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Posted by xccj , in News Aug 21 2013 · 535 views

My cousin's wedding is this weekend, so I'm leaving to go to an island with sketchy-at-best wifi.  That means that I probably won't be uber active, not that I am anyway.  Normally, after posting an entry on a contraversail topic, I would stay around to keep an eye on it, but alas I won't be able to do that very well.  So yeah.
Also gonna meet Swert in Tacoma and Razlak/Mylo
Please keep things civil, 'kay?


My Thoughts on Arguing

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Aug 20 2013 · 2,543 views
Serious entry, funny stuff later
So I guess there’s another blog war going on.  Oh boy.  But a few bits of it have annoyed me, and despite myself, I’m going to add in my words.  (And to be fair, I've only read a few entries on this issue, and I’m not going to pretend to be some sort of expert or anything.  Please hear me out before replying.)
So, to get to the bone of it, there’s a discussion over LGTBQA+ rights.  I should say something along the lines of “I’m a neutral party” but I’m just going to come out and say it.  I am in support of Princess Grr’s Gender Squad.  I do not like discrimination of any kind, and I think it’s an excellent idea to support those in the minority.  BUT that does not mean I approve of the way some people have been doing so.  (I’m not going to name names, and I’m not even sure if the people I have in mind are associated with Princess Grr.)
Anyway.  These people (I’m just gonna refer to them as Group A) fight fire with fire.  They see hatred and fight back with equally angry stances.  Now to step back.  This is not saying Group A doesn’t have a right to be angry.  This is not saying that they are completely overreacting.  But the people they are angry against (for scientific purposes, let’s label them Group B) are human too, and deserve to be treated with basic respect.  Again stepping back; this does not mean Group B is not in the wrong or that the issue should be ignored.  What I think is that this method of “discussion” is ineffective and should be gone about in a different way.
The way I see it is this; when Group A harshly puts down Group B for their actions, they are victimizing them.  Group A probably doesn’t see it this way, and their reasoning is probably legitimate.  But Group B won’t believe that legitimacy, no matter the facts.  They will feel victimized, and as such be less likely to listen to any further reasoning from Group A.  This doesn’t solve the conflict; if anything, it makes things worse.  Another analogy: Group B is acting like a bully.  Group A’s response is to bully them right back.  I don’t know what your elementary school education was like, but I was taught that this isn’t the way to solve conflicts.
Based off what Princess Grr wrote about, I thought the idea was to educate Group B about the issues of LGTBQA+ rights.  You don’t do this by villain-izing them right off the bat.  You open a reasonable discussion.  You calmly explain to them why their comments were hurtful or disrespectful.  I know I can’t say this for everybody, but I would like to think that most people aren’t actively trying to be down on LGTBQA+.  Perhaps they are ignorant of how their words and actions hurt others, and given a calm discussion, they will realize the errors of their ways. 
Yes, that’s an insanely optimistic way to put it, but why shouldn’t that be the first step.  This is a kids forum after all, and it wouldn’t surprise if people posting here don’t realize what their words are doing to people.  They’re likely to have a point of view based on their upbringing, and by outright telling them they are wrong and evil, they’re going to get defensive.  But if the first step... even if it’s just the first step... is to honestly tell them how you and others in Group A feel, then perhaps you will sow the seeds that will lead them to move past their outdated upbringing and become more progressive and opened to others who are different than they are.
Is this the only step?  Eventually, is verbal harassment the best solution for some people who won't change?  Here’s a quick story: one year in college, I got forced into a room with a guy and we ended up having several conflicting lifestyle preferences, such as when to turn the lights off and what temperature to keep the room.  We butted heads quite often, and I eventually went to my RA, who had us sit down and try to reach a settlement.  I was willing to make some sacrifices to match his, but he was utterly unwilling to admit that his ways were perfect and wouldn't budge until I did everything according to his methods.  Our sit-down went nowhere, and the eventual outcome was me paying to change rooms.
The moral of that story?  Some people are too stubborn or prideful to change their ways or beliefs.  No matter how much reasonable discussion is had, they won't yield to a new way of thinking.  In this case, more extreme measures might be appropriate.  I was really into the idea of hitting him hard on the head, for example.  (My RA advised me not to do that.)  In this case, said member might be asked to leave the community, if they are truly incapable of being open to others.  BUT such drastic measures are not the first step, and they should probably be avoided anyway.  The first step is to try and calmly talk it out.  That’s what my RA did, and that’s what they taught me about bullies in elementary school.  Want another metaphor?  Say that the problem is like a wound.  Clawing and scratching at it won’t make it better, and could actually make it worse.  Applying medicine will help it heal.
So let’s apply some medicine to this situation.  Let’s educate Group B about the LGTBQA+ community.  Let’s teach them to be friendlier and more open.  Let us not be like Malcolm X during the Civil Rights era, where we fight fire with fire.  Let us be more like Martin Luther King Jr.
We are all people.  Nobody’s perfect.  Some of us are wrong.  Some of us can be very wrong.  So help us correct the errors of our ways instead of shouting slander at us.  The shouting might be legitimized and make you feel better, but ultimately, it’s not going to solve the problem.
From what I read, Princess Grr’s Gender Squad is about using the metaphorical medicine to solve the problem, and I fully support that.  I hope that others in this argument can back down and start taking an approach like this.  Frankly I am disappointed that so many have taken the yelling approach instead.  Come on, we can be better than this!
I’m not saying this is the perfect solution.  I don’t know what the perfect solution is at all.  I just think that calm discussions are a better method than angry villain-ization, and I hope further discussions move away from the latter.
Anyway, if you do see some error in my reasoning, please politely let me know.  I’m willing to admit when I make a mistake, even if I don’t like doing so.  It’s strange to write this, because I am clearly a pessimist, but I think you should look for the good in people first before you judge them harshly.  My motto is to respect everybody equally, until they have proven that they do not deserve my respect.  Even if Group B is being disrespectful, try to help them change for the better before putting them under some sort of evil label.
Those are my thoughts for tonight.  Thank you for reading, and peace out.  :)


