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Hero Factory Story Idea

Posted by xccj , in Stories, Thoughts Nov 10 2015 · 301 views

Okay, I’ll lead up with this idea is not entirely original, but somehow I got it out of the end of a dream I had this morning and although the rest of the dream was kinda something else entirely, I remember this specific idea and thought it might be cool to expand on and now I’m working out the story in my head and all that stuff...


The basic premise: The main Hero characters are somehow defeated and only their cores remain. Throw in some cross-dimensional rifts and stuff. They end up on earth. A human picks up the hero core. Hero is summoned. Run around world finding other Heroes. Yay!

The premise is kind of campy. Like, I can name at least three Anime I’ve seen that do this; something is trapped inside some small, carry-able object and can be released to do battle. (And to my credit, Pokemon is like the third one I thought of.) But none of those Anime have been particularly intriguing to me, so I can’t help but think this plot point might be a little too market-y, gotta-collect-them-all type of a thing. But I have some ideas that would let me explore the Heroes as characters (something the tv show only did moderately well in the first season) and also play around with maybe a few human characters I haven’t really tried before. (One problem is, some of those ideas I want to try may be a bit to “adult” for BZPower.)

I dunno, I might try it out and post it here, just to do something differently. I haven’t posted a whole lot of “real world” stories on BZP before, mostly Bionicle. This would be a “Hero Factory characters in the real world” but still counts.



Color Names

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Sep 13 2015 · 564 views

You see, it's not Teal or Dark Turquoise, or even Bright Bluish Green.


Any argument to the contrary is wrong.

(I will also accept Kongu Blue.)



Skull Scorpio Draft?

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, Lego Conventions Sep 06 2015 · 448 views

Proposed idea for BrickCon?

Skull Scorpio doesn't have the most intriguing build, but he has some nice pieces, plus the infected mask of stone. So what if we drafted that set. Everybody keeps the mask(s?) but we split out the other pieces? (I mean, I think he has the most parts of the medium sized Skull Villians.) Thoughts?

Also, I apparently generated more dicussion with my selection of the thumbnail pict than the rest of my review... so yay? I dunno if that is good or bad.



SDCC Exclusives

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jul 28 2015 · 341 views

The funny thing is I didn't go to the event at all! In fact, the entire time I was in my office at work because, y'know, weekend shift and all.

Posted Image

So these are the two SDCC Exclusives I was able to get ahold of. Sam Wilson Captain America was actually a win from Lego's Twitter raffle, which was very cool! (Like yeah, I tried reporting more on that for a reason.) I wasn't the only winner... I think they gave out 10 each of the figs and the masks over Twitter, but still a little mind boggling that I won.

The Skull Scorpio mask was bought off ebay for like $35. Which is I guess relatively cheap, but that's the most I've ever paid for a Bionicle mask. (Previous high was $25 for trans light blue Kaukau.) The Skull design is okay, although it would've been nicer to have one of the Toa's mask instead. (Mask of Jungle, anyone??) Still, looks rad under a black light, so I need to make a decent TNG MOC to use this one on.

Posted Image

Cap Sam Wilson is super detailed, with great printing on the front and back. And those legs aren't just printed red; they're two toned, so the entire lower leg is red, even on the back. I wonder if they'll put that level of detail into future mass production figs. He doesn't have his wings, but I did buy the regular Falcon, so they can swap out and Cap Sam Wilson can take to the skies. Overall, a highly detailed fig and a great example of an exclusive (AKA one you can live without but gosh it does look really cool in hand.)

Okay, I'm done with my bragging. (Although I guess winning also caused the Lego twitter to start following my twitter account... which, to be fair, has primarily been used on Lego contests in the last year. I did post a ton of picts for the Bionicle mask hunt.)



Earthquake in the PNW

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jul 15 2015 · 344 views
So I guess the other day was "Massive Earthquake awareness in the Pacific Northwest Day" due to an article posted by the NewYorker detailing the chances and consequences of a massive 9.0+ quake in the region. I knew most of the science behind it, but I didn't quite realize how woefully unprepared we are. Like, best estimates, we won't get electricity back for three weeks, running water for two months! Come on, my life it totally online, I don't know how I'd manage that! (I mean, I've done extended camping trips, but this would be a pain...)

I also reflected on how I'd fair in such a quake. At work... well I'm in the top floor of an older brick building, AKA the ones sure to go down. At home, I'm on the third floor of an apartment building, which probably wouldn't stand because what landlords are cheap. (Maybe, I don't know for sure? More importantly, would my Lego collection be salvageable?) Commuting to work, at least I don't cross any major bridges anymore... but I do spend 20+ minutes a day in the train tunnel, which is probably like a terrible place to be.

So yeah, just been thinking about natural disasters and whatnot, and now everybody else is too, so when I'm online reading questions about various scenarios, I'm like "Hey I already know about that 'cause I researched it before." Because, honestly, natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanoes and stuff are scary as Karzahni, and understanding them and how to avoid them helps but there's no avoiding this and when this hits WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE. (Maybe, probably.)

But hey it will probably take care of the hipster population in Portland. And might also wipe out the people who complain about hipsters, who are just as bad. B-)

In other news, PLUTO! SO COOL!



