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All Nighter

Posted by xccj , Dec 06 2007 · 52 views
News and Updates
It's 4:41 in the morning... and I've been awake since 4 in the afternoon (I took an afternoon nap. Sue me)

I'm nearly halfway done with my essay. I initially thought it was due today at 3.

It's due Friday.

I'm still working on it, but work is slow and I inevitably find myself on BZP and other unmentionable social site. I'm going to work on it for a few more hours and then go to class. If I try to sleep now, I know I'll miss my class. I know this because my roommate does it every other day. tongue.gif

Once I get through my boatload of classes today, and assuming I finish this essay in the next four hours, then I'll take a nice, long, Thursday afternoon nap.

For those college students who say sleep is for sissies... turn off your mechanical parts and see how your biological ones are doing. Most likely they're shriveled and wrinkly. tongue.gif

Unfortunately, at this point of night, I start getting too personal and type down whatever comes into my head at the time... and that can be a bad thing. ohmy.gif

Oh yeah, read my short story if you haven't already. Check one blog entry down for link. sly.gif



Strength And Spirit

Posted by xccj , Dec 04 2007 · 58 views
News and Updates
You know you want to read it right away.

My Short Story #4 Contest Entry: Strength and Spirit.

Yeah, yeah, it uses Takua, and he's down in the Le-Koro jungle, and he even plays in an Amaja circle. But I tried to write this as one of my action stories, with a couple of short battles where the Matoran use more than just muscle and elemental energy. I also experimented with a few new weapons in this batch, namely Jaller's sword from the MOL movie, and Kongu's new slingshot. (I like giving Kongu alot of interesting weapons). The story is lacking in description in a few areas that I could expand upon, but since I'm aiming for a short story, I thought some of it could be held back. Plus, we got character development with Takua based on some morals laid out by Vakama, and a cool friendship formed between Nuparu and Kopeke. Nee hee hee, I have too much fun with this stuff. It's been a while since I've written a good Matoran battle, and this one turned out nicely. I just hope it's good enough. I also hope people laugh at some of the jokes I've put in there... there was never anything saying this had to be a completely serious story, after all. tongue.gif Kongu isn't a Triki, but he leaves plenty of room for comedy. I expect people to tell me which joke was their favorite.

And, although I've reread this thing quite a few times, I'm sure there's some stuff I've missed. That's why I'm relying on Takuta-Nui to give me a bunch of corrections when he replies, as he's keen on getting into everybody's stories for this contest. tongue.gif But other reviewers are appreciated. Although this story is a bit long, I hope it's easy enough for one to read, and that it flows so smoothly that by the person is sad by the time it's over. (Okay, maybe that's expecting a bit too much). Anyway, although it's pretty long, it is broken up into smaller sections, so one can just stop at one line of asterix (*****) and take a break if they need to. laugh.gif

With that said and done, PLEASE REVIEW! I don't care how well I do in the contest as long as I get a couple of people who enjoyed my writing. That is, after all, one of my favorite parts of writing stories; entertaining others.

That is until my stories start selling like hotcakes and top the New York Times Best Seller's List... but that might take a while / in my dreams.



Unproductively And Ssc4 Update

Posted by xccj , Dec 03 2007 · 62 views
News and Updates
I'm am entering dead weak here at the University of my state, which is a really cool and I really like living in it at times... except for when the one short day of snow turns into a downpour of rain. URG... uh, where was I? Oh yeah, dead week before finals. I'm entering that. Sounds like fun, although I never really got much done in the so called dead weeks of high school, so we'll see about it this year.

It's not so much that nothings happening this week... we don't have to take any midterms... (although I'm sure some Chem teachers wouldn't mind throwing some at us if they could. sarcasm.gif ) ... we don't have chem labs... we don't have free time. Nope, instead it's study until you drop dead, but not quite that far because then you wasted a tuition bill for a quarter. I'm not much one for studying, but I can do a bit of it every now and then.

Oh, but that's not the worst of it all. Let me tell you what the worst is. Dead week is final project week. That means final projects are due this week.