BrickCon Mosaic

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions, MOCs Aug 18 2013 · 680 views
Eh, trying to organize this with other's input hasn't worked out yet, so I'm just pushing this forward solo:
Potential BrickCon BZPower Bionicle Mosaic

Posted Image


[01] [02] [03] [04]
[05] [06] [07] [08]
[09] [10] [11] [12]


Piece 1: Xccj
Piece 2: Chocolate Frogs
Piece 3: Kakaru
Piece 4: Brickthing
Piece 5: Swert (Maybe?)
Piece 6: Brickthing (Potentially?)
Piece 7: Xccj
Piece 8: Kakaru
Piece 9: Mylo Xyloto (Razlak)
Piece 10: Kakaru
Piece 11: Kopakanui
Piece 12: Kopakanui
Okay, now we should be all set unless somebody drops the ball.
Details: So we need peeps to contribute 32x32 baseplates for this.  (Baseplates outlines in red)  The standard stuff for mosaics apply: you can use stacked plates, you should use newer dark and light bleys instead of old style grays, and don't even think about using bricks with hollow studs (like technic bricks).
There are some rareish colors like dark green and dark blue in use here.  (And orange... and lime.)  There's also dark red / brown (the program doesn't know the difference between the two) and for this mosaic that color could go either direction.  I think I have enough pieces on my own that I could pull off any particular baseplates, but definately not all of this.  I do have a stand that should hold the full thing.
And if you decide to build one but come to a point where just one stud is throwing you off... well, I'll allow for little tweaks like that, as long as it doesn't mess with the full flow of the thing.  (I've done that in that past, so yeah.)
Oh, and just to be clear, this is for BrickCon attendees only.  Few reasons for that: A: BrickCon leadership is more stringent about people shipping stuff in compared to BrickFair or other conventions, B: I'm deciding this late in the game so we really don't have time to play with shipping dates, and C: This isn't the official BZPower mosaic thingy, that's reserved for BrickFair.  :P  But it's hard enough to get all ye BrickConees to talk in one place, so I'm just kinda keeping track of it here.
So, if you're qualified, claimy a piece!
(And if there's not enough interest... better to know now than later) Well, there should be enough interest now, hope it works out!


