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Arise From The Dead!

Posted by xccj , Mar 08 2008 · 80 views
News and Updates
OMG! Zombies!

Wait, wait, no need to fear. I recognize this one. It's one of my old library topics. Since those topics are immortal, it can't be a zombie.

But, OMG, it's a revival of one of my story topics!!

Indeed, it Chapter 51 of Slizers on Mata-Nui! This epic hasn't seen an update for six months!

Also, it appears that Many Adventures had been with the fifth chapter, full of action, as well as another question.

If that weren't enough, even my new comedy Mata-Nui Elections 08 has been updated. Now you can send in your own questions to the Toa candidates to be answered in a debate.

So you all know what this means. If this blog entry isn't enough to get you to read all my new work, I'm gonna PM you to death until you do. tongue.gif (Or not... but you can never tell)




Posted by xccj , Mar 08 2008 · 63 views
News and Updates
Oh boy, do I have an update for you all... evilgrin.gif

I'll post 'em after some revisions later today.



Curse The Keyboard

Posted by xccj , Mar 06 2008 · 83 views
News and Updates
I have been known to type up a story chapter on a whim in about an hour or so. I post blog entries at a passing thought. I've had a whole week to revise my English paper and I haven't touched it. Frankly, I disagree with all college English techniques I've been told to use. I'll see where this gets me in class.

On the other hand, this has inspired an idea for my very first blog contest that I'll eventually get around to writing up once English is over with. Does that pique any body's interest?

On the other hand, I demand reviews for my newest comedy.. If you have not looked at it yet, you should. If you have reviewed... well, I'm thinking of adding some more too it? Anybody interested in that?

Another blog entry posted with a passing thought. Now where did that thought pass to? Oh, it passed away... it will be missed.



Stress Reliever

Posted by xccj , Mar 04 2008 · 49 views
I don't have an anger problem. The things I'm angry at are the things with problems.

Allow me to express my feelings on school right now.



Now that's an interesting blog entry.



Ka Boom Goes The Typewriter.

Posted by xccj , Mar 02 2008 · 56 views
News and Updates
An explosion of written material. (I'd say creativity, but I haven't been creative recently... I'm just finally put down my creative thoughts into text)

Anyway, a few updates for y'all who actually read my stories.

First of all, I have finally updated Many Adventures with Chapter 4. This is a good idea gone wrong, as with my studies I feel I don't have enough time to get quality chapters out at a decent rate. I'll continue to try and work on it, but I fear that lengthy time intervals between updates will lose reviewers.

Secondly, I've added a new comedy called Mata-Nui Elections 08. I was thinking of doing a similiar comedy four years ago with the last election, but I wasn't sure if I was crossing the line of the "No Politics" rule, and I never got around to writing it anyway because I was lazy. This one may toe the line a couple of times, but I feel it is completely neutral towards any particular party, and just makes fun of the whole process. And if it is breaking any rules... well, I have a full bar of proto so I probably won't have to worry about immediate bannation. ph34r.gif

Thirdly, I have reread Slizers on Mata-Nui. That epic will not die, as every time I read it I am always impressed by what I wrote. It was on hold due to a tough chapter, but then I lost a good portion of it when my laptop was stolen. I had a file saved on my home computer, but it's about a year behind because that computer crashed too. So, now I found some inspiration to rewrite my notes and think about where I want this epic to go. I won't promise anything, but a new chapter is being worked on. And, knowing me, once I finish it I'll post it without anything more than a brief grammar check. After all, the story's not about intensive planning ahead, but trying to make stuff I said earlier fit in with what I'm saying now. tongue.gif

So, I have two pieces of work updated. Go read them. biggrin.gif



Mine, All Mine!

Posted by xccj , Mar 02 2008 · 79 views
News and Updates
Go ahead, guess at what this blog is about.

Go on, I'll even give you a few lines.



Go it yet? Okay, a few more lines.


I got Shadow in the Sky!


Okay, I can't help it, I've got to spoil the most awesome thing about the book. Prepare yourselves... THE TOA NUVA COME BACK!!

You're not spoiled? Hmm.

