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Lame Archive

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jun 18 2013 · 107 views

For a reference, I wanted to go back and look at one of my older Bionicle stories, one that had actually gotten a decent response on BZPower back in the day. But for the life of me, I couldn't find it saved on my computer. (But having looked up the date, I realize that it was probably written in the brief period where I owned my own laptop... which was stolen after six months, along with a whole bunch of my work that I had neglected to save elsewhere. Well, that's one mystery solved.)

But anyway, failing to find my copy, I decided to look up BZP's. Cause, y'know, I posted it here way back in the day, and when you post something on the internet, it never disappears. NEVAH! (Oh wait, I guess that only applies to embarrassing stuff and not work I'm proud of.)

So I dove into the BZPower Archive. After some searching and browsing and logging in again, I found the topic. :D Then I opened the topic. No posts were saved, just the topic and it's meta data (date, title, author, ext).

I looked up more of my old stories, as well as my review topics. Only a few of them had anything saved, and most was incomplete.

So really not much of an archive as far as I'm concerned. :P Oh well. (Google isn't any help either; their "cached" version is only a month old so it's the same blank page.)

I'm not complaining or anything: I know how much data there was to save on the old BZP forums, and I'm amazed that any survived at all. But yeah, just posting my findings. And anyway, why live in the past?



Palm Pilot

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, Stories May 23 2013 · 84 views

So, way back in the day, there were these devices called Palm Pilots or something.  They could include calendars and notepads and other stuff on them.  Basically, I always saw them as hand held computers, although clearly they were limited compared to desktops.  This was like in the early 2000s.  I know a couple of my classmates had some.
And back in 2003 or 2004 (I forget when) I wrote this adventure story that I'm sure I've mentioned here before.  It was about four friends getting trapped in a virtual game, where if they die there they die for real, and the only way out was to win the game.  (Rip off of Sword Art Online?  No, I finished this before then.  It was a rip-off of some other cartoon idea.  :P )  But one guy was able to keep out of the game, and he spend the story hacking into the program and trying to free the friends.  At one point, his desktop is compromised, so he downloads the data onto his palm pilot and goes mobile.  The palm pilot is integral to him finally figuring out the coding in the end.
The problem?  Well, I'm updating the story again, and something occurred to me.  Palm Pilots totally want out of style, and were never quite the extravagant hand held computers anyway.  But... well, what I described does sound familiar, doesn't it?  Oh yeah, smart phones.  Everybody and their dog has one nowadays, and they're clearly not a passing fad.
So, should I replace the palm pilot in the story with a smart phone?  It would be a little more accurate and true to current technology.  But it's also a classic part of my story which follows the technology of that era.  So, opinions?
(I know, first world dilemma for sure!)


Black Female Fig Head

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, News Mar 15 2013 · 175 views

So since Lego has started making realistic skin tone heads, we've started wanting more shades.  Characters from Indiana Jones and Super Heroes got these cool shades of black or dark flesh, but they were all male.  Why couldn't we have a larger palette of female heads?  After all, there are so many characters that could be made (Zoe from Firefly, Leena from WH13, Cassie from Animorphs... some examples I've been wanting anyway.)  Now there have been some female heads in light flesh, but when would we get more?
I got excited when I first saw the Lone Ranger mine set.  It has this one Indian fig, and based on the hairpiece, I assumed it must be a female.  When I saw some slightly more detailed picts, it started to look like an older woman.  Not as versatile, but still good.  Now, having seen box art, I guess it's actually supposed to be an older male chief.  So that was disappointing.
But then... I happened to be browsing through images of the summer Star Wars set.  In particular, the Spider Droid set.  Ordinarily, I would quickly overlook it.  Design isn't that amazing, pieces aren't great, and it's not quite the iconic ship either.  But then I saw an image of the figs, and the jedi gal has a female face printed on a brown head.
So okay, maybe I'll be picking up this set.  (Because I know going for that one piece second hand is going to be horridly costly.)  But yes, good for Lego for finally diversifying the female figs... even if this one came as a surprise to me.
Oh... and yeah, then there's life going on and such, but the realization of minifig distribution is so much more important to blog about, no?  (And it's not technically even new news either, just me going "HEY!")


