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Mata Nui Island Project: Day 2

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News, Lego Conventions Mar 13 2012 · 65 views
Mata Nui Island Project
Swert and I continue to work on our Mata Nui Island model, built at City Blocks Lego Art Studio in Tacoma.

Day 2

Posted Image

Posted Image

What we spent the most time on was the mountain and volcano (again.) I managed to add a peak to the mountain in white. While you can't see it from this angle, the Ko-Koro Sanctum is included. ;) Dan, the guy who runs the studio, didn't like the mountain and forced me to revamp it twice, but I think it's finally looking good and natural. Swert finally finished the volcano, although I helped tweak it to add in a lava falls. Ta-Koro is the next thing to add. (You can see a preview of it on the side, along with the Kini Nui.)

The next part of the project to work on is the coast line. You can't see it, but I got one portion behind the mountain finished. I also started outlining the west coast in red bricks, but we got kicked out before I could finish. That will be tomorrow's thing to do, and then we can start building them up.

Most of our problems so far include making organic landscape shapes, having enough time and stamina to build everything, and having enough bricks. Sure, it seems like Dan has a ton of amazing bricks in every color, but we don't have access to most of them. I believe I've already used up everything larger than a 2x4 brick in light grey...



Mata Nui Island Project: Day 1

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News, Lego Conventions Mar 13 2012 · 80 views
Mata Nui Island Project
So I'm spending my spring break up in Tacoma at City Blocks, helping build a giant system model of Mata Nui the island. As one of the main designers (I guess Swert can take some credit too) I am trying to remain extremely faithful to the MNOLGs and the famous maps. However, there's a lot of inconsistencies, so some of it will be custom designed based on how I view the geography of the island in my head. Hate or love the idea, we're going to be working on it all week and will be showing it off at BrickCon and maybe Bricks Cascade. (Transportation issues may be a problem for the latter.) And no, this will not be to figure scale... in fact, I'm hesitant to even add in any villages for fear of messing with the scale.

For now, progress pictures.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Yesterday, the only real thing we did was lay out the base plates for the different sections of the island. We require a lot of blue, and for reference the grey baseplates are just stand ins for blue ones that won't have anything built on top of them.

Today, we worked on the two major landmarks, the Magania volcano and Mt. Ihu. I designed the top section of the volcano, but Swert took over trying to create a round base. Thus I then worked on the mountain, which is going to end up taller than the volcano (as per our plan.) We've left room inside the volcano to put stuff, like lights and trans red elements. Both landmarks are on a raised section of Duplo bricks, and the adjacent baseplates will have slopes reaching up to them.

Tomorrow, we hope to finish the mountain and volcano, and begin to plot out the coastlines.



Brickshelf Mods Will Hate Me

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Mar 01 2012 · 89 views
Thirty-Six Masks Project
Because I just loaded a ton of Rahi images. Considering BrickShelf's owners aren't big fans of Bionicle (although I know they must go through a fair share of Bionicle MOCs both good and bad) and the fact that I uploaded 26 folders with an average of five images in each... yeah, they're gonna have fun looking over all that. But I'm going to wait until they approve everything before posting extensive topics here, mostly because I don't want to write out links to EVERY image, and instead will just link to the public Brickshelf page. Heh.

But to tide things over for now, group teaser shot of the Matoran Army.

Posted Image

I added a few extra things to this. Originally, there were 14 Matoran, basically the main stars of the MNOLG who could be made into sets. (Jaller, Kapura, Takua, Macku, Hahli, Hewkii, Hafu [who somehow didn't get into this pict], Onepu, Taipu, Nuparu, Kongu, Tamaru, Matoro, and Kopeke.) But then since this is supposed to be an epic Rahi battle, I decided to make some of the Ta-Koro guard. I cranked out seven Ta-Matoran, using all six of the noble mask styles and one grey Hau. Kongu and Onepu already had their steeds, but I decided the other Koros needed riders to join in the fun. I converted the elephant and rhino into Matoran-friendly beasts, and then crafted the Mahi from scratch. (It has a mask, but not one of the original 36.) And of course Kapura shows up in some Exo Armor.

