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I Made a Mosaic!

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Sep 20 2014 · 291 views

Topic Here

Reiterating what I said there: it's not the best mosaic, but I made it relatively quickly with what I had on hand. (And I've officially used the last of my baseplates. I mean, seriously, I sent 4 of them to BrickFair and then made the lenticular cheese slope mosaic, I was lucky I had a spare to begin with.)

It's going to be at BrickCon. Not as exciting as previous Bionicle group mosaics we've put up, but nobody really seemed interested in collaborative projects this year, so I've got nothing else to contribute. (Generally I think most of BZP wrote off BrickCon, but at this point I don't care, it'll be fun to hang out with the usual crowd without any excess drama.)

(Although I realize that I don't have any ACTUAL new Bionicle MOCs built for the con, mostly mosaics and black light stuff.)

Also, I think I might have timed this just right when I posted it to Facebook this morning, right as all the members were geeking out over the announcement. Got more like on that then I normally get on... well, anything anywhere. My evil marketing scheme played off. Muhaha.




Glowing Gali

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Sep 14 2014 · 422 views
Gali, black-light

Posted Image
Click For Topic

Lookie, I posted another MOC.

I think I've been hinting at this one for a long time here. So that means two, maybe three people won't be surprised by this?



Bionicle House

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Sep 11 2014 · 298 views

Posted Image
Bionicle House 01 by Xccj, on Flickr

A while back, somebody was complaining about the Bionicle system's limitations, and said something to the effect of "You can't build a house with it." To me, that meant, "Challenge Accepted!"

This is a fairly basic design made primarily using limb elements, with the interior supported with technic beams and such. I ran out of Rahkshi legs in dark bley, so I used some in classic dark gray as a stand in. I can't really tell the difference in person, but it shows up on camera. :shrugs: Funnily enough, I ordered some extra legs in bley... and they came in classic gray. >.< I was planning to add windows in addition to the door, but I didn't really have a way to fit them in.

It's not the most impressive model, but I think the concept gets across, especially with the elements I limited myself to. It could probably be more detailed at a larger size... but well I don't have that many limb pieces in the same color.

This is also my entry for the BZP September Flickr Contest. I had an earlier entry that was toeing the system ratio line and was photographed using a black light, both of which are apparently against the rules. (I mean, I get the system ratio, but the black light? I thought we were not allowed to edit the content of the MOC after the pictures were taken. Oh well.) But for this one, there's no way that anybody could claim it violates the system ratio. :P And that's why I'm entering this, cause it has no chance in Krazahni of actually winning.



SHIPtember 2014 WIP: Radioactive Pitchfork

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Sep 08 2014 · 326 views

I guess at this point, it's less of a WIP and more of a "I'm pretty much finished with it but I might tweak a few things before the final photo shoot."

And black light.

Posted Image
Radioactive Pitchfork - WIP Black Light by Xccj, on Flickr

Comments welcome. Like I said, I might still tweak a few things, like antenna placement and such.

On a somewhat related note, did you know using black light will get you disqualified in BBC Contests? Guess just part of the rules I never considered until now. :shrugs:

Working on other various MOCs to in preparation for BrickCon. (Assuming I can go, still ambiguous about if I can get time off work.)


Ordering a Rare Color

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Aug 02 2014 · 391 views

Isn't it great to spend a hefty amount (in two different orders) on Bricklink to get some useful pieces in a rare color... only to finally receive the packages and realize that it's actually a different color.

See, I saw that they had 2x2 dishes, ribbed tubing, and some clickits elements in trans medium blue, the kind that glows under a black light. The tubing and dishes turned out to be in light blue. (Well, the dishes, anyway. The tubing appears to be some unique color between trans medium and light blue, but in the end it doesn't glow under a black light.) The clickits pieces do glow, fortunately. However, that's still $15 that I thought was going to be spent on a rare color only to realize that it was not the color I thought it would be. (Again, the tubing wasn't a complete rip... it seems that bricklink in general has misclassified that color. The dishes... I have sent my complaint to that store owner.)

