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So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Apr 08 2014 · 178 views

Posted Image


MOCing Spree

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions Feb 27 2014 · 244 views
BRICKSCASCADE and 1 more...
So with the convention looming in the near future, I had to think about what models I was bringing.
For Bionicle, I don't have a lot of new stuff.  I've got the remnants of my Rahi project and Takanuva.  I also built a few Bionicle trees for the BioniLug display, and I have this new Pohatu Phantoka model that I've been working on for a while, but not a lot new.
For Space, I have my modular ships (which I'm keeping track of in a sidebar.)  I have 8 completed, but six more colors that I want to make... in theory.  Each ship is only about 10 studs long, but I've been working in rare colors and experimenting with odd designs, so each section has taken a lot of time to put together, and I don't know if I'll have the chance to finish any more before the convention.
But what I did finish today was an actual SHIP model.  I dunno if I've posted it here or not (I showed it off at PortLug once) but I built a long octagonal nose for the ship (60 studs) in black and trans neon green.  Well, today I built up the engine to make it full SHIP length.  (Well, to my annoyance, the body measured to like 96 studs... and it's too interlocked to take it apart and add the extra lengths... so I put an extra beam on the nose to lengthen it instead.)  And since it's all black and trans neon green, it looks ultra rad under a black light, and will do great in BrickCon's Dark Side this year.
I also took the chance and built another mini ship using all my trans medium blue elements, including some of the Bionicle socket and visor pieces.  The rest of it is black, and IMO it looks even cooler under a black light!  (Maybe it's because trans medium blue is rarer than neon green that I say this.  I am, however, continuously disappointed that all the trans blue elements this year are seemingly trans light blue, which doesn't do anything with a black light.)
For art, I have this nifty little sculpture from the Lego Movie that I'm gonna show off.  Also, hopefully we can redisplay the Hau/Krana mosaic this year?  Maybe.
For Mecha, I have three Lego Movie models; a Hero Factory built Micro Manager, a Wyldstyle Mech, and an Emmet Mech.  (I think I posted these here, or at least WIPs)  I was going to display them opening weekend for the movie, but then Portland got snowed it, so that didn't happen.  Now they'll show up at BricksCascade.  Also, I have a crazy bunny mech that I keep bringing back.
I also built something for steampunk!  And it's piloted by a Pohatu Minifig!  (Cause I just secured a Pohatu pen, so now I have mini masks for all the Toa!)  But even if it has some Bionicle flavoring, it's still steampunk-y.  With gears.
I also have a list of other models I want to build... but now I'm back to work (on the weekends now) so I won't really have time to build.  I'll get some days off next weekend before the con, but I'll probably be busy with other stuff.  I'm planning to move into an apartment closer to Portland soon, so there's lots of details to work out with that.  Meanwhile, I also want to photograph some of my models too... so much to do, so little time.
And yet I still wrote this lengthy blog entry that nobody will read... kay, night all!


Emmet and Wyldstyle Mechs

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Jan 29 2014 · 747 views

Posted Image
So here are some MOCs I'm working on.  These are WIPs at the moment, for the most part.  Theoretically, they might go in a display at a movie theater that Port Lug might put up, but I don't know if they'll make it to that, so instead maybe I'll aim for Bricks Cascade.
The Wyldstyle mech is supposed to be based on her outfit color, but instead of dark purple and dark azure, I went old school Nui Jaga and utilized purple and medium blue, mixed in over a solid black design.  A majority of it is technic, but it's not super advanced or anything.  The Stronius Mace might be a little over the top, but in terms of size it's a good fit for the mech.
Emmet's mech is more System-built body with Hero Factory arms and legs.  Is it bad to say that I kind of designed the whole mech around the utility belt?  The above picture doesn't really show off the detail there, but I liked it.  :P
Finally, the one I've worked the most on (and is also the one that's most incomplete) is the massive Micro Manager.  The inner body is entirely built using HF joint elements, and I used those pieces to also make the limbs and zamor launcher, in place of a flick fire missile.  The feet, however, are stand ins, as I made an order for some black slopes to use there.  (And apparently the seller is extremely slow at shipping and in retrospect the prices were way too high... but I should have my parts sometime within the next month??)  Abe Lincoln on the top of it can mean two things; Either ol' Abe is actually a secret ally of Lord Business, or he's pulling a Chewbacca on this thing. 
I might upload some better pictures later, especially of the Micro Manager once I get all the pieces in.


