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Working on my BBC Contest Entry

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, MOCs Feb 10 2015 · 274 views

Sorry, no picts, but I can at least talk about it and the contest in general.

I was already planning a project that would require me to rebuild a Toa Metru (I won't tell which one yet). I was thinking about designing it akin to my Toa Mata revamps, in that I would build a custom torso and then use my basic and unarmored limb design. But this contest gave me an excuse to try it out a little more CCBS style. Unfortunately, the finished model ended up being too big for my original project, so I need to make another scale character for that one. But I'm overall pleased with the design, although as always there are parts I wish I could fix, but color and CCBS restrictions don't really allow for it. And strangely enough, only one Toa Masters was sacrificed for parts; the other five are still on display. (Sorry Pohatu!)

Anyway, I'm awaiting on a Bricklink order to get a part in the right color. When that comes in, I'll enter my MOC. If it doesn't come in before the deadline... well then that part just becomes black and I'll call it good. (I'm not too worried, since most BrickLink orders arrive within a week. But I have one that I ordered back at the beginning of the year and the seller STILL hasn't shipped it out yet, and they haven't been very polite about it either. They're not going to get a negative review from me, but the odds of them getting a positive review are dropping sharply. So, y'know, a neutral review.)

Anyway, reading through the BBC Contest topic has been interesting. There've been other BBC Contests since Bionicle ended, but I think this might be one of the bigger BZP-only MOC ones in a long time. And as such, there has been a lot of nit-picking about the rules. I mean, there used to be a fair amount of that in every BBC Contest, but I'm seeing that a lot of them are asking for clarification on rules that are now kind of irrelevant, but were put into place years earlier when it was an issue. It's interesting to see how things have changed in the decade or so that I've been following BBC Contests. (Or haven't changed... I now integrate a lot more System pieces into my builds, and that often puts me in conflict with the 75-25 ratio. But hey, it's their contests.)

But the biggest change seems to be the new form system for entering your models in. On one hand, that's an excellent idea. Instead of cluttering the topic with entry posts, they're all entered in differently, and I assume it's also easier to track and grab links from the new system. But what I find interesting is how little discussion there is of it in the topic. Every once in a while there's a vague "Make sure you read everything" statement, which you know is referring to all the members entering the old way. Why not just downright say "Enter via the form, that's the new way we're doing things, entries via post will be ignored." It just seems odd to me, like the new form is a secret only to those who read the full text entirely; like one of those trick assignments in elementary school that tricks you to doing stupid stuff unless you read to the bottom where it then tells you not to do any of it. I get that it's a way to get people to READ all the rules first, which I'm sure a lot of people don't do, but it just seems in contrast to the usual IN YOUR FACE reminders of the rules I've come to expect. :P (And to be fair, I missed this on my first few readings of the topic, maybe just because of change-blindness cause the old way of entering just seems second nature to me. :shrugs: ) (Also, if you're concerns that I'm "giving away the secret" in my blog, tis okay, nobody really reads this anyway!)

Anyway, yeah, it's been an interesting contest so far, and I can't wait to see more of the various entries!



Potential Natural Disasters

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 12 2015 · 344 views

In the latest xkcd comic, he said he would want to live on the example map in geography books where all the geographical features are labeled. However, I believe there are a lot of risks he's overlooking, and I shall list them here.

Flooding: He is located in the drainage area of a fairly large mountain range, and the primary drainage seems to be just north of his location, so he would likely be prone to seasonal flooding, particularly since he's on a fairly flat section.

Cold Climate: Considering how far that glacier is reaching in this day-and-age with global warming and all, his location must expect pretty cold temperatures.

Volcanic Eruption: He's located fairly close to a volcano, and seemingly an active one too. (It has a red caldera, that probably signifies something.) Since it's a Stratovolcano, with steep sides, it is likely prone to explosive Plinian eruptions, which can be widely devastating over a long range. He might be far enough away to avoid pyroclastic flows, but eruption-triggered lahars (huge floods with ash and mud and everything else they pick up along the way) could reach him. Furthermore, if a collapse were to fall into the lake, it could trigger a tsunami wave. (Mt. St. Helens did this in Spirit Lake.) Not to mention he's well within range of an ash cloud, though that could depend on the wind.

Earthquakes: Granted, earthquakes can happen anywhere, but his location would likely have strong ones. The volcano so close to the coast is probably caused by a seduction zone in the tectonic plates, similar to Japan or the Pacific Northwest. These areas are prone to strong earthquakes, like the big ones that hit Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Chile. (California's earthquakes are caused by a slip-zone tectonic plate boundary, which is different.) Besides the shaking, such earthquakes triggered off coast could cause tsunamis. Which brings us to...

