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The Board And The Blog

Posted by xccj , Jun 04 2008 · 141 views
Yes, yes, paranoid people copy their posts before they hit "post new entry." I do that half the time myself, but sometimes I'm just so eager that I forget, and then the Board Message looms down on me like a dark cloud... or an evil pinkish message that no longer has cool jokes in it.

But here's what irks me.

I post in a topic, and I get the board message. Sometimes, I can backspace, and get the original post all written out still, where I then copy and paste. Or, sometimes, I can't get through but check back later to see that it did post... and sometimes double posts when I clicked the "post" button twice. Annoying, but all the same, it posted!

Neither happen when I post a blog.

And this has happened to me alot recently.

So my really cool, really long, really gone blog entry is... well, non existent, as of this point. And I am too lazy, preoccupied, and tired to retype it. I'll post it later.

This is just frustration and murphy's law.

End, Shift Home, Pg. Up, Ctrl C



A High School Musical

Posted by xccj , Jun 01 2008 · 273 views
News and Updates
But not that stupid Disney one… a real one.

Pretty much the only reason I went home for the weekend was to see my high school’s musical “A Funny Thing happened on the Way to the Forum.” It’s set in Rome, with lots of crazy antics going around. The singing by a few people could’ve been improved, but the hilarious acting was great. Plus, I got to see a ton of old friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. And to add to that, I would go back to high school just to act in a few of these plays again. Arg, college life does not allow time for that, and anyway the people who do drama in my university are serious about it and offer strong competition. Plus they aren’t taking practical courses like math, physics, and other mathy-sciency-type stuff.

Although I do hope to see the plays my high school puts on next year, the first being “And Then There Were None: A Murder Mystery.” Speaking of which, have you seen Epic Contest 7? Such an awesome theme! I am most certainly going to try and enter, although I still have two weeks that I have to use to study for finals, so I may not find the time to finish it before the deadline. But I most certainly would like to see what other people come up with. 



Busy Weekend

Posted by xccj , May 30 2008 · 162 views
News and Updates
Stuff I have to do in the next 72 Hours
  • Physics Midterm tomorrow morning
  • Stay awake through Math and Econ
  • Catch a bus to the train station (the right bus this time)
  • Get on a train.
  • Hope my phone works on the train.
  • Find a way to entertain myself for the three hour trip.
  • Wait for my friend to come and pick me up because my parents decided to ditch me this weekend.
  • Finish Physics online HW before Midnight.
  • Wake Up Saturday morning.
  • Go help out scouts for local Fun Days events.
  • Watch Fun Days parade.
  • Participate in Fun Days activities.
  • Go home and polish up stuff
  • Go to job interview... the Second!
  • Make it back in time to take my sister to the musical (she's in the band)
  • Watch the musical (and see all my friends from drama last year)
  • Go to sleep.
  • Wake Up Sunday morning.
  • Finish Econ HW that is due Monday
  • Work on / even start Math HW that's due on Wednesday
  • Battle in Kumata's RPG
  • Get my friend to take me to train station.
  • Suffer another three hours
  • Get on late night bus and go back to university
  • Go to sleep in order to make my morning class.
  • Start next week.
Well, it's looking kinda jammed up, especially since my last few weekend have been primarily
  • Sleep
  • Get up and eat
  • Cruise BZP
  • Watch TV
  • Maybe look at HW (but don't start)
  • Sleep some more
And to top it all off, my cell phone isn't working very well after it's little dip in the lake. And customer service sucked. glare.gif And since I'm needing to make quite a few calls this weekend, this might prove to be a problem.

Now, my goal for right now.
  • Go to sleep so I'm not a zombie through the midterm!



Miracle Camera

Posted by xccj , May 26 2008 · 216 views
News and Updates
Here's the back story: I used to have a cool digital camera that I bought just before I headed off to school. It got stolen with my laptop and pretty much all my other electronics. So I got another one. tongue.gif

Anyway, yesterday my friend and I went canoeing on Lake Washington (ten guesses which state that's in). I brought my camera along to actually make use of it, for once. Well, we were passing the camera across the canoe (to me, actually) when the already unsteady boat decided to flip over. I went over, and my head went underwater.

The hand holding onto the camera did not go underwater.

Bu Yah!

A few other boaters came along to help us... they were so nice... and then a rescue boat from the place we rented the canoe came along to toe it back to dock. I tried to use the methods I learned in Boy Scouts to empty the water out from the swamped canoe... but this brand was heavier than our old troop ones. So, yeah...

