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Recent Lego Purchases

Posted by xccj , in News Nov 29 2013 · 448 views

Yay Black Friday!  Shop.Lego.com actually has some okay deals, especially with free shipping on any purchase.  I'm too cheap to get the exclusive sets and all, but I'm all for grabbing a couple of the smaller stuff at 50% off.  So I grabbed the Magic Tricks Friends set, Fox Speedorz set, and Skunk Speedorz set.  Yayz, should be in the mail soon.
Also, I've hinted at it, but I'll just come right out and say that I did indeed pick up some 2014 Ninjago sets.  Fred Meyers appeared to have released them early, and Pat (DeVee) clued me in.  (They're actually only in the Oregon stores, so I visited the one closest to my train station, which coincidentally happened to be the exact store that Pat went to.)  Best of all, they had some of the prices wrong in our favor... the $12 was just $10, and the $60 one was $50.  I first bought Zane's plane ($50 instead of $60) but the 10% off coupon I brought had expired so I didn't get a further discount.  But then the other day I went back and they had Kai's Plane, plus a 25% off toys coupon, and I had an additional $2 off toys coupon... so I saved 35% on that set.  (Sadly, it was the accurate price.)  They had some Hobbit sets too... emphesis on had.  But then i checked my local Washington store and there was the Laketown set... so if you want Hobbit or Ninjago stuff (and, y'know, live in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho... or a few locations in Alaska) check out your Fred Meyers.
I probably shouldn't be going on a Lego buying binge, since I just started working and do kind of need to save up for other stuff.  But golly, I just can't help taking advantage of some good deals!  :P
I'm also working on Black Friday, but it's totally not in retail so the office is just kind of laid back, and I feel sorry for all the folks who were forced to work insane hours today and yesterday.  I hope y'all got some serious dough for your efforts!!