MOCs From the Last Few Weeks

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Nov 05 2013 · 230 views

Kay Kay, MOC time.  I have a couple of new WIPs to post up, and they're all related to Space, really.
First one is the modular SHIP.  Backstory, since the original post got lost in the data purge of 2013: I want to make small, colorful ships that can be connected to each other to make a longer SHIP.  So without further ado...
Posted Image

Each one is ten studs long, has three holes in the front and three axles in the back so they all fit together.  (It's a snug fit for these three ships when putting them together, but as it gets longer the connection gets weaker.  I don't think it would be an issue for display, but just for swooshing.)
In particular, these mini ships are colored dark purple, medium lavender, and dark azure, which are all fairly rare colors.  I have a decent supply of dark purple, so I had plenty to work with as I tried to make a bow-like shape.  For the second one, I got a bunch of 1x2 medium lavender plates from the pic-a-brick wall.  And then I bought a Friends set and learned the difference between lavender and medium lavender, which is why that ship has a lighter colored elements on it.  Otherwise, the whole texture is made using 1x2 plates.  Similarly, I scored a bunch of 1x2 dark azure plates in a draft at BrickCon (as well as 1x2 bricks and 1x3 curved slopes in that same color).  I wanted that ship to have orbs on either end, so each orb is colored by those 1x2 plates again in dark azure.  (IMO, I like the flow of that one best.)
I plan to make more of these in other colors.  (Including some rare ones, like pink, sand green, and dark tan.  Now, just because I plan to do that doesn't mean I can pull it off, because I don't have good selections of any of those colors.)  I'm kind of building them for this minifig team I've come up with, but it would be cool if others wanted to combine their own ships like this at conventions.  Maybe.
One idea to push this forward: said ships can be of a familiar theme.  Which leads to my next WIPs
Posted Image

These two ships are for Tahu and Gali.  Specifically, the Tahu and Gali minifigs I've made using the pen masks.  They're longer than the other ships (Tahu is 18 studs long and Gali is 14, I believe)  Tahu's has a better flow to it, and I like how some of the Hero Factory elements worked out, but the mask just looks added on.  (Which it kinda was.)  The mask placement on Gali's is much smoother, but the rest of her's is kinda blocky.  I dunno, they're experimentations at this point.  And I can do some for the other Toa Mata as well, since I have full figs for Kopaka, Lewa, and Onua.  (Still need a Pohatu pen mask.)
But if others want to create Bionicle themed system ships, from the Metru to the Inika to the Glatorian... I think it might be a neat idea for a convention, even if it wouldn't necessarily fall within the Bionicle category.
And finally, a different type of SHIP.
Posted Image

This is supposed to be the nose for an actual 100 stud long SHIP.  I used hinge bricks to form an octagon and then extended it out and plated it using pretty much my entire supply of minifig stands.  And then I added the trans neon green for coloring.  So far, this is only 60 studs long, so I would need to make a 40 stud long engine block to connect it to.  And besides being an interesting (and single colored) SHIP, the trans neon green would also look rad under a blacklight.  (There need to be more legit MOCs for the Dark Side black light display at BrickCon next year.  I've made some bleh models the last few years, but next year I want to make something BIG.)
And, um, that's it.  Yay.  Further buildings been halted because we're having work done on our house, and that meant my Lego station had to get packed up and put into storage, so I won't have access to it for a week or so.  :(


BrickCon Mosaic

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, MOCs Aug 18 2013 · 354 views
Eh, trying to organize this with other's input hasn't worked out yet, so I'm just pushing this forward solo:
Potential BrickCon BZPower Bionicle Mosaic

Posted Image


[01] [02] [03] [04]
[05] [06] [07] [08]
[09] [10] [11] [12]