Tsunami: His location is right next to the lagoon, which means that he would be right in the path of a tsunami. Also, since the water area is constricted by the bay, this might cause a tsunami wave to grow in size. So technically he could get wiped out from a landslide-triggered tsunami from the lake in the west OR an earthquake-trigger tsunami from the sea in the east.

Hurricanes: This depends more on the exact latitude / longitude of his location, as well as the directions of the Gulf Stream-equivalent air and ocean currents. But if a hurricane blew from the southeast, as in the Eastern US, then he would still be in trouble. Unless the hills on the peninsula are significantly large to block the winds, the storm would push through it, and the storm surge in the water would push through the bay and into the lagoon, adding more potential flooding. But there are plenty of other factors here that could make-or-break the hurricane threat. Additionally, I don’t think he’s at a great threat for tornados, which seem to rely on as collision between warm and cold air systems. Potentially, cold air could flow from the mountains while warm tropical air could blow up from the forest, creating a thunderstorm mix that could spawn tornadoes, but there’s nothing absolutely indicating that.

Meteor Impact: Okay, I guess anywhere that's above ground is prone to meteor impacts. I forget if longitude has anything to do with where they'd strike, but I don't think it does.

Dinosaur Invasion: C'mon, there's a giant mesa in the forest. Odds are, there are bound to be dinosaurs there who survived the extinction.

Granted, any location has it’s own set of risks for natural disasters, but he’s just asking for it with this location. So he just needs to be aware of the warning signs, prepare for emergencies, and have good home-owners insurance.



Bird of a Feather... er, Brick

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 02 2015 · 257 views

Posted Image

Lego Store visit paid off. (Just in case this goes the way of other Cuusoo / Ideas sets and disappears quickly.)

Also FYI although there are like 3 polybag deals you can get with Lego right now, my store would only give my one bag even tho I qualified for all of em. But I went online and was able to get all three deals. So that's a better option really... except I didn't want to risk not getting the Birds and I wanted Gali in hand... so yeah. (BTW, I got Gali, and Onua has been ordered. I'll find some time to pick up Tahu and Kopaka eventually.)

I also went for a hike on a nature trail today, and slipped on ice and skinned my knee. CURSE YOU KOPAKA, I KNOW THIS IS YOUR FAULT BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO GET YOUR SET FIRST.

Now I have to go back to work tomorrow. :( I liked sleeping in.



What I Haven't Done in 2014

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Dec 31 2014 · 275 views

I'm seeing some people writing about accomplishments and such they've made this past year. I considered it, but since I'm an eternal pessimist, I'm going to look at what I didn't accomplish this year, albeit with a slightly positive outlook.
  • I didn't die.
  • I didn't lose my job.
  • I didn't get booted off BZP.
  • I didn't go broke or get kicked out of my apartment. (Those two kinda go hand in hand)
  • I didn't start the apocalypse.
  • I didn't get robbed.
  • I didn't get swept out into the ocean via a tsunami.
  • I didn't get in a car accident.
  • I didn't have to deal with the Big Earthquake.
  • I didn't have to flee from the Yellowstone Super Volcano.
  • I didn't get obliterated by a meteorite.
  • I didn't lose any of the files on my computer.
  • I didn't run out of room to store more LEGO.
  • I also didn't work on any of my stories, save the BZP one, and this one does make me sad.
*Clearly each of these could be appended with a "yet."

Anyway, I'm hoping to not do all that same stuff in 2015. Wish me luck!



Unnecessary Helpful Ads

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Dec 18 2014 · 314 views

The other day I was researching on a couple of sites to see who had the best deal on a product. (Korra Season 3, ended up picking it up from Target.) But despite having made the purchase, I keep getting ads from the various places I searched (Amazon, BestBuy, and Target) telling me they have the product I was searching for. Ya, that's right you do, cause I specifically searched for it on your site, and in Target's instance, I actually bought it there. So why are you still showing me the ad for it?

Oh, I bought the BluRay and you're advertising the DVD. Oh that makes much more sense now.

Here's to complaining about Target's targeting ads. Remember to eat delete your cookies, kids!




Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Dec 11 2014 · 328 views
Posted Image

BOOM! Let's make it cannon!



Built Pet Shop

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Dec 03 2014 · 330 views

As per the recommendation of some blog readers, I recently purchased the Pet Shop modular building during one of those Lego.com sales... I think it was the VIP one. See, I'm currently working on displays for my apartment, and I thought a big building would be fairly awesome.

