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New Sig Fad

Posted by xccj , Apr 05 2008 · 78 views
News and Updates
I finally came up with something to ridicule those silly percentage sig fads.

106% of people don't understand fractions or percentages. If you are part of the 68% that does, you know that this is a load of trash.

Just because I have nothing new to post right now...



Fooled You

Posted by xccj , Apr 02 2008 · 81 views
News and Updates
Or not.

I think this has been the first time I've actually paid attention to April Fools Day on BZP. Most of the other years, I've been busy or the servers been nasty. Anyway, it was kinda fun. I pulled two pranks... first there was the blog entry about my name change. Ha. I hate name changes. I only wish I had been more inventive with the names that I posted... X Death? Blah. But the side bars came out well. Although it was a pain to post in a new font and color for a day. My second prank was a fake chapter to Many Adventures. I really need to update at least one of my stories this weekend...

I saw a lot of pranks today, and the members really got to fool people in the blogs. There were plenty of people leaving, and a few who posted stuff that was completely opposite from what they'd ordinarily do (like me). One cool one was a look at 09 set names... Then there were the official ones, like the Book series coming out. When I first saw the title on the forum's main page, I thought it was an announcement of the next Bionicle series name (There was Bionicle Adventures in the Metru/Hordika era, Bionicle Legends in the Inika/Mahri/Phantoka era, and there should be another set for 09 and on. But once I read it, I came to realize its true meaning. Although I doubt the Makuta would share their recipes with us, I thought the edits were very good. And, of course, the "No Block Approvals" thing... I think it's a joke, because it doesn't make too much sense compared to the other rules they have up there. Yeah, they can make a blog messy, but the blog owner should be the one to clean it up. I took that seriously for a while, until I began to think about it. Then, of course, I drew my final conclusion.

As for in real life... nope, nothing happened. I had good pizza, though, so I don't think that was a prank.

So, if you pulled off a prank, post it here, and we can compare results. I don't think I fooled anybody for long. At the end of my fake chapter, I confessed that it was a fake (and I also wrote "Fake" colored white in the chapter title too, if anybody caught that). The blog entry might not have been so obvious, but I did label all the new pictures "fake" so that could've given it away. So, yeah.

And I experimented with a new emoticon, although I still used (and prefer) my music one.



Edit: And I have 16 guests viewing my blog. blink.gif


Name Change

Posted by xccj , Apr 01 2008 · 93 views
News and Updates
I don't know, I've been thinking this whole "Xccj" thing is getting a little old. I've always liked the "X" part of my name, I feel it makes me unique. Of course, I've a strong suspicion that I just added the "C"s because they were right next to the "X" on the keyboard. Hmm, who knew. And, of course, the "J" is just there cause I like the letter (and my first name happens to start with it). But lately, the whole Xccj thing just isn't cutting it. I need something new... something rad... something dangerous!

I was thinking of names along the lines of "X Death", "X Killer", "Xcaliber", or even "X Cool Dude". My ersonal favorite is "X Death" because I think it gives me quite an imortal stand in the community.

But before I change my name, I want to hear from the community. They, after all, will have to recognize me under this new name, so if one just screams out "Kickin'!" or "Psycho" or "#######", then I'd want to know about it.

To celebrate my soon-to-be new name and mood, I'm posting in a new color and even updating my blog blocks. Hope it fits with you.





End Of Break

Posted by xccj , Mar 31 2008 · 72 views
News and Updates
You have no idea how tired I am.

Or maybe you do, I'm not insinuating that none of you ever work hard or long hours. In fact, many of you probably know exactly how tired I am, and are blowing off my complaining because you've been this tired before and still pushed on.

Well, fine.

Anyway, I've been busy all day traveling back to the dorms. There was driving in rain, hail, snow, sun, more rain, heavier rain... the weather today has been crazy. It was supposed to clear up today... that got pushed back to Monday or Tuesday, depending on the channel you tune into. Anyway, after a busy day of moving back into my dorm, I finally have a real keyboard. And I have some inspiration to update one of my three stories... Slizers on Mata-Nui, Many Adventures, or Mata-Nui Elections, The Comedy!

But I'm dropping off. It's midnight, again I have classes in the morning, and I have no desire to fight sleep and write something. I've tried that before, and it never works out too well (for English assignments, I didn't care, but BZP is much more important) So I may get a random chapter of one of these things up this week between classes.

Until then... Zzzzzzz



Mutran And Vican

Posted by xccj , Mar 28 2008 · 115 views
Who makes the shadow leaches? Who mutates the shadow Matoran? Who is just a rip off of the black Phantoka and his Matoran counterpart? The answer is the duo Mutran and Vican, the newest Lego set I purchased via Shop At Home! (Mostly because I won't step foot in a wal-mart) Anyway, I got these two because they're apparently cheaper to get than a Makuta and Matoran separately. Unfortunately, shipping makes up the difference, but I also got a cool Nuparu shirt too, so it's worth it.