Thoughts on Future Lego in 2014

Posted by xccj , Nov 24 2013 · 327 views

So I just posted about my buying habits on this year’s sets, and now I’ll look to the sets coming out for 2014.  At least in the winter, anyway.  I’ll focus on the ones that are public on BrickSet, just so that way I don’t accidentally discuss any unreleased sets.  (But I’m pretty sure most of them have been revealed by now.)
Again, I’ll start off with the theme I’m most excited for: Ninjago.  It’s rebooted with robots and new vehicles and everything.  And a fair amount of purple elements, although so far 3 or the 4 villain groups that the Ninjas have faced have included purple highlights.  And Ninjas with hair!  Finally.  Their hair in the show helped give them personalities, and although I was able to recreate Zane, Jay, and Cole’s hairs (granted, Cole’s was expensive to find at the time) Kai and Lloyd were more difficult, so it’s cool to see new molds for each of them.  The vehicles don’t necessarily look revolutionary, but they look good enough and have a plethora of interesting new pieces within them.  I’ll probably try to get them all, except for maybe the MechDragon (due to cost) just as a way to make sure I complete my 2014 Ninja collection.  And the new techno-blade weapons are cool too.  (Because I may have picked one of the sets up at a Fred Meyers who released them a couple of weeks early… maaaaaaaybe.)
I’m much more torn on Hero Factory.  On one hand, I love the idea of more mechs using the ball-joint system they have going, and some of the designs look pretty good.  But on the other hand… the whole idea of constraction sets is to build your own larger hero, like a Toa or whatever, and by reducing the protagonists to minifigs again feels like you’re losing some of that feel that made Bionicle so great.  Yeah, there’s still the constraction monster figures, and then the mech, but I’m worried about the direction this is going, like build-you-own-figure will soon be a thing of the past.  (Not to mention that the strange look of the Hero figs seems to feel more like an off-brand set compared to traditional Lego sets… but I guess that’s a complaint that Exo Force probably got with it’s robots, and it’s the complaint that certain AFOLs have been giving about Bionicle this whole time.)  All the same, I’m interested in some of the new parts and colors they’re coming out with, so I’ll probably grab one or two.
Legends of Chima looks interesting.  It seems like the former warring tribes now have to unite to face the spiders and scorpions and bats?  I dunno the story, but some of the newer figs look okay.  Most of the vehicle sets aren’t exactly appealing to me; they have okay designs but nothing that’s a must buy.  However, the Rhino one looks really cool (is that sand blue??) so I’ll try and save up for that one.  The Legend Beasts seem to be very hit-or-miss types.  The eagle and wolf are good, but the lion and gorilla are laughable, and the crocodile gets a middle slot.  Still, lots of cool curved pieces and new ball joints in good colors, not to mention some classic figs.  (Also, Eris comes in like 3 cheap sets this year??  Why’d I go out of my way to buy her at BrickCon??)  Anyway, I think I’ll pick up a few.
The Lego Movie is also promising to release some really awesome sets.  A few seem to focus on Emmet and friends on their adventures, while others have classic city vehicles being transformed into jets or mechs to fight cube-shaped bad guys.  I, for one, absolutely love the idea of things like the Fire Truck mech.  There’s like no other theme this would fit into, and it’s too wacky for a standard city theme, so I think it’s awesome that they’re fitting this in with the movie.  Plus, lots of great City minifigs that look cool, in addition to seemingly having a higher percentage of females in there.  (Although a fair amount seem to be the damsels-in-distress with the vehicle transformation sets.)  Realistically, I’d want most all of them, but to start out with I’ll probably just aim for the Cycle Chase and the Ice Cream Truck.
Also related to the Lego Movie is the 12th wave of Collectible Minifigures.  And I WANT THEM ALL!!  Very few duds in here.  Maybe dynamite-robot guy is a little unappealing, and the Cop and President Business and Emmet are just slight alterations from their in-set counterparts.  But I don’t care, I’d still want em!  However, if wave 13 is really just the Simpsons… well it might be the first wave I skip entirely.  I have no real desire to buy the Simpsons, even if I’m not opposed to the theme as much as some people are.  I’ll just show my opinion based on my purchases.  Of course, I may change my mind if they come with some exceptionally good elements or designs that would be good for customization.
The upcoming Hobbit sets are also not quite up my alley.  The Dol Guldur do not appeal to me in the slightest, although the figs are decent.  Really, they look kind of like the Moria set from last year, where a bunch of detail was put into lackluster walls.  Maybe it’ll make more sense once I’ve seen the movie.  The Lake Town one does look good, and the Elf Army seems like a pricey army-builder with a mild build included, but neither really call out to me either.  I’ll instead hold out for some hopeful LotR ones next year… if some of those do come out.
The Batman Super Hero sets are intriguing, with a nice expanded cast including Robin II, Nightwing, Batgirl, and the Flash!  In particular, I’m eyeing the Joker Steam Roller with Batgirl.  The Steam Roller looks okay, albeit relying on a few larger pieces, but the Bat Plane or whatever looks awful.  I can’t tell if it has a function or not, but I’m torn on if the minifigures and parts there are worth it.  (And I guess they'll have Spider Man ones comming out too?  Not that interested, but I'll wait and see.  Although future X-Men or Captain America models for a summer release would be really great!)
I’m really no longer interested in Star Wars now that I’ve acquired the original trilogy figs that I wanted.  So most of the sets are bleh as far as I’m concerned.  Except the Micro Fighters.  I’ve heard a lot of criticism for them, but I love the chibi look and can’t wait to get a smallish Millennium Falcon to be on display! I wish they had continued the planet sets, but I suppose they’ll continue to make micro ships in polybag form, and these new models are a great new size.  And hey, the scale was applauded when it was the NYCC Slave II promotional set, so I’m happy that they’re expanding this and making them affordable too!  (I assume they’ll be affordable at $10-$12)
Some of the upcoming Friends sets have some decent colors in them, and I’m particularly interested in the ones that include the penguin and a dolphin… sure, they’re just large molds BUT IT’S A CUTE PENGUIN AND DOLPHIN!!  Related to that are the new Disney Princess sets, which have some good usages of colors I want like purple, lavender, and azure.  None of the Princess ones really seem like must-buys for me, even though they’re nice designs, but gosh if they had made one with Jasmine and Aladdin, I would’ve bought that one up in a hurry.  (I would say Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies ever.)  I’ll be curious to see if the Princess line is as successful as Friends.
And then there’s Technic.  Um, I don’t really buy a lot of Technic, even if I build in it quite often, but mostly I BrickLink the specific parts I need.  I guess I like it better when I’m building Rahi out of it.
And then there’s the Mixels.  The previews we saw of them make me think they’ll be affordable and have some good pieces in nice colors, not to mention a good amount of the new mini ball joint that intermingle with standard System elements.  I’m excited for them, but I really haven’t seen what all the sets will be like.  If they are impulse priced, I’ll probably pick em all up.
TL/DR Summery:
So, for now, if I had to pick a few themes to focus on, it would be Ninjago and The Lego Movie (including the full wave of Series 12 minifigs), along with the Chima Rhino truck, Star Wars Millennium Falcon and X Wing Micro Fighter, the Friends sets with the penguin and dolphin, and one or two Hero Factory mechs.
So which ones are you interested in?