Grumble Grumble

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Mar 09 2013 · 107 views

Stupid spring break. <_<


Next Word Game Challenge

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Mar 01 2013 · 165 views

Name a character whose name doesn't have vowels (A, E, I, O, U) or the letters T, N, S, H, R.  The letter Y can be in the name, but it cannot be the second letter or the last letter.
The character doesn't necessarily have to be Bionicle. 
Go!  B-)



Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Feb 06 2013 · 155 views

I want to kill something... specifically these germs and bacteria that are giving me a sore throat STILL and/or ear infection. COME ON IMMUNE SYSTEM IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO FOR ME??

(Okay maybe not the most tasteful blog entry ever but seriously...)

Also, I was gonna complain that Rene started texting me at 1 AM but he was ignoring the time difference and I was trying to sleep... but really it's a good assumption that I'd be awake at 1 AM so I can't really find fault with him. Oh well.




Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Feb 04 2013 · 213 views

Why do I even bother?


Sore Throat

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jan 21 2013 · 115 views

And that was just the beginning of it.
Anyway, not a good day.  To sum it up, I'm an ill, financially poor, antisocial loser.
Yes I'm being negative again.


My Thoughts on 2012

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Dec 31 2012 · 105 views

Normally, around this time of year, I would write a blog entry summarizing all my shortcomings from this year and how I was going to change next year.  Only this time, I don't feel horrible depressed or anything so I got nothing much to add.  (That, and just in case the world ended last week, I only planned for 3 months into 2013.  Drat, now I gotta think about stuff even further down the road... like 4 month from now, or even 5 months!)
So, um, I'm excited to start an internship and move to Dallas.  It'll be costly, but I will have to make some room in my budget for Lego, because there's lots of exciting sets coming out.  I have my eyes on Ninjago in particular, as most of the sets (and figs) look pretty awesome.  Chima is also a cool one, although I don't think I can afford to get too invested in it.  Also Galaxy Squad looks epic, but I'll probably only get one or two cheaper ones.  Plus, still interested in Hero Factory, 'cause of some of the new trans green elements look nice.  And, of course, the collectible minifigures, of which I want them all.  ;)
I'm also looking forward to eating more solid foods in a couple of weeks.  :happydance:
So Happy New Year, everybody!  Party on.  (And if you're partying like it's 1999... then it must be a historical themed party.  Ha!)



Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, News Dec 19 2012 · 152 views
Its-the-end-of-the and 2 more...
So I'm going into Surgery today.  (Or rather, tomorrow since I'm writing this from yesterday thanks to the amazing blog time machine!)  I'll probably be out for a few days or so, and when I come back I might be on so many painkillers that you won't be able to tell my crazy ramblings from my normal ones!
Back-story: I've probably mentioned this before in this blog, cause I love complaining, but I have pretty bad acid reflux.  I had the doctors stick a camera or something down my throat this summer to see how bad I am.  Turns out I have some sort of abnormally large hole in the top of my stomach.  And as such, I can claim that this isn't a problem caused by my dieting habits.  (Goldfish crackers + lemonade is totally a diet.)  But it's an ongoing problem, and currently I'm having to take some hefty medication to keep it down.  So the obvious solution is a full out surgery.  :D  (Well, I did research some other possibilities, and some I don't even qualify for, and it turns out this surgery is the best method.)
It shouldn't be too much of a problem.  The doctors who's doing this is experienced... like, uber, "I've do this a hundred times a year" experienced.  (And I suppose that also makes my problem not that unique either.)  So it's nothing life threatening, but it will help in the long run.  I'm not too worried about it.
What I am worried about is the fact that I'll have to be on a liquid food diet for two weeks after this.  Feasting during the end of the year?  Only on jello or yogurt for me!
That, and the world might end in a couple of days, and I might be on too many painkillers to either A: Get out of the way of the falling, flaming debris, or B: Not be able to appreciate the explosion on the horizon before it consumes me.  Hmm, maybe I should've pushed off the surgery for a few days.  Eh, too late now.
Posted Image
Anyway, parting picture: since people have been putting santa hats on their avatars, I decided to do the same to mine.  :P  Happy holidays, stay safe, and see you on the other side!

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