And this isn't the first time this has happened to me with this color. :annoyed: Next time, I'm asking the stores to look at their parts under a black light BEFORE shipping them to me to confirm.



Posted My Lenticular Mt St Helens Mosaic

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Jul 28 2014 · 268 views

Posted Image

Lookie here, a topic in SBC!

So I guess the phrase "lenticular" is the one to use, since "cheese slope mosaic," besides being a mouthful, can also refer to some other styles of mosaic-ing.

I do need to take some better pictures, but my issue is A: bad lighting in my apartment and B: no backdrop large enough to fit the full mosaic. I also need to get a stand for it, and maybe somehow reinforce the back because it's rather flimsy, especially compared to classic brick mosaics, which hold up remarkably well. This will probably show up at a few conventions, cause I'm not planning to take it apart any time soon.

Also, anybody know a decent was to advertise this? :P I put it in a mosaic flickr group that, apparently, turns out to be dead. So fail there on my part. (Maybe the whole "take better pictures" thing also needs to come into play here.)



Cheese Mosaic Update

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Jul 20 2014 · 370 views

Okay, so posting this week means even less likely for somebody to read it with all the traffic... but like that's not a huge change from 1 to 0 on the grand scale of things, so I'll ramble along anyway.

I got my mosaic completed... mostly. I was fretting over if I would have enough elements in white, light gray, black, blue, dark tan... and then the color I ended up coming up short on was dark gray. >.< I'm only a few short, so I'm thinking of replacing te empty bits with dark brown, which legitimizes my purchase of the brown Mixels just for those slopes! I also ordered some dark tan slopes (apparently a lot came with the Sydney Opera House, so someone was selling them for not-super-expensive) and it makes a good color replacement for gold. I did use some medium lavender... because I sent in a set for a draft specifically for that element. It's not the best shade (a little too bright compared to the rest of the model) but it works. Also, my purchases of the Grevious Bike and GotG $20 set were worth if for the sand blue and dark blue cheese slopes, respectively.

I only have the one half with me, so I haven't seen what the whole thing looks like together. Hopefully it'll be of a decent enough size that it'll stand out at conventions. (I dunno if I'm ever going to take this one apart, even if it does take up a majority of my cheese slopes. So it might make it to multiple conventions.) I'm excited to take pictures of it tho. It did end up being a rather expensive project; based on just the individual parts I ordered (including the baseplates) I would say it cost about $300. And that's not taking into account various sets that I picked up primarily for the cheese slope elements. I know my submarine project from a few years ago clocked in around $150, and that produced two and a half SHIP length subs. This just proves that, once again, cheese slopes are extremely expensive for their size.

Anyway, picts to come soon.



Mosaic 50% Completed

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Jul 14 2014 · 338 views
And 50% incomplete
Some things I've learned for working on this cheese slope mosaic so far:
  • Cheese slopes are expensive for their size. Especially ones in rare colors that I just HAVE to have in bulk.
  • LEGO Pick-a-Brick walls have never had any opaque colored cheese slopes besides the olive green ones.
  • When a BrickLink store says there's probably going to be a delay, that should be a red flag. Took over three weeks to get the order (even if it was kinda large) but can't really complain cause he posted a warning. :shrugs:
  • Putting on thousands of cheese slopes onto a baseplate can give you a hand cramp something fierce. Not an issue I've had with brick mosaics, but the cheese slopes are smaller and require a bit more dexterity to get on correctly... I dunno, but it got painful after a while.
  • I underestimated my need for 1x1 light grays. I had this brilliant idea that I could save time, money, and overall piece count by purchasing a bunch of 1x2 cheese slopes in light gray, but I didn't pay close enough attention to my design. While there have been plenty of areas where these 1x2s help, there's still too many 1x1s I need to use, and I've run through my collection, so I need to order even more. *sigh*
  • (And because of the restrictions in the build, 1x2 sections can only go vertically, not horizontally.)
  • I might have also underestimated how many black 1x1s I need? I originally made the design two years ago using a mosaic program, but I have since to reinstall it on my new computer, so I've counted all the colors I need manually... which gives potential for error.
  • Having five shades of blue is nice...
  • But gold doesn't really stand in for dark tan. Olive green does, so I was planning to do a gradient from olive green to gold in the dark tan areas, but the gold might be too bright. Don't know if I want to fill it in with more olive green or actually try to find dark tan in bulk?
  • 48x96 is a decent size. It's still quite small compared to some of the iconic slope mosaics (Batman/Joker, Anakin/Darth Vader) but I think it's big enough to get some attention at shows. The last one I did was a meager 32x32 and it got completely overlooked.)
Don't quite know when I'll have time to finish it, because I'm definitely going to have to make another order, at least for the light gray, maybe for some purple, black, and dark tan elements too. The build today only took me... 6 ish hours, maybe 7 if you count doing an inventory of the orders I received. Won't have time this weekend, maybe next.