Anyway, amazing book, and a great way to finally start off the year in stories. The beginning was a little spread apart... a lot happens all at once, but it condenses down later into a great read. One battle that I found particularly interesting was one between Icarax and Toa Ignika. I won't spoil it for you, as its also near the end of the story, but it left me grinning. And I can see why Greg liked writing about Mutron so much... he's got quite a role.

I dunno if I got lucky... I now live within walking distance from the largest Barns and Nobles this side of the Mississippi... but I'm glad I grabbed an early copy of this. (Although it's the official release date now, right? Strange.) If you want to follow the story this year, grab the book, A it's as good or better than some of the other Legend books of years past. And one last comment... sorry, Canadians, the $4.99 price for me is still $6.50 for you.



Why Did I Ever Post In Pink?

Posted by xccj , Mar 01 2008 · 53 views
Okay, so I was viewing this topic and found a link to this news topic of old. Having remembered replying to that review topic, I opened it up to relive some of the nostalgia of olden days. I saw a few posts by older members who are no longer so active, as well as some others who've definitely changed a bit. Then I found my own post. It was obviously a winter topic because I was in one of my "post in pink" crazes that I went into for a couple of months each year.

Okay, so the color is actually magenta, and not pink. Whatever, they're pretty close.

Well, the magenta severely clashes with the current brown theme of my avatar and sig right now. Truly horrible. It might've been okay with the usual green avatar or multicolored sigs of my past, but brown? Nope. Worst, even the context of my post is chippier than usual. It's like I'm trying to make myself look like a stereotypical female. I don't know if I was mocking the stereotype (because, after all, it was an article on Clickits and Bionicle) or if I was being genuine there.

Whatever it was, it is one of those posts that I find truly embarrassing later on.

But that's okay, because I have those quite often. (Every other blog entry could even count.) And some good came out of posting in magenta. For one thing, it helped me memorize the tags for colors, which led to me memorizing the tags for URLs, images, fonts, sizes, bold, italic, underline, and other formatting options. Even though the newer formats are a bit more complex, the older ones still work. (I should know, typed in a few already with this blog, and they're working. I hope.) Plus, my crazy colored text led to more than a few gender confusions... although this new evidence may bring into the fact that the actual content of my posts was no better.

Nope, I'm male and all that jazz (the new gender statuses cannot lie, right?) I still like the color magenta, and think it's a much better color to write in rather than stuff like pink, orange, or gold, because it is dark enough to read but bright enough to really stand out. Am I going to go on posting sprees with that color? Only when I change the color scheme in my sig and avatar to something else.

In other news, I am suffering from writers block, both in fan fiction and English essays on the 1950s. annoyed2.gif I'm going to try to put something together for my newest epic that started and then faltered, but no promises. After all, I have one more midterm next week, and then I get sucked into finals. Goodie. This school stuff never ends, does it?


On another note, I had to write this entire entry up twice when the Internet crashed when I was about to post it. You'll be sure I'll make a copy in Word first this time, as I will not write it a third time.


Bionicle Quotes Are Useful!

Posted by xccj , Feb 28 2008 · 47 views

"Hordika. The dark of all of us that we believed progress has made us forget."

Or something like that. Strangely, I cannot find that direct quote anywhere, and I don't have the movie or book to directly look at right now, so...

Anyway, I am using the last half of the quote for an English essay about, well, the Hordika in us all. (Except I'm talking about basic shortcomings in human nature, and not necessarily Visorak venom).

The fact that I even thought of using this proves I am way too into this toy theme than is good for me. Now I just need to figure out if I'll flunk the whole assignment straightaway if I actually cite the movie as a source. (Of note, I'm not actually done with the essay yet).

(It's also due in a couple of hours. Great...)



I Guess I Just Got Lucky...

Posted by xccj , Feb 26 2008 · 59 views
My user name is just long enough to be used in the BZP search engine. That way, whatever topic my name appears in the text can be found. Unfortunately, the blog search system only works by giving you the latest entry with your keyword in it and repeating that entry over three pages.

And if you go on Google, you can search for my user name and the first result is another website on which I use the said nickname. Three results down, and you have BZP results. And, strangely enough, you can find my user name on a page in some sort of dictionary site. It doesn't have any definitions, but it looks like somebody searched for a definition of my user name (probably wondering exactly what it's an acronym for) and didn't get anything.

