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Completing Collections

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Oct 20 2014 · 140 views

Swert's post of his new, completed collection the other day has made me rethink my collection and look through it recently. Curse you, Swert, now I want to work on mine!!

I actually already have the original 72 masks, plus gold and silver, for a few years now. (I did a challenge where I built a model for every mask of the Toa's 36, which resulted in some cool Rahi and a lot of Meh Rahi.) One tempting idea is to go for the misprints... I currently have 5 of the 14, but gosh that's expensive. I also at one point had a nearly complete Nuva collection, but I never used those masks so I gave a bunch away. (And I don't regret it, those were ugly masks! Well, except for the silver ones... those sell for so much now adays that I do sorta regret handing a few of mine away, although I think one was a trade to Chocolate Frogs...)

Of course, my mask collection is almost entirely packed away in a container, which is kinda sad. So this recent burst of collector-itus spurred me to buy parts to create a stand so I can have my masks on display. That set me back a bit, but mostly because I'm insisting on using Mata heads with eye pieces.

Then I considered Krana. Like the Nuva masks, I handed away a bunch of random krana for a while. But I kept quite a few, and when I checked em out, I have about 1/3 of the original batch left (Both active and inactive), and nearly 1/2 of the Krana Kal. I'd be more interested in completing my original Krana batch, so I might be interested in buying and/or trading the Krana Kal? I dunno, haven't thought too seriously about this one.

I could do Kanoka, but there's not much collectability value in them, even if I'm a sucker for the Kanoka powers that the codes record. But that got me thinking about the original collectible... the disks from the Slizer/Throwbots! Each Slizer had 6 discs to their name, each with cool artwork, but only the first two were ever in sets. See, back then they had "disk packs" with random discs, but they were only available through limited retail (or maybe even just the Lego catalog) so it was harder to collect them compared to the eventual Bionicle Kanohi collections. But they still exist, and seem to be poorly valued on Bricklink... so there's an idea!

That said, if anybody has any krana or Slizer discs, I'd be willing to buy or trade something. (I still have three silver Nuva masks, plus a handful of others) (Also for the Slizer discs, not one of the ones that came in the sets with them throwing the discs and their elemental emblem... I have those already.)

As for the kraata... no, just no.



Buyer's Guide: 2014 Ninjago

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, Review Sep 29 2014 · 171 views
My Opinions
On the heels of my last Ninjago review for the year, I have to admit that I was a fan for this wave through and through. And I also had the budget to buy most of them. (Well, except for the Ninjago City Temple, which is still on my wish list... waiting until October for double VIP points) But just saying "Buy em all" is a poor buyer's guide, so I should think on a more limited income level. So here's a quick rehash of my opinion of what Ninjago sets to get this year. In case you hadn't decided yourself yet, of course.
  • Thunder Raider - It comes with two Ninjas and two vehicles for each (which can combine too.) Plus a decent Nindroid to boot, although he's totally outclassed. At $30, I think it's a nice, affordable way to get multiple Ninjas and an enemy character.