Just wait until I get more group shots of all the other Rahi they'll be fighting! :D



A Red Sun Rises

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Feb 29 2012 · 47 views
Posted Image
Click for Topic

You can talk about it there too... but here's fine, for people who are afraid with associating with me in the creative forums.

I guess I'll add one extra tidbit here... Aragorn is a fig I made for BrickFair last year, and Legolas is basically the elf fig. Nuju Metru helped me craft an excelent Gimli last year... and I lost both it and my original on the way home. So I have to start from scratch on the dwarf again, which meant repurchasing the expensive helmet and beard.



Teaser Shot

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Feb 26 2012 · 50 views
Thirty-Six Masks Project
Posted Image

Click for larger image.

So this is a group shot of all the MOCs for my Thirty-Six Mask project. 29 Rahi, 15 Matoran, 6 Toa. 50 MOCs overall. yes, the quality is lacking because 1: the location is pretty bad, what with green carpet and my Lego tubs in the background, and 2: Because there are MOCs of various sizes and colors. But it gives you a glimpse of some of the creatures, as well as the overall size. It'll be more spread out in a fight scene for the conventions (I hope... DV take note. ;) )

I'll probably get around to taking detailed picts and posted them in BBC.



Minifig Stand Part 2

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Feb 24 2012 · 27 views

Remember all those words in my last entry that described something? (Hint, it was about displaying minifigs.)

Screw it, I'll just post a picture, and maybe get some more comments. :P

Posted Image

See if you can spot all the various figs I have on display. :P

Anyway, yeah, this is the initial design. Overcrowding near the top makes me think I could rework this to spread the figs out some more, ext.



Minifig Displays

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News Feb 22 2012 · 31 views

Okay, so I have these cool little boxed shelves hung on my wall; basically I used them for displaying Lego sets or decent MOCs. Currently I have a bunch of different sets on display, showing off some of my fav sets from the last few years. For example, I have my Temple of Doom setup, and another with some HP figs and vehicles. I'm sure I've posted pictures of them before, although they're usually not the main focus...

Anyway, I've had this kind of mini stand with some of my favorite minifigs on it. It was basically just a 8x16 brick with a bunch of figs on it. But as I get more collectable minifigures, I want to display more, and my block has run out of room. And most of my shelves on my wall have too much vertical room to show off minifigs...

So I build a minifig display for one of these shelves.

The cool thing is the shelf is about 26 studs wide, so the stand fits in snugly. It has about 5 and a half levels on it, with each level being a couple of plates five bricks above the previous one. Standing alone, the stand is somewhat fragile, but it is supported when inside the shelf, and so far it hasn't collapsed on me. I might tweak the design a bit to allow me to organize minifig placement, but it's pretty cool so far.

For the most part, 3.5 of the 5 levels contain mostly the coolest collectible figs, with a few other cool ones mixed in. (Superman, Santa, ext) One level has my custom Chuck and Warehouse 13 figs on it. The final level is reserved for my Star Wars figs, but since I'm just starting that collection, it's kinda meager. Basically it a stormtrooper, scout trooper, TIE pilot, R2D2, C3P0, and a stand-in for Leia. My plans this summer is to collect a Luke, Han, Chewy, and Darth Vader to finish up the collection... hopefully I can trade using some of the unique collectible figs I have dupes of.

I'll probably be rearranging the figs as I get more cool ones (or if I redesign the stands) I will certainly need one for my LotR figs I'll be getting. Luckily, I already have my PotC, Indy, Harry Potter, and Ninjago figs on displays with their respective sets, but future purchases will bring me more figs and they will need to be displayed too.

