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Tired All The Time

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Aug 17 2014 · 182 views
complaining, again
I can't say my life is bad, since I've managed to secure a bunch of the essentials: a college education, a regular job that actually pays for something that I'm fairly good at doing (but don't ask me to explain it), an apartment that is mildly tolerable even without air conditioning, and enough money that I can buy Lego without an overbearing sense of budgetary guilt.

But as of late, it's seemed very... basic. Work has been interesting, but I'm usually quite burned out by the end of the day, and usually resort to napping or watching shows. I've done a little bit of building, but not as much as I would like. And despite all the great plotlines in my head, I haven't touched any of my stories since last November. Oh, and no social life to speak of. At all. Mostly, it just comes down to me not having the energy to do it after a full day of work.

I've always been under the assupmtion that I've lazy. A procrastinator. Unmotivated. An ungrateful leech. (Or so I've been told.) How else could my lakc of drive towards school and socialization and such be explained?

Unless it turns out I have sleep apnea. In which case when I try to get a full night's sleep I don't... and instead I'm tired all day. And don't have energy for non essential things. Like friends. Or stories. Or game ideas that I've had for years. Or for exersise at that gym where I'm totally paying each month for membership but hardly going to. Arg.

I kinda-sorta have plans to go get tested for it, but just getting that takes up so much energy! <_< But if that's not the problem then something else must be reeeeeally messed up with my outlook of life. And my only other solution is to just keep buying new Lego sets to ease the pain away...

Tl/DR I'm complaining about life. Want to take a nap now.



Recommend Me a Book

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Aug 10 2014 · 243 views
Imgonnaregretthis, probably
So I have a cross continental fight at the end of the month, for like 9 plus hours both ways. It’ll be a red eye on the way out, so hopefully I can try to get some sleep, but it’s going to be middle of the day on the way back. Just my experience two years ago with airplane rides was that my electronic devices won’t hold a charge long enough to provide ample entertainment over the full course of the trip. As such, I need an old fashion, non electronic form of media. Y’know, like a book. But I haven’t read any new books in years now. (I read plenty of online stuff, so not illiterate, but just haven’t had the chance to really settle down with a book.) I don’t particularly want to reread something, so I’d thought I’d ask for suggestions.
All the while knowing there’ll probably be a deluge of recommendations from the BZPower bookworms.

So here are some of my preferences:

Genres I would prefer would be science fiction. Not particularly fantasy, it’s not the same as sci-fi even if it’s in the same section at bookstores. I guess I would also be down for adventure or mystery, but not something that’s too gritty. I want something fun. And preferably something that’s not part of a trilogy or a tetralogy or whatever; is it too much to ask for a story with a full beginning and ending in a single book?

I dunno, I have particular tastes, and sometimes books can just be hits or misses. So, go ahead and make suggestions, but ones that clearly violate one of the above points will be crossed out and publicly shamed. :P

Oh, and um thanks! (Unless I scared everybody away at this point.)



BBC Contest 68

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jun 11 2014 · 161 views

I find it ironic that not only have I created some mechs, but I've already sent one to BrickFair! I would almost argue that it's valid, because even though it's been on the front page for three different convention photo steams, I haven't actually posted any finalized pictures of it on the forum. (But as it stands, I DID post WIP pictures in my blog, so it doesn't qualify.) Just thought it was kinda funny how that worked out. And I probably won't be able to enter because most of my Bionicle pieces and I are in a long distance relationship. (Read: I haven't actually brought them over to my apartment yet.) So sorry folks, there'll be no lousy throw-away entry to lose to your model from me.

Also it appears that Randall Munroe must be a big Animorphs fan. He's thrown in a few references to the series before, but yeah, guess I'm not the only still remember this great story. (I guess for reference, when Animorphs ended, I got hooked on Bionicle.)

Also spent my last two days off primarily playing LEGO LotR. Some would say that's two days completely gone to waste. But I'd remind them that I did manage to defeat Sauron, although I just have half of the actual game play completed. (This game is quite long, isn't it?)




Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Mar 16 2014 · 246 views

Black Six: Hey
Xccj: Hi
Black Six: Do you have something against apostrophes?




LEGO Movie Spoiler: Executron

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 20 2014 · 285 views

Posted Image
All Executron ever wanted was to share an ice cream cone... with a friend.


Spinning Rocka Head

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, News Jan 18 2014 · 203 views

Gosh, I've been here for 11 years now.  It's kinda sad to see BZP nowadays, where the only discussions in the forums seem to be arguments... granted, it was like that 11 years ago, there were just more people doing it.  :P  But it's not quite as big a community as before.  But there are still lots of cool people here, and conventions are always super fun, and where else will I blog about random things?
Anyway, been reeeeeeeally busy at work.  They've officially nicknamed me Jego, cause I like Lego, which they poke fun at a lot.  But I do too, so its fair play.  ;)  Right now I have some minifigs and the Trash Chomper on my desk, but I really need to build some custom models for display.
I'm getting excited for Bricks Cascade, and I've been attending some PortLug meetings, although that'll come to an end when I start working weekends.  I've been looking to rent some apartment closer to the city so I won't have to deal with an hour and a half commute (1 way) each day, but it's a pain to do when all the apartments have terrible business hours: 10-3, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with apparently a two hour lunch.  Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but since I'm working full time, I don't currently have a way to go check places out.  (It'll be better when I start working weekends, but they haven't given me a set limit for when that'll be.)
Um, not a whole lot of other stuff to mention.  I did some set reviews, and I guess nobody cared...?  I got initially excited when I started doing video reviews because I can film and edit and it's Lego... but then I forgot that I hate the sound of my voice and can't seem to spit out coherent sentenses between all my thoughts while reviewing.  I like reviewing, but I don't think others really like my reviews, so sometimes I'm confused as to why I really do it.  (Although I do like the ones about Collectible Minifigs because I give advice on how to feel for them that I KNOW is accurate cause I've given it IRL to others and its worked so there!!!)
But where was I?  Oh yeah, 11 years on BZPower.  YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY.  MUHAHA.  (Unless you have the ability to ban people...)


LEGO Movie Spoiler: Lord Business's Successor

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 14 2014 · 277 views

I introduce to you...
Posted Image
Because those two pieces TOTALLY fit together!


Trash Chomper Alternative History

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 04 2014 · 116 views

FYI The 20 questions game is still going in the previous entry!  You guys haven't figured it out yet.  :P
So today I picked up the Trash Chomper Lego Movie set, because I wanted too.  It is a real joy to play with; good models both ways, and the chomping function is probably my favorite out of all the 2-in-1 sets.  (Although I think I still prefer the figs and pastel colors in the ice cream truck set, so I'll get that one next.)  But this one has plenty of nice green elements.  And it will be a good model to put on my desk at work, where at least one of my other co-workers is a minor Lego fan!  (As in he's not a huge fan, not that he's a young fan.)
But I do think there's something wrong with the set description, so I offer up this alternative explanation.
"The Savage Garbage Men Grant and Dan are on the loose, and have been imprisoning Lego City civilians, like Chief Gordon Zola, to work as their slaves in the landfills.  One brave Micro Manager, on a mission from President Business, has come to free the prisoners, but then the Garbage Men build their truck into a devestating chomping machine that begins to gobble up everything in sight!  Can the Micro Manager save Gordon and everybody else, or will it get munched up too?"
Because I ask you, what looks more menacing here, a flying black cube with flick fire missiles OF JUSTICE or a big, bulky garbage / recycling truck with a giant mouth and teeth??  Surely the Micro Manager is the hero here!  I mean, the art on the back of the box even has the garbage men smiling on as a fearful Gordon shovels a bone into the trash can.  Clearly this is forced labor!
As you were.  :P