Now for a review.

Well, this was my first Makuta and Shadow Matoran sets, so I can't necessarily compare these two to their canister counterparts. But they're not too glamorous. Vican, although he has a few extra silver pieces than the others, is just an average Shadow Matoran. The body screams to be used in MOCing (something I won't be able to do for a while) and the limbs are kinda okay. But the wings aren't as good as I thought they'd be, and the claws just don't work for him. Translucent head and mask are good, though. He has some nice pieces, but that's about it. Makes an interesting playmate for Mutran, but I'm not looking for that at my age Sorry. tongue.gif

Mutran... well, he's my first real look at a Makuta, and I'm not very impressed. Oh, where to start? Well, for starters, the legs and arms don't work together. I can see him with the same arms, but he'd need thicker legs... maybe Inika legs instead of Rahkshi. And if they wanted to keep the legs... fine, but shorten down the arms, or at least get rid of that bulky Piraka armor on the shoulders. Both could work, but together they don't. The body piece is quite impressive... not sure how I'd MOC with it, but it works well in holding the shadow leaches. The opening chest thing is fun, but not as amusing as, say, Pohatu's propellers. A step in the right direction, Lego, but you needed more of a leap to appease me. (You know, the fan who's growing out of the sets and only buys a few... oh, wait, they ignore me, I forgot). The shadow leaches themselves are nice... first collectible since the kraata that stick to something (I believe... and I don't count the Cordak in this assessment). The head and wings... the wings are oddly placed and kinda a weak attempt to include them in the set. I'm not sure what exactly they should've done, but they don't look all that great. The wing pieces themselves are really cool though... are these brand new pieces or were they borrowed from some other set (like a dragon from one of the Castle or Viking sets) and recolored. Anyway, I like them and can see potential use for them... much more than I would for Hahli's wings. The mask itself is okay, but waaaaaay too long. I mean, we've seen masks that extend way over the head, but this one is riddiculas. Plus, the way it's angled (it has this odd setup, so the mask is kind of angled down when placed on the face) leaves too big of a gap over the head. It's different, but the other Makuta may still have better design than him. Onto his hands... I love the Mantax claws, which really give him spiked hands. There's no real way to attach a sword or spear, which makes holding his weapons awkward. But the claws do work best on their own. I like the weapons (I am especially fond of Hewkii's war blade, which I now have two of) but I think Mutran can leave those in my pile of bricks, waiting to be MOCed with, rather than take them with him on display.

One other note that was brought up in the BZP reviews... the Makuta heads do not stand sturdy because of the design of the body piece. Well, I found a way to make it work!

All I needed was a friction pin (a +o one, of which I had a spare in black from the good old days) and one of those +oo+ pieces (ones I use on my custom Matoran, also used on the Mahri-Matoran's bodies.) I pulled the gray pin used to hold Mutrans neck in, and pushed it through the +oo+ piece and back through the hole to reconnect the neck piece. I then used the +o friction pin the hold the +oo+ piece in place at another connection piece lower down on the body piece. (If you don't understand what I'm trying to say, look at the picture and figure it out for yourself) This effectively holds the neck in one place... no more tilting for him. On the downside, it gets in the way of his chest-claw release bar, so dropping his shadow leaches becomes more difficult. Furthermore, the extra pieces block the eyepiece when Mutran tilts his head back while flying. That, and the pieces themselves stick out a little too much. But this is just my custom fix... not ideal but it solves the initial problem.

Overall, is this set worth it? I think the main question is, are the Makuta Phantoka worth it, as Mutran is only minorly different from them. Well, they're new, but they aren't my favorite baddies of recent years. Hopefully, the summer Makuta will blow me out of the water... I'm already thinking of picking up Krika and Bitil when I can. The plus side of Mutran is that he comes with some pieces that I won't get unless I buy a Makuta: a new body piece, wings, chest launcher and a orange rock thingie with shadow leaches inside it. Mutran also comes with a lot of cool silvery pieces (the coolest of which are Hewkii's war-blade and one of his shoulder blades, as well as SIX Mantax claws!) I also got two new masks, which also are tinted with lime green, which is always a cool color (although a fragile color... Tanma's leg joint broke today when I was having him fight Vican. sad.gif ) And the best part is, you get a slightly more beefed up Makuta and Shadow Matoran for a couple of dollars cheaper than if you bought a canister Makuta and Matoran. Woot. (Of course, to do this without shipping, you have to make a trip to evil Wal-Mart or make a lucky find in a Lego store) I'm satisfied with the set, because I'm not planning to get any other Phantoka Makuta. But is it a super great buy... nope.




Posted by xccj , Mar 27 2008 · 88 views
News and Updates
And I thought I did poorly last semester.