I have to currently write a paper for drama that is part of a group project. The group paper is due Friday, but my group wants all individual papers in by Wednesday. I have to do a character analysis on a character I'm not very interested in. It's not that he's a Shakespeare character... its that he is not a main character in the play. So I think I have some research ahead of me... as well as some analytical thinking for writing the paper in the first place. Why did so and so feel motivated to do such and such? Well, because he wanted to. Duh!

I also have a Geography final paper due Thursday. It requires a lot of scientific research and interpretation of the evidence and such, much of which I haven't really started. However, whenever I look for some useful material, I find a bunch of other mish-mash of or relating to the subject at hand minorly. Uhg. That's gonna be five pages of Karzahni (2.5 with double spaces! colgate.gif ) that I need to really work on.

And although there's no lab or midterm, I have chemistry homework and a final next week. Bah.

So with all this stuff to prepare for, I'm up at 5:00 in the morning on BZPower and other social-community websites that will remained unnamed (even though they're sometimes useful for contacting that class partner who doesn't answer their phone/e-mail but quickly replies to their private message over said site). I haven't worked towards any of my classes. I've thought about it, and that thinking has given me a migraine, so I gave up.

However... progress is being made on my Short Story Contest #4 entry. I had about half of it done, with the boring introduction and some soul searching and stuff. It was already getting pretty long, nearing 8 pages. Tonight, I finished writing up the big battle sequence, and I need to go back through it to make sure I got all the important parts that I wanted. In the end, I think it turned out to be an exciting and inspirational story. It involved Matoran proving themselves where Toa can't, and has a few good jokes as well... I hope others pick them out and enjoy them too. Problem is that it's roughly 12 pages long... and about 6,000 words. I heard the suggested limit was 4,000... oops. I may trim it down in places, to make sure it has a good read. I think it's pretty smooth, but of course I think that because I wrote it.

Anyway, to whet your appetite, I'll list off the main characters for you, so you'll know a bit of what to expect. sly.gif

It stars Tahu, Vakama, Takua, Jaller...
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

And now for sleep! (I have class in four hours)



A Downfall Of Snow...

Posted by xccj , Dec 02 2007 · 63 views
News and Updates
Yay, we just got the first snowfall of the season. Mind you, it's a Saturday, so no classes were canceled. Unfortunately, I bet classes wouldn't be cancelled anyways, so I'd have to walk to them in the cold if it were a weekday... hmm. I tried to take some good pictures, but my camera's battery was dead. So I had to go buy some more AAs to charge it up. We got some pretty big flakes coming down at one point, and for a while we had a nice layer on the sidewalks and everything. I walked down to the local Barns n Nobles during the main stream of it, and while it was cold, it was kinda cool too. What I don't know is how I kept getting snowflakes in my eyes when I'm wearing glasses! But it's died down now, so we're getting more of a cold rain and strong winds... not nearly as much fun to walk through. Hope it dies down by Monday, 'cause I do not want to walk through that to class.

On another note, while I was at the bookstore, I happened to see that they had Downfall in stock. dribble.gif So, now I have it, read it through once and a few parts twice. It's much better than the comics for sure... if you thought the last comic was emotional, this book tops it. I would love to write a strong review of it, but I'm unsure about the spoilers necessary for it, so I'll keep it to myself for now. (But as a note, Maxillos has a bunch of good lines this time 'round.) I'm not sure I'd rate it as one of the greatest Bionicle books ever, but it certainly tops out this year's selection.

Now I have that cursed free-time parasite known as homework. Must have an operation done to remove it.



A Rant About Bicycles.

Posted by xccj , Dec 01 2007 · 76 views
This was prompted by CF in my last entry, so as I promised I'm going to go off the deep end on this one.

(Considering I wasn't in the deep end already... but I'm diving down some more)

Okay, I like bicycling as much as the next person. It's a great way to get from point A to point B very quickly... especially if its a long distance. It gives you a workout... especially going uphill.

The initial reason I didn't bring my bike with me is because... well, my bike has some defects. Shocks on the front aren't so good, gears are kinda rusty, breaks don't work. Period. I've been reminded about that the hard way a few times. It's not to say I don't like the bike... it's wicked red and I've been in more accidents on it than I can count (once even broke a few bones). Basically, riding that bike has given me plenty of paranoia about driving a car.

