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A March Conundrum

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 12 2017 · 321 views

They're doing a local showing of the new Sword Art Online movie in Portland, and I'm interested. But it also happens to be on the first day of BricksCascade. :o

Decisions decisions...




Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Nov 09 2016 · 778 views

Really? America... just really. Really??

On the other hand, the local initiative to ban the sale of items made from rare animals passed. I mean, I'm kind of disappointed that it wasn't already a thing, but it's official now. Stop killing Rhinos, kay.




Bionicle Window Decals?

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, Thoughts Jun 09 2016 · 458 views

How can I make this happen??

I've seen other pop culture decals on cars and I'm thinking I would like to have the original Kanohi on the back of mine. But how easy / difficult is it to get something like that printed? (And not bumper stickers... window decals are easy to move around if need be.)

Also kinda surprised I didn't blog at all in April or May. I mean, I've been a'lurkin' but just haven't posted stuff I guess. Been busy with life and work mostly work.

And, since I guess I haven't mentioned it here yet, I do have a flight and registration paid for BrickFair Virginia this summer. Not a 100% guarantee that I'll make it, but I'd be wasting a lot of money if I cancel now.



Nexo Knights Quotes

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Mar 20 2016 · 540 views

"Because having an X in the name makes it cool and high tech." ~ Robin, episode 3.

It's sooo true.



Lucky Number 13

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 17 2016 · 394 views
Breez Head
Almost missed my BZP-versary. I've been here for 13.




I now have a spinning, decapitated Breez head under my avatar. Yay.



Force Awakens Thoughts

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, TV Jan 13 2016 · 431 views

Things to discuss about the latest Star Wars movie.


And that has been my random thoughts about nitpicky things in Force Awakens. Until next time / I think of more.



End of Year Entry: 2016

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 01 2016 · 348 views
This is the part where I normally type some self depressing rant about how the year sucked and why I hate myself. (You'd think there'd be some positivity for the coming year, but there usually isn't.)

But 2015 wasn't a terrible year. It was not a great year, but now I'm angry at outside forces instead of myself, so yay progress. Plus, y'know, we have the Toa reappear as sets; always a plus.

So here's to 2016; I hope the world doesn't come crashing to a horrible and devastating end where we all die painfully. Cheers.



How the Force Awoke

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Dec 20 2015 · 412 views
Not Spoilers
In the time before time, the Force united all peoples in the universe, and all was well. But the Force's brothers, the Sith, grew jealous of the people's devotion to it, so they cast a spell that made the Force sleep. And then the Sith were free to spread their darkness.

The people of the universe suffered greatly at the hands of the Sith, until one day when six a hero known as a Jedi appeared. He challenged the Sith's darkness, and began a quest to reawaken the Force.

After many years (three of which were prequels) the Jedi accomplished this task, and the Force awoke. But alas, this was all part of the Sith's master plan, and before the Force's spirit could return to it's body (which was the entire universe) the leader of the Sith slipped in and took control of it. The Force was then expelled from the universe, landing on a distant desert planet of Jakku. Now mostly powerless, the Force must help the war torn locals and learn how to become a true Hero.

That is the tale of the Star Wars.



Hero Factory Story Idea

Posted by xccj , in Stories, Thoughts Nov 10 2015 · 418 views

Okay, I’ll lead up with this idea is not entirely original, but somehow I got it out of the end of a dream I had this morning and although the rest of the dream was kinda something else entirely, I remember this specific idea and thought it might be cool to expand on and now I’m working out the story in my head and all that stuff...


The basic premise: The main Hero characters are somehow defeated and only their cores remain. Throw in some cross-dimensional rifts and stuff. They end up on earth. A human picks up the hero core. Hero is summoned. Run around world finding other Heroes. Yay!

The premise is kind of campy. Like, I can name at least three Anime I’ve seen that do this; something is trapped inside some small, carry-able object and can be released to do battle. (And to my credit, Pokemon is like the third one I thought of.) But none of those Anime have been particularly intriguing to me, so I can’t help but think this plot point might be a little too market-y, gotta-collect-them-all type of a thing. But I have some ideas that would let me explore the Heroes as characters (something the tv show only did moderately well in the first season) and also play around with maybe a few human characters I haven’t really tried before. (One problem is, some of those ideas I want to try may be a bit to “adult” for BZPower.)

I dunno, I might try it out and post it here, just to do something differently. I haven’t posted a whole lot of “real world” stories on BZP before, mostly Bionicle. This would be a “Hero Factory characters in the real world” but still counts.



Color Names

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Sep 13 2015 · 750 views

You see, it's not Teal or Dark Turquoise, or even Bright Bluish Green.


Any argument to the contrary is wrong.

(I will also accept Kongu Blue.)


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