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Evilness In Paper...

Posted by xccj , Nov 14 2007 · 27 views
News and Updates
Tonight just is not my night. This weekend hasn't been a great weekend. Uhg.

Anyway, tonight I'm struggling to write this paper. I have some basic ideas, but I just don't know where to begin. Typically, it's due tomorrow.

And what's even worst is that I shouldn't have to write it either...

It's for a drama class... I already struggled through one paper on a performance last week. But we were suppose to be able to get out of writing the second paper if we ushered for a play... basically stood at the front door, greeted people, took their tickets, gave 'em programs, directed them where to go, ext. We had to do that twice. I have already done it once, and I was suppose to usher last Sunday at 6 pm.

Only I was in the library at 6 on Sunday, working on this other project, and completely blanked on my ushering job.

I've sent an e-mail of apology, and they said it wasn't a problem because enough people showed up to cover the jobs (when I did it the first time around, one three of us showed up, and there were suppose to be more... I'm thinking a bit less than ten, maybe 7). But they didn't specify if I could do one more ushering job... and I've heard that if you miss one, they bar you from retaking it.

So I'm in a precarious situation. They haven't e-mailed me back a second time confirming that I can do it again (I asked real nicely too!). And I need to do it once more if I want to skip said paper due tomorrow. Well, I could wait it out and see what their reply is. If they say yes, all is well. If they say no... then that grade for the paper becomes a zero because I didn't do enough ushering to be able to skip the paper, which I didn't turn in. Or I could write the paper, and be guaranteed at least a partial grade.

Yeah, that's the logical thing to do... and I can write papers pretty well, but I always seem to have this mental block that keeps me from starting on it. I just can't figure out where to start, and it's nerve wrecking! (On, and on the other hand, I have a (nother) chem midterm Thursday, along with a research project that I haven't completely started yet...) So I'm kinda stressed out right now...

On the other hand... no chem lab this week, no chem homework due this week, thanksgiving and a Billy Joel concert next week, and I totally aced my Geography midterm. But somehow life's ups never seem to make up for life's downs.

I'm going to wrack my brain for examples to include in this essay, while striving to keep myself off BZPower and other forum related websites... you know, after I post this and wait twenty minutes to see if anybody'll reply to it. biggrin.gif




And The Category Is...

Posted by xccj , Nov 12 2007 · 43 views
News and Updates
I made some custom category blocks for the side of my blog. I'll see how they work... they add a nice bit of color, but are probably a bit too big. (In case you haven't realized it yet, I've reduced the size of my side bar to 200 pixels, because the standard one [is it 300?] always messes with people's sigs and stuff, giving me posts that I can't completely read in my entries. [And those longer posts are also the ones I want to read too! tongue.gif ] Unfortunately, setting the pict size to 200 wasn't a good thing, because the custom block automatically adds on a few pixels to the side, so to get everything to fit, I had to extend my side bar to 210 pixels. Oh well) I pretty much used the pictures I took of myself that worked for the respective category. It's not entirely JAF related... but that is the color scheme of Team JAF. I'm thinking of also posting some Bios of JAF Team, depending on if I can find decent drawings of the characters somewhere on my computer. They have minifigure counterparts, but my drawings are the cannon versions. (Yeah, like anybody really cares)

So, uh, please comment on the new piccies, and tell me if you think they'll work. I'll be trying to add some more eventually, but this is better than nothing. And I will try to approve your comments as soon as possible...


Edit: As per advice, I shrunk the size of the blocks from 200 x 250 to 200 x 100 pixels. It was easier than I expected to make these... I had to cut my head out of the previous blocks, and put it in a template, so the black border is a consistent size for every one of them this time. So in the template, I just had to change the background color, change the text and its position, and add in the new pict. The thing I normally hate from taking pictures out of images I already made is that the background color tends to stick on a bit to the main picture (so my head thus had an entire outline in blue at one point). But since I was just going to recopy it to the same background color, it worked out nicely. For the thoughts section, I had to flip it around so I'm staring off to the left like I am in the rest of the pictures, to prevent a nasty cutoff on the pict. Anyway... lo and behold, it's there again in all its color and glory of me... just not as tall this time. colgate.gif


Tis The Hammer...

Posted by xccj , Nov 11 2007 · 39 views

Are you saying there's something wrong with my weapon choice?

I'm just saying this duel may be unfair...



My B-day Pictures...

Posted by xccj , Nov 09 2007 · 36 views
News and Updates
Did I mention I spent an hour of my time on my B-Day just taking pictures of myself? Nope? Well, I have now. Afterwards I had to study... but this was the most fun I had that day. (I'm making up for it by having an amazing weekend this weekend.)

In other news, I got a haircut today. Turns our I was suppose to ask for the razor blade 4 instead of two... and here I was thinking it was 3. Well, it'll grow back, and on the plus side, I can not more easily fit my head inside my hat.

Click on the spoiler tag for the pictures. It's in a spoiler tag because it might otherwise scare young children. Or because it saves space here. I dunno. Of note... yes, I have terrible red eye, I took most of these pictures myself, acne be cursed, and no, I have not had my hair cut at this point. I am going to avoid any picture taking for another week before my hair regrows.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

And another note: I am following Omi's advice for two reasons. 1: Everybody's doing it, and 2: he makes a good reason to do so, even though I have yet to receive any problems through my blog posts (I did get caught in that PM attack, though, and made a fool out of myself by responding. Yes, Makaru, I read your blog on that, and I know better than to respond next time). But because I have nothing better to do (except homework) I'll probably be very quick to approve comments, especially since I know how to approve them (unlike when I first got a blog).



My B-day Present...

