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Backing Up My Brickshelf

Posted by xccj , Jul 16 2007 · 44 views
News and Updates
Okay, yesterday evening was a real tearjerker for me. (No, I didn't cry, but it was depressing) BZPower was offline. Fine. Brickshelf went offline. Not good. Biosector01 was offline. No suprise there, the trick is to find it when it's online. Even Makaru's forum was offline, so I couldn't even check that out. Pretty much, my online community was dead until I IMed Kumata at 1 in the morning.

It's gotten better this morning, as BZP came back for a while, and Brickfest went back up too. Unfortunatly, the latter is up only temporarily, which means all my work there is going down in a month or two. Thus, I should back up the picture files onto my computer and begin looking for another image hosting website.

So, anyway, I've spent this afternoon using that nifty program availible here. And it's been a lengthy process. So, anyway, here are some statistics towards the whole thing.
  • Gallery: Xccj
  • Folders in Gallery: 49
  • Total Folders (Including Subfolders): 185
  • Total Files (Pictures): 1255
  • Total Size of Gallery (as would fit on a disc): 69.9 MB (Which will easily fit on my 700 MB CD-R.)
  • Time it took to rip all the picts off Brickshelf: Roughly 3 and a half hours
  • Times the program crashed and I had to restart it (and to do that, I also deleated all the files on my Brickshelf that had already been ripped off) : 4
  • Number of Days left that I'll actually have a Brickshelf: As of 7/16/07, 15 days, but who's counting?
  • Number of Folders I'll have to rip off my Maj page if that goes down too: 11

Well, now I have everything I've ever put on Brickshelf (minus one folder I accidentally deleated before ripping, but it wasn't anything special). Now my problem will be to find another site to host images on. It took me six months after joining BZP to get a Brickshelf account, which was everybody's suggestion for an image hosting site back then. Before that I tried using the BZP Premier Member image adding feature, but now that has limitations. (Funny thing, when they first added the limitations in one of the server updates, I exceeded them by twice the amount. Since then, I've cleared them out). As I'm reluctant to join Photoshop, I'll have to see what pops us. For now, all my little pictures for my blog will go in a small folder on Maj, but if that goes down, I'll have to forget about adding images into my posts on BZP.

Ahg, I hate this kind of change...



And Now For The Weather...

Posted by xccj , Jul 13 2007 · 28 views
News and Updates
I have a couple of cool blogs I want to write up, but I have no real inspiration to do so. Thus, I am posting a blog to talk about the weather.

But it's cool weather. And not in temperature. This week has been a real hot one. Up to 103 degrees F (I'm not even going to try to spell Farenheights...) Although, at one point, the thermometer recorded 107, but it was probably also picking up heat off the cement. I don't know the conversion to degrees F to Celcius... but it's been hot enough. I'm supposed to be digging holes in the backyard, but in this heat, I would probably roast. Since I'm also lazy, I decided not to roast, and by the time the temperature reaches ideal levels, the brightness in the sky is lacking (AKA, the sun goes down)

But what was really cool (and yes, it was a bit cooler, though it did happen at night) was the thunderstorms. I used to live in a place where we had t-storms all the time, and lightning was a common event. So I know the whole drill: run around like crazy and unplug the computer, TV, stereo, and all the cool electronic stuff that could be fried. And when outside, don't be the tallest thing around, and don't stand under the tallest thing around. And if you insist on sitting in the swimming pool holding up a long metal rod, then make sure to have a lottery ticket in your pocket.*

Of course, we hardly get t-storms out here in Washington state the Moon Titan (you know, where my location thing says I am), so I didn't go through the unplug phase at first. But I got outside and watched the lightning light up the sky. It was pretty cool to see the flashes and hear the thunder. Sure, I was at risk, because if you can hear the thunder, you can get struck by lightning, but I took the chance. It was a pretty amazing show, and it lasted all night. However, since we did eventually unplug the computer, I couldn't go on BZP and report on it. So here I am, a full 24 hours later, typing it up. But, hey, whatever keeps me from digging holes.

I'll be reviewing that titan I got soon. Need to play with it some more. I would take pictures... but the flash on my camera died. That's really annoying...


*Anybody get that joke? You're more likely to get struck by lightning than to win the lottery. Ha ha ha ha... hum.


Hey Everybody!

Posted by xccj , Jul 10 2007 · 31 views
News and Updates
I just got a cool new set. It's a Titan. And I got it for eight dollars.

