so I'm stuck with the smaller car.) There will be just enough seats for everybody, but since I'm planning to move a lot of MOCs around, trunk space might become an issue. Also, if my sister steals the car for her job, I might have no way to get to downtown Portland for any of the positions I'm applying for... :(

Also my dog ran out of control today on her walk, and I got reminded multiple times that I am A: Unemployed and B: Pursuing a degree that doesn't have a high demand in the job market (and isn't engineering.) And some other stuff made the day less-than-pleasant.

Also, I need to decided what Bionicle MOCs to register. I have 50, and that's too many, and some are clearly just filler MOCs. So I need to decide which ones to register to have them in the running for trophies and everything. (Granted, I read that trophies can be given to unregistered MOCs, but only registered MOCs are eligible for some secret "random winnings" and I must say I'm intrigued so I'll prolly register some of my best Rahi and let the rest just show up.)

On the upside, the weather broke an all-time high today, after all the rain we've been getting lately. Oh wait, I don't like hot days either... I miss the cool rain. :(



Aaron Is Awesome

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News, Lego Conventions May 12 2012 · 126 views
Mata Nui Island Project
And this is why:

Posted Image

So for our Mata Nui Island Project, people kept complaining that we didn't end up including the Kaukau waterfall. My original idea was to use a Kaukau mask, but that would've been far too large. Next was to use a mini mask from the old Bionicle Pens, but those were hard to get ahold of. (Update tho, Swert did come across a complete collection, so there is a future project coming out of that.) Besides, the pen masks wouldn't have blended in with the landscape as well.

So this is where Nuju Metru came in.

Aaron's like totally famous for his customized LotR sets, and he helped us with the short story contest prizes by adding some decals to the fig prizes. They were amazing. So I paid him in Collectible Minifigures to apply some decals to some 1x2x2 tan bricks and create mask statues that can be added to our island. And they turned out wonderfully! I can't wait to add them into the designs, so that we can realistically have a Kaukau waterfall and a full Quarry setup on our island!

(I also bribed him into putting on some decals for his Eowyn fig, which can be seen here, That's why he's doubly awesome. But I did send him all the bricks and everything... only one he traded me for was the Hermione head.)



Building Backwards

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions May 11 2012 · 76 views

Turns out being unemployed (and having school out) offers me a lot of time to build. Yay!

So taking picts of stuff and uploading them tonight. Might post a few here in the blog. Yeah.

But anyway, I have 5 mechas and 3 space ships built, but I made a miscalculation. The Space theme is has an award for best homage to a past theme, and Mecha has an award for best Friend's oriented MOC. But I made two spaceships for Friends characters and one Aquanaut-themed Mecha. I got it backwards! >.<

Also a couple of vignettes, a mini mosaic, and 50+ Bionicle mocs (mostly Rahi, with some Toa and Matoran... see Thirty-Six Masks Project. :P )



Miru And Kakama Rahi

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions May 08 2012 · 141 views
Thirty-Six Masks Project
So summer break has officially begun for me, and since my job from last year fell through, I'm unemployed. But that has given me time to finish taking pictures of my Thirty-Six Masks Project Rahi and uploading them.

So right now I have two BBC topics: One for the Mriu Rahi and one for the Kakama Rahi. I still have three mask sets left to post, but I have a month left before Bricks Cascade, so I'll hold off posting them all right now.

Miru Rahi Topic
Kakama Rahi Topic

Also, bonus material! When I originally showed off my new Toa Mata, both Lewa and Tahu relied heavily on Hero Factory style builds. Well, after some parts orders, they've been revamped!

Posted Image

Their limbs are basically the same design in different colors. It's also the same design I used on Gali, Kopaka, and Pohatu. But both bodies are customized in their respective colors. I'm pleased with how they turned out, especially compared to my previous chubby Lewa and short Tahu. Now my Toa team looks much better!



Lego In The Community

Posted by xccj , in News, Lego Conventions May 04 2012 · 124 views
School Work
I can embed Vimeo in the blogs, right? Oh well, doing so anyway. :P

So as I've blogged about constantly this last month, I've been working on a Lego movie for my Video Journalism class. I finally have a polished version (or as polished as it's going to get for now) so I thought I might as well share it on the place where I interact most with the Lego community: AKA BZPower. So, without further ado...