I could've just done this whole blog entry with a picture and be done with it, but I'm too lazy so instead you get a wall of text. I have some Rahi picts to post, but I need to edit them, and since my week is already hectic, it probably won't happen until the weekend. Just wanted to blog about something, and my other main topics are all spoilery.




Posted by xccj , in News, MOCs Feb 16 2012 · 41 views
Thirty-Six Masks Project
So I've unofficially completed my Thirty Six Mask Project. I have built 6 Toa, 29 Rahi, and 14 Matoran (two who are riding Rahi and one who is in a Exo Suit). I have remade most of the original Rahi sets, as well as quite a few other popular creatures from 2001. I also have lots of customized creatures of my own design. (Seriously, towards the end I was starting to run out of ideas.)

The project isn't over. First of all, some of them desperately need to be redone. Part of the problem is that my parts collection (think technic connectors and liftarms) is dwindling because I've used most of the good ones. (I used lots of thin 3 length beams, ball joints with thru axles, and oh so many sockets.) But I can think of two Rahi that should be scrapped, and then at least another six who are also pretty bad. (Already redesigned Tahu and Lewa, but I'm waiting on some parts orders to get them in the right colors.)

Secondly, I need to take pictures and post them. The process of taking and editing multiple pictures for each MOC will take a while. I don't want to use one topic to show them all, but individual topics aren't necessary either. I'll probably group them by mask or color and post six topics.

Finally, I need to bring them to Bricks Cascade, but that's a few months out of the way. (Also need to register for that convention.) I might send a few of the better ones off to BrickFair too, and maybe BrickCon? Depends on if I scrap any for pieces between the conventions.



Hey Look, A Bionicle Based Creation Topic

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, MOCs Feb 11 2012 · 87 views
Thirty-Six Masks Project
Posted Image
Click For Topic

Gosh, that was hectic to write up. Not to mention all the pictures I had to go through.

Okay, so I have this new project. Back in 2001, the Toa Kanohi all came in six different colors. I finally completed my collection of the original 36 Toa Mata masks a while back, but what to do with them? Well, I plan to make a MOC for each of the 36 masks. And to give it a theme, I'm going to use the original six masks to recreate the Toa and use the rest to build various Rahi. This is my Thirty-Six Masks Project.

The above topic shows off my Toa remakes. I also have about 19 Rahi built too, as well as a plethora of Matoran villagers. My idea is to use all these models to stage a massive battle scene at Bricks Cascade. DV, make sure you leave room for me. ;) Some of the MOCs are good, some are a little less than that, but each and every one will have a mask included in its build.

I still have roughly 10 more MOCs to make, and I haven't taken pictures of any of the Rahi, so there'll be more to come from me. Until then, have a look at my Toa. Comments appreciated, but it's unlikely that I'm going to radically alter then before the convention. (Because I'm starting to run low on useful pieces. :P )

Also, this topic was my 6,000th post. Yay me.



I'm Gonna Lose

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Stories Jan 04 2012 · 58 views

Well, apparently my entry is gonna lose in the System Building Contest Poll. That was pretty much guaranteed, since I never win in BBC, and I've had a lot of experience to back it up. But it didn't help that NOBODY FREAKIN TOLD ME WHAT THEY THOUGHT OF THE MOC IN THE FIRST PLACE. Is it good, horrible bad, fine but not enough to shine compared to the others? I dunno.

Granted, the same thing happened with my COT short story. (ultraviolence, I thought we had a deal. I read and reviewed your story!) But again, not surprised; it's been years since anybody has actually read my stories I've posted here. Oh, when it comes to asking me to read other stuff, people are just fine with it... but heck most people hardly even look at my set reviews posted on the front page. Grr.

And since I'm in an angry ranting mood... the System Building Contest Poll took almost two weeks to get up. Okay, I was gonna give them slack for the holidays... but seriously, it's just ONE POLL. You didn't even rename the forum it was in. Did it really take THAT LONG to post it?

Also, school tuition: WHY SO FREAKIN EXPENSIVE??


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