Piece 1: Xccj
Piece 2: Chocolate Frogs
Piece 3: Kakaru
Piece 4: Brickthing
Piece 5: Swert (Maybe?)
Piece 6: Brickthing (Potentially?)
Piece 7: Xccj
Piece 8: Kakaru
Piece 9: Mylo Xyloto (Razlak)
Piece 10: Kakaru
Piece 11: Kopakanui
Piece 12: Kopakanui
Okay, now we should be all set unless somebody drops the ball.
Details: So we need peeps to contribute 32x32 baseplates for this.  (Baseplates outlines in red)  The standard stuff for mosaics apply: you can use stacked plates, you should use newer dark and light bleys instead of old style grays, and don't even think about using bricks with hollow studs (like technic bricks).
There are some rareish colors like dark green and dark blue in use here.  (And orange... and lime.)  There's also dark red / brown (the program doesn't know the difference between the two) and for this mosaic that color could go either direction.  I think I have enough pieces on my own that I could pull off any particular baseplates, but definately not all of this.  I do have a stand that should hold the full thing.
And if you decide to build one but come to a point where just one stud is throwing you off... well, I'll allow for little tweaks like that, as long as it doesn't mess with the full flow of the thing.  (I've done that in that past, so yeah.)
Oh, and just to be clear, this is for BrickCon attendees only.  Few reasons for that: A: BrickCon leadership is more stringent about people shipping stuff in compared to BrickFair or other conventions, B: I'm deciding this late in the game so we really don't have time to play with shipping dates, and C: This isn't the official BZPower mosaic thingy, that's reserved for BrickFair.  :P  But it's hard enough to get all ye BrickConees to talk in one place, so I'm just kinda keeping track of it here.
So, if you're qualified, claimy a piece!
(And if there's not enough interest... better to know now than later) Well, there should be enough interest now, hope it works out!


If You Really Want To Mess With Me

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Jun 24 2013 · 157 views

You could go to this poll and vote for my Penguin in the BBC Contest. Cause then I'd be forced to somehow find a way to ship it, and it's kinda big and bulky and heavy, which all adds to the cost.

Or you could vote for Terror Bird, which is my favorite in the poll. (But I wanted to give myself one vote so I did cause that's just how I roll.)



Everybody Loves Penguins

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Jun 17 2013 · 139 views

If you say you don't, then you're lying, both to us and to yourself. :P

I love penguins so much, that I made a MOC of one and entered it into the latest BBC Contest.

Posted Image


MOC Topics Here. Or you can comment on it in this blog, in case you're too embarassed to be associated with my work in the BBC Forum. (THEY MIGHT JUDGE YOU)

So comments and stuff appreciated. And if you really want to mess with me, vote for it in the contest so that I'll have to actually send this bulky thing to Virginia!



Improved Toa Figs

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Nov 25 2012 · 743 views

Search back through my blog, you're probably find plenty of entries where I talked about my plans to make Toa minifigures.

Here's the basic idea. In 2001, they released Lego pens that came with mini Toa masks. It's possible to attach the masks (via a bead) to the top of a standard minifig torso. It's a little bulky, but it works.

However, while I was able to get the colors of the minifig parts relatively right, the plain torsos looked a bit off. So I wanted to fix that.

So I made a deal with Nuju Metru, who has famously created custom decal torsos for his LotR minifigs. I designed a Toa torso decal, send him the torsos, and he applied them for me! (It was a fair trade, since I gave him some other rare Collectible Minifig parts that he wanted.)

Posted Image

So here's Gali, Lewa, and Onua. Sadly, those are the only pen masks I own. Swert owns all six, and I bought Gali off him and then borrowed Tahu, Kopaka, and Pohatu to make a fig scene for BricksCascade, but that was before I got the torsos decal-ed.

Posted Image

I had Nuju make some torsos for Tahu, Kopaka, and Pohatu anyway, just in case I can get ahold of their pen masks in the future. Overall, Tahu, Gali, Lewa, and Pohatu's colors are a bit off, and Onua's turned out a little too dark. However, Kopaka's looks excelent, and I can't wait to use it on a fig! (And I can't really complain; Nuju warned me that bright colors like these don't always turn out well.)