Posted by xccj , Nov 06 2007 · 37 views
News and Updates
Just a recap... last Sunday was my birthday. All of you who idolize me should know that and celebrated the day like a holiday. So far, nobosy fits under that catigory... but I'm sure you'll all make it there eventually. [/vain]

One of my biggest woes on my b-day was that I didn't get this package sent by my mom. She aparently paid express shipping on the 2nd, and it was suppose to arrive on the 3rd. Instead, it appparently "arrived" on the 5th, but wasn't placed in my mailbox until the 6th... so all that money was wasted on express shipping when I could've just waited one day longer and gone with regular shipping. Ah, the postal service. What can you do? rolleyes.gif

Anyway, I wasn't really expecting much... I got a sweet card, that was nice. But there was something else in there too. It wasn't a Lego... I am finished with buying sets from 07, as I have all the Matoran, one Hydruka (that I could've done with out) 5 Barakki, 3 Mahri, and 0 Titans... the rets are either poor quality sets (in my opinion) or just out of my price range as a starving college student (who's gaining weight... I fail to see how those two can be present at once, but its true).

Nope, it was something else.

The Transformers 2 Disc Special Edition DVD.


I still haven't watched this movie yet, now I have it on DVD. So I'm going to see if all the reviews I've heard about it are true. Half the people (critics) claim that it could be far better, and then people on BZP (you know I'm talking about you Mak and KN) say it's great. Now it's finally time to form my opinion!!

So I'm posting this blog, making sure it gets posted, and then I'm closing down Internet Explorer and popping in Disc one.

Yeah, a TV would be fine around now, but I'll make due with what I have.

Maybe I'll resurface on BZP in a few hours. But I'm done with classes, done with my stupid drama paper and my complicated chem homework, and just need to be able to get up tomorrow for another set of lectures. Between now and then... I've got a movie!



Birthday Blues...

Posted by xccj , Nov 05 2007 · 38 views
News and Updates
I dunno how many people got the "Horoscope" reference was to get people to realize that it was my B-day, but it didn't seem to work all that well.

Anyhow... tis probably been the worst birthday ever. Thanks to everybody on BZP who gave my birthday well-wishes, that was nice, but I didn't get a topic. tongue.gif (selfishness alert!!) My parents apparently sent me a package, but no mail on Sunday. sad.gif Oh yeah, and I have like a TON of homework. I finished most of my chem homework (with a lot of help from my dad via e-mail) but I still have a write up for my chem lab tomorrow. Then I have a two page paper on a drama play that I absolutely hated and cannot see how to write about it... due tomorrow. And then a midterm tomorrow. And another lab... I gotta prepare for that one as well.

So, thus, I procrastinated all evening taking over 100 pictures of myself (and a few of my roomie). While I didn't get any cake, I did get a floating apple. And then I ate it.

Telekinesis baby!



My Horoscope For Today...

Posted by xccj , Nov 04 2007 · 31 views

Get ready for an unexpected trip, when you fall screaming from an opened window.
Work a little bit harder on improving your low self esteme... you stupid freak.

That's your horoscope for today... ay ay ay ay! That's your horoscope for today!!

Horoscope for Today ~ Weird Al Yankovic

I liked some of the other perdictions better (The stars say you're a exciting and wonderful person... but you know they're lying). But, hey, destiny is not giving me a choice...

And yes, this is my current favorite song of the current time.

*hums to self, hoping somebody will get the hint and the neighboors don't yell at me for singing too loudly at two in the morning*



The Ideal Gas Law...

Posted by xccj , Nov 02 2007 · 34 views
I just used this as a lame joke in <dd>'s blog, and that got me thinking of another lame joke that could take up a whole entry in MY BLOG! How could I resist, really? Besides, I have nothing else to add besides complaining....

As you should know, the Ideal Gas Law is...


Here's how it applies to college life.

(Peer Pressure) * (Volume of Homework) = (Number of pounds I've gained by eating way too much greasy food) * (constant stress) * (temperature of fever)


Okay, so I might have a bleak outlook on college life so far... I've always hated school to a degree, and it's all the worst because I take school seriously too, so I can't just skip off classes whenever I feel like it. I think my courses would be a bit easier if I didn't have Chemistry and a lab every week to freak me out. Anyway, it's also my first semester, so this is just shock from not being in high school anymore (and sometimes that is a shock when I remember that).

Some people say that college is one of the best parts of their lives. These are the people that are taking business degrees, and have only two classes two days out of the week. :glares:

*note: no offense to anybody who can be offended by any of this... you should know that by reading this blog that you are exposing yourself to my thoughts and, if taken in the incorrect way, may prove poisonous... tongue.gif *

Also of note... I still have chem homework done (Ideal Gas Law, coincidental) and I'm on BZP. Strange how that always seems to happen.




Posted by xccj , Oct 31 2007 · 42 views
News and Updates

In case you didn't completely get the message...

Yeah, this is some old artwork I created years ago. It's not quality... but it's festive enough.

Happy Halloween... go eat a bunch of candy too.



What To Worry About In College.

Posted by xccj , Oct 28 2007 · 29 views
Here's what I care about in college... in this exact order.

When do I have to get to my next class?
When can I sleep (or can't sleep)?
When and where can I eat?
When can I check out my e-mail (and BZP)?
When is my homework due?
When am I going to crack? (I got really close to this last week when I fell ill)

Another noteworthy thing: although people have been nagging me to use one for the past five years, I have still not made much use of my day planner. I don't write down many assignments or due dates in it... and those I do write down I never check back on so it's alwasy a surprise. Mostly, I've written down after-school related activities, and half of those have been canceled anyway.


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