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I See Summer

Posted by xccj , Feb 17 2008 · 48 views
Here are some of my first thoughts on the summer sets. Take 'em or leave 'em, and they're bound to change, but here they are.

Toa Nuva

Tahu: Well, he's not the old Nuva, or the old Mata, but he's not too bad. The build isn't terrible, and the worst part about it is simply that it's been seen before. The rotating blade looks really cool, and the mask, while not resembling any form of a Hau, isn't too bad. The rockets don't look too bad on him either... you know, red works with red. For once, I might consider buying a red set first. tongue.gif

Gali: Yeah, they butchered her, but after Hahli, I wasn't expecting too much. The overall design isn't too bad, and the armor looks neat. But this seems more like a remake of Vezok, not Gali. Cool, but not entirely what I would want.

Onua: Well, what can I say here? No purple... not that I should've expected any, but I was hopeful. The body looks basic... there may be a few cool pieces of armor or weaponry included, as well as another laser scope. The mask reminds me more of Whenua Hordika's face... which isn't a bad thing. Not too bad for Onua, but he could've been beefed up more like Pohatu.


Gorast (Green): Creepy, but not incredible. Nice color scheme, but it's something we've already seen in Mutron. Nice claws, and six arms/legs, but the limb pieces don't appeal to me, even if they do work on the Matoran. Kinda a lame excuse of recycling pieces. The mask is cool, and somehow reminds me of Movie Dume. Wings look cool (if those are his wings) but the horrid gray body piece totally throws the entire set. Bah.

Bitil (Orange): Orange and black go well with this guy. But again, six legs, only this time better limb pieces than his green comrade. Is that... I think we see Throwbot limbs for the first time since... well, Pohatu Nuva (although there might've been some in other sets since then) He comes with lots of spikes, weapons, and he has a cool pincher-like mask. And did I mention orange and black work? (Even if it's keetongu yellow, black is better than grey any day) Not great, but not bad.

Krika (White): Something about this dude (or dudette, as may be the case) just intrigues me. Same basic design as Vultron, as he has no real legs. But the huge white staffs... colgate.gif The red and white I'm not too fond off... part of the reason I blew off Pirdak. But black and white works wonders, and throwing in a little red can't hurt. Plus that mask / face is just awesome! And another Throwbot arm. ohmy.gif I'll seriously consider buying this one when it comes around.

A side note on the Toa and Makuta... $12.99? Great, a price increase. (that was sarcastic, BTW) I wonder if they're that big and filled with plastic, or if Lego is just boosting up prices because of oil for the summer sets, while they held back for the winter sets. Hmm.

Takanuva: Well, I miss the gold, but it's been a while since we've seen that much white on a Titan. The mask looks similiar to his old version, but his bulked up body doesn't. Despite this, it looks like a nice design for a Titan, so I think Lgo will probably make a nice profit off of him. For me, I'm going to have to hold back due to the fact that I can't buy everything I want anymore. tongue.gif

[b]Vehicles]/b]: I haven't looked too much at them yet, but let me give you my overall thoughts on purchasing them: NO! They look big and have some features, but they also appear to have replicas of Pohatu, Lewa, Tahu, and Radiak driving them. Well, if I was looking for a bunch of big silvery pieces and such, maybe, but they are waaaaay overpriced for me. I hope they do well for Lego, and bring in a new form of play. But, like the playsets, while I like them, I will not be buying them. (Can't wait to see the BZP reviews on the, though. sly.gif )

Thus, I'll probably get Tahu and Kirka, then maybe Bitil and Onua, and Gali and Gorast if I can find a good deal on them (like a Buy 1 Get 2 Free). The Titan and Vehicles... nope.



Choo Choo!

Posted by xccj , Feb 16 2008 · 62 views
News and Updates
Home for the three day weekend. Got to ride on public transportation. Took a bus ride through Seattle... I did not know they had that tunnel underneath the whole city. I almost missed my stop because I was waiting for landmarks and you can't exactly see those under ground. When I got on the train, they forgot to give me my seat ticket, so I had to go and get back at the end of the line and wait it out again. (I got a ticket for a reserved seat, I just needed a second ticket for my assigned seat) On the bright side, since I was the last in line, I got assigned to a window seat without anyone in the aisle seat. Woo hoo. The train ride was rather boring (and long... and bumpy) but it was okay because I could plug in my laptop and watch Pirates III (which I just bought from the local Blockbuster movie rental store... a previously viewed video, only $7) Now I'm home, tired, and I still have homework to do.

If you got something out of this blog entry, good for you. You can make a metaphor out of anything!



Lego Bricks My Ego Bricks

Posted by xccj , Feb 13 2008 · 62 views
I love making fun of the word filter without abusing it. And this one's caught me a couple of times in recent posts. Makes me wonder, if they made one for this, why haven't they made one for "Bionicles" when so many people go out of their mind complaining about it.