Looking Back At My Year in 2013

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Dec 31 2013 · 116 views

Internship work, no work, interviews, then work work!  Tried for three Lego events but only made it to one.  Got a fair number of sets but always want more.  In about as bad a shape as I have been for the last couple of years, but at least I'm finished recovering from my surgery and it seems to have worked, so yay yay there.  Planning for the year ahead, thinking "Why do I have to save my money for responsible stuff when I really want to spend it on Lego."  And then realize I haven't built much lately and I should do more of that.  Also, watched lots of anime this year, and finished a couple of stories but there's so many more that need to be finished.  Also have like dozens of silly little Flash game ideas but now no time to actually make any of them.
Sorry, was that too elaborate and long winded?  :P
I'm not really pessemistic or optimistic about the upcoming year yet, just going with the flow and all.  I guess there is the Lego Movie to look forward to.


Thoughts on Lego in 2013

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Nov 24 2013 · 140 views

Well, the year's not quite over yet, but honestly, 2013 Lego sets are finished. There's lots of new stuff to be excited about, and although some of it is coming out in December, it's still technically 2014 stuff. (Or I will consider it to be, anyways.) So, in that case, I wanted to shares some of my thoughts on the year 2013.

2013 wasn't quite as big of a year for me as I might have wanted. Part of it's because I was only employed for like 3 months, and most of my money at the time went into rent and crazy travel across the country... and not into Lego. (Is that a bad thing? I dunno, I wish I could've bought more Lego then, but I also like how I did spend my earnings, so I wouldn't really change it...) But for the bulk of the summer, I was unemployed and mostly worked a lot around the house to earn up for all my major purchases around BrickCon. I bought a bit more last year, and a LOT more in 2010 and 2011. So Lego didn't get as much financially from me as in the past...

But anyway, onto the themes.

The best set I think I got this year was Cole's Earth Drill from Ninjago. I still love the design and general look of it. Overall, I did buy 4 of the 6 Ninjago sets (partially to collect the 4 Ninjas... never got the Gold Ninja) and overall I was impressed with the theme. The mini mech was great for the price, and the Garmatron, while odd looking, still pulled its weight as a massive, evil tank. I was less impressed with the Warrior Bike, but 3 out of 4 good sets ain't bad. (The Gold Dragon and Light Temple look okay, but I didn't pick em up, so I can't really comment.) If that had been Ninjago's last year, I would've been okay with it, but I am super excited for the upcoming Ninjago Rebooted sets. :happydance:

In terms of quantity, the theme I bought the most of was the Collectible Minifigures, where I have the original 16 from Series 9, 10, and 11. (Didn't get Mr. Gold, but didn't quite want him, he looked kinda ugly.) However, when thinking back about it, all the figures look good and have personality and pieces good for custom creations... but none of them exactly stood out to me like some earlier ones. (I loved the S3 Elf, S3 Hula Girl, and S4 Hazmat Guy quite a lot, along with about a dozen others.) I suppose if I had to pick a favorite from this year, it would be down to the S9 Mermaid and S11 Yeti. While there were only a couple of duds this year, there weren't quite as many absolute shining stars either. But don't get me wrong; they were all really good, and it's just to hard to pick out which was the best. (Goldie would've been a dud IMO.)

Onto other themes: the big push from Lego was Legend of Chima. It had a lot going for it; animal-character figs, distinctively themed vehicles, a television shows, and game sets. I loved the idea of the animal figs, and was pleased that there were a bunch (AKA more than 0 or 1) of female animal figs, which I traded some serious dough for at BrickCon. The sets all looked fairly decent, with good designs and some okay parts usage. And the whole “vehicles that look like animals” works for me just fine. The gaming sets, too, were a cool idea, and felt like they had more value than the Ninjago spinners from the previous years. Unfortunately, most of the figs that came with the still-not-quite-impulse-priced gaming sets were quite to my taste, and I only ever picked up the smallest Chima sets because I didn’t have money to spend on the theme. (I did get the big Gorilla Mech, but it was for a parts draft, and it was an awesome set for that too.) Overall, I wish I could’ve afforded more of the theme, but instead I’ve settled for collecting the figs from secondary sources. (Also, the first 4 episodes of the TV show were lame. I never watched beyond that.)