It was an interesting weekend.

The actual accident actually involved a motor boat, sharks, and an intense action sequence, but the details are too graphic for me to share on BZP. sad.gif All you need to know is that the camera did not get wet. (The cell phone, on the other hand...)

Oh, yeah, and finally...

That's a prefect score, FOOLZ!



Story Update

Posted by xccj , May 24 2008 · 215 views
News and Updates
After about a month, I have finally updated my epic Many Adventures. Considering my usual habits, a month isn't that bad, but it did take me only a couple f days to write, so it was mostly a lack of inspiration and / or time.

Slizers on Mata-Nui should also be making progress, because I have an entire chapter written and the following chapter partially written. The problem is, there's a section in the next chapter that I really don't like, and I haven't figured out how to rewrite it and make it better. So until I can do that, that epic is also stalled out.

Furthermore, I'm dying to write a review on the latest Indiana Jones movie. You know, besides just bragging and using emotions like bounce1a.gif .

However, I don't want to post too many spoilers and ruin it for people too early. Thus, I'll wait until the weekend is over before writing something up. (And who knows, I might see it again. One of my friends was going to see it, but midterms kept him in his room.) Just for the record, I liked it, but I want to go into more detail about what worked and what didn't... and point out some of my favorite gags. biggrin.gif

In other news, I am getting my first three day weekend for spring quarter, but the weather's dull and I don't have anything good planned. I want to go home next week, but my parents are going to be gone, so I have no way to make it from the train station to my home (we don't have quite as elaborate a bus system as Seattle). Thus I'm trying to exploit friends with cars, but it's not looking too good...



Some Bloggy Type Stuff

Posted by xccj , May 22 2008 · 249 views
News and Updates
I've thought about writing a new blog, but when I had a nice long one a couple of days ago, the server ate it. And then burped. So here I go again...

Anyway, I have completely solved my roommate troubles by moving across the hallway. It's different, but much more bearable.

Unfortunately, the hassle of moving meant that I was slammed with a ton of homework on Monday, so that wasn't very fun, especially because the new Bionicle game came out at about the same time. glare.gif

Speaking of the game, it's quite fun. It takes a little practice, but I'm pretty good at it now. A little thing I noticed; when you press the space bar, you can knock Toa / Makuta out of your way. i discovered this while I was Tanma, because he has the little sword swinging animation. You get the same results from the other Matoran (Light and Shadow) but they just don't have any cool slash moves. I am currently trying to get a perfect score: 27000. So far, I've reached 25000, but I need to practice not hitting the walls.

More about the game: I created a poll about your favorite Phantoka games this year. I've been keen to make one for a while now, but I waited until all of them were out. I was frankly surprised that nobody beat me to it... although the odds are somebody will post the same poll in a few days and everybody will post there, and completely ignore mine. Oh well, here it is.

Furthermore, check out this picture. I think Lego is really just tormenting us by posting what could have been the sets but just stayed as prototypes. A couple of things...

Matoran Body = WIN, especially with the reused Bohrok (Kal) shields. Why couldn't the Matoran have had build-able bodies?
Matoran Mask= Cool
Matoran Wing Weapons= WIN
Kopaka's varied armor= Super Win! Why'd they have to give the finalized set boring Inika armor on the legs and arms? This is a great design, and even uses preused pieces.
Kopaka's torso armor (Matoran body piece) = Super Win.
Matoran Body Piece > Inika torso piece.

Really, why couldn't the finalized sets be a little more like the prototypes?

And, one final point, I will be seeing Indy 4 tonight at Midnight. I've heard it's a horrible movie because it's not like the original... which I consider gibberish, because the sequels are never as good as the original. I still am going and expecting to enjoy it, even if it's not Raiders

Here's hoping this makes it through the server in one piece.




Posted by xccj , May 17 2008 · 226 views
News and Updates
Troublesome Roommate Solution

Bury him and don't look back.

Move rooms, even if it is only for three and a half weeks.

More trouble for me now, but at least I'll get away.

On another thought, I love re-watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I got it right this time, Kumata. tongue.gif

It's a great movie. Unfortunately, I always get hung up after the tank sequence... after that brilliant chase scene, everything else just feels dull.

Now I have to pack.




