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Posted by xccj , Mar 27 2008 · 76 views
News and Updates
And I thought I did poorly last semester.

For the sake of my dignity (if any survived that last fall) I refuse to tell what grades I got this time, what grades I got last time, and what classes I was actually taking in the first place.

I'll say this... college is not easier than High School, or even on the same level. Best part has got to be that I don't have three AP classes in a row every day of the week, but that's not enough. If you're going into college, don't expect your grades to stay as high as they were in High School unless you put a lot of work into it (or take pathetic classes like "3rd Grade Addition"). And if you've already been through college and got decent grades... well, I guess all you can do is laugh at me right now. glare.gif But I know where your user name sleeps... er, I think? (here?)

On another note, spring break hasn't been really breakful. I think the correct name is "Spring Chores". I totally need to go somewhere besides home next year. I might have a chance to write something the night before classes begin (when I'm back in my dorm room)

On a third note, I cannot beat the Tanma game. Even after I cheated and entered the codes off the sets. I feel sad.

On the forth note (how many notes are you keeping?), I got a new set recently, I might write a quick review on it. It'll be quick because I wasn't very impressed with it, but whatever.

I also have ideas for continuing my comedy, making more music videos, and maybe hosting a writing contest in my blog. When I get to any of these things, only Mata-Nui knows. (And unfortunately for you, he's asleep)

If I inadvertently insulted or confused anybody... mission accomplished! _icon_joy_.gif



Rip It Up

Posted by xccj , Mar 24 2008 · 82 views
News and Updates
A continuation of my blog entry from yesterday...

Follow the Link. It will take you to a happy place

Or it'll take you to my Bionicle music video on Google. If you have time, watch it, and then tell me what you think. It's only three something minutes long, although my slow home modem makes loading time somewhat prolonged. In the end, it's not much. It Toa Mata, Toa Nuva, Bohrok Kal, Rahkshi, and Toa Metru clips merged together around the song "Rip It Up" by Jet. I'm addicted to that song, and a while ago I got thinking how some of the Bionicle movies could work well with the lyrics. Now you have to tell me if it worked in the end.

There are some known issues. The quality took a big drop when I rendered the clips and music together, and I was disappointed there. Some of the clips (namely the Metru and Rahkshi ones) aren't cut up as nicely because my editing software couldn't load them fast enough on the previews (but the final product runs smoothly). I have some ideas on how to fix these in later projects, though.

Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind creating some more of these music videos, as there are clips I just didn't get to use that would be cool. So, if anybody wants to list off some songs they would want to see Bionicle-fied, post them here. Of course, the odds are I won't have most of the songs mentioned, but if one does pop up, I'll make that a side project for my Spring Break. (Just not Move Along or one of the other songs officially made into a Bionicle music video)

So, yeah, please comment. smile.gif



Music Video

Posted by xccj , Mar 23 2008 · 75 views
News and Updates
How I spent my first day at home...

(Yeah, I actually did make it home)

Anyway, between landscaping chores ( glare.gif ) I edited some Bionicle clips together with a song. It's fairly good, although the quality went down a bit on the rendering. Right now, I've tried to upload it onto an unmentionable but popular video sharing site. I would like to see what you (the person actually reading my blog) would think of it, but I don't know any video-sharing sites that are BZP-friendly. If you want to PM me, I could send you a link / point you in the right direction to the video once it's finished loading on the other site. And if that's against the rules... well, uh, please tell me now before I break them. tongue.gif

Now I also kinda have inspiration to write more... but I've only got a laptop keyboard. Oops, didn't think of that when I thought of a Spring Break Epic Update. Hopefully I'll find time on the family computer to type up my ideas. (Because I hate laptop keyboards)

That is all. Happy Easter. (If you care about that kind of thing)



I Hate Public Transportation

Posted by xccj , Mar 20 2008 · 63 views
News and Updates
Here's my rant for the day...

Okay, so I had to take a bus to catch a train. I tried to catch a bus, but as I turned the corner, I just saw it leaving. glare.gif Considering I was hauling all my luggage too, I couldn't try and catch it, so I tried to wait for the next bus. The next bus came, and I got on, because the sign said that it was going downtown, just like the other bus.