Lego Slingshot

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts May 22 2015 · 362 views

I finally managed to track down some Collectible Minifigures: Simpsons Series Two, and got the only one that I really wanted: Bartman. Even then I don't care much for the fig itself, since I have a generally negative view of the Simpson figs. However, he does come with a slingshot accessory, which is the first time Lego had produced one. (Although they've been printed on torsos before, my self fig torso has one printed on it.) (I'm also annoyed that, while the Lego Hobbit game gave Ori the Dwarf a unique slingshot ability, he did not get one in the set.)

The reason I am so interested in this slingshot element is that it's for a story I've written. I've minifigure-ized most of the characters, and I tried to give them Lego weapons based off the story. That works when the weapons are standard, like a sword or bow, but one of the characters uses a slingshot, and until now I haven't had an accurate assessor to give him. (I've used one of the fork-like Bionicle minifig weapons from back in the day instead.) So now his character is now properly armed. Yay.

Granted, two characters are still unrepresented. I need Lego to make minifig-sized accessories of a boomerang (preferably black, but dark brown seems like a natural choice) and a yoyo. Why does one of my characters use a yoyo as a weapon? IT SEEMS LIKE A COOL IDEA AT THE TIME, KAY! And it still is; it's like a metal ball you throw at people and then draw back cause it's attached to a string you're holding, what's not to like? (Oh, in the story the yoyo can also emit a blinding light to use against your enemies, but that doesn't need to be represented in Lego necessarily.)



Wait... Do Kanoka glow in the dark in the story?

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Apr 05 2015 · 566 views

The Kanoka discs in set form glow in the dark, but was that ever canon-ized?

I found I sudddenly need to know this but have never considered the idea before. I guess.



Derpy Smaug

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Mar 17 2015 · 429 views

Posted Image

He doesn't know he's the most powerful firedrake in the north.

Also, that Smaug set is totally worth the $70 I spent on it. Great figs, a good amount of pieces for that price (some good ones at it) and the dragon itself is quite amazing, especially the wings. Gosh, could you imagine if we have to pay $130 for it, that would be a total rip.



Elves Joke

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, Lego Conventions Mar 09 2015 · 458 views

You know the new Lego Elves theme is aimed towards girls because when the main character gets lost... she asks for directions! Ba dump dump chshshshshshshsh!

(Wonder how many people will be offended by this. I mean I don't think it's offensive but it's about a gender stereotype and people seem to get easily offended by stuff like that.)

In other news, I have 5 of the 12 baseplates completed for the mosaic, plus one extra in case somebody else doesn't get theirs in on time. (I hope it would be just one somebody, my brick supply has dwindled and I don't think I can crank out any more.) Like 5 more are in the mail (presumably) and should be arriving soon, and the other two will be brought in, so I'm fairly certain they'll all make it.

Yeah, Bricks Cascade this weekend! Otherwise known as the rare weekend where I won't be online the entire time!



Jimmy Eat World and Story Updates

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, Stories Mar 03 2015 · 374 views

I dunno how common place they are, but I've been listening to the band Jimmy Eat World lately. Also, their band name. :P

I mean, I originally had their album back in 2001, which was I guess their breakout album? (And I had it on CD! For those too young to remember, that's how we used to store our music... which was a step up from cassettes, which were a step from records, ext... okay really CDs aren't that old of a technology.) But while I was a fan of their music then, I wasn't really following much current music in the early 2000s (I was more obsessive with 80s music at that point) so I never really listened to any of their other albums.

So now I just bought two of their later albums, and man their songs are still pretty good! I feel like quoting a bunch of them on social media, but then realize it's pretty lame to be quoting decade-old songs just cause I'm now hearing them for the first time. On the other hand, my posts in general probably fall under the "lame" category so I might do it anyway. *ahem* "Can't keep safe what wants to break. I'm alone in this, I'm as I've always been: right behind what's happening. She's lost in this, she's like she'll always be; a little far for me to reach."

Um, anyway, in story news, I'm thinking about maybe reposting some of my old stories. By that, I mean I'm actively going to finish reposting Kulagi's Kanoka, which I had posted about half the chapter for in 2013. I think I may have finished reposting it, but there was a data loss, and I lost the second half of it again. :shrugs: Nobody ever did review it the second time, but I remember I had some great readers when I initially posted it, so can't ask for more than that. Just want it here to prove that, yes, I did used to write fan fiction here on BZP, even if most of it has been wiped out in data losses.

This also makes me consider reposting another one of my stories, Mystery on Keli-Nui. It was for a mystery epics contest back in the day. (The theme was mystery, not that the contest itself was mysterious.) I was really pleased with how it turned out, even if it had a few weak spots. But while it got past the initial group of judges and made it into the finals, absolutely nobody voted for it (probably cause it was the second longest story in the entire contest, but it did lose to bonesiii's story, which was like 3 times longer. Yes, I am jealous.) and only one person ever commented it on it in a brief post, so I kinda felt dejected. (Especially when the good jokes in it got overlooked.) Not really expecting anything different this time round, but would anybody be interested? (It was only 14 chapters, and if those were spaced out over a couple of weeks it wouldn't be so bad right ;) )

Might work on my BZ-Koro story soon. I know where I want to go with the next chapter (based on what the members voted for) but just need to get it in writing. And it's bad timing, because I have Bricks Cascade to prepare for.)



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