Posted by xccj , May 15 2008 · 188 views
News and Updates
Things that are going wrong right now. (In no particular order of magnitude)

Bothersome roommate
Switching rooms this weekend to get away from him.
Sinus / Ear infection
Calculus Midterm
Econ Homework Group shrunk, so now I have to do more homework problems
Physics homework
Little / no motivation
BZP Procrastination
Epic Writer's Block

And I am so much better off than people in that last Chinese earthquake. sad.gif




Posted by xccj , May 13 2008 · 142 views
I was thinking (a rare occurrence these days) and I got interrupted by the idea of listing my favorite Bionicle sets over the years. So here's for stuff you think up while you're supposed to be taking notes.

Favorites, based off set design, not storyline.

Toa Mata: Gali, Lewa, Pohatu. All the Toa Mata are just classic favorites, so I won't even bother choosing between the three listed.

Turaga: Nokama. Just because.

Tohunga: Nuparu, mostly because he was the first one I could get.

Rahi: Of the two I got, I preferred the Tarakava.

Bohrok: Kohrok. Since all the Bohrok are pretty much the same, I went with the one with the coolest shields.

Bohrok Va: Lehvak Va. Love those machetes.

Toa Nuva: Lewa. I really don't have a favorite out of this bunch, but I like Lewa's color and weapons.

Bohrok Kal: Nuhvok Kal. Ah, it was just the first one I got, and the black and silver went together well.

Rahkshi: Lerahk. Again, it's the green.

Matoran 03: Um, Takua, I guess. I wasn't very impressed with the design, but the masks and colored pieces were great.

Toa Metru: Onewa. His weapons are sweet, as is his mask design.

Vahki: Vorzahk. Mostly because its green, I suppose.

Metruan: Ehrye or Nuhri.

Toa Hordika: None. Only thing that was great about them was the skull piece, really.

Visorak: Oohnorak. Just because of the yellow eyes. The Visorak were bummer sets too.

Rahaga: Iruini. Green.

Piraka: Thok. Great color scheme, awesome head design, wicked weapon. Yeah.

Toa Inika: Hewkii. His mask rocked and he had chains.

Voya-Nui Matoran: Garan. Mostly because of the hordika skull pieces. Except for Dalu, all the Voya-Nui Matoran were awesome.

Barakki: Mantax. Great design, especially considering he's named after a manta ray.

Toa Mahri: Hewkii. A more unique design with lots of good blade pieces, as well as a unique way to hold the Cordak.

Mahri Matoran: Dekar. I guess it's because of th yellow.

Toa Phantoka: Pohatu. The orange is good, but the propellers are an awesome idea.

Makuta Phantoka: Chirox. I dunno, his wing design looks good.

Matoran of Light or Shadow: Tanma and Kirop. For their colors, I suppose.

Toa Mistika (estimated): Tahu. Basic design is overused but not too bad. Rotating blade looks good.

Makuta Mistika (estimated): Bitil or Krika. Both have good designs, I'm just not sure yet.

Titan that I Have from 03 onward: Keetongu. New color (at the time) and useful design.

Special Mention: Boxer and Bahrag. Expensive but very intricate.

Procrastination is complete. Retinas have been burned out due to multitude of colors.

In other news, which mask do you prefer, Mask 3 or Mask 4?



Chinese Films

Posted by xccj , May 10 2008 · 232 views
News and Updates
Or Hong Kong, as it was separate of China when most of 'em were made.

Here's the scoop. I had a rough morning with a midterm and all (yes, I'm still on Midterms, finals don't come for another month.) So tonight, I thought I'd do something to just chill out. Sleep was out of the question once my roommate arrived, and I felt like watching a movie. But I didn't feel like shoving out five bucks for a rental (not to mention the walk to and from the nearest Blockbuster) So instead, I logged onto a video website, and randomly searched Jackie Chan. They had a bunch of clips from his various movies, and sometimes even the whole movie itself. It's split into ten minute portions or so, and the quality is not exceptional. But, hey, it's free.

Plus, here's something I do with foreign films. I don't use the English dub, where there are voice overs for all the characters in English. I listen to the film in its original language, and use English subtitles instead. I don't know why, but it makes the sound flow a lot better, plus I find it easier to understand quick words by reading it rather than hearing it blurted out rapidly. Just something I do. So I watched the movie clips in Chinese with English subtitles. There were English voice overs, but I skipped those.

With that said, I've wasted the last five or so hours watching all three Police Story (at least, I think that's the English name) movies in ten minute portions on an unnameable video hosting site. I don't know if it's legal or not, but these movies came out before I was born, so whatever.

And I've seen enough martial arts to satisfy me. yeah. cool.gif


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