And since he was making torso decals, I had another project for him. :evilgrin:

Posted Image

Basically, I had this super-hero team kinda-based on minifig designs. I've had it around for a while, and these guys have even worked their way into my blog before. I've made real minifigs out of them before, but none with my star-themed torso design. So I had Nuju make custom torsos!!

Posted Image

Oh man, these turned out really cool! I'm so excited to see these minifigs IRL. The one problem with the green fig is that I used a cheap Pharoah's Quest Battle Pack mummy torso, which is the kind made in China. As such, the arm and neck connections turned out too loose. But if I just keep him on display, it shouldn't be a problem.

So yes, this is basically showing off these cool new figs that I have, and showing why Nuju Metru deserves the Side Block in my blog. ;) (And Aaron, I hope you make good use out of the minifig parts I sent you!)



New BrickCon MOCs

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, MOCs Sep 28 2012 · 269 views

Okay, I want to show off some of the things I've been working on for BrickCon next week.

Angled Mosaic

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Okay, I've blogged about this one a lot. I don't have enough cheese slopes to create something big enough to fit a 32x32 baseplate. (Much less a really massive one.) So I've made a deal with Dan Parker (thru Swert) to use his collection of cheese slopes to produce a 32x32 mosaic in this style. However, he wasn't as enthusiastic about the Hau / Krana idea, so instead I'm doing a classic Pirate / Ninja mosaic, featuring current Lego figs. It's not Bionicle, but it should be pretty cool. Besides, we don't want the first Bionicle angled mosaic to be a puny 32x32... ;) And yeah, the other challenge is I'll be building this AT the event... to which I saw, bring it on. I can put mosaics together moderately quickly.

The Dark Side

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Last year, they introduced a new theme called the Dark Side at BrickCon. If was for MOCs that wanted to utilize light, so it was a covered area to provide darkness to better enjoy the MOCs. I wanted to make something for the display this year, but I never really got the chance to play around with wiring up a lighting system in a MOC. Instead, I decided to go with their second option: black lights.

I knew that trans neon green and trans neon orange looked good under a black light, so I went to build some MOCs in those colors. To practise, I got a small black light and used it to view my collection. Man, Lego sure looks different under black lights. In particular, I noticed that parts known to be made in china (Collectible Minifigures) look very different... especially the red paints. As mentioned, both neon orange and neon green look awesome under it. However, trans medium blue also looks exceptionally cool, but none of the other trans colors do. It's kind of sad that trans medium blue isn't as widespread in system, but practically all the trans blue Bionicle elements are of this color.

So I made a couple of models for this. First is one I've been thinking of for a while: BZP Laser Tag. Basically, a recreation of the fun times had with BZP members at the Laser Tag arena next to the BrickFair convention. I also tried to makes some glowy Bionicle creatures, which at the very least will look cool under a black light. Sorry, I don't have the technology / patience to photograph these models under a black light, so I guess you'll need to come to BrickCon to see them. :D

Rainbow Spaceship

Posted Image

Dang, Ben, you got me thinking about building a SHIP and now I can't stop! Last year I attempted this with a couple of submarines based off the old AquaZone themes, and they were cool but the building styles were too similiar. For Bricks Cascade this year, I built a handful of smaller space ships, but nothing extra large. So it was time for something new.

I've had this basic idea for a while. It's always a pain to choose a color scheme, because then you're stuck building the whole thing in that color. And I like to have variety in my colors. So why not have a ship with compartments that are in different colors? Like a rainbow ship! When thinking about it, I thought I might have trouble covering the color purple since I don't have a ton of elements in that color... but then I realized I was also fairly low on orange too!

After getting a small parts order with some orange elements, I decided to utilize what I had in my collection and try something out. And this is what I ended up with. There are some design features in there that were forced due to my limited pieces. But overall I'm fairly satisfied with the overall flow of the thing. It's still short of SHIP standards... only about 80 studs long instead of 100. And I didn't compartmentalize it like I did with my subs last year, so it might be tricky to transport. But it should be slightly visible in the BrickCon Space Display. :D


Um yeah I'm bringing about two dozen Bionicle Rahi and such, but nothing that hasn't appeared at Bricks Cascade or BrickFair (or both) so nothing really exciting to blog about. Also have a few more mosaic-type creations that'll show up, as well as two mechs and a couple of steampunk MOCs. Even though I want to contribute to Bricks of Character, I don't have any decent ideas for something to make, so it'll have to wait until next year.

