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The Mouse Is Dead!

Posted by xccj , Jan 14 2008 · 49 views
News and Updates
I found that the homework I've been putting off is rather difficult. Worst, so is navigating on my computer without a mouse.

You see, I have a nice laptop, and to go along with it, I bought a cheap wireless mouse because I hate the touch pads (almost as much as I hate laptop keyboards) Well, my wired keyboard addition is great for typing and everything, and hooks directly to the computer, so no need for a battery. But the mouse is a different story. Earlier today, as I was starting to look up homework, the mouse started going weird on me. I though, ha, the battery is almost dead. Fear now, I have an charger that's stuffed with rechargeable batteries at the moment! The mouse will live again.

How was I suppose to know that every single battery was DEAD!

Now the charger's on the wall, charging the rechargeable batteries that I though were already charged... but alas, I have no spare battery to fit inside my mouse. It is dead, deceased, gone the way of the dodo. It is an ex mouse... until the batteries finish charging. Until then, I'm navigating between tricky keyboard methods and a touch pad on the laptop. It makes it quite a pain to try to do some of these pieces of online homework.

Later... seeing as I can't use a mouse very well, I'll post a new image of a redesigned 07 set next time.



The Sun Rises?

Posted by xccj , Jan 13 2008 · 73 views
News and Updates
Who knew?

I am on the second day of a very, very bad habit I am falling into. Yesterday, I took an afternoon nap, and was up in the evening. Way past Midnight, I decided to go to bed, but couldn't sleep for various reason. So I bagged the whole idea and did some stuff on the computer. I stayed up pretty late... and the next thing I knew the sun was rising. So I went to the cafeteria just when it opened and got some relly good breakfast.

Then I went back to my room, and crashed. By the time I was getting up, the sun had gone back down.

Awe. sad.gif

And now I'm doing it again. It's probably a bad habit to stay up all night if I plan to do anything the next day... during daylight hours. But, on the other hand, I get to see the sunrise, which I never see otherwise. (LOL, it RHYMES!!) But, hey, I'm enjoying the weekends.

Speaking of the early bird...


He is not altered at all in this image... I just respotioned him in such a way that it's too uber cool! I always though Takadox was suppose to be some sort of insect like creature. But, really, he folds up nicely as a bird. His arms are like wings, and fold up against the body, and he can even perch on something and stare at you. Yeah, the jaws are still a little creepy, even for a Bionicle bird, but, hey, it's good to know that this creep from the deep can resemble [b]two[/i] types of animals, all without really switching a piece.

And when he's taking off... bye bye baby micy.



Just Some Random Updates...

Posted by xccj , Jan 12 2008 · 48 views
News and Updates
I don't have anything big to blog about in particular, but I have some things that might interest you. So here goes...

Story: Well, in the review topic, I said that real life might get in the way of updates, but I never expected it to hit me so hard and so fast. A few days after I posted the first real chapter of my new epic, I got horribly sick, and I've been on the downside of it ever since. Thus, about three weeks of being sick, which only got worst when I went back to school. With all that, updating the story became too much of a head ache. But today, I finally sat down and started typing up on it. And, man, did I get a lot done. I thought the first chapter was lengthy... this one is worst. It's gonna be a lot of back story again, and explaining, introducing new characters, and the like. I'll get it posted tomorrow, when I feel like rechecking it for the inevitable spelling mistakes. Hey, if I go through it once, that cuts the amount of mistakes by a half, and people have more posting room to mention the groovy plot... or something like that. Anyway, update tomorrow.

Games: While playing the new Nuva / Makuta Phantoka game, I noticed if you do well you get this strange code thing at the end of the game. Weird. So I typed the code thing in the code typer area, and wa la, I suddenly got a power up! So far, the Toa and Makuta each have two power ups, which make you go faster and fire faster (as well as your blasts do more damage... one to take down a foe instead of three...) They make the game a lot easier. And once you got the power ups, if you click on the icons, they show images of prototypes of the sets. They're nifty!

