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I Feel A Need To Update This...

Posted by xccj , Jun 26 2007 · 26 views
News and Updates
A couple of notes...

1) Summer's started! Yeah, it started last week, but I was helping prepare for my dads big b-day party. We got lucky on the weather... it was suppose to rain but it didn't, so we could have the party outside and not cram everybody indoors. And then the next day it poured down. Ha! We really got lucky there. I was busy parking cars, too, so it would've been really bad if it rained the whole time.

2) Writer's block. I have ideas for like two or three comedies, but I just can't find inspiration to write them down. I'm hoping to work on those soon. I also have another Voya-Nui epic planned out... but I need to take some pictures of an MOC that's in it and make pretty banners for each chapter... it's only six chapters long, so I'm thinking by the end of this week I'll have something to post on BZP.

3) I'm cleaning my room... which first requires me to sort through all my Lego Bricks and rebuild all my sets, so the room doesn't actually look clean for a week or two. I did this big search through my container and separated all the system and technic pieces (as well as minifigure pieces and accessories, more on that later). Turns out, although my box was pretty full of Lego Bricks, a majority of it was Bionicle related. And all the small pieces that collected at the bottom... mostly technic. It's kind of interesting to see my collection... my system sets are all about from seven years ago. So I have all these cool pieces that I just never see in other sets anymore. It's kinda sad...

4) As mentioned before, I collected all the pieces of any minifigures I had and put them all together. I have about fifty of them built and enough bodies, legs, arms, and heads to make another twenty more. They really represent the themes I've been into... Aquanauts, the guys who came out before Aquanauts but had a different name, Stingrays, Alien, Insectiods (those two had all the weird colored heads), X-Treme Team, Rock Raiders, Johnny Thunder's adventurers, and assorted city folks, including many policemen and construction workers. I had fun spending a day mix matching all my favorite body pieces with heads and specific arm and leg colors. It reminds me of the good old days of wanting system sets. When it came down to it, the mini figures were always my favorite part of the sets... they always needed cool vehicles and buildings, but the characters were what made the playing fun. Maybe that's why I like Bionicle so much... it focuses more on designing the characters and not their cars.

5) I also discovered that, despite what Lego says about pieces having a life long guarantee, pieces still break. While building the minifigures, I discovered plenty of broken hands, legs, and some worn out heads and bodies. (The legs most likely broke when I took some apart to switch around the colors. Essential for customization, but bad on the pars. And the worn out heads were my favorite ones that I used to use over and over again in sets... luckily, most of them I've bought replacement heads from other sets. Now, most of those heads are probably discontinued, so I'd better keep the ones I have in good condition) In the Bionicle department, the joints were weakening and/or breaking in a lot of sets. For example, Tahu Nuva may need a new hand, and Lewa Mata's leg is going to be black for a while. I know that you can call Lego and ask them to send you replacements for broken pieces (somehow) but since most of my broken pieces are either small and/or discontinued, I think it'll be a waste of time and/or money. Oh well.

6) With all my build minifigures, I've been thinking of making this sort of contest where I post teams in my blog and people vote on which ones would win in a confrontation. I have teams like Johnny Thunder's adventurers, undersea explorers, and, yes, even a customized J.A.F Team. Anybody liking that idea... as in they'd actually reply if I did something like that? Or is this paragraph too far down this long blog to get any attention? tongue.gif

7) Oh, yeah, and my rating went down. I liked it at 4.1, because the thing still showed me at having five stars anyway. Now it looks like I'm just not that good enough... too boring or long winded? tongue.gif Naw, as it turns out, I don't care about the rating... I like comments and such. Although I noticed my rating dipped down after I got that blog of the week award...

Anyhow, that's about a weeks worth of blogging ideas put into one entry. Enjoy, if you can do so. smile.gif



Praise The Great Spirit!

Posted by xccj , Jun 22 2007 · 39 views
News and Updates
The DVD burner works again!

After defragmentation, uninstalling and reinstalling program, and another four hour wait, I discovered that the DVD burner will crank out DVDs. Now I can complete my project, and I never have to burn a DVD again... until I make another cool movie worth archiving on a disc.

Plus, I have one story almost done (needs some artwork before postation), a comedy planned out (this one needs no art), another idea for a story (but it might never take off) and a set of interesting mini MOCs that have a really nice body design, if I do say so myself.

Finally, summer's starting to look up.



I Hate Dvds

Posted by xccj , Jun 19 2007 · 27 views
News and Updates
As an update to my entry last week, I have made no progress on burning the needed DVDs for my project. And I've run the program four times since then to burn more DVDs. Each time, while the program is still rendering, it freezes. Then I've wasted two or three hours of my time, and get nothing out of it. I've been running it on my computer twice today. The first one died after two hours, and it said it had one and a half hours to go. Then I cleaned up some spcae on my hard drive and tried again... got to eight minutes before freezing. Hear me? EIGHT MINUTES! ARHG! Four hours of rendering to shut down at eight minutes. And I still have a handful of DVDs to burn. Come on, computer, you did it once, albet at a slow pace, but don't keep glitching out on me, or I'll throw you off a cliff and then lose all internet access.

All in all, this process has grown frusterating. I'll try again tomorrow.



I Saw It!

Posted by xccj , Jun 17 2007 · 35 views
News and Updates

I just cam eback from viewing Pirates 3 in theatres. I wanted to see it when it first came out, but school work and other occurances prevented me... until now. Graduated from high school, got a whole month of summer to look forward-ish to, so why not start it off by watching a cool movie. My favorite part was when...