Anyway, it's way early in the morning (by this, I mean the sun has not risen yet and won't for another couple of hours, but midnight was a while ago), I have midterms and big assignments due this week, and I'm tired. But this blog entry was so compelling that I had to write it up right now just to prove that I can type while half asleep.

And, as another note, this blog entry will not show up for a search of my user name because my user name was never actually used here, and using it in the comments doesn't get you anywhere because the blog search doesn't cover them. So the worst you'd have to do it edit this post, and you can only do that if your staff or know my password. So, you're all otta luck. tongue.gif

Now why don't you go try searching for your user name and see how popular you are. (Note, I am not very popular, as half the time the results come from me quoting myself or something along that context)




Posted by xccj , Feb 24 2008 · 75 views
Lookie here, a real set review. With pictures too! bigeek.gif Pictures, as in plural. Amazing, I can use a camera. And type. And look at plastic Lego figures...

Oh, yeah, the review.

(Titled too, just in case you didn't realize who I was talking about or who is doing this review)

First off, the journey to get Tanma. Today, I visited my third Lego store... the one in Washington. Yeah, the store's not actually in Seattle, but neither am I, and the bus system around here is good enough, as long as you have your university bus pass. Anyway, I didn't buy Tanma there... but I did go there. They had all the Phantoka Toa, Makuta, and Matoran on display. But the shelves were less well stocked. The sets I was looking for were Lewa, Tanma, and maybe Mutron and Vican. Well, Lewa was sold out (as well as Antroz... green and red do well), only the evil Matoran were available (and in small numbers anyway) and, despite saying they carry special edition sets on their webpage, this store does not have Mutron. He's a cool set, but I don't want to get him through WalMart or Shop@Home, so the Lego store was my only bet.

Anyway, because I had to do further shopping, I went to a Fred Meyers, which not only had Tanma (there was only one of him, though, and no Lewa) but also had all Lego sets on 20% off. (Woo Hoo!) So, presto, five dollars and a thirty minute bus ride later, I have Tanma ready to build.

(This one with the flash actually on! Yeah, it does bring out more detail)

First off, Tanma is large. ohmy.gif I'll expand (ha ha, pun) on that later. Articulation isn't a strong suit of his. The prebent arms and legs can make some of his positions awkward. I know, most Matoran since the... well, 03 Matoran... have had those 90 degree prebent arms, but the increase in length on these makes it more noticeable. The new head works swell for articulation... except when Tanma bends his head back to look straight up, and then the back of his mask hits his jetpack. Oops. In articulation, he does not beat the amazing Voya-Nui Matoran in my book (well, I think they have the same # of points of articulation, but the length in Tanma makes him more unusual and not as proportionate as some of the Voya-Nui Matoran). Then again, he does beat out the Mahri-Nui Matoran, so gotta give him credit there. Another thing on possibility... the new joints are very sturdy, and look like they should last longer. Although if Tanma's new joints will survive the curse of the fragile lime green remains to be seen.

Okay, onto the pieces. As I mentioned, the legs and arms are new and different. The arms remind me of the Throwbot limbs of yesteryear (which are coming back with some of the Mistika, I believe). They're more decked out with pin and rod holes, plus the alternate ball and socket endings. I foresee set incorporations with these. The legs are a very interesting new design, but when stood up straight, the foot connector is a space back from the hip connector, so if you want to stand him up straight, he looks odd. Thus, you have to slant the legs forward a bit to make him look better. The legs have fair potential in sets, with a good collection of connection holes. But still... they won't work with the bendy knees of current canister sets, and they're a bit too big for the smaller MOCs, so I can't quite yet see how I'd incorporate them into a MOC (not that I've truly MOCed since the summer).