School: Okay, here's my list this quarter. English: It's on the 1950s. Uhg. Well, I don't know too much about the fifties... only what s in that Billy Joel song. tongue.gif But the class is entitled "Scandalous Fifties" so I'm thinking the literature may not be the action=adventure I was hoping for. Drat, real life got me again! The teacher is kinda odd though... she laughs the loudest at the silliest things we come upon. Math: Yay, calc 2. Antiderivatives. Area under the curve. A TA who is Portuguese. Interesting. Challenging, but not over the top yet. (Emphasis on yet, I haven't started the homework for that class... yet.) Physics: The professor apparently knows what he's doing, as he has some sort of state of matter named after him? I don't understand it... but I wikipedia-ed him name, and that's what it came up as. Downside (besides the slight boringness and the fact that it's at the end of the day) is that he's Russian and has a thick accent. ohmy.gif Yay for linguistic diversity!

Indiana Stuff: Lego's Indy webpage has the teaser and a little loading bar telling us how long until the site is up. I noticed the loading bar retreated a bit, thus telling me it'll be an even longer wait. Bummer.

My Lego: Still collecting stuff. Need to grow some honey before I can really do anything else. Cool thing is I'm getting alot more interaction with other members now that newbies can join and everything. Much more fun than that stuck up crown that was the beta testers. tongue.gif J/K.

And, last but not exactly least...


I had to change this brutal Barraki around a little bit... mostly by connecting his leg armor differently so the things won't fall off every time he moves. I think I also made a stronger connection to his head, but I can't be sure if I did that in his altered for or when I rebuilt him to his original form. Then I switched his arms and legs, so the bigger limb piece is actually apart of the legs, which should be longer, rather than his arms. Makes him look better proportioned. Another big change was his claws... in their original form, they look terrible, but I added a little connector doohiki and now they look quite fierce. Not perfect, but it beats having them flop around on his hand. Since I didn't have enough to build him a second claw, I gave him a Rahkshi staff to make it seem like he was complete... he's too dull to realize that the staff is too short to really do anything and he'd be better off without it. Oh, yeah, and I gave him Hahli's wings... because I can. With Hahli kinda falling apart, as seen in the last image, I thought her wings should go on somebody else. I tried them on Carapar, and I must say I like the image. I'm not quite sure what it does for him, but it's cool. Can we agree on that? No, well tough luck, it's my blog, so I say he's cool. If you want to say otherwise, feel free... I'll just edit your reply and cross it out. tongue.gif

No, really, don't tempt me.



My Lego... And I'm Keeping It.

Posted by xccj , Jan 09 2008 · 61 views
News and Updates
Well, the new version of My Lego is up, so I can start collecting again. This time, I will take precautions not to invite some friends over to my side of the board, 'cause so many of them just dropped me in the last version. If they want to be my friends, fine, but ask. Even in this new version, people are pig-headed enough to reject a request for a friend. This isn't like other social networks where somebody may find out who you are and begin to stalk you based on what you have in your account... but whatever, people just don't like the sly grin on my minifigure avatar. Those skull dudes are just so much more trustworthy.

I never got too far on the beta version... I got stuck needed a drone bee and nobody ever clicked on the module to challenge me for one. I asked plenty of people... even sent them the stuff they needed to challenge me. Pigheaded ones took the bee and ran... a few spared me a click or two on the wrong module. Only one person actually challenged me... and won, so I didn't get anything out of it. But this time I have a secret weapon that'll assure me at least one friend. It's called "MNOLG Account #2"... back when you could only play the game once per account. Account still exists, and now it's one of my friends. Any guesses which it is? sly.gif

Now I just have to wait a few days for my tree to start growing some red bricks, and then I'll be moving up in levels that I could never reach on the beta version. If you want to be my friend, my account is xccj01. I'll accept you and even give you clicks... but if you drop me for no good reason, don't expect to be comin' on back for more clickies.

In other news... and this is just as bad...

My gosh, and you thought you'd seen mutants before.