  • Kai Fighter - You only get one Ninja here, but it's Kai and the new hairpiece is a win. Plus a decked out General Cryptor. The jet is also an excelent design. A little similiar to Jay's previous jet, but good all the same, and nice at $20.
  • 3: NinjaCopter - This is probably my favorite vehicle of the wave, plus exclusive battle damaged Zane. You also get Pixel and Nindroid and a drone (which is kinda lamer than a full Nindroid), so good deal there too. At $60 it's a tab pricey tho.
  • Destructoid or Ninja Charger - I don't have either of these so this is a toss up really. You get good figs in each, a mid-priced Nindroid vehicle in the Destructoid (they're a little lacking in vehicles in that size), and a cool red car with Kai in the Ninja Charger. They're a little pricier ($35 and $40 respectively) and IMO the designs aren't as good as the others. But still probably fun builds.
  • Hover Hunter - The cheapest set is a bit lackluster; the drone is a lame verson of the Nindroids, and Cole's a repeat. But it's the only way to get the green techno blade, and the spinning blade function worked better than expected. Still, even with the price, it's not high on the list.
  • Nindroid MechDragon or Battle for Ninjago City - I have the former and plan to get the latter. These two are pricey: $90 and $120 respectively. But each comes with a plethora of characters (including at least two exclusives) and great designs. The MechDragon makes up for the reletive lack of Nindroid vehicles by looking super rad and awesome. Meanwhile, the Ninjago City temple is an awesome design that improves upon previous Ninjago buildings (or so it seems from the picts I've seen.) I'm sure both these sets are must haves, but at their cost I doubt everybody could afford one. If you have enough budget for just one of these, you could get it and potentially ignore the rest of the theme. But if you're tight on cash, you can still enjoy Ninjago with some of the smaller sets without needing to go bankrupt for these.
  • OverBorg Attack - Yeah, this is at the bottom of my list. It's the cheapest way to get Lloyd and only way to get Cyrus Borg, but the latter is not that exciting of a fig compared to the other Nindroids, and if you can save up for one of the pricier sets then you also will get Lloyd. Beyond the figs, the vehicles are pretty meh-worthy here, with nothing too exciting. It does kind of capture the essence of the Ninjago theme here, but I think some of the other cheaper sets do it better, and this seems to just be a cheap way to grab Lloyd if you can't get him in one of the pricier sets.
Anyway, those are my opinions, feel free to disagree or whatever. Or take my advice and purchase away! It's been a fun year of Ninjago, and I'll be interested to see where it takes us next year.



Cosplay Question!

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Aug 24 2014 · 227 views

I'm contemplating doing a President Business outfit for BrickCon, but I don't quite know what to do for headgear. The evil helmet is a little too over the top, but the brick-shaped hair? Not going to happen with my short hair, sorry. But I have an idea to make it into a kind of hat. But where would I find a hat that I could easily glue stuff to? Also preferably one that won't turn into an oven cause that convention center doesn't stay cool when packed full of people. I've tried looking at a few different places but all I can find are the usual sports hats. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!



Tired All The Time

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Aug 17 2014 · 209 views
complaining, again
I can't say my life is bad, since I've managed to secure a bunch of the essentials: a college education, a regular job that actually pays for something that I'm fairly good at doing (but don't ask me to explain it), an apartment that is mildly tolerable even without air conditioning, and enough money that I can buy Lego without an overbearing sense of budgetary guilt.

But as of late, it's seemed very... basic. Work has been interesting, but I'm usually quite burned out by the end of the day, and usually resort to napping or watching shows. I've done a little bit of building, but not as much as I would like. And despite all the great plotlines in my head, I haven't touched any of my stories since last November. Oh, and no social life to speak of. At all. Mostly, it just comes down to me not having the energy to do it after a full day of work.

I've always been under the assupmtion that I've lazy. A procrastinator. Unmotivated. An ungrateful leech. (Or so I've been told.) How else could my lakc of drive towards school and socialization and such be explained?

Unless it turns out I have sleep apnea. In which case when I try to get a full night's sleep I don't... and instead I'm tired all day. And don't have energy for non essential things. Like friends. Or stories. Or game ideas that I've had for years. Or for exersise at that gym where I'm totally paying each month for membership but hardly going to. Arg.

I kinda-sorta have plans to go get tested for it, but just getting that takes up so much energy! <_< But if that's not the problem then something else must be reeeeeally messed up with my outlook of life. And my only other solution is to just keep buying new Lego sets to ease the pain away...

Tl/DR I'm complaining about life. Want to take a nap now.



Recommend Me a Book

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Aug 10 2014 · 276 views
Imgonnaregretthis, probably
So I have a cross continental fight at the end of the month, for like 9 plus hours both ways. It’ll be a red eye on the way out, so hopefully I can try to get some sleep, but it’s going to be middle of the day on the way back. Just my experience two years ago with airplane rides was that my electronic devices won’t hold a charge long enough to provide ample entertainment over the full course of the trip. As such, I need an old fashion, non electronic form of media. Y’know, like a book. But I haven’t read any new books in years now. (I read plenty of online stuff, so not illiterate, but just haven’t had the chance to really settle down with a book.) I don’t particularly want to reread something, so I’d thought I’d ask for suggestions.
All the while knowing there’ll probably be a deluge of recommendations from the BZPower bookworms.

