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Why Are These Prototypes?

Posted by xccj , Apr 15 2008 · 90 views
Well, with the release of the new Toa Ignika game, there's also new bonus content when you get so many points and such. I actually like this game, and did rather well, and got the max bonus content, and had a look at it. Now I just must make a blog about it.

Bonus Content: Prototype Masks

I'll move from top to bottom, left to right.
  • First Tow Row: Obviously a plastic prototype of Lewa's mask. Only it doesn't look like Lewa's mask. I'm pretty sure the reason this one didn't make it through is because it looks like a Halo guy's mask. I don't even play Halo and even I recognize it. While I don't think it would've made a great Miru, I think it would've been an excellent design for a Kaukau. It has the blue tinted visor of the Kaukau Mata, with a semi-triangular nose, and even the vent openings on the cheeks. Plus, it's designed to look more aerodynamic. It's a pity this one didn't make it into the final sets for Gali, but it was obviously good enough to actually be made into plastic.
  • The other two masks on the top row depict the final Miru Phantoka, in it's plastic form and drawn form (respectively). I don't have anything new to say here about those.
  • First Middle Row Mask: Looks like a hood with pinchers. It might make a good Makuta mask... maybe even resembles one (I don't really know the shapes of the Makuta Mistika masts yet, and I'm too lazy to look 'em up.)
  • Second Middle Row: This appears to be more of an early version of the new Hau, with a more helmet like appearance. The ridge down the front seems a little much, though.
  • Third MR: This looks like a more rounded version of the final Miru, with spaces in the forehead and the visor eyes. Personally, I think this would've worked as a good Hau, as the vents in the side resemble the traditional Hau. Even the Hau Nuva had wrinkles that could've turned into vents. tongue.gif
  • Forth MR: This looks like the Miru with it's ridges from the Nuva form still on. Although I personally think it better resembles a Kakama... it keeps the ridges from the Nuva form and the basic shape better resembles the Mata form. Plus, the think looks like a fighter jet or something, which screams speed (to me).
  • Fifth MR: This one looks like a flattened version of the final Miru. While it probably wouldn't be a bad mask, it doesn't look too much like a Nuva or Mata mask, so I'm okay with it not making the final cut.
  • First Bottom Row: Okay, this one shouts out "Knight Helmet with Visor". It could also resemble a bird with a beak... reminds me of the moviefied Nivhawk. Good for flying types, but not for Nuva.
  • Second BR: This looks like a non-scarified version of Vamprah's mask. Okay, but far too basic.
  • Third BR: Lol, this doesn't look like a mask, this looks like a Space Ship! Maybe, but not for the Nuva.

All in all, I could pick out three masks here that would work better for the New Nuva than their current masks... First TR for Gali, Third MR for Tahu, and Forth MR for Pohatu. But, alas, I am not part of the target range, or any range that Lego is interested in, so I can't really say anything for sure. I guess the kids who did choose had a better look at the masks made. But, hey, there's potential that these designs could pop up in later years, right (like Jaller Mahri's mask, right?)



I Wub Bionicle Music.

Posted by xccj , Apr 15 2008 · 192 views
News and Updates
I was randomly searching the other day for the Power Pack... the old CD that came out in 01 with Hafu and the chrome Hau. More specifically, I was just looking for the CD. I was interested in hearing those tracks, of which I've never listened to before. And they don't sell it on iTunes... ripoff.

Anyway, a search through Google didn't lead me to any place that sold the music... but a BZP topic in the Software Forum or something. There was a file download, and it said it included the Power Pack music with it. (I think it was Project Bionicle Music or something, I didn't exactly save the page) So, I downloaded the file, and to my wonder, it includes sound clips not only from the DVD, but other Bionicle medias, like games, commercials, and even the MNOLG! _icon_joy_.gif Best of all, unlike the down-loadable MNOLG files Lego has available, these are in a type supported by Windows Media Player.

So I've been rocking out to select Bionicle music, ranging from the Le-Matoran band to Power Pack tracks. I'm sure I'll get over this crave in a week or two and start listening to real music again (as the only other song I'm listening to is "I've Just Seen a Face" from the Across the Universe CD... I just bought that one song off iTunes because I don't have a Beatles version available). But until then, I'm going to have my head stuck in flash images of Mata-Nui for a while now. Who knows, this may help my story writing. And I've been craving that Le-Matoran celebration music for eternity...

In other news, both Slizers on Mata-Nui and Many Adventures have been updated recently... so make sure to have a look in one of those topics if you haven't reviewed yet.

Oh, and I got honorable mention in the Sort Story Contest #4 Outcomes (that were finally posted)





_icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif



Lewa Phantoka

Posted by xccj , Apr 13 2008 · 400 views
Okay, I'll say this up straight. I was very disappointed in my Lewa Phantoka set. So disappointed that I'm writing to Lego about it. See if you can tell why.