ToM just posted a great review on Hahli M., and he got one thing right. Those nasty limbs break real quick like. Her hands are now snapped, and her other limbs are cracking... if I try to disassemble her, she's going to blow. ohmy.gif Thus, she's turning into a rather pathetic model, as I don't have spare limbs to beef her up. So I did what I could. She can't hold her talon anymore with a hand, so I connected it to her arm in a similiar fashion as I did with Jaller... although I used rods instead of Cordak ammo for her. The other arm was boring, as her Cordak was in Dekar's hands. I was thinking about what to add to it when I tripped over Fenny's body. So now she's got Fenrakk's head on the end of her arm, and it'll gobble up any Barraki she comes upon.

The rest of her is unchanged, mostly because I didn't have enough pieces at the time to rebuild her. Sure, I could've tried, but I didn't.

Chew on that for now.



Shoot 'em Up!

Posted by xccj , Jan 08 2008 · 60 views
News and Updates
Really, no good news. I'm doing this mostly for the sake of posting a new picture. It was the first day of winter classes, and I was bored, sleepy, and sick. Sick enough that I'm probably good enough to get out of taking a test... not that I'll have an option like that. Unfortunatly, my earliest class is also my smallest, so they take roll call. Bah.

Set wise, I have been looking at the Makutas and their respective Matoran. Mutron and Vican (that's the combination, correct? I'm pulling those names out of my head...) are a cool combination. Lime green and black... a great color scheme, just as long as the lime green doesn't break. Has the lime green of 08 been fragile too? I thought I was exempt from the problems, but both Hahli and Ehlek have cracked or cracking limb pieces... annoyed2.gif I'll get to that later... anyway, I also like Mutron's claw setup, with a ton of Mantax's claws. His Matoran assistant isn't that bad either, with claws galore. And the price is about $15, correct?

Wait, hold the press! $15? The regular Makuta are $10. Oh, well, Mutron's more expensive... but wait again, he has a Matoran set in addition to his great Makuta-ness. The Matoran are, what, $6? So $10 + $6 = ... $16? Maybe more depending on taxes and stuff. But Mutron and his pal are $15... and they're bigger with more pieces than their canister compatriots!! Thus, that set is a great deal with savings... it seems more expensive, but it's not. Now, I know it's hard to find, so that means it's a store exclusive... what store again? Because if I happen to come across that set... I'll buy it and forget about the other Makuta. The Phantoka Makuta sets are intriguing, but since I am focusing on Toa and trying to conserve cash, I think I might go with this titan.

For Toa, I think I'll pick up all six (eventually) and maybe one Matoran just for kicks? Any preference on the wittle Matoran... I'm thinking Tanma, unless he's got the "curse of the weak lime green plastic".

Now, for pictures...


Now, I always like the zamor, but not the way it attached to the Matoran Mahri. When put on their shoulders, it just doesn't look too good, and the stupid zamor (or solidified air sphere) kept falling out. First, I thought I'd remove the rejected zamor design (let's face it, the Midak are much cooler uses of zamor) and place a Cordak blaster on his shoulder. I attached it by snapping a socket joint on the back of Dekar's arm, and then using the ball joint on the Cordak to attach the weapon to Dekar. Well, he looked formidable with his spikes and shoulder Cordak blaster, but he was unbalanced. So, when his spikes went to Defilak, I just let him hold on tight to those Cordak. Now he can hold them, fire them easily, and swing them like clubs. (Batter Up!) Seeing his little design makes me think that maybe Kongu Mahri wasn't that bad after all, with his two Cordak blasters. (But not enough for me to want to get him) Now lets see even the mask of life heal something after Dekar has blasted it to smithereens. This is how the Matoran should've guarded Mahri-Nui.