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Great movie, can't wait to get it on DVD and wtahc for every little detail. Sure, wasn't as good as the original, but sequils (triquils) never are.



Burn, Baby, Burn...

Posted by xccj , Jun 14 2007 · 32 views
News and Updates
I thought burning a DVD would be simple. Sure, for my computer, it takes time to render and then a little time to actually burn the disc. But, hey, I can burn four DVDs with ten minutes of info on them in about one and a half hours. How long can it take to burn forty DVDs with an hour and a half of media on them?

Apparently, longer than 12 hours. Three (or more) hours for the program to render. About 25 minutes to burn each DVD, not counting the time I need to switch discs out of thedisc drive. I need 32 total, preferably more. For tomorrow, I really just need about 22. After a whole afternoon, I only have 19, and it's one in the morning.

So, yeah, either computers slow, the program is slow, or the rendering and burning process in general is just slow... but its been slow going. How do these big productions crank out so many DVDs so fast? Do they have faster computers? blink.gif

And thus I am logging onto BZP now and logging right off once I've posted this blog. See ya.

One more day of high school. This will be my last high school all nighter.



Bionicle Legends 7 Is Mine

Posted by xccj , Jun 07 2007 · 35 views
Finally went to my local Borders and saw it in stock... this is my forth trip though, so the waste of gas probably made for an overall loss. And the book didn't seem to be nearly as good as I was hoping... a lot of characters but it was very fast-pased so they didn't go into as much detail as in some of the past books. I liked Bionicle Legends 6 better, although Bionicle Legends 7 more than doubles the cast of characters. Fortunatly, there were plenty of nifty surprises that make it worth reading. And I've always liked the books better once I've read through them two or three times to catch all the detail.

Maybe when we're allowed to post about the actual story, I'll put up some of my favorite quotes... there are a couple good ones that have yet to be released.

So, if you care at all about the story, then buy ths book. But is it worth obsessing about getting? Probably not... waiting some more can't hurt you. Now I just have to wait for Bionicle Legends 8... that's supposed to be the good one, right? smile.gif


Edit: Oh, and by the way, I finally got the soundtrack for Curtains, the Musical to be used for my Drama senior project. Good songs on that one.



Posted by xccj , Jun 07 2007 · 8 views

I seem to be lacking in this more and more. Fall asleep late at night... get up early. Stress over projects. According to the sign out in the school's hallway, there's only six days to go... so I'm hanging in.




Posted by xccj , Jun 06 2007 · 34 views
News and Updates
The school security system finally weeded out BZPower as a bad site (cause it links to other sites, apparently). I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who ever goes on it, and I've never been caught. But, oh well, I'm only stuck at the school for two more weeks before graduation. Tis no big inconvienence.



Senior Projects

Posted by xccj , Jun 04 2007 · 34 views
News and Updates
No, no, I thought I had it tough having to complete an Eagle Project (you know, if I wanted to achieve Eagle rank) But now my high school is making me repeat the whole thing over again with a new project. Sure, it's less physically intense this time, but it still requires a whole bunch of actual "thinking" and time to crank it out. A couple of notes on it.

1) The project keeps changing. It was originally the writing and / or filming of some sort of fiction. Then it turned into a filming of a piece of science fiction (no, quite literally, fiction discussing protein synthesis). Now it's creating a collection of picts from my Drama New York trip. It's lowered in quality, for sure. Still going to be good stuff, but not as good as would be a whole creative movie (my problem for that... couldn't find enough actors)

2) I've got to put this project together, using movie editing software and then a DVD burner. All on my slow computer. Yeah. And I am talking about hundreds of pictures. Quite literally, I'm dealing with probably one thousand picts, and an hours worth of movie interviews. I'm sure it's one huge chunk of my current harddrive... and it's a pain to organize it all together. With music too, none the less (I need to buy some music too)

3) There's this essay that was due last week that I need to write. I got an extension... something about working on a play every day till 7 PM allowed my teacher to give me some slack... but it's due tomorrow and I have nothing done with it. Haven't even started typing it up. Thought about it... am currently typing out thoughts in this blog entry that I could use later... but it's not turn-in quality. What's annoying... I wrote a ton of pages for my Eagle project, and now I have to do it all again.

4) Pulling an all-nighter, skipping tomorrow (you see, I have this terrible sun burn, so I can't go to school in case somebody tries to pat me on the back for being such an extremely cool person.) [/sarcasm] Anyhow, I expect a full day off from school should give me time to fit stuff together.

5) I'm graduating in two weeks, and I don't give a care. Those who are all excited about graduation must have their head in the ground. I still have some work to do, and if I don't do it well, I may get a poor grade and end up working at Home Depot for the rest of my life. (A likely possibility, as UW checks final transcripts for high school seniors to make sure we don't slack off our last semester)

So, I'm high strunk, worn out, and (best of all) SUNBURNED! (Dang UV rays... yes, I know, should've worn sun screen). And now I have type up my rant-style post. If you have read this far, congradulations. As mentioned in the past after such long rants, you must have no life if you read this all. Because, really, what sane person would want to read about somebody else's life's struggles.

Off to go check up on some other blogs. [/irony]



They Lied!

Posted by xccj , Jun 02 2007 · 46 views
News and Updates
The Borders online story check thingy said Bionicle Legends 7 was in stock. The shelves and in store computer said otherwise. And their Bionicle section is starting to look skimpy too.

I is annoyed massivly. Now off to Fun Days.


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