How much time do you need to figure it out?

It took me a while. I purchased the thing at Target, along with some other essential supplies that could only be obtained through big scale retail stores. (Yum, Goldfish) I poured the pieces out and began to construct him, but I was kind of curious how the back of his body was constructed, so I looked at the instructions after I finished building his limbs. I got as far as to putting on his chest armor when I noticed that the piece wasn't on my table. Or under my table... or in the canister... or in my room in general.

Yes, my room is a mess, but not so much that a piece that big and bright could just vanish. This is surprising... I haven't had a set that was missing a piece since my first Gali set, in which I was unable to locate her eye piece (and I built that in the car, so it's likely that I lost the piece somewhere in it and it got vacuumed out later.) I'm sure it was just an innocent mistake, but I am still writing to Lego to demand my lime green Toa body armor! (Just watch... I'll get it and it'll snap in half or something).

Oh well. How about a review of the rest of the set.

In general, he's an average Toa build of nowadays. Although there are more elements I like about him than in some of the Mahri. First of all... Toa of Air, and he's tall and powerful. Yeah, that fits... take that short and squat Kongu!! The nice thing about Lewa is that he comes with two different limb pieces for his arms and legs... they're parts of the wrong limbs in the official set, but I can easily switch them around. The Inika pieces for legs and Rahkshi pieces for arms work out very well for proportions. Also, I like the Mantax feet... certainly a breath of fresh air after so many repeats of the two Inika feet styles, and Mantax's feet look good too.

His weaponry is nice. The Midak isn't as cool on him as it was on Pohatu... carrying that huge thing really shows its size. All the Nuva should've had it mounted on their shoulders... although that would've been difficult for Lewa. Even though I'm not thrilled about the jetpack piece, the set up with it and the Matoro claws on Lewa's shoulders looks nice. I forgot that Lewa came with the Matoro claws... those pieces looked interesting, but I didn't really want to purchase Matoro to get them, so for a while I was considering buying Kirop for them, but not anymore. The claws hanging over Lewa's shoulders looks really cool... great shoulder armor. They do slightly restrict arm movement, but I can get past that. Now, Lewa's sword... that is wicked! It's long too... longer than Hewkii's war blade (the silver piece, not including the rod). Actually, it reaches up to Lewa Mata's chin... and that's just for one piece. besides it's length, the groves in it look really sweet. They put a lot more effort into making this a radical weapon than they did in, say, Jaller Mahri's sword.

The mask is a lot better than Tanma's. Sure, I don't connect it to the Miru... maybe the Faxon or Huna. The blue faceplate works really well, giving it a shinny look in the gaps on the mask. They do blur out the actual eyes a bit, but I can live with that. I also like the nifty propellers in his cheeks... I never really noticed than in the promotional pictures, but they certainly make it an air mask. Nice.

The Matoran attachment piece on the back has a cooler design than, say, Pohatu's or Mutran's. Well, it actually has a design, and not just a piece. however, as I took Tanma home and left him there, I can't experiment with the attachment. So, instead, I took the silver Inika shoulder armor and placed it on Lewa's torso, so it looks like he does have some body armor now. He's skinny, but that works for a Toa of air. The piece looks good from the front and side, but there is a substantial and noticeable gap between the armor and the neck. My camera's dead, but I might take a picture of it later.

Overall, the set looks pretty swell. Sure, he has the cliche's of a Toa since 06, but his weaponry is beefed up enough that you can kid yourself into saying that he's now an elite Toa. The silver, lime, and grey do blend well together. of course, I could do without the bley... always could. If they'd made some of the limb pieces and Inika leg armor bright Mata green, then the set's coloring would be supreme. (But if they'd made it dark Metru green, I would've been disappointed anyway). Lewa's a pretty good set, about on par with Pohatu. Just one tip... take a look in the canister before you buy it, and make sure it has that giant, lime green body piece. Because the simple fact that he's missing that totally ruined the experience for me. sad.gif



New Roomie

Posted by xccj , Apr 12 2008 · 168 views
News and Updates
My old roommate moved out at the end of winter quarter. He signed up in a fraternity, so he could party more than in the dorms. happy.gif Anyway, I got a couple of threatening e-mails from my university's housing and food services, warning my to keep my room nice and tidy for the next guy who'll eventually move in. They're a friendly bunch.

Well, two weeks went by and nobody showed up. From the sound of it, most people who lose a roommate at the end of winder quarter don't gain a new one for spring quarter. That's fine with me... I do my homework in my room, and I can do fine on my own... and I go out and hang out with other people now that me and my old roommate don't watch Family Guy all the time. But that was to end... for better or worst, I have a new guy moving in tomorrow. So I got his side cleared off and ready, so I can't get beaten to death by the ominous housing and food services. I'm not totally bummed... meeting a new person is cool. It's only if he's like my neighbors... loud and obnoxious 24-7... that I might be worried. Oh well.