Moving on, you have the new body piece. blink.gif Uh, okay, that is kinda new for Lego. It has potential, that's for sure, but a custom like that of the Mahri-Nui Matoran is never a bad thing. Without the jetpack, the back of the body looks kind of empty, but the front looks great. It may be following a trend towards single piece bodies again, but I can see uses in the MOCi9ng world. Hey, just as long as these aren't the bodies for all small sets for the next five years, it should be okay. Then, on the back of the body is the jetpack. Personally, I think it's a useless piece. Sure, it does have the slight image of a booster pack, but I think that's because I know what it's suppose to be. Otherwise, it looks like Tanma is carrying a strange looking backpack that pens up at the bottom so everything falls out. Thoroughly useless piece, as there are no real ways to connect to the bulk of the piece. It fills out his back, but I think Lego could've done better. (How, I don't know, I just think it could be better.)

OMG, a new mask for a small set! That hasn't happened since, like... the Turaga! ohmy.gif (By new mask, I mean new design, of course) From the front, it sort of resembles Lewa Pantoka's new mask, as well as a bit of the Kaukau Nuva. However, from the side it looks more like a Kiril with a horn (see pict below.) The head is awesome. I've been asking Lego (well, not really, it's more like hoping for) to make a small set's head pose-able and with translucent eyes. They did it this time, and the head it awesome. It's very similar to a Metru head in shape, although I think the face resembles more of the old Mata heads. And there is a connection rod on the back of the skull too... for whatever you'd want to put there. I see lots of potential for using this in the future.

Now, the packaging...

(The Makuta will never think to look for me here)

I saw the pictures... I knew the new boxes were different. They have those silly plastic tops and bottoms, with a strap holding them together. And they're big too. Maybe not as wide as the Mahri-Nui Matoran, but just as tall and with greater depth. On, and tough plastic. Now, what surprised me was that there is no cardboard box... just cardboard sides in between the two plastic pieces. This is certainly new, unique, and big enough that Tanma can almost fit back inside like the canister sets of... well, back when canister sets could fit into their canisters. However, if this is the most cost efficient method of boxing sets is different... if plastic is so costly nowadays due to oil prices, then why stick more of the stuff on the top of the box? They're nice pieces, but since their not set compatible, I'll only want to keep them if I want to keep the entire box as it is. Well, yes, it seems like this one will weather more than previous boxes, but do I really need to store a small set when I can just throw it into a tub of other lego pieces and leave it there until my net MOC run. Hmm.

Oh, and more complaining on the issue of size.

(Pohatu: How am I ever going to get big enough to carry you?
Tanma: Eat a healthy diet of carrots and prunes. And maybe some energized protodermis and adaptive armor.)

Did I say I disliked the Mahri-Nui Matoran because they were almost as big as the Toa Mata? Well, I stand corrected... these new Avi-Matoran are as big or bigger than the Mata! In a fight between the two of them, I'd say Tanma would win (although, of course, sheer size isn't always everything, but still!) Tanma's legs are longer than Pohatu's, as are his arms, and his swords are about as long as Kopaka and Tahu's weapons (well, they were Lewa Nuva's first). It's just... I dunno, crazy that the small sets of today can shadow the canister sets of last year. (And although I don't have it with me, I bet Tanma can also come up to a Tarakava's chin, and those were expensive sets too!) Sure, Tanma can attach to the back of the Phantoka, but with a few piece additions, you could easily fit a McToran or Turaga to the back of. These Avi-Matoran don't need to wish to be Toa; just go back seven years and to Mata-Nui, and they would be mistaken for Toa like that. (And worst, the number of pieces Tanma has is about that of the gear assembly of the Toa Mata.)

I think this size increase is rather crazy, but the toyline needs to move on and not always make stuff exactly like that of years long past. Anyway, Tanma's size increase (and price increase) will also mean that he'll get more storyline time than other smaller sets of the past... because it'll be more worth it for Lego to advertise him as he'll bring in more profit than, say, a Turaga did. (Or maybe a better comparison would be Dekar, as the economies of 07 and 08 are probably more similar than 08 and 01)

Overall, was Tanma worth it? Well, kinda. Good mask and head, okay limbs, blah body and ehk jetpack. Too massive for a small set, but piece wise it isn't too bad. Not worth all the money, though. I think I'll hold off on getting other Matoran this year, unless I can snag Vican, who looks cool and has the whole shadow Matoran design. But if you want to spend your money on better sets, you should probably look at the canisters first.

(Is that long enough for you? I know y fingers are sore now... how are your eyes? Need glasses yet? Well, you will.)


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