Well, this whole thing seems kinda worthless, as nobody's replied in the last three days I've posted these, but I have the pictures so I'm going to continue posting them, whether you like it or not. Yes, I am totally willing to make you suffer if that's what the situation calls for. BURN! Hahah... hum. I think I'll go back to having a coughing fit now. glare.gif



Don't Bug Me

Posted by xccj , Jan 07 2008 · 37 views
News and Updates
Gah, I'm back in the dorms, and I have certainly been better. For starters, I'm not quite healthy yet... but that'll have to wait until after classes this week. glare.gif Secondly, my room appeared to be infested with this little flies. How did they get there? I took alot of time to clean up my dorm room before I left, cleaning up all my food and dusting everything and even vacuuming... and I don't have Lehvak Kal's natural powers either! But the room is just crawling with these small flying insects. They're easy enough to kill... I like to knock them out of the air and them smash them with my foot. But there are alot of them, and potentially eggs being laid in places I can't get to. Arg, what did I miss when I cleaned up?

... apparently my roommate's side. He had some food stuff in the bottom of his dresser, but he had to leave early for winter break and never got a chance to clean up. I tried, but I didn't go too deep. Well, I remember one of those bugs was in the room before I left, and it multiplied, thanks to his food. However, now that we found the spot, I think we can kill the rest of the population before they regain their power in numbers. Obviously it hasn't been a great start of the year, and that is only the irritating thing that happened...

In other news, Defilak has also been showing some bug-like qualities in his set-form in my room (formerly).


(Am I spelling that right? Do I care?)

Obviously, not much has changed on him. What you can't see is the fact that his back body structure has been rearranged slightly, but this is not to make him better, but is more due to the fact that I wanted his +00+ pieces and tried to keep him holding together even without them. No, but the cool thing is his doubled up staffs, which now resemble claws. A basic design at first. but very effective. They're fun to snap open and shut, and it's much better than Carapar's claws. While Carapar's can spin freely so that they look incredibly fake, Defilak's arm piece restricts the motion of the claw, so it can only be closed and opened at about a 90 degree angle. This, claws with restrictions... perfect! I think it would be great for a mini Nidhiki... especially since the mask was suppose to be made for Nidhiki's Toa character in the first place. If I have the chance later on, I may again use this claw design.

And, you know, these new claws may help the Matoran out against the Barraki... or not. Oh well, it makes him look cooler and way more fun to play with.



Helicopter Action (indoors!)

Posted by xccj , Jan 06 2008 · 55 views
News and Updates
Curses… I skipped posting a blog yesterday, as I’m getting this one up at 1 AM. So much for my New Year streak of blogs…

Well, I just got back from Christmas Mock 2… we got together with some other relatives to exchange gifts. I got a lot of candy and other food like items, which will be good for stocking up my dorm when I get back. The coolest thing I got was this indoor helicopter, which had a motor for the blades and rudder and everything. It works best in houses with big ceilings, like my own, but not so well in my relative’s place. But it was still fun to play with… and I’m not sure how much longer it’ll last, considering I keep seeing Styrofoam pieces flying everywhere. Worst, it’ll be useless in my dorms, so I’m letting my sister take it home as I head off to the university tomorrow. Uhg.

We also got a new dog this break… I’m not a dog person, but its kinda fun to play with the dog. Problem… she’s a full sized dog but she acts like a puppy. Lots of energy. But my aunt and uncle also got a new puppy (a real puppy), and we took ours with us, so the two of them have been playing together. That keeps both of them occupied, although it may be a bit destructive at times. Oh well, not our house. tongue.gif

And here’s something I finally got together… pictures of remade Bionicle 07 sets. Some of them are good… some of them are funny… some of them are just wired.gif . To begin with, one with only a minor alteration.

Jaller Mahri!

Same basic everything… but I attached his sword to his arm via spare Cordak blasters, giving him a different hold on it that I think it really cool. Because he was lacking when compared to the other sets I rebuilt, I also gave him a massive Toa Lhikan shield to compensate. I didn’t rebuild his body or arms very much because I had no idea how to make them better, although the shoulder armor could be replaced. Now this Toa is ready to do some damage.