But not that I've been a pedestrian on campus for a few months... I loathe the people on bikes.

Sure, bikes move faster than walking. But they don't go up stairs or do well in crowds. Unfortunately, that's what most of the campus pathways are like. You got crowds of people walking on this concrete walkways in between classes, turning corners, climbing stairs, and all the such. That's not accounting for traffic lights and street crossings to get to the building on the edge of the campus. The conditions aren't that bad for an able-minded pedestrian... but bicyclist seem to think the paths are for them too. And they're always in a rush, and woe to the pedestrian that gets in their way. In between classes, you have people zooming around through crowds on their bikes, getting to their urgent appointment or whatever. Thus, to be able to avoid any crashes, the pedestrians have to get out of the way of the bicyclists. After having numerously dodged aside from a bicyclist who seems to think they're the only important person on the path, I have developed a strong disliking for them.

I'm not against all bikers... just the ones who use the pedestrian paths and thus demand room as they zoom by. I respect the bikers who use the bike path and actual roads... sometimes the bicyclists are going as fast as the cars, or faster. But those on the paths around campus who think they own the place... uhg. My fuse is burning short. However, this is not a one sided battle. Pedestrian vs car... it doesn't matter who made the wrong move, the car always wins. But the bikers don't have such an advantage. The reason everybody has to dodge is so the bikers don't crash into them. Sure, it would suck to be the pedestrian who got mauled bike a biker, but bikers can get damaged pretty well too if they're thrown over their handlebars. (Curse thy mailboxes). So if there's a collision, the biker and pedestrian both come off on the bad side of things.

Thus I now have to hold back a strong desire to throw a stick through the tires of the bikes that cut me off, and then watch as the rushed bicyclist hits the ground hard. Woe if he isn't wearing a helmet. (I'm hit my head a fair share of times, but never in a bicycle accident. Wear your helmets, kids!)

So I don't want to bring a bike to school for a few reasons. A: I don't want to deal with a new piece of equipment that I have to look after. If I get a bike, it'll be a new bike, and probably something I'll need to keep in a secure place at all times to make sure it doesn't get stolen. B: The trip between point A and point B might be faster, but I can rush into class with my bike, now can I? So I thus have to lock up my bikes at point B, which takes time. Since I am always running late for some reason or another, I prefer just walking than to deal with that delay. (The quicker I can travel will just mean the later I'd leave, so it would never work out). And C: I don't want to be a hypocrite. I live on campus, my classes are on campus, and I can easily walk to them. I find the obstacles between point A and point B for me are best dealt with as a pedestrian. If I were commuting a mile to the campus everyday, I might have other thoughts, but in my current situation, a bike would just e overkill.

The same argument can be made for skateboarders. My ideal attack for a skateboarder involves clothes-lining him as his zips by. I still don't quite understand what my motivation for such action would be, but I think it would be cool to write about in a story.

If you think I have an overly violent mind... well, you wanna make something of it punk. (Don't call my bluff)

BTW, story wise, my entry to SS Contest 4 is nearly halfway done, but already at about 3500 words. It's looking cool, but it might be too long. Then again, I always use a lot of dialogue, so that'll make it seem even longer. Plus I'm even including moral! Anybody want to further guess the five Matoran I'm using with Takua. Hint: They only represent 4 Koros and there aren't any females.



My Portfolio

Posted by xccj , Nov 29 2007 · 64 views
News and Updates
For this one class of mine, I have to come up with this portfolio thingy that describes me, my first quarter at college, and stuff I've done. I could try to write seriously about it, or I can throw it all in the air and give them my hard to earth opinion. So I'll include a few excerpts here... and best of all, some of them are even recognizable fro this blog. ohmy.gif

QUOTE(Censored for privacy)
Greetings. My name is First Name, Last Name. You may know me as First Name. If you know me as Last Name, I am going to throw something at you.

It's funnier if you actually know my last name... but I'm not revealing that here.