So, remember, I was the Nobody cares about me. I need attenton so I wanted to be annoying. about the cool dude who made a word filter for LEGO Bricks. Very annoying, as well as the filtered His Excellency (comes when you type in xccj)

Currently I should be doing math homework. Why am I blogging?



Curse Of The Spell Checker

Posted by xccj , Feb 11 2008 · 52 views
News and Updates
Well, I had this essay I wrote last week, and I had to reference a lot of quotations from the books we read in the class. I didn’t like the books (for the most part), I didn’t like the prompt for the essay, and I didn’t particularly like the essay either (or MLA styles). But when I got it back today, I was kind of surprised at the mistakes I made.

Whenever I reference the author “Metalious”, it came out “Metalloids”. Whenever I referenced “Nabokov”, it came out “Taboo”. I remember specifically going out of my way not to correct those words when I spell checked the essay, but somehow it did it automatically. For all of them.

Spell-checkers get me again.




Posted by xccj , Feb 08 2008 · 100 views
News and Updates
Kiwiberry Rucas, or something similiar to that. Yum.

Okay, I dunno if any of you remember your soda brand history, but Fruitopia was this juice company of the late 1990s. They were apart of the Coca Cola company, but were phased out of the US in 2001 to be replaced by Minute Maid. (Although, according to their wikipedia page, they're still available in other countries like Canada and Australia). Based on most of the front page websites I found on this, people didn't like Fruitopia because the commercials have a hippy, carefree feel to them, even though it was all through the blood-sucking Coca cola cooperation.

Why do you care?

Anyway, while it was around, Fruitopia was my favorite juice drink to buy. They had the basic flavors... strawberry (ehk) grape (ehh) fruit punch (uhh) and pink lemonade (hmm). But they didn't have these boring names... they had hip, groovy names that made them sound sooo much cooler. cool.gif My favorite was one of the last flavors I saw them make, a kiwiberry rucas. I remember I first got it when my family stopped at a gas station in a desert on a vacation road trip, and it was all they had juice wise (I hate carbonated soda, so that limits my choices). It was weird, because it was bright apple green, but had this sweet Kiwi-ish (I assume) flavor that was unlike anything else I can remember. I liked it, and I continued to buy the brand even when I got back home. I even tried their latest flavor, who's name escapes me, but it was colored blue. blink.gif Normally I'm not one for blue colored... uh, stuff, and it wasn't an exceptionally good flavor, but I still tried it.

Why do I post this now?

Well, I religiously bought this soft drink until stores stopped selling it. Then, suddenly, I was out of something to drink at lunch. I've jumped around through other brands, but none offer quite the same taste as found in that one flavor. But, hey, there's nothing I can do, so I have to just suck it up and learn to like water.

Why did you read this far? Especially since the questions included foreshadowed the fact that this entry was going nowhere.

In conclusion, I was curious about the fate of my favorite soft drink, and just did a bit of research on it today, and thus realized that it's gone forever. And I never even found a reference to kiwiberry rucas. sad.gif

Another soft drink that I used to like was Countrytime Lemonade. In Colorado, back a decade ago, I used to be able to find canned versions of the juice. Since I've moved to Washington, I've never seen it sold in a can anywhere near where I live. It still comes as a powder... but who uses powdered juices outside backpacking trips? I think the only time I've seen it in a can would be when I went on a short vacation to British Columbia. Canada must have a thing with classic juice drinks.

Why did I post this entry?

Good question. (But I feel this side humor kinda made up for it)



Current Music Craves

Posted by xccj , Feb 05 2008 · 63 views
News and Updates
Just so I can post something, I'll list a few songs that I just haven't been able to get out of my head recently.

Story of My Life - Smash Mouth. It's humorous and has a good beat.

Accidentally in Love- Counting Crows. I'm not quite sure when / where this song is from, but I apparently bought it off a Shriek II soundtrack. blink.gif Anyway, another upbeat song that just lodged itself in my head. Coincidentally, it seems to remind me of some of my better romance passages in my stories of the past (lost with the laptop). It's not a typical love song, but it gets the feeling across, and it's making me wish I had kept a copy of some of those stories because parts of them were so well written.

Strangely enough, I got hooked on these two songs by watching fanmade music videos of them with Love Hina clips on a specific site that has homemade movie clips (and apparently not allowed for discussion on BZP. I'll make a note of that)

Rip It Up- Jet. If you want a new age hard rock song, this one should fit. It works for me. It may not be an entirely intelligent song, but it gets my blood flowing and has inspired a few action sequences that I could write about... I'll be sure to listen to this when I start writing battles in one of my stories.