Thoughts on Lego in 2013

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Nov 24 2013 · 300 views

Well, the year's not quite over yet, but honestly, 2013 Lego sets are finished. There's lots of new stuff to be excited about, and although some of it is coming out in December, it's still technically 2014 stuff. (Or I will consider it to be, anyways.) So, in that case, I wanted to shares some of my thoughts on the year 2013.

2013 wasn't quite as big of a year for me as I might have wanted. Part of it's because I was only employed for like 3 months, and most of my money at the time went into rent and crazy travel across the country... and not into Lego. (Is that a bad thing? I dunno, I wish I could've bought more Lego then, but I also like how I did spend my earnings, so I wouldn't really change it...) But for the bulk of the summer, I was unemployed and mostly worked a lot around the house to earn up for all my major purchases around BrickCon. I bought a bit more last year, and a LOT more in 2010 and 2011. So Lego didn't get as much financially from me as in the past...

But anyway, onto the themes.

The best set I think I got this year was Cole's Earth Drill from Ninjago. I still love the design and general look of it. Overall, I did buy 4 of the 6 Ninjago sets (partially to collect the 4 Ninjas... never got the Gold Ninja) and overall I was impressed with the theme. The mini mech was great for the price, and the Garmatron, while odd looking, still pulled its weight as a massive, evil tank. I was less impressed with the Warrior Bike, but 3 out of 4 good sets ain't bad. (The Gold Dragon and Light Temple look okay, but I didn't pick em up, so I can't really comment.) If that had been Ninjago's last year, I would've been okay with it, but I am super excited for the upcoming Ninjago Rebooted sets. :happydance:

In terms of quantity, the theme I bought the most of was the Collectible Minifigures, where I have the original 16 from Series 9, 10, and 11. (Didn't get Mr. Gold, but didn't quite want him, he looked kinda ugly.) However, when thinking back about it, all the figures look good and have personality and pieces good for custom creations... but none of them exactly stood out to me like some earlier ones. (I loved the S3 Elf, S3 Hula Girl, and S4 Hazmat Guy quite a lot, along with about a dozen others.) I suppose if I had to pick a favorite from this year, it would be down to the S9 Mermaid and S11 Yeti. While there were only a couple of duds this year, there weren't quite as many absolute shining stars either. But don't get me wrong; they were all really good, and it's just to hard to pick out which was the best. (Goldie would've been a dud IMO.)