After all, I want my writing to totally convince you to drop everything you are doing and agree with my side of the argument, but also to get a good laugh every now and then, even if it’s at my own expense.

And remember, if anything I write insults you, it’s all your fault for reading it in the first place.

It's true for this blog too!

I like to eat goldfish. After you’re done cringing at that statement, I’ll mention that it’s Goldfish snack crackers and not your cute little pet that’s now swimming upside-down in his fish tank.

QUOTE(Coincidentally @ this assignment is for GS 199)
I’m also taking General Studies 199 as apart of my FIG, which is just an excuse to make me walk across campus from McCarty to Condon every Thursday.

I've mapped it out... Condon is about 3/4 a mile away from where I live in McCarty.

QUOTE(About a seminar on Global Warming)
I’m sorry, the seminar was all nice to try and convince people that there is a problem, but I want something with a better solution to fix the problem than just, “Well, it’s up to you. We’ll be cheering you on in the retirement homes.”

This portfolio is brought to you by sarcasm. You can use a limitless variety of literary methods to get the point across, but in the end you’re insulting somebody. Yeah, and you’re fat.

Yes, I am feeling particularly shameless tonight.

See if you get a laugh out of any of these, or if you just want to throw raw tuna at my head afterwards.



It's Still Rock And Roll To Me.

Posted by xccj , Nov 24 2007 · 60 views
News and Updates
Billy Joel concert. Tonight. Yes.

Will he be better than Tom Petty? I dunno. He's a different style, really. He'll probably have more stuff that old people like.

Not to say I don't like his work... I just don't like all of it. I'll bet he'll play a few old favorites... but also alot of new stuff (I think he came up with new stuff). Anyway, here's a list of music of his that I have listened to.

Probably Will Play
Piano Man (If he doesn't play this, he's crazy)
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (the middle part of this one's okay)

Songs He might Play
Only the Good Die Young (I like it... it's true too, all you goodie two shoes people... oh, wait, I am an eagle scout, so I fall in that category. Uh oh)
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me (Buh yah!)

Songs I doubt he'll play
You May be Right (I may be crazy...)
Downeaster Alexa (Good song, but doesn't really seem like an oldie a rock star would bring back)

We Didn't Start the Fire. (I doubt he'll play this song, because people either seem to love it or hate it. I'm of the former. If he does do it, though, I can sing every lyric to tune. Hey, that song almost got me into a high school musical a few years ago... and it would've too, if I hadn't failed English at the time and had to work harder on that and drop and drama stuff)

Anyway, I'm excited, but not as excited as I was for Tom Petty. One reason is probably that my mom's coming too... and she can get a little loud when she's excited. (I've seen her at sports games. She gets into them). So it's not the speakers that I think will break my eardrums this time. tongue.gif

Anyway, it's an awesome thing to do during Thanksgiving break... unfortunately, I despise going back to school on Monday because finals are coming up, and I have work to do this weekend. Great, school life follows me everywhere.

And I now have a solid idea for SS#4... might turn out to be too long, but the story's gonna fit together pretty well. I'll wait to start typing it up when I have access to a keyboard better than the one on my laptop. It has this problem that just irks me, but whenever I try to explain it to anybody, they just shrug it off and say its my typing skills. Hey, my typing may be erratic, but it's not THAT bad.



Short Story Contest #4

Posted by xccj , Nov 22 2007 · 60 views
News and Updates
Short Story Contest #4 has begun!

I am soooo physced!

First off, one thing I just noticed. The Takua in TOM's drawing isn't accurate to the set... he had blue feet, remember? Oh well, I like this version better.

I already have a great idea cooking up. It's looking to be a great action story with some character developement. I'm thinking it'll include a group of about six Matoran... including Takua, of course. I'll probably pull some of my favorite Matoran characters from my other epics and put them into this. This idea sounds really cool and complex and everything... I just hope it doesn't turn out too long. Otherwise some judges will be sending their glasses and contact bills my way. happy.gif If this gets too long... then I'll break it down into a short epic and think up something else for this.

I am soooo excited... and I can't wait to see what other people write as well. (Not that I'd want to steal their ideas... no, of course not. tongue.gif ) And, what's that? College finals? Bah, I have a BZP contest to prepare for!