I also further developed my lack of self control by purchasing another Phantoka. I am very disappointed, and I'll tell you why in a review I'll write this weekend. I'm too tired to write it up now.



Best Dark Mirror Yet!

Posted by xccj , Apr 08 2008 · 71 views
News and Updates
Dark Mirror, Chapter 6. Totally awesome. Go listen to it as soon as you can... or read it when it becomes available as text.

Anyway, it has Lesovikk, Nahu (yes, they're naming all sorts of characters after Mata-Nui landmarks. I expected a combination of Hura and Mafu next) Takanuva... it's good. Really getting a feel of the whole alternate universe.

"They can't help but look up to us. We always look down on them." ~ Kualis




Posted by xccj , Apr 07 2008 · 87 views
*About the title... yeah, I'm a little off, but must try to keep the countdown going, whatever the countdown is for*

*Anyway, I'll change it later to a more fitting title for this topic at hand*

Bionicle Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «



It's Not Much...

Posted by xccj , Apr 05 2008 · 76 views
News and Updates
But it's all I've got. I really should start writing chapters for my other stories too, but I also have lots of homework. (Angry at former roommate, who said that his Economics class didn't have homework. Humph)



New Sig Fad

Posted by xccj , Apr 05 2008 · 76 views
News and Updates
I finally came up with something to ridicule those silly percentage sig fads.

106% of people don't understand fractions or percentages. If you are part of the 68% that does, you know that this is a load of trash.

Just because I have nothing new to post right now...



Fooled You

Posted by xccj , Apr 02 2008 · 77 views
News and Updates
Or not.

I think this has been the first time I've actually paid attention to April Fools Day on BZP. Most of the other years, I've been busy or the servers been nasty. Anyway, it was kinda fun. I pulled two pranks... first there was the blog entry about my name change. Ha. I hate name changes. I only wish I had been more inventive with the names that I posted... X Death? Blah. But the side bars came out well. Although it was a pain to post in a new font and color for a day. My second prank was a fake chapter to Many Adventures. I really need to update at least one of my stories this weekend...

I saw a lot of pranks today, and the members really got to fool people in the blogs. There were plenty of people leaving, and a few who posted stuff that was completely opposite from what they'd ordinarily do (like me). One cool one was a look at 09 set names... Then there were the official ones, like the Book series coming out. When I first saw the title on the forum's main page, I thought it was an announcement of the next Bionicle series name (There was Bionicle Adventures in the Metru/Hordika era, Bionicle Legends in the Inika/Mahri/Phantoka era, and there should be another set for 09 and on. But once I read it, I came to realize its true meaning. Although I doubt the Makuta would share their recipes with us, I thought the edits were very good. And, of course, the "No Block Approvals" thing... I think it's a joke, because it doesn't make too much sense compared to the other rules they have up there. Yeah, they can make a blog messy, but the blog owner should be the one to clean it up. I took that seriously for a while, until I began to think about it. Then, of course, I drew my final conclusion.

As for in real life... nope, nothing happened. I had good pizza, though, so I don't think that was a prank.

So, if you pulled off a prank, post it here, and we can compare results. I don't think I fooled anybody for long. At the end of my fake chapter, I confessed that it was a fake (and I also wrote "Fake" colored white in the chapter title too, if anybody caught that). The blog entry might not have been so obvious, but I did label all the new pictures "fake" so that could've given it away. So, yeah.

And I experimented with a new emoticon, although I still used (and prefer) my music one.



Edit: And I have 16 guests viewing my blog. blink.gif


Name Change

Posted by xccj , Apr 01 2008 · 90 views
News and Updates
I don't know, I've been thinking this whole "Xccj" thing is getting a little old. I've always liked the "X" part of my name, I feel it makes me unique. Of course, I've a strong suspicion that I just added the "C"s because they were right next to the "X" on the keyboard. Hmm, who knew. And, of course, the "J" is just there cause I like the letter (and my first name happens to start with it). But lately, the whole Xccj thing just isn't cutting it. I need something new... something rad... something dangerous!

I was thinking of names along the lines of "X Death", "X Killer", "Xcaliber", or even "X Cool Dude". My ersonal favorite is "X Death" because I think it gives me quite an imortal stand in the community.

But before I change my name, I want to hear from the community. They, after all, will have to recognize me under this new name, so if one just screams out "Kickin'!" or "Psycho" or "#######", then I'd want to know about it.

To celebrate my soon-to-be new name and mood, I'm posting in a new color and even updating my blog blocks. Hope it fits with you.




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