Onto other themes: the big push from Lego was Legend of Chima. It had a lot going for it; animal-character figs, distinctively themed vehicles, a television shows, and game sets. I loved the idea of the animal figs, and was pleased that there were a bunch (AKA more than 0 or 1) of female animal figs, which I traded some serious dough for at BrickCon. The sets all looked fairly decent, with good designs and some okay parts usage. And the whole “vehicles that look like animals” works for me just fine. The gaming sets, too, were a cool idea, and felt like they had more value than the Ninjago spinners from the previous years. Unfortunately, most of the figs that came with the still-not-quite-impulse-priced gaming sets were quite to my taste, and I only ever picked up the smallest Chima sets because I didn’t have money to spend on the theme. (I did get the big Gorilla Mech, but it was for a parts draft, and it was an awesome set for that too.) Overall, I wish I could’ve afforded more of the theme, but instead I’ve settled for collecting the figs from secondary sources. (Also, the first 4 episodes of the TV show were lame. I never watched beyond that.)

Another theme that caught my interest but not my money was Galaxy Squad. The various vehicles looked pretty good, especially with their white-and-a-bright-color combos. Some of the insect vehicles looked good too, and man I still want that Green Robot guy! But for as awesome as the sets were, they were also pricey, and the best ones were the costlier ones. I’ll have to make due with just having the two polybags from the theme, which at least got me some of the new colored helmets.

Super Heroes… well, what to say here? I got the Spider-Man vs Venom (plus Nick Fury) and Batman vs Bane (Bat vs Tumbler) from the winter, which were both passable sets. But the Iron Man sets and Superman sets… I’m sorry, but none of them appealed to me. Plus, my distaste that (SPOILER) the Mandarin’s flamethrower truck and Zod’s yellow car are completely irrelevant to the plot of the movies also has to factor in to me not liking them. (Although I would still go for a Pepper or Louis fig if I could get one for cheap.)

And then there’s Hero Factory. The successor of my favorite theme, and I just wasn’t into it this year. I bought only two and got two for free (plus a free Chima Ultra Build) and I still appreciate the designs and parts and all, but there was nothing that demanded that I pick them up. I would have grabbed them all if money hadn’t been an issue, but since it was… yeah.

I guess Friends also had another run, and some of the set ideas (Soccer, Magician, Karate) were awesome themes to get girls into. But sadly, none of the small sets really had enough of the new color pallet to really attract my attention. (I did pick up the new car and learned the difference between medium lavender and just plain lavender.) The animal polybags were a cool idea, and I enjoyed being able to pick up a turtle and hedgehog for cheap. (Well, and a squirrel too, but I got that for the pieces.)

LotR only had a handful of sets, but there were some gems. Wizard Duel was good for its price, and I would’ve loved to be able to afford that Black Gate set. Elrond’s Council was kind of bland (and not as good for a draft, as I learned) but I liked the figs I got from it. (Arwen yay!) The Corsair Ship was okay, but not quite as iconic as Helm’s Deep from last year. (Which I still have proudly on display.) I suppose the best part of the ship was that it finally gave you Aragon, Gimli, and Legolas together in one set, but I went out of my way to get those three last year, so I saw no need. And even if I could’ve afforded it, the Tower of Orthanc just didn’t have the same majestic look. I know they had to scale it down to make it a set even at a ridicules price, but it just doesn’t share the same iconic look and feel that Helms Deep did. Plus, it about guaranteed that we’ll never see an affordable Ent set with Merry and Pippen. :(

Lone Ranger and Star Wars… well, there were some interesting set designs for the higher priced ones, but nothing I could afford. I was going to pick up most of Series 4 of the Planet sets, but then they didn’t release them in the US. (Probably because of dismal sales of Series 3 Planets, but come on, those were all lame!) TMNT… I’m sorry, but while the figs looked okay, the sets still look awful to me. And I was never a big fan in the 90s, so nostalgia doesn’t factor in either.