So, any guesses on the team of Matoran I'll be selecting? tongue.gif



Last Night...

Posted by xccj , Nov 19 2007 · 61 views
News and Updates
Last night turned out to be a wild night, both in my dorm and on BZP (mostly on BZP...)

Anyway, I'll cover a few points about it all.

Point 1) Nighttime Stroll

I had Chem homework to do last night that's due today. So I went on a midnight stroll down around the nature park at around midnight. I did it once before, and had a great talk with Orion, but it was cloudy last night so I couldn't see him. I'm sure he was having a nice conversation with the clouds about the predicament on earth and everything. Anyway, last time it was really dark, and whenever I saw a city light I totally lost my night vision. But last night, the clouds reflected all the city light back down and I could pretty easily make out the entire trail. I didn't meet up with any serial killers who were waiting for the dumb college student to come wandering out on the trail at Midnight after it had rained all day... he must've been on break / not existed in the first place. (I also assume that he's blind so if he tries to stab you he'll miss and get your shoulder instead. Gives you plenty of time to run away screaming). However, I did see a Raccoon that reminded me of my cat. It was afraid of me at first, and started to climb a tree... but then decided that was too much effort and just decided to stand at the base of the tree. Unlike my cat, I didn't decide to go pick it up and bug it... you know, it's still a wild animal, even if its probably living off the trash of a thousand college kids.

Point 2) McDonalds Toys

Walking back from my stroll, I happened to catch a glimpse of the golden arches glowing in the distance. Just a way to remind me I'm still in a big city (if the busy freeway bridge and huge dorm buildings didn't get that point across). Anyway, I started thinking about the new Bionicle toys rumored to hit happy meals with greasy bad-for-you food sometime soon, and I was thinking how they were going to make them. If they did the same basic thing as they did last year, then which characters would they choose, and what functions would they have? Carapar would be cool with snapping claws, and Kalmah could spin his tentacles or something. The Mahri would be cool if they had some sort of foam Cordak blaster... big and light, so a kid can shoot it but not swallow it / get hurt by it. Of course, they'd probably choose like Kalmah, Pirdak, Ehlek, and Carapar, and not include my favorite Barraki, Mantax. As for the Mahri, they'd probably have Jaller, Hahli, Matoro, and Nuparu, against disregarding my favorite Mahri, Hewkii.

Then I get this cool idea... what if they got characters that transform into sea animals? I'm sure they've have transformers toys there before, and I even remember getting a car that transformed when I used to eat there ten years ago. So maybe they could do the same thing with the Barakki and Toa. Think, Pirdak is so shark like already that he could easily turn into a Takea. Mantax can go sting ray, and Carapar can go crab, and maybe Kalmah does squid or something. I'd like to see Hahli turn into a dolphin or something, and maybe Kongu could do a turtle. Then, even though they would also be characters, the sea animal versions could be used to play with the actual sets as part of the Barakki's army.

Point 3) BZPower Last Night

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Anyway, last night was quite a night. In the time it's taken me to write up this blog entry, I've had to save it and go to my lecture classes. As it turns out, I didn't get any of my chemistry homework done at all. (I was having a brain freeze on it, but I still could've put more effort into it.) On the bright side, our professor extended the due date to next Monday. That means I can take the homework home over Thanksgiving break and have my dad help me with it. happy.gif (Yes, all you crazy Canadians, we have Thanksgiving in November!!) So my only trouble was staying awake through lecture class today. laugh.gif

Enough of my rambling. Thanks for reading this far. (Eh, it's not that bad if you skip the spoilers) I feel in the mood to write something... unfortunately, it'll likely be one of my stories off BZP, but after that I may get inspired to work on Slizers...

Awe, what am I saying, I won't be writing anything until January when I'll be forced to take another English course. I've found it much easier to write fiction when I really have to write that other nonsense.

*hmm, long blog*



Spoiler: Sadness In 2007

Posted by xccj , Nov 17 2007 · 52 views
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Why, what did you think this entry would be about? blink.gif


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