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How Comes...

Posted by xccj , Apr 11 2007 · 31 views
How come, when somebody risks their life to help another in a situation like a drowning or a house fire, if they succeed, they're hailed as a hero, and if they fail, they're considered stupid for trying?

No particular reason for this, just thinking.



Just A Little Game...

Posted by xccj , Apr 11 2007 · 28 views
News and Updates
What better way to revamp my interest in Slizers on Mata-Nui than by creating a card game out of it!

IPB Image*IPB Image*IPB Image

Maj Shelf of Cards

Okay, I don't have the rules up yet or all the cards I have planned (these are just the ones with easy pictures). But, yeah, I got bored so I created a card game, using Slizers and Zarxec and even Matoran. I played it with my friend with physical cards, and it went okay. I just need to create a wider selection of characters... I have sixteen cards created, and I haven't added four Matoran cards to the web yet. Eventually, I'll put up some rules I came up with, but until then, see what boredom can create.

The next chapter that I'm thinking about writing for the story is looking to be a big battle with the Dark Toa... so, of course, I'm putting it off until I get some real inspiration. Later.



And Then The Pen Poked His Eye Out...

Posted by xccj , Apr 09 2007 · 32 views
News and Updates
This week hasn't been exceptionally great. But it turns out I write better when I'm depressed or angry. Maybe my year's been too good lately, so I haven't had the right conditions to really write stuff. Anyhow, I wrote a chapter...

Chapter 9


Chapter 43

Its up to you to decide which I already had written and which I finished this week.



Bee Hunting

Posted by xccj , Apr 06 2007 · 27 views
News and Updates
Just 'cause my old middleschool are the Hornets doesn't mean I like them (in fact, it may give me extra incentive to kill 'em). But, anyway, with the warm weather comes the yellowjackets, and they're swarming around my house. A flyswatter can get some, but most fly out of range. Therefore, a Supersoker needs to be used to drench those flying to high.

Truth be told, I only got one so wet that it hit the floor and got swatted. But now the rest of those wasps will think twice before coming around here again... at least for the next five minutes.

I think maybe a bug trap is in order.

Anyway, spring break flies by. A majority has been taken up by a visit to a university on the other end of the state. (No offence, Pullman, but all the wheat fields out there are a drag to drive through for miles upon miles). And now that I'm home, I'm being reminded of all this other work I need to do. Seriously, I'm going to need a break after this break...

Bionicle-wise, Brickfest is over, but I got a few things out of it, like a cool BZP brick ( colgate.gif ). And, afterwards, I bought Ehlek. Maybe I'll do a review of him later. Uh, I got my BBC entry completed... but I need a good underwater background picture for the entry pict (and I need to decide on the head design). Oh, and I reread a bit of SoMN. It's like the only time I've read my work and haven't gone "My writing sucked!" I want to continue it, I really do. Will it get done? Not during this break. On the other hand, I still have an unposted chapter of KMoMN. And it's a chase scene too.

Now, if you don't mind, I have some wasps who need to be slaughtered.




Posted by xccj , Apr 02 2007 · 37 views
News and Updates
I thought I might as well post a blog on this, partly because I wanted too, and partly because Omi, KIE, and Mak all urged me too. tongue.gif

Brickfest was a fun experience. I got to see alot of LEGO Bricks from all sorts of generies. A few of my creations were on display, and although they had the cute factor down, they were meager compared to all those other MOCs. It was a cool event, and I got to meet a few people that, so far, I'd only reconized them by their avatar (or color of font, in Makaru's case). And, yeah, it was fun.

(And expensive for somebody who just spent all his money on stuff for his play. If I had alot of cash, I would've bought alot of stuff, I'm sure of that!)

Hopefully I'll get some pictures up later this week... I've got a few... and a little bit more detailed review. But now, I can brag that I was able to blog about Brickfest! Yay for me. biggrin.gif



Closing Night

Posted by xccj , Mar 30 2007 · 33 views
News and Updates
Tonights the last preformance of Once Upon a Mattress, the High School Musical I get to star in. I get to do alot of stuff, although most of the funny things involve falling over or begging. I have sung a few songs, and I haven't completely totally messed up on all of them at once. Sure, I have some things to improve on, but I'm hoping tonights gonna be the best night of the bunch.

Plus, no matter what, it'll be over after tonight, so that'll be a relief. Then I can think about other stuff, like AP tests, or Brickfest, or the other play I'll be doing in June. Hmm.

Currently, I'm working to get some little gifts to give our director for closing night. And we're having a party after the preformance, and then I'll probably sleep in all of Saturday. On Sunday, I hope to attend Brickfest. I've been reading some blog entries on it, and I'm excited to meet some of the people there. But first, the stage is calling... sly.gif



Guess What?

Posted by xccj , Mar 28 2007 · 22 views

I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win
I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win
I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win U Lose I Win I Win I Win
I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win
I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win I Win


Yeah, I was bored. I have nothing interesting to post, so I wrote this up. It has absolutly no meaning, so don't think it does. It just seemed to brighten my mood for one, unimportant second.

Have a nice day. smile.gif



The Lego Store

Posted by xccj , Mar 26 2007 · 31 views
News and Updates
I finally found out where my local Lego store is!

Sure, it's an hour away on the opposite end of Portland, but still, it's closer than the one in Seattle.

Anyway, I got to see a whole lot of sets, some of the little extras Lego makes that aren't sold elsewhere, and got to see the Barakki. I saw exactly how Ehlek is built... so the next time I can get my hands on him, he's mine! evilgrin.gif Coincidentlly, there were three sets of Barakki models on display around the stores, but they're sold out at the store. tongue.gif I'm guessing the Barakki are a sucess. I'm wanting all of them (maybe not buying, but wanting) which is different than my opinion (so far) with the Mahri.

Anyway, I'll probably buy the Barakki later at some retail store instead of the Lego Store (where they'll be on sale, most likely). Instead, I broke down and bought a keychain. R2D2... I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but that droid is pretty cool in the game. laugh.gif And, anyway, I got to see the whole selection of 2007 sets availible so far.

Hopefully, I'll get to see some more stuff (and Bionicle creations) at Brickfest next week. I'm really hoping to show up on Sunday, but I'm realtistic enough to know that I might not be allowed to go (like if I party out to late with my drama buddies after the play)





Posted by xccj , Mar 23 2007 · 21 views

Every heard of the play "Once Upon a Mattress"?

No? Okay, ever heard of the story "The Princess and the Pea"?

Well, anyway... I'm playing a lead role in this musical which is based off said story, with lots of humor, singing, and... well, good acting in general. I've been preparing for it all week, and its been alot of work and time. But tonight we're opening. And it's gona be pretty fun.

Except for one song. One song I don't have down perfectly. Oh well, I'll meander through most of it pretty well.



Turkey Shoot

Posted by xccj , Mar 21 2007 · 135 views
Epic Reports
Read The Turkey Shoot by Bohrok Kal of Death. It's one of my most favorite epics I've ever read on BZP, and has everything. Action. Humor. Even some morals. It's a pretty amazing epic, it's long, and, more amazing, it's completed. I want to give a big thanks to BKoD for writing such a cool story and finishing it too. Being an author of a few discontinued stories myself, I know how hard it is to continue writing such a long story... with a lot of long breaks as well. But he did it, and it was alot of fun to read.

So, if you ever have a few spare... uh, hours, why don't you check out the epic and review it. It has many good laughs in it, and more than enough action to fill up three epics. Plus, it seems to include most Bionicle characters from 2004 and back.

So, there's my suggested reading. Have a good evening.


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