Pohatu Phantoka

Posted by xccj , Jan 04 2008 · 302 views
My first 08 set. And he's the second remake of my third Bionicle set I ever bought. How does he compare?

Well, Pohatu olda just rocks all Toa of Stone, and that's final. Hewkii looks good without the brown, but Pohatu Phantoka cannot replace good old upside-down Pohatu. (Pohatu Nuva, yeah, he can replace him in a jiffy).

First, a quick note on the packaging. We're getting back to canisters again, baby! Woo Hoo! Sure, it's not a traditional canister, especially with the useless array of orange plastic on the front. But it's a solid plastic container than can be reused and has a somewhat sturdy plastic top... not as good as the Inika's, but it'll hold. In total size, it's about as big as the Inika canisters, but unlike the Mahri, the plastic covering does not have any special effects for the set. In fact, it's also a hassle for storing, so I might toss it. A shame, because that orange stuff is good plastic. I wonder if it'll recycle.

Onto the set... the build is pretty basic. Apparently he's a copy of Kongu Mahri's body... well, it fits a stone Toa, not an air Toa, that's for sure. I kinda like it, really... a new design. The legs are blah... been there, done that; maybe not in that exact combo, but I get the idea. The arms are really nice, though... certainly unique, and give him the look of a buff Toa. The head has green eyes, again copying those of Kongu Mahri. I dunno about the short eyes... they save space but do they glow as well? I haven't had enough time to really form an opinion of them.

Pohatu's new weapons are a step up from his Kodan claws. While the claws were interesting, this seem much more formidable. I like the function to make them spin. However, they don't have a snap function; I was under the impression that if you pulled back on the rod that you used to spin them, they'd snap shut. But, nope, the set isn't that complicated. They snap as well as Carapar's claws do... aka, you must do it manually. However, they easily fold out to form helicopter blades, and that's what he needs mostly. For the Toa Phantoka so far, I think Pohatu's weapons top Kopaka's small eyescope piece and Lewa's curvy sword.

Now the Midak blaster, or whatever it's called. Yep, zamor revisited. Somehow, that doesn't bug me. Squids and cordak were not able to replace the coolness of the zamor, but those things always fell out of their launchers. This new launcher fixes that, with a simply design that's very effective. I applaud whoever created it, as they have perfected zamors once and for all. I'd like to see them top this. On the up side too, is the fact that the new ammo is actually zamor sized, so I can use my collection of zamor spheres I got from the Inika and Piraka to colorfy Pohatu's launcher... like with a deep orange zamor I got as a discolored piece from Dekar. Pohatu's positioning of his blaster is also cool, because it's able to swing back over he shoulder with ease. Sure, it's a little bulky, but it has a lot of connection rods, so there's more MOC capability with this than, say, a squid launcher. (Can those even be used in MOCs?)

Now, the mask. Indeed, it does appear to be part Kakama, and part Vahi. I think the fan name for it should be a combo of those two names, like "Ka-hi". Of course, you could go the other way around and call it a "Va-kama" but that word sounds oddly familiar. Anyway, it's okay for a mask, not nearly as bad as when I first saw the promotional picture for it. But here's a genius idea that would've made the color scheme flow better; make that darn head cover trans orange instead of trans blue. Then, although it isn't apart of the mask, it doesn't starkly contrast with it. Hello, was somebody color blind when they picked that out? tongue.gif

As for Pohatu being orange instead of brown... well... it takes away some of his originality, but we should be used to that after Hewkii. The orange really stands out from the bley grey, much better than the keetongu-yellow would, in my opinion. Yes, I would've included more orange pieces on him as a whole... an orange chest piece would make him flow really well. I tried fitting the orange piece used on Jaller Mahri's chest to even him out, but it doesn't fit by just a tiny bit!! Uh, sooo close. Oh well, maybe the orange Makuta will look better. sly.gif