Anyway, three songs that Ijust can't get enough of right now, so I'm listening to them way too much. tongue.gif This happens all the time... I learn about a new song and then play it as much as possible. I do eventually get bored of it and listen to it less often, but they're still good music, so there. I may make a list of previous songs I've had craves for, as well as future songs, just in case you really care.

Never mind. *Plugs in headphones.*



Wait, I Did This Last Week...

Posted by xccj , Feb 04 2008 · 39 views

I stayed up really late last week.

It was all about getting an essay rough draft completed on time. Irony: rough draft wasn't due until Tuesday... this got announced on Monday. Figures.

Tis Monday again... Monday morning, whatnot, but I digress (I do that often, don't I?) I'm up again. Irony is, this time I have to complete a final draft that is due in a couple of hours, so I can't throw in some half-thought out junk and get away with it. So far, with this essay, I have come to hate MLA, academic styles, present tense to be used with literature, quotations from grossly horrible books, and English in general. If all goes well, the only English critiquing I'll ever have to handle after this class will come from my story review topics.

Anyway, I have to keep awake for a couple more hours. I spent Sunday cleaning up my room, as well as sneaking down to watch the Half Time show in the Cafe lounge, and now I have to stay away until Monday afternoon. Last week, I tried for a midday nap and woke up around five... thus missing my other classes after English. So I can't make that same mistake today... unless I fall asleep in class, then missing it might've been a better option. I dunno, I think I ramble on when I write blog entries really late at night.

Anyway, if any of you know a good quote from Nabokov's Lolita that discuses the protagonist's methods of concealing his scandal... let me know, I could probably use it. annoyed2.gif

music.gif + wakeup2.gif <-- Yeah right. I hate coffee. duncecap.gif


Super What?

Posted by xccj , Feb 03 2008 · 71 views
News and Updates
Who's even playing?

I know / care this much about the Super Bowl this year.

1) The Denver Broncos aren't playing.
2) Neither are the Seattle Seahawks. Who to root for?
3) Commercials deserve to be muted, no matter what.
4) Tom Petty is playing halftime, so that I must see.
5) I have an English paper due tomorrow that I was suppose to work on yesterday. So I don't have a full day to blow on a game.
6) If I do want to watch, I know a place with a big screen TV. colgate.gif



Restriction On Friends...

Posted by xccj , Jan 31 2008 · 58 views
News and Updates
From Lego Network...

I have been getting friend cancellations a lot lately. At first, I thought it was lame and rude. Sure, why are you dropping me as a friend? Am I just not good enough for you? Do you not like the clicks I give your modules? Is my rank just too low for your preferences? Despite the little encouraging message sent to you every time a friend drops you, I get a little irked by the whole thing.

Then the Network blocked me from getting more friends.

Ooooh... there's a limit to how many friends you can have. I should've known.

I have a good system with my friends... they ask, and I immediately give them clicks. When I have spare clicks, I randomly go through my list, giving out some to everybody over time. Now, if I want to make new friends, I'm going to have to turn into Mr. Mean and drop out a bunch of my bore some compatriots. Great, just great. A limit of 100 friends... and they all out toss me in the millstone toss module. Humph.

In other news, I still haven't started working on the next chapter of M.A. Mostly this is due to English papers (they followed me out of high school! AHHH) physics labs, and a math midterm. Sorry, I'm just not finding time to write stories, although I wouldn't mind putting off some homework to do so, but I'm behind enough as it is.



I Don't Think Of It As A Late Night...

Posted by xccj , Jan 28 2008 · 46 views
News and Updates
I am just getting up really, really early.

Okay, the facts. English class: 9:30 AM Monday morning. Due: a rough draft of an essay. Completed: Nothing so far. Time: 4:30 AM on a Monday morning / extended Sunday night. Estimated hours of sleep for tonight: 0.

I have a feeling I overloaded myself this quarter. Two highly intensive math classes (Calculus and Physics) and a writing intensive English class on boring subjects (I already took the sci-fi class, but American 50s isn't my favorite genre.) I also have a midterm sometime this week too... hmm, funny, they were always called "tests" in high school and now the evil work is "midterm". Uhg.

And it's not like I procrastinated on this essay. Actually, I... uh, let's see, I.... uh, it'll come to me... okay, so I did procrastinate. Shoot me now.

Now for some fast, loud music, a closed BZP Internet browser, and a bottle of water, and I'll see if I can come up with anything in the next five hours.

On a side note, I have ideas for the next chapter of Many Adventures, but I'm kinda fearful to write it after the reaction to the low quality of the last chapter. First of all, I need to find time, but whenever I do I just don't feel in the mood to write. Alternatively, I have two or three other stories I want to rewrite after the "stolen laptop" incident. But, lo, English essays come first.

alert.gif PRORASTINATION! Send in bomber squad immediately! alert.gif Maybe I should get back to the essay now...




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