Well, today I got it in the mail (a day early actually.) So instead of sorting my collection, I went and built the building... and it only took three and a half hours. But yay.

Unfortunately, I'm slightly disappointed.

There is a TON of detail in a lot of things. The interior has all sorts of nifty designs, especially that spiral staircase. But you can hardly see any of it when it's on display, you only get the front. And while you can take the floors apart to access it, that doesn't exactly work for a display. (And for role-playing or whatevs, it's a little too cramped IMO.) Don't get me wrong, it's a great model... but now I just feel less inclined to spend $150+ on these things.

That said, it's a treasure trove of pieces, or at least has a lot of bricks. I can't say how long this will last as a display before I break it down and still the parts for a mosaic.

So good set, but for my purposes, maybe not the best. Might still get the Detective's Office... but that's just a might.

The train set I got, on the other hand... awesome! In my order today also came some track extensions. Now I know why this hobby is so addictive for Lego train enthusiasts... and still not sure if I can afford it, but why let monetary responsibility stop me? (Besides, I have convention plans in mind for this one...)



Just So You Know

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Dec 02 2014 · 278 views

I'm really bummed I didn't get to review one of the new Toa. :(

But thanks a lot to the BZP Staff who provided them. Was fun to read!



What Modular Building Should I Get?

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Nov 17 2014 · 367 views

The new Detective's Office model that's been seen around lately looks rather nice, and now I'm tempted to maybe get one. And if I do, perhaps I should also look like some of the older ones, so I can get a few of them before they disappear from production. This idea is terrible financially, since these things aren't exactly cheap. But it seems like a good idea when I'm putting up displays around my apartment and going "Gee, I don't have that many structures to put my minifigs next to." And of those two issues, clearly the one that requires me to purchase more Lego is the more important one.

There are only three other modular buildings currently availible thru Lego: the Palace Cinema, the Parisian Restaraunt, and the Pet Shop. None of them really jump out to me over the others. The Pet Shop has some nice colors (sand blue) while the Parisian Restaurant has some more intricate designs. And the Cinema looks nice too, even if there's quite a lot of tan. So none of them are bad, but none of them really stand out, so if I theoretically were to get one (just one), which should I get and why?




Completing Collections

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Oct 20 2014 · 191 views

Swert's post of his new, completed collection the other day has made me rethink my collection and look through it recently. Curse you, Swert, now I want to work on mine!!

I actually already have the original 72 masks, plus gold and silver, for a few years now. (I did a challenge where I built a model for every mask of the Toa's 36, which resulted in some cool Rahi and a lot of Meh Rahi.) One tempting idea is to go for the misprints... I currently have 5 of the 14, but gosh that's expensive. I also at one point had a nearly complete Nuva collection, but I never used those masks so I gave a bunch away. (And I don't regret it, those were ugly masks! Well, except for the silver ones... those sell for so much now adays that I do sorta regret handing a few of mine away, although I think one was a trade to Chocolate Frogs...)

Of course, my mask collection is almost entirely packed away in a container, which is kinda sad. So this recent burst of collector-itus spurred me to buy parts to create a stand so I can have my masks on display. That set me back a bit, but mostly because I'm insisting on using Mata heads with eye pieces.

Then I considered Krana. Like the Nuva masks, I handed away a bunch of random krana for a while. But I kept quite a few, and when I checked em out, I have about 1/3 of the original batch left (Both active and inactive), and nearly 1/2 of the Krana Kal. I'd be more interested in completing my original Krana batch, so I might be interested in buying and/or trading the Krana Kal? I dunno, haven't thought too seriously about this one.

I could do Kanoka, but there's not much collectability value in them, even if I'm a sucker for the Kanoka powers that the codes record. But that got me thinking about the original collectible... the disks from the Slizer/Throwbots! Each Slizer had 6 discs to their name, each with cool artwork, but only the first two were ever in sets. See, back then they had "disk packs" with random discs, but they were only available through limited retail (or maybe even just the Lego catalog) so it was harder to collect them compared to the eventual Bionicle Kanohi collections. But they still exist, and seem to be poorly valued on Bricklink... so there's an idea!

That said, if anybody has any krana or Slizer discs, I'd be willing to buy or trade something. (I still have three silver Nuva masks, plus a handful of others) (Also for the Slizer discs, not one of the ones that came in the sets with them throwing the discs and their elemental emblem... I have those already.)

As for the kraata... no, just no.


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