For the sake of my dignity (if any survived that last fall) I refuse to tell what grades I got this time, what grades I got last time, and what classes I was actually taking in the first place.

I'll say this... college is not easier than High School, or even on the same level. Best part has got to be that I don't have three AP classes in a row every day of the week, but that's not enough. If you're going into college, don't expect your grades to stay as high as they were in High School unless you put a lot of work into it (or take pathetic classes like "3rd Grade Addition"). And if you've already been through college and got decent grades... well, I guess all you can do is laugh at me right now. glare.gif But I know where your user name sleeps... er, I think? (here?)

On another note, spring break hasn't been really breakful. I think the correct name is "Spring Chores". I totally need to go somewhere besides home next year. I might have a chance to write something the night before classes begin (when I'm back in my dorm room)

On a third note, I cannot beat the Tanma game. Even after I cheated and entered the codes off the sets. I feel sad.

On the forth note (how many notes are you keeping?), I got a new set recently, I might write a quick review on it. It'll be quick because I wasn't very impressed with it, but whatever.

I also have ideas for continuing my comedy, making more music videos, and maybe hosting a writing contest in my blog. When I get to any of these things, only Mata-Nui knows. (And unfortunately for you, he's asleep)

If I inadvertently insulted or confused anybody... mission accomplished! _icon_joy_.gif



Rip It Up

Posted by xccj , Mar 24 2008 · 95 views
News and Updates
A continuation of my blog entry from yesterday...

Follow the Link. It will take you to a happy place

Or it'll take you to my Bionicle music video on Google. If you have time, watch it, and then tell me what you think. It's only three something minutes long, although my slow home modem makes loading time somewhat prolonged. In the end, it's not much. It Toa Mata, Toa Nuva, Bohrok Kal, Rahkshi, and Toa Metru clips merged together around the song "Rip It Up" by Jet. I'm addicted to that song, and a while ago I got thinking how some of the Bionicle movies could work well with the lyrics. Now you have to tell me if it worked in the end.

There are some known issues. The quality took a big drop when I rendered the clips and music together, and I was disappointed there. Some of the clips (namely the Metru and Rahkshi ones) aren't cut up as nicely because my editing software couldn't load them fast enough on the previews (but the final product runs smoothly). I have some ideas on how to fix these in later projects, though.

Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind creating some more of these music videos, as there are clips I just didn't get to use that would be cool. So, if anybody wants to list off some songs they would want to see Bionicle-fied, post them here. Of course, the odds are I won't have most of the songs mentioned, but if one does pop up, I'll make that a side project for my Spring Break. (Just not Move Along or one of the other songs officially made into a Bionicle music video)

So, yeah, please comment. smile.gif



Music Video

Posted by xccj , Mar 23 2008 · 85 views
News and Updates
How I spent my first day at home...

(Yeah, I actually did make it home)

Anyway, between landscaping chores ( glare.gif ) I edited some Bionicle clips together with a song. It's fairly good, although the quality went down a bit on the rendering. Right now, I've tried to upload it onto an unmentionable but popular video sharing site. I would like to see what you (the person actually reading my blog) would think of it, but I don't know any video-sharing sites that are BZP-friendly. If you want to PM me, I could send you a link / point you in the right direction to the video once it's finished loading on the other site. And if that's against the rules... well, uh, please tell me now before I break them. tongue.gif

Now I also kinda have inspiration to write more... but I've only got a laptop keyboard. Oops, didn't think of that when I thought of a Spring Break Epic Update. Hopefully I'll find time on the family computer to type up my ideas. (Because I hate laptop keyboards)

That is all. Happy Easter. (If you care about that kind of thing)



I Hate Public Transportation

Posted by xccj , Mar 20 2008 · 74 views
News and Updates
Here's my rant for the day...

Okay, so I had to take a bus to catch a train. I tried to catch a bus, but as I turned the corner, I just saw it leaving. glare.gif Considering I was hauling all my luggage too, I couldn't try and catch it, so I tried to wait for the next bus. The next bus came, and I got on, because the sign said that it was going downtown, just like the other bus.

Only 73 goes downtown next to the train station. 74 goes to the Space Needle. By the time I figured that out, I didn't have a chance to go back, catch the right bus, and still get to the train station on time. The situation has left me burnmad.gif

That, and my cellphone broke. burnmad.gif

On the brighter sides, I was able to reschedule my train without any extra fees, and I have a warranty on my phone so that it can be replaced. But that doesn't make up for the rest of the day.

So, yeah, I'm angry. And I want to vent it out in some way that's not destructive to my bedroom. Hmm.



Tren Krom

Posted by xccj , Mar 18 2008 · 66 views

Wow, that's been a popular blog title as of late. I wonder what it's all about... a conspiracy in Ta-Wahi, to be sure.

*Loves going against the grain*

In other news...

*Hates school*

That's all.


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