Keep in mind this is for a general audience, so I had to introduce the basic concepts about Lego, AFOLs, ext. I got some great interview footage from both Dan Parker of City Blocks (Guy who let us build the giant Mata Nui Island in his Lego Art Studio) and Thomas Prill of Bricklandia (the guys running Bricks Cascade in Portland, Oregon next month.) I also managed to sneak in some BZP interviews with Jedi Master J, Kakaru, and Fivey, and I'd like to publicly thank them for their help with this! (Even Fivey, who complained about my interview questions and whose video quality wasn't the best. :P )

I also ended up using a lot of my personal pictures (and one borrowed from KopakaNui) from my experiences at BrickCon and BrickFair. As such, most of the AFOLs who appear in the video are BZPower members, including cameos of prominent members like Nuju Metru, Black Six, ToM, and even Bink! Plus I have a couple of group shots from BrickFair and BrickCon with lots of members in them... so many that I can't even think of all the member names off the top of my head. I'm not sure what other AFOLs would think if they realized they were all being represented by Bionicle Fans here, but hey they're all cool people.

But yeah, this has been my big project for the last few weeks. I'd post it on the front page, but I'm not that big-headed yet. So in my blog it goes. :D



Presentation On Brick Cascade

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, News Mar 30 2012 · 60 views

For my video journalism class, I am totally trying to do my final project on Lego. First, I thought a job profile on Dan Parker would be awesome. And it would, but the prof wants me to focus more on a story. Instead I thought maybe Lego in the community, because then I could include Dan Parker and interview some of the people who also use Lego in my general area, including a specialized store and the organizers for Bricks Cascade. After talking more with my prof, I am instead going to focus more on the convention, including history on the toy bricks, the building styles, and the extensive community. Since the community included BZPower ;) I'm totally going to try and incorporate it into this. Anyone have any good ideas for video footage I could use for the community?



Mata Nui Island Project: Completed

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News, Lego Conventions Mar 20 2012 · 203 views
Mata Nui Island Project
Seriously, I've been blogging about this for the past week, you should know about it by now. :P

Anyway, no need to extra jabbering: pictures!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

So, if you have any questions, or parts of the island you want to see in more detail, let me know! (I may have picts of it already, and if I don't, then I can send Swert to take more detailed images.)

Big thanks to Dan Parker for letting us use all his bricks and build this. :D



Mata Nui Island Project: Day 6

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News, Lego Conventions Mar 17 2012 · 113 views
Mata Nui Island Project
Blah blah blah building a Mata Nui Island model, blah blah at City Blocks Lego Art Studio blah blah more blogging.

Day 6

Posted Image

Posted Image

Oh hey, look at this, the island is finished!

We started today off early. I built the Hura Mafu river area, while Swert finally got the desert completed. (He cheated and used an exposed tan baseplate.) Then we added some hills in Ga-Wahi, and covered the jungle with trees. (Or specifically, the spikey flower elements that look good for foliage. Dan had a huge bag full of them, and I used them all... and still didn't finish covering the Le-Wahi area. Bummer.) Then we cleaned up and put bricks away. Unfortunately, both Swert and I forgot to bring in our cameras today, so we borrowed his boss's to take these picts. I'll be dropping in tomorrow to take some decent pictures before heading home.

As for the island as a whole, I'm very impressed with it. 6 baseplates by 12 baseplates, and the mountain itself is probably a couple of feet tall too. I might have mentioned this before, but the island is a little disproportionate compared to official pictures. The volcano turned out to be much larger than I anticipated, and thus the jungle gut shrunk down by nearly a baseplate. Potentially fixing this would require a complete redesign of the volcano... which alone I think it still pretty awesome. The mountain itself is also super huge, and the slopes cover a very large portion of the island. And we still added a ton of little details to this thing, including various villages and even a few masks that blend into the landscape. ;)

More detailed picts tomorrow. As for when you can see it in person, it will be on display at BrickCon this year in Seattle. We're still discussing the potential to bring it to Bricks Cascade in Portland. (And yes, DV, it'll probably go into the sculpture area... it's also big enough to warrant it's own table. We'll make arrangements if we do decide to bring it down.)

Anyway, more detailed pictures tomorrow.

(Also, I did a minifig trade with Dan and got 4 Star Wars figs fresh out of the massive Death Star playset. :D I got Vader, Han, Leia, and Jedi Luke. I had to extra pay for Luke, and so I thought maybe the classic Luke would be cheaper... turns out he was more pricey. And traded Swert for a Chewy. And thus I have the main Star Wars figs I wanted in one swoop!)


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