I guess the last set worth mentioning is the Delorian, the Back to the Future Cuusoo set. The design is good, and the figs are good. But the availability is bad, and the price is not exactly an impulse set. Plus, while it has some good stickers (with misspelled words) it has no parts that are really exceptional, although I guess it’s not supposed to be a parts pack. I would’ve bought it pre-BrickCon, but I couldn’t find it at any of the Lego shops until the day after BrickCon, and by then I had spent all my Lego budget. Once I start earning more cash again, I might snatch it up, but with so many other cool sets coming out next year, I don’t know if its really a priority for me anymore. :shrugs:

So, basically, this year I did Ninjago and Collectible Minifigs, with a few Chima and Hero Factory purchases in there. Galaxy Squad and larger Chima sets appealed to me, but I couldn’t afford everything. Next, I’ll probably type up an entry about my thoughts on next year’s sets, since we have almost all the info on them by now.

So, agree with me, disagree with me? Want to tell me what I should’ve spent money on instead? Wanna describe what you focused on this year? Didn’t bother reading and wondering what to do now? Reply and say something about 2013 Lego sets. :D



Story Finished

Posted by xccj , in News, Stories Nov 19 2013 · 362 views

So, yeah, at 50,281 words, I finished my story for NaNo. Like, legitly finished too. I was actually getting worried as I was writing the final scenes, wondering it it would make it over the cut, and it just barely did. I expect when I got back to re-edit and trim the fat, it'll drop below the mark. That's what happened to the one I wrote last time. Although this time I don't have as many scenes that would be as unnecessary. Plus, I would estimate that a good third of it is fighting scenes. I went into a lot of detail and threw together a lot of may-not-actually-be-physically-possible moves. I tried not to be too repetitive, but I'll have to see how a read through goes later this month.
But the reason why I rushed to finish so early was because I started work on Monday. And now I have much less free time. The 8 hour days (plus an hour for lunch) are kinda hard on my after spending a summer unemployed. (Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't complain, and I'll just have to get used to it.) But then add on to that a three hour commute per day and it's like "Where'd the time go?" I guess this is the part of life where ya never have any free time. Oh well, I guess it's about time I joined the working crowd and start earning my keep.
Heck, I even have two or three different ideas for the BBC Contest, but no free time to build!  (And i won't be able to until after the contest ends.)  I also want to make some things to send to the Bionicle conventions, so maybe I'll throw some stuff together this weekend if I'm able.


Best Scene From Korra?

Posted by xccj , in TV Nov 16 2013 · 421 views

This one:
Posted Image
Okay, maybe not the best, but most sig-worthy.  Epic finale and stuff.  Glad they let Bolin stop being a stuck up movie(er) star and actually start being cool again!


New Job

Posted by xccj , in News Nov 15 2013 · 340 views

FIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY got employment.  And it's as a data guy person thing.
It's also a weekend shift, making it suddenly way more difficult to attend conventions or most future LUG meetings.  On the other hand, MONEY, EXPERIENCE, and NOT-BEING-A-BUM all kinda outweight that.  :happydance:


Brick Badge Sayings

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, Thoughts Nov 14 2013 · 557 views