Just something to pique your curiousity while I write up a full review (and play with it some more)

On the downside... still no Mahri.



Keeping Off Bzpower

Posted by xccj , Jul 09 2007 · 33 views
News and Updates
I come back for a week to find this site in tatters... or something like that. as much as I like BZPower, I think I'm going to take some time off of it to help ease the server load Bink must be dealing with. I'll check up on messages and update my story, but I'll keep it to that. Maybe I'll write something else while I'm offline (or maybe I'll play games)

Anyway, see you all later. And, if you're here and want to read something, I did update my story. smile.gif



Gone Away...

Posted by xccj , Jul 02 2007 · 18 views
News and Updates
A kinda unexpected on my part trip has popped up... so I won't be around for the next five or so days. I'll be posting a new chapter and updating my blog again once I get back. For now, I'll be adding the next chapter to my epic up... and it has a cliffhanger. tongue.gif



Have You Built Your Sets Today?

Posted by xccj , Jun 30 2007 · 33 views
News and Updates
I have just conducted what is likely my largest rebuild of old sets ever…

I can already see a difference. A few days ago, the pile on my floor was opaque… you couldn’t see the carpet underneath all the pieces. First, I separated system pieces from technic pieces… making my pile of system pieces much smaller and easier to shift through, as all the little nitpicky pieces were all technic. Then I spend days rebuilding canister sets by memory, before tackling the instruction books to build some of the Titans from previous years. And when I was done with all my Bionicles, I started rebuilding some of my Throwbots and Roboriders… and much to my surprise I had all the pieces needed to build them. Wow.

It’s still obvious that I’m missing a few pieces that are scattered throughout my room/house or lost completely, or being taken up by the four MOCs I left untouched. But most of them could be replaced, and I have some unique replacements for them.

Here’s a list of things I’ve build this last week.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

All in all, this is probably a massive blog, and I’m going to use the spoiler tag to hide all that information. (as you should know by now). If you read all of it, you must be really bored. I mostly wrote it for my enjoyment, knowing very few people would have the interest and/or patience for it.

And, as a BZPower update, I have added a new chapter to my story, so if you want to become a member of my “story audience”, head down to the Epics forum and reply to my fict. Anyway, enjoy.

(And I left a few errors in the text about my sets above… you know, the kind people always like to mention in replies. If they want to find them this time, they’re gonna need to read until their eyes are sore. Hahaha…)




Posted by xccj , Jun 27 2007 · 47 views
Well, like everybody else, I went shopping today to see if the Mahri were out. They weren't at my local Fred Meyers. However, I saw some likely sales. A bunch of Lego Bricks were half off, including the Inika (that would tempt me if I didn't already have them all) and Vezon and Fenrakh (that did tempt me...) (And they also had some batman and star wars sets that were 0% off, but still have a sale sign stuck to them. I wonder how many people fell for that) But I didn't have fifteen dollars to spend... only ten. So I picked up my second Matoran Mahri, Defilak. Here's a quick review.

(Squids sold separately)

Well, how is he different from Dekar? 1) He is green. I don't like the dark green compared to other greens, and yellow is almost better, but its certainly better than dark blue of that Hydruka. The Kualsi is a good addition... almost better than the original gold one. He certainly could use some dark red eyes... the picture on the box is so decieving. The squids even work better. 2) He came with a red zamor! Yes, it's a pretty color that must've been a screw-up in the molding places, because it has a little blotch of the regular orange in it, but is mostly red. I like it. 3) He comes with silvery tools, which are cool even though I have yet to use them in an MOC.

Otherwise, he's the same as Dekar. Way too big to be a Matoran, odd articulation, no eyes, bad setup with the zamor launcher, and too expensive to be one of the "cheaper" sets (although cheap is now relative). On the other hand, his design kicks that of the Hydruka by far. And the extra pieces will go well with my collection. And Defilak is a cool character in the books too. smile.gif



My Next Epic Has Been Posted

Posted by xccj , Jun 27 2007 · 42 views
News and Updates
My latest epic, a relatively short account of the Voya-Nui Matoran on (gasp) Voya-Nui. Six chapters long, one posted every other day, so it'll be a short epic but rapidly updated. And all my regular reviewers (all three of them) better check it out, because if they don't, I'll be PMing them. tongue.gif

Story Topic Here. Please review. Second chapter's up tomorrow.