Well, that's it for now. But I had to bring something new. I mean, if I'm going to a Lego convention, I need to bring some of my MOCs with me. Even if I'm not recognized as a great builder, I wanna show that I can still build. (Besides, I could fill in some blank categories and win trophies by default again!! Or not since BrickCon is much more packed than Bricks Cascade, which was only on its first year.)



Angled Mosaics

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions Sep 21 2012 · 199 views

Man, this concept is just too cool. I'm not exactly treading new ground here: I only know about this technique because of Arthur Gugick's Anakin/Darth Vader and Batman/Joker mosaics. But although the idea seems basic enough, I haven't seen anybody else do this, but I want to experiment with new methods. So far he's covered the whole two-opposite-people-in-one-mosaic deal, but there are other things you could do. Day/Night. Before and After. Any two images that would juxtapose each other would work well in this method. The possibilities are endless... well, pretty high anyway.

The biggest factor is the construction methods; you need to use cheese slopes. Standard slope bricks probably wouldn't work at all. And since cheese slopes only cover a 1x1 area, you need a lot of them. And although lots of sets come with cheese slopes nowadays, it's still pretty expensive to go buy over a hundred of them for any particular mosaic. (A 32x32 mosaic alone requires 1024 cheese slopes... basic math dictates that as the dimensions double, the area... and thus required cheese slopes... quadruple. And where standard brick mosaics allow you to use different sized bricks and/or stacked plates, there's no way to switch out cheese slopes. I suppose you could utilize the 1x2 cheese slope elements, but those are even more rare and thus more expensive. So the required building material is more restrictive with these types of mosaics. That's why I'm aiming at a smaller mosaic size, just so that I don't max out how many cheese slopes I need.

But enough text; time for some concept pictures. Click on the thumbnails for the full sized images. (Since they're too big individually for a blog, and I don't want to upload resized versions, so you can deal with Bricklinks auto-thumbnails.) First image is the combined one, and the second shows the two distinct images side by side.

Hau - Krana Mosaic

Posted Image*Posted Image

This is the mosaic I'm hoping to make at BrickCon. (Yes, not for, at... Steven would get me the pieces when I arrive at the convention and I'd build it up before the public convention and take it apart after closing.) I originally wanted a full Hau and a full Xa Krana, but size limitations ruined the quality, so I shrunk it to a half-mask and half-krana. It might be a little obscure to most of the public, but we could always provide an actual Hau mask and Krana for show. (Also, the krana's going to be lime instead of plain green because there are more lime cheese slopes... but that didn't show up in the original pict.) Anyway, this is designed to be a 32x32 mosaic.

Beach Mosaic

Posted Image*Posted Image

This is a basic change-in-time-of-day image. It's not quite as complicated as the others; mostly the scene is just a recolor, with darker elements showing off the night image and brighter ones showing the day. It would be cool to expand upon the idea; maybe have something going on during the day (beach volleyball?) and then something at night (bonfire?) to add some variety. This one is designed to be a 64x64 mosaic, and I slimmed down the two images a little bit more, because the angled views with expand them out. (Something I didn't quite do with the others.)

Mt. St. Helens Mosaic

Posted Image*Posted Image

Here's another change-over-time idea, and this one shows off some of the major differences. And when I was thinking of what would be a neat change-over-time idea, Mt. St. Helens came to mind. There's a before image, showing the full mountain, and an after image, showing the remains of the volcano after the eruption. So far I think this is one of my neatest designs, because the two images blend in but are still rather different. This one is designed to be a 96x48 mosaic, which might be too wide for a mosaic, but those dimensions best fit with the mountains. This would be a fun one to make, but many would it cost a lot to get those colors.

Anyway, those are three designs I've worked on. I have a few more ideas that would be cool (including some Bionicle ones), but the process of making the two images and then combining them is rather time consuming, so I haven't done more. So I'll save those for later.


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