Tally The Votes

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 18 2013 · 218 views

Monster / Titan Contest
My entries
MOC: 0 votes.  Pretty standard.
Story: 4 votes.  Dunno what people were thinking, but it apparently ties me in second...?
Art: 4 votes.  Again.  Technically it's 4th place?  But there were clearly some better things there, and they got their votes deservingly.
Games: 7 votes?  WHA?  At the very least, this means that I should actually try and make that game.  Totes wasn't expecting that.
Again, all in all, there were some epic entries in all the categories, so it'll be fun to see what comes out on top in the finals!!


About The Monster Contest

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Aug 16 2013 · 419 views

I mean, man, it's incredible how the entries have turned out.  The MOCs seem to be rather high quality, with a few exceptions (AKA my entry) so that it's kind of hard to pick the best of em.  I mean, usually BBC contests aren't this evenly matched, right?  That, and most of the art entries are awesome... that was my best entry into this contest, and mine's being blown out of the water by some of the other ones.  The game ideas are fun, but I am really impressed at the music (and video) submissions; we have some talented people on BZPower, don't we?  I still need to sit down and listen to everything before I cast my vote.  Also, I haven't read all the stories yet, but I mean we had more literary entries than any other category besides MOCs, so that's pretty awesome too.  Library power, yay!
There is one thing I am disappointed about, tho.
A few people keep voting for my entries!  Sure, my MOC has nill, but I did get a few for my art piece and a few for my basic game idea and I guess even someone voted for one of my stories??  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?
I feel that there's another category that I'm missing, but I must be wrong cause it's not something I'm going to discuss here. I know I love bragging that I can delete comments in my blog by sheer force of will (or, y'know, cause I'm authorized to see those delete buttons here) but I will do so if need be.
But all in all, I'm impressed with this contest.  It would've been cooler to see even more awesome entries, but the ones that did make it through are pretty good.  Yay BZPower... Bionicle may be over but we can still keep it going strong.  TAKE THAT JACK STONE I DON'T SEE ANY OF YOUR FANSITES AROUND ANYMORE!
Also, I changed my avi.  I know Steins;Gate came out a few years ago, but I recently finished it and thought it was one of the most epic science fiction / time travel stories out there.  (Oh no I am liking anime too much now, goodness knows if I become one of those people who gets insulted when its refered to as Japanese cartoons!)


NANO Completed

Posted by xccj , in Stories Aug 14 2013 · 422 views

I just completed my NANO Story from 2010.
So back in 2010, I participated in the National November Writing Month thingy whatever.  The one where you write 50,000 words in 30 days.  Huge time consumer, and didn't help that I was in over my head as far as school was concerned.  But by the end of the month, I was just over the word count mark.  But the problem was that my story was only partially over; I had set it up for the big climaxe, but didn't continue it.
And then the story got put on hold.
Fast forward to this summer.  I decided to retackle this, since I had the plot all figured out, and just needed to write in the details and battle.  (The idea was based on a 7 sins idea that I totally stole from Makaru and Kumata back in the day)  In the process, I added another bunch of words, so the final count is 73,280.  Not quite my longest story ever, but its pretty impressive.
For the record, my Time Disruption story was 88,000 ish words long, and my Slizers epic was almost at 120,000 words, and that was also a WIP.  My longest story is currently at 220,000 words, but I've been adding to it for four years now... and those are the longest ones I have to offer.
Now I have like 4 other WIPs I should start working on.  Oh, and that whole "find a job" thing should also take priority, right?


