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A 10 Question Fad?

Posted by xccj , Jun 14 2008 · 287 views
News and Updates
First, Laughin'Man posted an interesting 10 Question entry. Shortly afterwards, Bundalings the Surprise posted his own follow-up entry. If I post one next, will this thing turn into a fad?

Let's test it out.

10 Questions

1. What’s better: a husky, a cougar, a pack of huskies, a pack of cougars, or a pachyderm?
2. Would you like to discuss Einstein’s theory of relativity and how it applies to modern day physics and the string theory?
3. Do you support Jonism?
4. Do you know what Jonism is?
5. What’s better: apples, oranges, bananas, or tomatoes?
6. Why are you ignorant of the Yeerk invasion?
7. If you could fly, would you order pepperoni or Canadian bacon pizza?
8. What is your favorite reference to Monty Python?
9. How many monkeys does it take to start a BZP fad?
10. Will you write up your own 10 question blog entry after this?



Too Sleepy

Posted by xccj , Jun 14 2008 · 226 views
News and Updates
But I muuuust blog...

Lats night, I stayed up way too late hanging out with my first roomie, the one who moved out last quarter to go hang out at a frat. So he hung around in my room doing a last minute (seriously) make-up lab while I cleaned, and we have various Fox animated shows running in the background.

Today, I woke up way too early (about the time my classes would begin normally), finished packing, and cleaning. The stupid dorms rented out a vacuum because I had to clean my room. Unfortunately, the vacuum sucked, because it didn't suck. I spent an hour of my life trying to unclog that stupid thing, and it still didn't work. And when I finally got checked out and everything, I faced a cit wide traffic jam. (Seriously, Bellevue to Fort Lewis, if that makes any sense to any Seattleites). Now I'm home, but too sleepy to really do much on the Internet.

And I am half way done with my story and only have two weeks to finish it. Arg...



Four Scouts Dead...

Posted by xccj , Jun 12 2008 · 213 views
News and Updates
MSNBC Article: 4 Boy Scouts die as tornado hits Iowa camp.

Uh, yeah, this kind of came as a shock to me when I read it this morning. A tornado struck down in this Boy Scout Camp in Iowa during a leadership training week. Apparently it happened so fast that there was no warning, and no shelter suitable to stand up to a tornado. 4 scouts were killed, others injured. I don't know anybody in that area, so this doesn't affect me personally, but as a former Boy Scout, it is kind of chilling.

When I went to Summer Camp, they usually briefed us on their alarm systems or whatever. We'd be bored while they told us where to go when the alarms sounded and all these other safety precautions. But in the Northwest, these precautions seemed geared more towards forest fires or tsunamis than tornadoes. If I had been at a scout camp when there was a tornado, I don't know what I would've done. There are few, if any, underground shelters, and tents and adirondacks surely aren't any good. The main buildings, like the mess halls, probably don't offer much better shelter.

Really, if there was a forest fire at camp, I would probably know what to do. Same with a Tsunami (for anybody who has ever been to Camp Meriwether, you know exactly how close to the ocean you are). I could probably also live through a small earthquake... the problem with quakes most of the time are being crushed by falling buildings, and there are relatively few big buildings at Boy Scout Camps. As for the weather... well, I've lived through rainy weeks, and I know what to do in a thunderstorm (mostly because I used to live by Colorado Springs, where those were very common). And if we had a hurricane, we'd probably have enough time to evacuate.

But the few safety precautions I know for tornadoes wouldn't apply at Scouting Camp. If I had been in that situation, I would've had absolutely no idea what to do. The scout motto is "Be Prepared," but obviously its hard to prepare for that completely unpredictable tornado. It's just another reminder that nobody can really stand against mother nature.

My heart goes out to the families of the scouts who were killed.



Character Names...

Posted by xccj , Jun 12 2008 · 242 views
News and Updates
Here's a list of character names I'm using for my mystery epic for the contest. Tell me if any of them sound too out-there. Because, after all, coming up with a good character name can be tough, especially with Bionicle. Since my creativity is limited somewhat in that department, you may find some names that are similiar to those in various other epics. And, of course, I'm not listing all the characters because I have a few surprises I'm going to throw it.

Anyway, the names. Tell me if any sound bad or are too similiar to somebody else's.

Saith (a tribute to Kumata Nuva's Saithen character)
Suni (a tribute to the Epic Contest 5 character, Sunari)
Jalkal (a tribute to Jaller, just because)

Bonus points to those who can guess which names are new and which are reused.

Of course, at the rate I'm going, I might not finish this epic in time for the contest. What I have currently also isn't perfect. But, hey, if I miss the contest, that still doesn't stop me from posting this story. It's a blast to write... and I don't have to feel guilty anymore because finals are over. (If I live after grades come out has yet to be determined)



Bionicle Graphic Novel #1

Posted by xccj , Jun 11 2008 · 77 views
Today I picked up the graphic collection of the first Bionicle comics at B&N. A little pricey, but it's excellent! All the pages are colorful and glossy, just as good as the original comics, or even better. True, it is a little bit smaller, but the artwork looks just the same. In fact, considering how thick each page is, I'm surprised its only a couple dollars more than the regular books.