Only 73 goes downtown next to the train station. 74 goes to the Space Needle. By the time I figured that out, I didn't have a chance to go back, catch the right bus, and still get to the train station on time. The situation has left me burnmad.gif

That, and my cellphone broke. burnmad.gif

On the brighter sides, I was able to reschedule my train without any extra fees, and I have a warranty on my phone so that it can be replaced. But that doesn't make up for the rest of the day.

So, yeah, I'm angry. And I want to vent it out in some way that's not destructive to my bedroom. Hmm.



Tren Krom

Posted by xccj , Mar 18 2008 · 55 views

Wow, that's been a popular blog title as of late. I wonder what it's all about... a conspiracy in Ta-Wahi, to be sure.

*Loves going against the grain*

In other news...

*Hates school*

That's all.



Pizza Time

Posted by xccj , Mar 18 2008 · 88 views
News and Updates

My roomie and I learned that there is no good Pizza service in our area... at Midnight on a Monday Night / Tuesday Morning. We were able to get it good on the weekend, but nothing tonight. It was a real bummer, especially since I was counting n that pizza as my meal for the day.

Oh well, there;s always tomorrow... except that tomorrow is when my next big exam is. Doh!

On the bright side, spring break is coming up, and maybe a few new chapters in my stories as well.



Now This Can't Be Right

Posted by xccj , Mar 15 2008 · 58 views
I stayed in bed all night long, trying to sleep, but not succeeding for very long.

Now I'm awake, trying to prepare for my Math Final, and I'm so drowsy that I'm about to drop off.

How does this work out? I understand staying up all night... but I didn't do that. So why can I not sleep when I want to but I can be very sleepy when I need to be awake and alert? In need to get Sylar to work on my internal clock... I hear he's a pretty good watch-maker.

Another thing, who came up with the idea of tests on Saturday? SATs, Math Finals? It completely takes away the luster of the weekend.

And what's all this about working to earn money for the rest of your life? When will you have time to play video games?

Growing up is just not for me right now. glare.gif



Pi Day

Posted by xccj , Mar 14 2008 · 64 views
News and Updates
It's March 14, abbreviated as 3/14. Which are the first three digits to pi, that mathematical constant that is of or relating to anything circular.

Pi = 3.14... uh, 3.141592654

(I can get it to the third digit, and my calculator can get it to the tenth digit. Obviously, my calculator is smarter... and I'm not even using my graphing calculator.)

So, yahoo, celebrate. More specifically, celebrate at March 14th, 1:59:26 (I don't think it matters if it's AM or PM, unless you use military time.) Yeah, I'm (checks clock) two hours late... but in some other timezone, I'm right there.

Woo hoo.

In other news, I have to go do osculation homework. Yahoo. glare.gif

(And, yes, I am aware that this is the forth of fifth blog on the subject today... but whatever.)



Rip And Tear

Posted by xccj , Mar 13 2008 · 84 views
RIP and Tear

For Botar

You try to figure out exactly what I'm saying here. evilgrin.gif


What, I have nothing better to do than post this play on words. Anyway, I'm sleep deprived and have English final stuff to do.



If You Ain't Gonna Shoot Him, Kung Fu His...

Posted by xccj , Mar 10 2008 · 95 views
News and Updates

My roommate and I rented both Rush Hour movies this weekend, and that's how I've spent my time. All of it, in fact. (I need some extra to get that homework started). Let me tell you, there's nothing better than a Jackie Chan action movie. Unless you add Chris Tucker in on it. Oddly enough, although I've seen bits of the movies on TV, this was the first time watching them title to title. T'was good. Although I heard the third movie wasn't worth watching... this true? They had a free screening of the third one at my college a couple of months ago, but I missed it 'cause I was studying for finals. (Wait, I have finals coming up this week too!) Hmm.

Anyway, I procrastinate. And the best part is, with my screwed up sleep schedule, you can never tell what timezone I'm in, with or without daylight savings time. I'm posting this one at 5:30. AM!!


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