I Feel A Need To Update This...

Posted by xccj , Jun 26 2007 · 27 views
News and Updates
A couple of notes...

1) Summer's started! Yeah, it started last week, but I was helping prepare for my dads big b-day party. We got lucky on the weather... it was suppose to rain but it didn't, so we could have the party outside and not cram everybody indoors. And then the next day it poured down. Ha! We really got lucky there. I was busy parking cars, too, so it would've been really bad if it rained the whole time.

2) Writer's block. I have ideas for like two or three comedies, but I just can't find inspiration to write them down. I'm hoping to work on those soon. I also have another Voya-Nui epic planned out... but I need to take some pictures of an MOC that's in it and make pretty banners for each chapter... it's only six chapters long, so I'm thinking by the end of this week I'll have something to post on BZP.

3) I'm cleaning my room... which first requires me to sort through all my Lego Bricks and rebuild all my sets, so the room doesn't actually look clean for a week or two. I did this big search through my container and separated all the system and technic pieces (as well as minifigure pieces and accessories, more on that later). Turns out, although my box was pretty full of Lego Bricks, a majority of it was Bionicle related. And all the small pieces that collected at the bottom... mostly technic. It's kind of interesting to see my collection... my system sets are all about from seven years ago. So I have all these cool pieces that I just never see in other sets anymore. It's kinda sad...

4) As mentioned before, I collected all the pieces of any minifigures I had and put them all together. I have about fifty of them built and enough bodies, legs, arms, and heads to make another twenty more. They really represent the themes I've been into... Aquanauts, the guys who came out before Aquanauts but had a different name, Stingrays, Alien, Insectiods (those two had all the weird colored heads), X-Treme Team, Rock Raiders, Johnny Thunder's adventurers, and assorted city folks, including many policemen and construction workers. I had fun spending a day mix matching all my favorite body pieces with heads and specific arm and leg colors. It reminds me of the good old days of wanting system sets. When it came down to it, the mini figures were always my favorite part of the sets... they always needed cool vehicles and buildings, but the characters were what made the playing fun. Maybe that's why I like Bionicle so much... it focuses more on designing the characters and not their cars.

5) I also discovered that, despite what Lego says about pieces having a life long guarantee, pieces still break. While building the minifigures, I discovered plenty of broken hands, legs, and some worn out heads and bodies. (The legs most likely broke when I took some apart to switch around the colors. Essential for customization, but bad on the pars. And the worn out heads were my favorite ones that I used to use over and over again in sets... luckily, most of them I've bought replacement heads from other sets. Now, most of those heads are probably discontinued, so I'd better keep the ones I have in good condition) In the Bionicle department, the joints were weakening and/or breaking in a lot of sets. For example, Tahu Nuva may need a new hand, and Lewa Mata's leg is going to be black for a while. I know that you can call Lego and ask them to send you replacements for broken pieces (somehow) but since most of my broken pieces are either small and/or discontinued, I think it'll be a waste of time and/or money. Oh well.

6) With all my build minifigures, I've been thinking of making this sort of contest where I post teams in my blog and people vote on which ones would win in a confrontation. I have teams like Johnny Thunder's adventurers, undersea explorers, and, yes, even a customized J.A.F Team. Anybody liking that idea... as in they'd actually reply if I did something like that? Or is this paragraph too far down this long blog to get any attention? tongue.gif

7) Oh, yeah, and my rating went down. I liked it at 4.1, because the thing still showed me at having five stars anyway. Now it looks like I'm just not that good enough... too boring or long winded? tongue.gif Naw, as it turns out, I don't care about the rating... I like comments and such. Although I noticed my rating dipped down after I got that blog of the week award...

Anyhow, that's about a weeks worth of blogging ideas put into one entry. Enjoy, if you can do so. smile.gif



Praise The Great Spirit!

Posted by xccj , Jun 22 2007 · 40 views
News and Updates
The DVD burner works again!

After defragmentation, uninstalling and reinstalling program, and another four hour wait, I discovered that the DVD burner will crank out DVDs. Now I can complete my project, and I never have to burn a DVD again... until I make another cool movie worth archiving on a disc.

Plus, I have one story almost done (needs some artwork before postation), a comedy planned out (this one needs no art), another idea for a story (but it might never take off) and a set of interesting mini MOCs that have a really nice body design, if I do say so myself.

Finally, summer's starting to look up.


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