Cheesy Count

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Jun 05 2014 · 275 views

So for the last two hours or so, I sorted and tallied how many 1x1 and 1x2 cheese slopes I have. I've been separating them for a while from the rest of my collection, and I've done a count years ago, but this is in need of updating. And I thought I'd post my statistics, just because.

This isn't quite everything I own. I have a bucket full of MOCs and sets that are using a fair amount, including models like Helms Deep and Temple of Doom. Plus, I used most of my dark green cheese slopes on my jungle mosaic that I sent to BrickFair (seen the pictures of that 2x3 baseplate jungle mosaic... I made 4x of em!) I'm also not counting my trans cheese slopes; solid colors only.

(First number is for 1x1 slopes; if there's a second number, it's for 1x2 cheese slopes)

Dark Blue - 3
Blue - 8 - 6
Medium Blue - 3
Medium Azure - 15
Light Pink - 2 - 16
Medium Lavender - 0 - 16
Purple - 17 - 4
Green - 7
Bright Green - 1
Dark Green - 8
Lime - 27 - 4
Yellow - 32 - 4
Keetongu Yellow - 35 - 3
Orange - 20
Gold - 98
Tan - 32 - 7
Brown - 32
Dark Brown - 7
Red - 35 - 3
Dark Red - 22
White - 84 - 29
Light Gray - 77 - 11
Dark Gray - 84 - 16
Black - 50 - 29
Olive Green - 306

That's 1005 of the 1x1s and 148 of the 1x2s, or a total of 1301 studs that can be covered by cheese slopes. This is still quite shy of the 4608 I would need if I want to create this cheese slope mosaic I have in mind, and that's nothing to say of getting the colors right. (The mosaic is here. It's a before-and-after of Mt. St. Helens. I initially wanted to keep quiet about this design, but it's not gonna get built any time soon, so might as well show it off. Besides, this rough concept has been live on my brickshelf for two years now.)

I have a good supply of blacks, whites, and grays, which will be added to since I know I have more in those colors elsewhere. Olive green is a fake-out because that's the one solid-color cheese slope you can find in pick a brick walls in Lego stores, and my collection is probably minor compared to what others have taken. I also have a surprising amount of gold... I don't quite know why? I also have a healthy amount of dark green, but as I mentioned earlier, a bunch are on the mosaic I sent (roughly 50).

For my mosaic, I'll need more earthy colors. Ideally tan and/or dark tan, but I think I can substitute in gold and olive green to help it out. I also require a lot of dark green, more than I currently have. There are some purple high lights, and I got a bunch of medium lavender out of a draft that could prove useful. I'll probably need some more white for the sky, but what I really need more of is blue; my mosaic will require a ton of it, and I hardly have any. I might pick up some more of the Mixel Flurr to get more of the medium azure, but I'm gonna need a lot more if I want to complete this.

So if you're looking to get rid of cheese slopes, you can dump them off on me! :D (What, nobody interested?)



So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Apr 08 2014 · 275 views

Posted Image

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