Gosh, convention season is just around the corner!  And by that I mean still 4 months away.  Bricks Cascade just opened registration for the Portland area convention, but also brings up some news concerning brick badges.
I don't know about BrickFair and all those other places, but this year Seattle's BrickCon officially went to paper badges.  They have some legitimate reasons for doing so, so I can't really blame em for doing so.  And, on the plus side, they still provided us with custom engraved bricks for our registration, which we could easily add to our current growing badges.  But we had to wear a paper badge too.  And Bricks Cascade is going the same direction.  On one hand, they're only issuing one engraved brick with standard registration; more cost extra.  On the other hand, the extra cost is only $2 per bricks, which is cheaper than going straight to the engraver, and you can print whatever you want and don't have to be limited to name and location.
But that aside, there's the more important thing about what to put on the engraved bricks!   I need ideas and suggestions.  (I know I've discussed this before and maybe even made a blog entry before, but here goes again.)  So, list of some of my ideas, mostly quotes from the MNOLG, feel free to make suggestions.  (Or steal some.)  Of note, they can only be 22 characters long, so I've included some original text and then tried to shorten them.  (I included estimated character count in parenthesies, but I could be off in some cases.)
Ta-Koro, Mata Nui (17)
Ga-Koro, Mata Nui (17)
Po-Koro, Mata Nui (17)
Onu-Koro, Mata Nui (18)
Le-Koro, Mata Nui (17)*
Ko-Koro, Mata Nui (17)**
Coliseum, Metru Nui (19)
Cavern of Life, Voya Nui (24)
Tunnel Engineer 2nd Class (25)
Tunnel Engineer Class 2 (23)
Engineer, 2nd Class (19)
Marn Tunnel 12, Section 4 (25)
Marn Tunnel Section 4 (21)
High Commander of Ussalry (25)
High Ussalry Commander (22)
Veteran of the Makuta Wars (26)
Veteran of Makuta War (21)
Right Hand of Turaga Whenua (27)
Right Hand of Whenua (20)
Oh, and Taipu's here too (24)
And Taipu's Here Too (20)
Captain of Ta-Koro Guard (24)
Ta-Koro Guardsman (17)
Tahu Was Here (13)
Deepwood Wayfinder (18)*
Highfly Vinesman (16)*
Fastest Leaf-Runner (19)
Everquick Pilot (15)
I Want To Be A Toa Hero (23)
I'm A Toa-Hero (14)
Stay Outta The Sun! (19)
Another Hafu Original (21)
Koli Champion (13)
Kohlii Champion (15)
Who Ate All The Pies? (21)*
I Ship Maku and Huki (20)
Pohatu Rocks! (12)
Nuju's Translator (18)
What's a Bohrok? (16)
Beware the Swarm (16)
You Wake One, You Wake Them All (31)
Wake One, Wake Them All (23)
I'm With An Cool Dude (21)
Find the Masks (14)
I'm a Bionicle Fan (18)
Bionicle Fan: Deal With It (26)
My Other Mask is a Hau (22)
*I've already made these.
**CF's made this one



Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, Stories Nov 13 2013 · 419 views
SCIENCE, Chemisty and 1 more...
So story writing for NaNo got interrupted by a scientific study.
See, I have this potential scene where the enemy is using electricity, and the protagonist is waaaaay out gunned. So (SPOILER) he decides to douse the baddie with water and use electrolysis (powered by the baddie's electricity) to split the H2O into H and O. Then he'd use a spark to make the gas explode around the antagonist, thus winning in an unconventional way and showing that he paid attention in chemistry class (which is actually a theme of the story.)
But of course, I then had to consider an important fact of would this work? At all? The electrolysis part is good (use electricity to split water molecules into individual atoms) but I wasn't sure if the resulting gases would actually combust. At first I thought that the oxygen would be the one burning; I watched some recent show where they increased the pure oxygen count and threatened to blow the entire place up with just a spark. However, this is partially wrong; for stuff to burn, one of the key ingredients is oxygen, which the combusting atoms could fuse to to form CO2 or something. (Still, I guess adding oxygen allows increases the combustibility of other materials, but on it's own, it won't do anything.)
Luckily, my scenario is saved because Hydrogen is like extremely flammable. Like, "Hey, I'm the primary element burning in the sun" flammable. Like "Hey, I filled the Hindenburg and you remember what happened when that got lit up" flammable. So my scenario holds. Kind of. To truly test it, I would need to see if turning the sprinklers on a person who was shooting out electricity would produce enough hydrogen to cause a sizeable explosion... but sadly I'm missing some of the key ingredients. (Any person with electrical powers want to volunteer?)
Still, I found some interesting articles of flammability. (I hope my Google searches don't raise too many questions; I'm researching for a fictional story, nothing more!!) Anyway, one article was how to tell if something is flammable. It went something like this?
  • Does it have a flammable symbol on the container?
  • Does it say the word "flammable" on the container?
  • Does it catch on fire when you light it with a match?
(That last one may have been an addition of my own.) But yeah, basically, not quite the scientific explanation I was looking for.
I also need to research the physics of jumping off a moving vehicle on the freeway and safely landing on the ground. I may stretch the facts a bit with that particular scene. (Somehow, I really love the idea of a fight scene jumping from car rooftops on a busy freeway... moving fast enough to cause problems if one hits the ground, but with the cars still driving close enough to each other... again, this is a hard one to test out IRL.)
And stuff came up so I'll probably be busy for the rest of the month starting next week, so I need to finish this story quickly. Shame I'm only just at the expected word count right now... still worried that the story will naturally end before I reach 50K.