I can't tell if Pohatu is the coolest of the Phantoka so far... I thing I'll buy the others regardless, but I'm going to wait for a sale of some sort, so that may mean I won't get them for a few more months. Big deal... I kinda want to collect them just to say I have all of the Mata / Nuva / Phantoka characters. I'm looking at only one Makuta, though. But is Pohatu worth the $10? I suppose so... his upper body is certainly something new for you to play around with. And he's even better if you get somebody else to pay for him... unfortunately, I used my own cash, stuff which I should be saving for when I'm back at school and wanting to buy food. ohmy.gif

Oh well, Pohatu Phantoka = Good. Send me free samples of the other Phantoka and I'll review them too. tongue.gif



Dr. Jones, I Presume

Posted by xccj , Jan 03 2008 · 51 views
"Those men are trying to kill us!"
"I know, Dad!"
"Well, this is a new experience for me."
"Happens to me all the time."

Downside of the start of 08: I'm still sick, and I've had a pretty bad sore throat for about a week. I went to the doc. to get it checked out, and it's not strep. So it should run it's course in about a week... you know, right when school starts back up. Ah well, better to be sick on vacation than at school with assignments due.

Upside of 08: I convinced my mom to stop by Target (partially to buy another electric toothbrush... yeah, the old one got jacked with everything else. They really got everything that time!) I decided to, hey, why not look at the Lego section. I'm done with 07... the Barraki were okay, but I've got all of them, I got the Mahri I cared about, and even then I was disappointed, and none of the titans looked too good to me. But, lo and behold, they have 08 sets already there! Of course, I'm drooling over on the Bionicle side, noting with disappointment that Tanma is sold out... as well as all the other Avi-Matoran, leaving only a few shadow Matoran that I wasn't exactly interested in. Then I take a look at the other showcase... Indiana Jones sets. I couldn't help myself... I bought an Indiana Jones system set along with a Bionicle set! Now here's a quick review on it.

Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail, my favorite of the Indy trilogy, and I am physicked to see the forth movie this summer. When I heard Indy was coming to Lego, I thought that was pretty awesome! The game sounds like one I might have to get... it should be even cooler than Star Wars because there'll be sets and characters not yet made into plastic. Of course, I heard the news from BZP, and heard what the four sets this winter were going to be on, but I didn't see the actual set images until I got my Lego catalogue this week. First, I'll comment on some of the other sets, from Raiders of the Lost Arc.

First off, I noticed something in all the set descriptions. Indy's facing a bunch of Nazi stooges, but they're all "guards" in Lego terminology. Hmm... and in both sets that should have the Arc in them, it's just refered to as treasure. Of the four sets, the only other one I might be interested in is the one with the truck... that was an awesome chase scene, but it's too expensive for my taste. The Lost Tomb set is nifty, reminiscent of the old Adventurers sets but canon. They even have C3PO and R2 carved in the back... I remember watching the comentary on the movie and seeing that. Lego sure is funny. laugh.gif The Temple Escape set is extensive looking with lots of fun traps and everything... if I were ten years younger, I would be craving that set with a passion. I like the basic construction of the whole thing, from what I can see... and I find it interesting that one of the "statues" is actually an old baby t-rex mold upside-down. All in all, fun to play with, but too expensive to collect.

As to the Motorcycle chase... it was one of the cooler chases in the third movie... second to the tank sequence. Of course, it has two motorcycles... one for Indy and one for the guard. I like the construction of the sidecar for Professor Jones. It's so basic, but effective. Plus, connected in between the side car and motorcycle is Indy's whip! The image of Indy's mini figure for the set shows that he has the whip... but you cannot see it in any of the actual pictures of the set. Well, that's because it's hidden on the back of the side car. ohmy.gif I really wanted to get the whip, and I was going to be very disappointed if it didn't come with the set, but I was pleasantly surprised instead. More on that later.