Another theme that caught my interest but not my money was Galaxy Squad. The various vehicles looked pretty good, especially with their white-and-a-bright-color combos. Some of the insect vehicles looked good too, and man I still want that Green Robot guy! But for as awesome as the sets were, they were also pricey, and the best ones were the costlier ones. I’ll have to make due with just having the two polybags from the theme, which at least got me some of the new colored helmets.

Super Heroes… well, what to say here? I got the Spider-Man vs Venom (plus Nick Fury) and Batman vs Bane (Bat vs Tumbler) from the winter, which were both passable sets. But the Iron Man sets and Superman sets… I’m sorry, but none of them appealed to me. Plus, my distaste that (SPOILER) the Mandarin’s flamethrower truck and Zod’s yellow car are completely irrelevant to the plot of the movies also has to factor in to me not liking them. (Although I would still go for a Pepper or Louis fig if I could get one for cheap.)

And then there’s Hero Factory. The successor of my favorite theme, and I just wasn’t into it this year. I bought only two and got two for free (plus a free Chima Ultra Build) and I still appreciate the designs and parts and all, but there was nothing that demanded that I pick them up. I would have grabbed them all if money hadn’t been an issue, but since it was… yeah.

I guess Friends also had another run, and some of the set ideas (Soccer, Magician, Karate) were awesome themes to get girls into. But sadly, none of the small sets really had enough of the new color pallet to really attract my attention. (I did pick up the new car and learned the difference between medium lavender and just plain lavender.) The animal polybags were a cool idea, and I enjoyed being able to pick up a turtle and hedgehog for cheap. (Well, and a squirrel too, but I got that for the pieces.)

LotR only had a handful of sets, but there were some gems. Wizard Duel was good for its price, and I would’ve loved to be able to afford that Black Gate set. Elrond’s Council was kind of bland (and not as good for a draft, as I learned) but I liked the figs I got from it. (Arwen yay!) The Corsair Ship was okay, but not quite as iconic as Helm’s Deep from last year. (Which I still have proudly on display.) I suppose the best part of the ship was that it finally gave you Aragon, Gimli, and Legolas together in one set, but I went out of my way to get those three last year, so I saw no need. And even if I could’ve afforded it, the Tower of Orthanc just didn’t have the same majestic look. I know they had to scale it down to make it a set even at a ridicules price, but it just doesn’t share the same iconic look and feel that Helms Deep did. Plus, it about guaranteed that we’ll never see an affordable Ent set with Merry and Pippen. :(

Lone Ranger and Star Wars… well, there were some interesting set designs for the higher priced ones, but nothing I could afford. I was going to pick up most of Series 4 of the Planet sets, but then they didn’t release them in the US. (Probably because of dismal sales of Series 3 Planets, but come on, those were all lame!) TMNT… I’m sorry, but while the figs looked okay, the sets still look awful to me. And I was never a big fan in the 90s, so nostalgia doesn’t factor in either.

I guess the last set worth mentioning is the Delorian, the Back to the Future Cuusoo set. The design is good, and the figs are good. But the availability is bad, and the price is not exactly an impulse set. Plus, while it has some good stickers (with misspelled words) it has no parts that are really exceptional, although I guess it’s not supposed to be a parts pack. I would’ve bought it pre-BrickCon, but I couldn’t find it at any of the Lego shops until the day after BrickCon, and by then I had spent all my Lego budget. Once I start earning more cash again, I might snatch it up, but with so many other cool sets coming out next year, I don’t know if its really a priority for me anymore. :shrugs:

So, basically, this year I did Ninjago and Collectible Minifigs, with a few Chima and Hero Factory purchases in there. Galaxy Squad and larger Chima sets appealed to me, but I couldn’t afford everything. Next, I’ll probably type up an entry about my thoughts on next year’s sets, since we have almost all the info on them by now.

So, agree with me, disagree with me? Want to tell me what I should’ve spent money on instead? Wanna describe what you focused on this year? Didn’t bother reading and wondering what to do now? Reply and say something about 2013 Lego sets. :D


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