Now, why did I get this book? I already know the story by heart... and I have half the lines memorized anyway. Plus, back home I still have my entire Bionicle comic collection; some in better condition than others, true, but they're still readable. I even have a limited edition copy of Comic 1, which I got from BZP when I achieved OBZPC-ship.

No, I got this entirely for it's nostalgic properties. Because, when asked about the golden days of Bionicle, I think of the first two years of the comics. (Well, and the MNOLG, but that's beside the point) The dialogue and action are supreme, and there are countless lines in there that I've used in epics over and over again. The Rahi and Bohrok era were the pinnacle of Bionicle comics in my mind. By the time the Rahkshi came around, half the story was being left out because it was already told in the movie. The Metru-Nui sagas were even worst, as the comics just delivered colorful side stories, leaving the movies to carry the bulk of the main plot. (And comics > movies in this sense) By the time we got to 06, we had a new artist who no longer drew the characters in their set forms (just as the sets had become articulate enough for him to do so, really) and most of the battles became blasts and witty comments. I'm not saying that I dislike the comics of today... but they hold nothing to the original comics.

Lego was kind enough to re-release these comics, showing that they are reaching out to some old nostalgic fans. Although I don't need the book, because I already have the original material, I still bought it to support Lego. And also, no matter what, having artwork with the Toa Mata in action is super cool. What got me hooked on Bionicle in the first place. If your comic supply in insufficient, then you most certainly should pick these up. Otherwise, it's just a repeat of your comics... although this book is bound to stay in better condition than some of the old comics from 01.

Of course, I am not going to buy every Graphic Novel that comes out... the Rahkshi era may be worth it, but Metru-Nui and beyond definitely aren't. Yet I couldn't pass up a chance to get one last reminder of 2001 and 2002.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «



Winter Vs Summer

Posted by xccj , Jun 10 2008 · 247 views
News and Updates
Rain in the summer? Big deal. I've been on plenty of Boy Scout summer trips where it was more than drizzly.

Wind? When can you not expect it? (When you're on the sail boat, of course)

Snow? In June? Not in the Northwest!

But, no we're getting snowfall in the passes tonight.

Just... wow, yeah. Colorado, I could expect this. Not Washington.

Unfortunately, I just get to look forward to rain down at this elevation. Lovely weather for finals week.

This really isn't so bad, though, compared to flooding and tornadoes elsewhere.

What's ironic is that we had some really nice sunny days in February.



F / L = I

Posted by xccj , Jun 08 2008 · 115 views

Get it? The joke part, I mean. I don't even know what it's suppose to bean in physics term. I got it off a help forum for my physics class, but I don't even know what the F variable stands for! ARG!

I hate Homework and finals.



A Toa, Skakdi, And Makuta Walk Into A Bar

Posted by xccj , Jun 07 2008 · 145 views

And Go "OW!"

I have nothing to really say besides I'm exhausted, brain warped, and ready to be out of school so I can begin a job search. 1 final finished, 2 more to go, not to mention some last minute home work. Oh, and I have some funny jokes to put in the new epic. Hope I can get it finished before the deadline.




Posted by xccj , Jun 07 2008 · 244 views
News and Updates
Here's the definition of not-funness.

Economics Final next Tuesday
Physics Final next Monday

Epic Contest NOWWW!

This is horrible... I'm having alot of fun writing up a complex mystery story. It should have some amazing plot twists and everything, but won't be nearly as long as Time Disruption or Slizers on Mata-Nui. It is shaping up to be really good, in my opinion, but the timing is completely off. I need to be studying for finals! And I really need to pass them too.

So I really should cut my time on BZP. But here I am, writing a blog...



A Chance To Brag

Posted by xccj , Jun 05 2008 · 246 views
News and Updates
I Have Bionicle Legends 10! Swamp of Secrets! Yeah!

I was checking B&N online, as I was surprised to see that it now have the option to check the availability of Bionicle Legends 10. Well, I did, and pretty much every store around me had it... except the one that was just a short walk away. Nope, it was out of stock.

So I walked there, just to be sure.

And walked out with the book. Ha.

Anyway, the story is good... the characters are just as good as they ever were, and this time they don't have any personality problems to deal with. Onua rockz. And the Makuta are good too... I actually like Bitil the most now, but Krika owns. To my disappointment, the conflict between the Toa Mistika and Makuta Mistika wasn't nearly as good as the Phantoka book... probably because it was cut short by the flashbacks. I actually greatly enjoyed the flashbacks, sometimes even more than the current story. And, of course, Takanuva's portion was good too.

Probably one of the coolest things about this were the connections to past years that have been neglected in the past... I'd list them, but I think I'll wait until spoilers are allowed. And then the Kingdom story is veeery fun to read... I will go into a more in depth review of that too once spoilers from it are allowed. But I think it is an excellent idea for Greg to expand the story and bring back a multitude of characters we want to see more off.

And now I just need to get the summer sets, which will come out approximately when summer is starting for me, give or take a month or two. (Last year, I think the Mahri came out right when I went back to school) I'd totally get all the Mistika (except Gorast) if money wasn't an issue... but I most certainly will get Tahu. And I greatly desire Bionicle Legends 11 now... and I have just enough money left over on my B&N gift card to purchase it when the time comes.



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