Genre Masher

Posted by xccj , in Stories Nov 11 2013 · 526 views

I'm a little behind on my story.  Part of it comes from preparing for job interviews.  Another part comes from just not being in the mood to write.  (Which I guess is something NaNo is supposed to fight, but whatev.)
But one thing I had to consider when cataloguing the story was what its genre was.  And its hard for me to pin it down to one thing.  Here's why.
  • It has definite science fiction elements to it, primarily involving the protagonist and his team.  There's also a lot of scientific explanations thrown around to cover various things.
  • But at the same time, the antagonist and his minions have a fantasy feel to them.  (And science fiction and fantasy are very distinct genres.)
  • There's also a fairly in depth mystery going on here.  But not a mystery in the sense of "somebody died, find the killer" but "okay, just what is the antagonist up to?"
  • And there's lots of martial arts action scenes.
So really, what would I categorize it as?  It contains a fair amount of many types of genres.  I'm labeling it as "adventure" because I think it has the feel of an action-adventure movie / story most of all.  But it is kind of hard to pin down.  It's a story world that I created on my own, so just exactly what genre should it fit into?
But anyway, more writing to be done.  Yay.


I Guess The Bigger Question Is

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, News Nov 08 2013 · 541 views

Is there even an audience that still reads my blog at all?

Like no replies lately. Or maybe it's just that my content's been boring. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? CAT PICTURES? I MAY HAVE SOME OF THOSE ACTUALLY.

But I'll post a short list of borning updates anyway. :P
  • Nano: Have 12,000 words written. But I'm progressing so far in the plot that I'm afraid I might finish before I hit the goal. Like, my other related stories have only gotten to 30K-40K, and I'm not going to add in excess just for the sake of work count. Oh well.
  • PortLUG: I'm finally going to try and attend a LUG meeting for the first time. And see if I can help out for Bricks Cascade somehow.
  • I have a second job interview for tomorrow, so I should stop blogging and go think about that.
  • There's also that brick game on the Lego Movie site that I've gotten addicted to. That's probably not a good thing for productivity.
  • Also the new Lego Movie sets are so awesome. On one hand, I think a bunch of the vehicle mechs will probably only get short cameos in the actual movie. On the other hand, when else would we get city vehicle mechs? Lots of people don't like em, but I think they're great. Also there's a higher percentage of female figs in this sets, although most of them seem to be the damsels in distress. Still, so much want! Need to get a job just so I can afford these!
  • Oh right, interview, gonna stop procrastinating.

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I took a sip of something poison but I'll hold on tight.
~ Foster the People

Birds sing for you, you can make this blue sky blush
~ Oh Land

On the other side of the street I knew, stood a girl that looked like you.
I guess that's Déjà vu, but I thought this can't be true
~ Train

But even the sun sets in paradise
~ Maroon 5

Crazy how that shipwreck meant my ship was coming in
~ Train (Again?)

So make now your ally, and leap before you look
~ Nothing's Carved In Stone

I'm just too much a coward to admit when I'm in need.
~ Passion Pit

Just believe in far away, ikiru tame ni sore wa
~ Song Rider

Everything that drowns me makes me want to fly.
~ One Republic

I live my life in shackles, but I'm borderline-free.
~ Tove Styrke

Silver Lake, Mercury Mining, This Mistake, No Silver Lining.
~ Alkaline Trio


Ha Ha

You scrolled to the bottom.

I now control your mind.