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Pizza Time

Posted by xccj , Mar 18 2008 · 100 views
News and Updates

My roomie and I learned that there is no good Pizza service in our area... at Midnight on a Monday Night / Tuesday Morning. We were able to get it good on the weekend, but nothing tonight. It was a real bummer, especially since I was counting n that pizza as my meal for the day.

Oh well, there;s always tomorrow... except that tomorrow is when my next big exam is. Doh!

On the bright side, spring break is coming up, and maybe a few new chapters in my stories as well.



Now This Can't Be Right

Posted by xccj , Mar 15 2008 · 71 views
I stayed in bed all night long, trying to sleep, but not succeeding for very long.

Now I'm awake, trying to prepare for my Math Final, and I'm so drowsy that I'm about to drop off.

How does this work out? I understand staying up all night... but I didn't do that. So why can I not sleep when I want to but I can be very sleepy when I need to be awake and alert? In need to get Sylar to work on my internal clock... I hear he's a pretty good watch-maker.

Another thing, who came up with the idea of tests on Saturday? SATs, Math Finals? It completely takes away the luster of the weekend.

And what's all this about working to earn money for the rest of your life? When will you have time to play video games?

Growing up is just not for me right now. glare.gif



Pi Day

Posted by xccj , Mar 14 2008 · 76 views
News and Updates
It's March 14, abbreviated as 3/14. Which are the first three digits to pi, that mathematical constant that is of or relating to anything circular.

Pi = 3.14... uh, 3.141592654

(I can get it to the third digit, and my calculator can get it to the tenth digit. Obviously, my calculator is smarter... and I'm not even using my graphing calculator.)

So, yahoo, celebrate. More specifically, celebrate at March 14th, 1:59:26 (I don't think it matters if it's AM or PM, unless you use military time.) Yeah, I'm (checks clock) two hours late... but in some other timezone, I'm right there.

Woo hoo.

In other news, I have to go do osculation homework. Yahoo. glare.gif

(And, yes, I am aware that this is the forth of fifth blog on the subject today... but whatever.)



Rip And Tear

Posted by xccj , Mar 13 2008 · 97 views
RIP and Tear

For Botar

You try to figure out exactly what I'm saying here. evilgrin.gif


What, I have nothing better to do than post this play on words. Anyway, I'm sleep deprived and have English final stuff to do.



If You Ain't Gonna Shoot Him, Kung Fu His...

Posted by xccj , Mar 10 2008 · 113 views
News and Updates

My roommate and I rented both Rush Hour movies this weekend, and that's how I've spent my time. All of it, in fact. (I need some extra to get that homework started). Let me tell you, there's nothing better than a Jackie Chan action movie. Unless you add Chris Tucker in on it. Oddly enough, although I've seen bits of the movies on TV, this was the first time watching them title to title. T'was good. Although I heard the third movie wasn't worth watching... this true? They had a free screening of the third one at my college a couple of months ago, but I missed it 'cause I was studying for finals. (Wait, I have finals coming up this week too!) Hmm.

Anyway, I procrastinate. And the best part is, with my screwed up sleep schedule, you can never tell what timezone I'm in, with or without daylight savings time. I'm posting this one at 5:30. AM!!



Arise From The Dead!

Posted by xccj , Mar 08 2008 · 100 views
News and Updates
OMG! Zombies!

Wait, wait, no need to fear. I recognize this one. It's one of my old library topics. Since those topics are immortal, it can't be a zombie.

But, OMG, it's a revival of one of my story topics!!

Indeed, it Chapter 51 of Slizers on Mata-Nui! This epic hasn't seen an update for six months!

Also, it appears that Many Adventures had been with the fifth chapter, full of action, as well as another question.

If that weren't enough, even my new comedy Mata-Nui Elections 08 has been updated. Now you can send in your own questions to the Toa candidates to be answered in a debate.

So you all know what this means. If this blog entry isn't enough to get you to read all my new work, I'm gonna PM you to death until you do. tongue.gif (Or not... but you can never tell)




Posted by xccj , Mar 08 2008 · 78 views
News and Updates
Oh boy, do I have an update for you all... evilgrin.gif

I'll post 'em after some revisions later today.



Curse The Keyboard

Posted by xccj , Mar 06 2008 · 106 views
News and Updates
I have been known to type up a story chapter on a whim in about an hour or so. I post blog entries at a passing thought. I've had a whole week to revise my English paper and I haven't touched it. Frankly, I disagree with all college English techniques I've been told to use. I'll see where this gets me in class.

On the other hand, this has inspired an idea for my very first blog contest that I'll eventually get around to writing up once English is over with. Does that pique any body's interest?

On the other hand, I demand reviews for my newest comedy.. If you have not looked at it yet, you should. If you have reviewed... well, I'm thinking of adding some more too it? Anybody interested in that?

Another blog entry posted with a passing thought. Now where did that thought pass to? Oh, it passed away... it will be missed.



Stress Reliever

Posted by xccj , Mar 04 2008 · 64 views
I don't have an anger problem. The things I'm angry at are the things with problems.

Allow me to express my feelings on school right now.



Now that's an interesting blog entry.



Ka Boom Goes The Typewriter.

Posted by xccj , Mar 02 2008 · 77 views
News and Updates
An explosion of written material. (I'd say creativity, but I haven't been creative recently... I'm just finally put down my creative thoughts into text)

Anyway, a few updates for y'all who actually read my stories.

First of all, I have finally updated Many Adventures with Chapter 4. This is a good idea gone wrong, as with my studies I feel I don't have enough time to get quality chapters out at a decent rate. I'll continue to try and work on it, but I fear that lengthy time intervals between updates will lose reviewers.

Secondly, I've added a new comedy called Mata-Nui Elections 08. I was thinking of doing a similiar comedy four years ago with the last election, but I wasn't sure if I was crossing the line of the "No Politics" rule, and I never got around to writing it anyway because I was lazy. This one may toe the line a couple of times, but I feel it is completely neutral towards any particular party, and just makes fun of the whole process. And if it is breaking any rules... well, I have a full bar of proto so I probably won't have to worry about immediate bannation. ph34r.gif

Thirdly, I have reread Slizers on Mata-Nui. That epic will not die, as every time I read it I am always impressed by what I wrote. It was on hold due to a tough chapter, but then I lost a good portion of it when my laptop was stolen. I had a file saved on my home computer, but it's about a year behind because that computer crashed too. So, now I found some inspiration to rewrite my notes and think about where I want this epic to go. I won't promise anything, but a new chapter is being worked on. And, knowing me, once I finish it I'll post it without anything more than a brief grammar check. After all, the story's not about intensive planning ahead, but trying to make stuff I said earlier fit in with what I'm saying now. tongue.gif

So, I have two pieces of work updated. Go read them. biggrin.gif


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