So here are some of my preferences:

Genres I would prefer would be science fiction. Not particularly fantasy, it’s not the same as sci-fi even if it’s in the same section at bookstores. I guess I would also be down for adventure or mystery, but not something that’s too gritty. I want something fun. And preferably something that’s not part of a trilogy or a tetralogy or whatever; is it too much to ask for a story with a full beginning and ending in a single book?

I dunno, I have particular tastes, and sometimes books can just be hits or misses. So, go ahead and make suggestions, but ones that clearly violate one of the above points will be crossed out and publicly shamed. :P

Oh, and um thanks! (Unless I scared everybody away at this point.)



BBC Contest 68

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jun 11 2014 · 170 views

I find it ironic that not only have I created some mechs, but I've already sent one to BrickFair! I would almost argue that it's valid, because even though it's been on the front page for three different convention photo steams, I haven't actually posted any finalized pictures of it on the forum. (But as it stands, I DID post WIP pictures in my blog, so it doesn't qualify.) Just thought it was kinda funny how that worked out. And I probably won't be able to enter because most of my Bionicle pieces and I are in a long distance relationship. (Read: I haven't actually brought them over to my apartment yet.) So sorry folks, there'll be no lousy throw-away entry to lose to your model from me.

Also it appears that Randall Munroe must be a big Animorphs fan. He's thrown in a few references to the series before, but yeah, guess I'm not the only still remember this great story. (I guess for reference, when Animorphs ended, I got hooked on Bionicle.)

Also spent my last two days off primarily playing LEGO LotR. Some would say that's two days completely gone to waste. But I'd remind them that I did manage to defeat Sauron, although I just have half of the actual game play completed. (This game is quite long, isn't it?)




Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Mar 16 2014 · 264 views

Black Six: Hey
Xccj: Hi
Black Six: Do you have something against apostrophes?




LEGO Movie Spoiler: Executron

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 20 2014 · 294 views

Posted Image
All Executron ever wanted was to share an ice cream cone... with a friend.


Spinning Rocka Head

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, News Jan 18 2014 · 230 views

Gosh, I've been here for 11 years now.  It's kinda sad to see BZP nowadays, where the only discussions in the forums seem to be arguments... granted, it was like that 11 years ago, there were just more people doing it.  :P  But it's not quite as big a community as before.  But there are still lots of cool people here, and conventions are always super fun, and where else will I blog about random things?
Anyway, been reeeeeeeally busy at work.  They've officially nicknamed me Jego, cause I like Lego, which they poke fun at a lot.  But I do too, so its fair play.  ;)  Right now I have some minifigs and the Trash Chomper on my desk, but I really need to build some custom models for display.
I'm getting excited for Bricks Cascade, and I've been attending some PortLug meetings, although that'll come to an end when I start working weekends.  I've been looking to rent some apartment closer to the city so I won't have to deal with an hour and a half commute (1 way) each day, but it's a pain to do when all the apartments have terrible business hours: 10-3, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with apparently a two hour lunch.  Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but since I'm working full time, I don't currently have a way to go check places out.  (It'll be better when I start working weekends, but they haven't given me a set limit for when that'll be.)
Um, not a whole lot of other stuff to mention.  I did some set reviews, and I guess nobody cared...?  I got initially excited when I started doing video reviews because I can film and edit and it's Lego... but then I forgot that I hate the sound of my voice and can't seem to spit out coherent sentenses between all my thoughts while reviewing.  I like reviewing, but I don't think others really like my reviews, so sometimes I'm confused as to why I really do it.  (Although I do like the ones about Collectible Minifigs because I give advice on how to feel for them that I KNOW is accurate cause I've given it IRL to others and its worked so there!!!)
But where was I?  Oh yeah, 11 years on BZPower.  YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY.  MUHAHA.  (Unless you have the ability to ban people...)


LEGO Movie Spoiler: Lord Business's Successor

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 14 2014 · 288 views

I introduce to you...
Posted Image
Because those two pieces TOTALLY fit together!

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