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Colorado Trip

Posted by xccj , in News Mar 31 2013 · 298 views

So this weekend I went on a road trip to Colorado with my roommate and two other interns from work.  This was kind of important to me because I haven't visited Colorado since I moved away in 2001, and I missed the place and really wanted to return to visit it's beauty.  (Yeah, yeah, sappy whatev, but seriously it's the one place I'm nostalgic for.)
So on Saturday, we flew into Denver in the morning, rented a car, and drove down to Colorado Springs and toured around the Garden of the Gods.  Then we drove up into the mountains to Woodland Park and Divide AKA the places I used to live and go to school at as a kid.  Then we continued on through the mountains, drove into Buena Vista and then up the Arkansas River drainage to Leadwood, and eventually caught up to the I 70 freeway and headed west to Glenwood Springs.  We went there for the famous hot springs, but only half of us went in (the whole bring swimgear wasn't communicated too well, I guess) and I was the only one who did any serious swimming.  (By that I mean diving.  And by that I mean a mix of cannonballs and bellyflops... yeah, I'm still a little sore from that.)
Today we got up early and left... so early that the sun wasn't even up yet.  We drove east on I 70 and went over a couple of passes.  We stopped at Vail Pass to play around in the snow a bit, then continued on into Denver, where we drove down and walk around the capital for a bit.  Then it was off to the airport, where we flew to Albuquerque and then to Dallas.
Aaaaaaaanyway, it's been a loooong weekend, but it was lots of fun and we saw lots of scenery and snow capped mountains.  (And drove over a few snow capped passes.)  I wish we could've spent more time hanging around and doing some little things, but we just didn't get the chance.  And now I have 300+ pictures to sort through... although sadly most of them are shot through a dirty car window, since we didn't stop for every scenic view.
Now I'm burned out and have work tomorrow... yay!


100% Complete

Posted by xccj , in News Mar 26 2013 · 661 views

So today I went to the Lego store in Dallas to take advantage of the double VIP points.  I also went with two fellow interns to show them the wonderful world of Lego.  (See, Elly and Erin, I do blog, and yes, it is mostly about Lego!)
Anyway, I got two collections completed.
After a slow start, I did manage to collect all 16 Series 9 figs.  The last two were the Waiter and Caesar.  I would like to do another front page review of how to find them, ext, but I am so late on these that it isn't worth it.  Plus, what, Series 10 is coming out in a month or two, right?
I also got the Garmatron.  If for no other reason than to pick up kimono Zane.  Now I have all four lovely 2013 Ninjas.  (Technically I should get green Lloyde at some point too.)  Not too sure if I want the golden ninja; he doesn't have the same appeal as these four do.  (Oh, and I guess there was that Garmatron set thing too...)
And it turns out those Speedoraz things are pretty fun.  No, no, I can't be into Chima yet, I still have to spend my money elsewhere first!!  (But on that note, I got an extra 120 VIP points today with only $60, so that's $5 that I can spend later on some of the cooler summer Chima stuff.)
But besides the lego store visit... well, life, work, travel, stuff.


Black Female Fig Head

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, News Mar 15 2013 · 850 views

So since Lego has started making realistic skin tone heads, we've started wanting more shades.  Characters from Indiana Jones and Super Heroes got these cool shades of black or dark flesh, but they were all male.  Why couldn't we have a larger palette of female heads?  After all, there are so many characters that could be made (Zoe from Firefly, Leena from WH13, Cassie from Animorphs... some examples I've been wanting anyway.)  Now there have been some female heads in light flesh, but when would we get more?
I got excited when I first saw the Lone Ranger mine set.  It has this one Indian fig, and based on the hairpiece, I assumed it must be a female.  When I saw some slightly more detailed picts, it started to look like an older woman.  Not as versatile, but still good.  Now, having seen box art, I guess it's actually supposed to be an older male chief.  So that was disappointing.
But then... I happened to be browsing through images of the summer Star Wars set.  In particular, the Spider Droid set.  Ordinarily, I would quickly overlook it.  Design isn't that amazing, pieces aren't great, and it's not quite the iconic ship either.  But then I saw an image of the figs, and the jedi gal has a female face printed on a brown head.
So okay, maybe I'll be picking up this set.  (Because I know going for that one piece second hand is going to be horridly costly.)  But yes, good for Lego for finally diversifying the female figs... even if this one came as a surprise to me.
Oh... and yeah, then there's life going on and such, but the realization of minifig distribution is so much more important to blog about, no?  (And it's not technically even new news either, just me going "HEY!")


Grumble Grumble

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Mar 09 2013 · 266 views

Stupid spring break. <_<


Flying To Cascade

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Mar 07 2013 · 336 views

Maybe.  I leave tomorrow night right after work.  I have three flights to get from DAL to PDX, and since I'm flying non rev, there's a chance that I could get pulled from any one of them.  BUT I'M GOING TO TRY AND MAKE IT AND BRING MY MINIFIG TOA WITH ME.  Hope to see a bunch of cool cats when I get in.  (See, we got new kitties just before I left... oh, and I guess I'll meet some BZPers there too.)
I'll update entry if/when I get stuck in Albuquerque or Oakland or the Mohave Desert or Moria... as long as there's cell reception down there.


Next Word Game Challenge

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Mar 01 2013 · 1,212 views

Name a character whose name doesn't have vowels (A, E, I, O, U) or the letters T, N, S, H, R.  The letter Y can be in the name, but it cannot be the second letter or the last letter.
The character doesn't necessarily have to be Bionicle. 
Go!  B-)

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