The actual motorcycle is kinda lame... just two pieces and wheels. Oh well, more realistic than the tri-wheel Lego motorbike I also have. And the guard's bike, with only two wheels, is very unstable... I actually prefer Indy's bike with the sidecar. They're all fun to chase around. The guard station building is not as cool... I thing those bricks were mostly added to make it a full $10 set. Sure, it's fun to knock off the road blocker with Indy's bike, but I thought it got old. The boxes did come in useful... they were able to hold some of the little extra pieces that came with the set, such as an extra pistol. The pole is nice, but I wish it was easier for Indy to pick it up and joust with it, just like in the movie. Ah well, it wouldn't work anyway, because the "guard" doesn't fly off his bike easily, and Indy can't throw the pole in between the spokes of the wheels. However, if situated right, as seen in the pict/ above, Indy can swing from said pole using his whip. The whip isn't great, because you can't use it to lash out at baddies like you can in the game. But it's not a solid mold... it's flexible and can wrap around stuff. I liked rearranging the pieces in the pict above to let Indy swing into the "guard" and knock him off.

Over all, was it worth it? Well, yeah, I'll say yes. I got an authentic Indiana Jones mini-figure, with the hat, side bag, whip, and pistol. I even got Professor Henry Jones, who is cool in and of himself (better than that Dr. Lightning or Dr. Kilroy from the old Adventurers sets... although it's the same hat. I never liked that style of Lego hat). The motorbike with the side car is excellent... I am sure to bring that back to the dorm to be on display. As sets go, it isn't terribly amazing, but it's not a rip off either. Then again, if you're not into Indiana Jones, then you may want to get something a little more piece heavy.

But for my first system set in many years, I'm glad I picked it up. I also got a Phantoka, but I won't tell you which, because that'll spoil the review for later. I hope to also get some more blogs posted with humorous pictures of some 07 sets. Hey, what better way to start off a new year than by making fun of the last year.




Happy New Year!

Posted by xccj , Dec 31 2007 · 43 views
News and Updates
The hours are ticking away for me, so I suppose I should post a last blog entry for 07.

I would write a review of the year via BZP and Bionicle and real life... but at this point, I have an entirely pessimistic view of everything, so that wouldn't turn out nice. Main problem is I've had this horrible cold for the last few days that hit me out of nowhere... and all I have to look forward to after I get over it is going back to school. glare.gif

I didn't do much writing this year as I have done, but I did update SoMN, and I want to update it in the future because it's a really good epic, I just have to recollect my thoughts on it because all my plans for it were lost with my laptop. Probably what I did most on BZP this year was blog random stuff... and I did win Blog of the Week earlier this year, which made my rating decrease further. tongue.gif In the sets, the Barraki were kinda cool, while the Mahri were a disappointment... 08 is looking up. And while I graduated from high school, I still have plenty of room to improve my grades in college.

2008 looks like it might be just another year of stuff... school, homework, blogging on BZP. I will likely buy a lot of sets if I can, because the Nuva look cool, but this is looking to be one of the last years I'll be diligent in buying a ton of sets. (But, then again, I haven't seen 09)

I'll probably continue to be on BZP, because the community here is excellent and its a great place to just go around and read what people have to say. So, with that said, Happy New Year to all you folks out there. Here's to making it better than 07. biggrin.gif


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Is that the light at the far end of the tunnel, or just the train.
~ Owl City

Lisztomania, think less but see it grow. Like a riot, like a riot, Oh.
~ Phoenix

I took a sip of something poison but I'll hold on tight.
~ Foster the People

Birds sing for you, you can make this blue sky blush
~ Oh Land

On the other side of the street I knew, stood a girl that looked like you.
I guess that's Déjà vu, but I thought this can't be true
~ Train

But even the sun sets in paradise
~ Maroon 5

Crazy how that shipwreck meant my ship was coming in
~ Train (Again?)

So make now your ally, and leap before you look
~ Nothing's Carved In Stone

I'm just too much a coward to admit when I'm in need.
~ Passion Pit

Just believe in far away, ikiru tame ni sore wa
~ Song Rider

Everything that drowns me makes me want to fly.
~ One Republic

I live my life in shackles, but I'm borderline-free.
~ Tove Styrke


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