It's a Monster of an Entry List

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 10 2013 · 194 views

For example, you should be afraid of The Frog-Baboon-Wolf Monster That Wants to Eat You.

Don't believe me? Then this alliterative account of its attack on Lego City should strike the fear into your heart.

You know what else would probably stop your heart (as well as most of the other working parts of your body): Driving a Monster Truck on Titan. Unless you're a Toa, then it's cool.

You know where you can also find Toa? In my game idea!

You know what's another cool thing to listen to besides my rambling? Music! I... uh, don't have a music entry, but it's pretty cool that we got a handful of entries in that category. I wish I could make music, I just have no talent for it.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO? Vote in the polls. When they get posted. Don't worry about it, I'll remind you when they're up. :sly:
WHAT YOU SHOULD'VE DONE is enter the Monster contest.  If you did, then you're awesome.  If you didn't, then you should be INSANELY JEALOUS off of the cool entries people posted.  (Well, there's also my stuff, but I'm not sure if that counts under "cool entries.")


It's Just Four Letters

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Aug 08 2013 · 394 views

For the record, the xkcd comic were first posted in 2005, although granted Randall Munroe might have come up with the name before that.

I registered as xccj on this site in 2003, and I'd been using the same name on Lego.com since the late 90s.

I did not steal Randall Munroe's four letter name; he stole mine.

It's also not really an acronym but I did a whole contest about that back in the day so it actually stands for Xtra Carbon Copy Justice. You can thank Toaraga for that... and those of you who voted for that option.

Just to clear this all up. :P



A Monster on Titan

Posted by xccj , in News Aug 04 2013 · 326 views
Titan, Monster Contest
Posted Image


It's the Toa Mata driving a Monster Truck on the Moon Titan.

Because this totally fits with the current theme.

Some of you might counter this, cause there isnt any apparent conflict between the Monster (truck) or Titan (the moon) BUT THERE IS. And I will break down the categories.

ATMOSPHERE: Titans atmosphere is primarily made up of methane and ethane gases, which are totally not breathable to humans. Since the Monster truck has an opened cab, the Toa are stuck breathing that stuff. Would that affect the Toa, since has it even been established that they have to breathe oxygen. (I thought they just breathed gaseous protodermis.) Advantage: Titan

GRAVITY: Titan has a lot less gravity than Earth, so the monster truck has to use a fraction of its power to roll across the landscape. Advantage: Monster Truck

TEMPERATURE: Titan is very, very cold. Its only like reeeeeeaaaaaally far from the sun. (Saturn doesnt count as a heat source.) Besides 5/6 of the Toa being cold (Kopaka would probably be fine) this might be a problem for the Monster Trucks power source. If its a combustion engine, it might freeze the gasoline. If its a battery, it might freeze the electrons or something. If its powered by Kanoka discs, I bet even those dont work well when it gets too cold. Advantage: Titan

AWSOME ROAD TRIP: The Toa are having a blast, being the first Matoran universe beings to travel across the surface of the only moon in our solar system with an atmosphere. (Aqua Magna and Bota Magna count as proto planets and not moons, I think.) Advantage: Monster Truck

Its gonna be a close match between these two, and this image certainly portrays that conflict. Thats why this is a TOTALLY LEGITIMATE INTERPRETATION OF THE CONTESTS THEME!!

You can post stuff here or in the topic, Im following both so Ill see it, but remember posts count in the topic and not in the blog. ;)



Rejected (Maybe) Distillery and Pub

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Aug 03 2013 · 460 views

Posted Image

Cause my team would rather have blood sacrifices than parties with lightshows. :P I think. I dunno, it's not like we communicate or anything.

That one image totally isn't someone drinking; it's somebody tazing themselves in the mouth. Who it is is still up in the air.


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