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Super What?

Posted by xccj , Feb 03 2008 · 80 views
News and Updates
Who's even playing?

I know / care this much about the Super Bowl this year.

1) The Denver Broncos aren't playing.
2) Neither are the Seattle Seahawks. Who to root for?
3) Commercials deserve to be muted, no matter what.
4) Tom Petty is playing halftime, so that I must see.
5) I have an English paper due tomorrow that I was suppose to work on yesterday. So I don't have a full day to blow on a game.
6) If I do want to watch, I know a place with a big screen TV. colgate.gif



Restriction On Friends...

Posted by xccj , Jan 31 2008 · 63 views
News and Updates
From Lego Network...

I have been getting friend cancellations a lot lately. At first, I thought it was lame and rude. Sure, why are you dropping me as a friend? Am I just not good enough for you? Do you not like the clicks I give your modules? Is my rank just too low for your preferences? Despite the little encouraging message sent to you every time a friend drops you, I get a little irked by the whole thing.

Then the Network blocked me from getting more friends.

Ooooh... there's a limit to how many friends you can have. I should've known.

I have a good system with my friends... they ask, and I immediately give them clicks. When I have spare clicks, I randomly go through my list, giving out some to everybody over time. Now, if I want to make new friends, I'm going to have to turn into Mr. Mean and drop out a bunch of my bore some compatriots. Great, just great. A limit of 100 friends... and they all out toss me in the millstone toss module. Humph.

In other news, I still haven't started working on the next chapter of M.A. Mostly this is due to English papers (they followed me out of high school! AHHH) physics labs, and a math midterm. Sorry, I'm just not finding time to write stories, although I wouldn't mind putting off some homework to do so, but I'm behind enough as it is.



I Don't Think Of It As A Late Night...

Posted by xccj , Jan 28 2008 · 50 views
News and Updates
I am just getting up really, really early.

Okay, the facts. English class: 9:30 AM Monday morning. Due: a rough draft of an essay. Completed: Nothing so far. Time: 4:30 AM on a Monday morning / extended Sunday night. Estimated hours of sleep for tonight: 0.

I have a feeling I overloaded myself this quarter. Two highly intensive math classes (Calculus and Physics) and a writing intensive English class on boring subjects (I already took the sci-fi class, but American 50s isn't my favorite genre.) I also have a midterm sometime this week too... hmm, funny, they were always called "tests" in high school and now the evil work is "midterm". Uhg.

And it's not like I procrastinated on this essay. Actually, I... uh, let's see, I.... uh, it'll come to me... okay, so I did procrastinate. Shoot me now.

Now for some fast, loud music, a closed BZP Internet browser, and a bottle of water, and I'll see if I can come up with anything in the next five hours.

On a side note, I have ideas for the next chapter of Many Adventures, but I'm kinda fearful to write it after the reaction to the low quality of the last chapter. First of all, I need to find time, but whenever I do I just don't feel in the mood to write. Alternatively, I have two or three other stories I want to rewrite after the "stolen laptop" incident. But, lo, English essays come first.

alert.gif PRORASTINATION! Send in bomber squad immediately! alert.gif Maybe I should get back to the essay now...





It's Due

Posted by xccj , Jan 23 2008 · 87 views
News and Updates
Yesterday, Tuesday, I had one essay due, plus an evening physics lab.
Today (technically), Wednesday, I have math homework and physics homework.
Tomorrow, Thursday, I have online physics homework and another essay due
Friday, I have a physics midterm.

Where'd all this work come from? My first quarter wasn't nearly this bad, even though I despised Chemistry. Not to mention, on top of all this homework, I have classes to attend. Uhg, college was supposed to be less difficult than the three AP courses of High School. It said so in the comics.

Or maybe it's 'cause I spent my weekend time on a wasted job interview... all I know is that I'm swamped.

For tonight, after my BZP break, I have some physics to do. Math is completed, finally.

For all of you who really care about my life and homework... I know you must be out there...

(okay, I'll reply to your homework griping entries too)



Best Slogan Ever

Posted by xccj , Jan 22 2008 · 63 views
News and Updates
I was looking at buying a small thing of milk for dinner and the such. You now, calcium, good stuff... and it has to be chocolate. Anyway, I digress. I looked at one of the brands, and it had this slogan.

Shake Well. Buy More.

It was skim milk, so I didn't get it, but that had me laughing for quite some time.



Stickers Galore

Posted by xccj , Jan 20 2008 · 57 views
News and Updates
Just because it happened, I had to take a screen shot as proof and a lasting memory of happiness.

Yes, I, Lego Online Club Member xccj01, did make it to the top ten sticker modules on MyLego.com. It is a grand honor to receive this recognition.

By the time I refreshed the page after having taken a screen shot, I was booted off and replaced by some dude who squeezed in a bunch of large, blurry stickers into one slot.

Yeah, I'm not quite sure what determines how you get on that page, but somehow I doubt its quality. I'm guessing its either "most clicks" or "random". Either way, by chance I did make it on there, so I feel happy.

Wanna see the winning sticker? Go check out my page, become my friend, and give me lots of clicks. laugh.gif




Many Levels Of Orange

Posted by xccj , Jan 19 2008 · 80 views
In my recent Pohatu Phantoka Nuva review, ChocolateFrogs asked a question concerning the shade of orange used. Well, I tried to PM him the question, but I'm not sure if it made it through. So I recently took a photo, and since I've uploaded it already, why not just make a blog out of it? Any complaints? No? *Can't Hear You* Okay, here we go.

Here are some pieces I happen to have in the various shades or orange / yellow.

First, we have classic yellow, used on the Throwbot Jet, McToran Jaller, and the Muaka (and a manas too, right?) I don't think it's appeared since, unless you count those Rhutoka spinner rods (I think those were yellow too).

Then we have the new shade of yellow, now commonly refered to as Keetongu orange (or keetongu yellow, as it could be called). It is darker shade of yellow, and is a pleasant blend or classic yellow and classic orange, in my humble opinion. However, seeing this color over and over again has made it appear somewhat dull, especially since it replaced brown in the stone sets for a while, but overall tis not bad. But it is very different from either classic yellow or classic orange.

Then we have classic orange, in the form of Nuparu's mask. Classic orange has seen its days as a secondary color to Ta sets all the way up to the Toa Nuva. It's also been in the Rahaga sets, a Visorak set, and in other various places I just can't remember at the moment. This color has stayed with us since the beginning, right up there were black, white, blue (now in the form of friction pins), and breakable lime green. But has it changed this year, just as it was becoming a primary color?

Well, kind of, but it's hard o tell. The final mask shown is Pohatu Phantoka Nuva's. It's more of a neon orange, a bit brighter or flashier than the original. Is this because the paint is new, or that my Nuparu mask has faded and isn't as shiny as the brand new mold? It's up to you to decide, because I can't, for the life of Mata-Nui, tell exactly what the difference is. Even in the picture above, the difference isn't notable. So this new shade of orange (if it is a new shade... I might just be being picky here) can probably be incorporated in with classic orange without too much disruption... not nearly as bad as when they switched the grays on us.

And, of course, we have the Hannah crab, but it just scurried into the picture at the last moment, so it can't really be considered a shade of orange in and of itself. (Or can it? unsure.gif )

Now, go build an MOC in orange! (Or black, red, blue, ext...)




Posted by xccj , Jan 18 2008 · 81 views
News and Updates
I finally lose that absurd Rahaga head that's been hovering underneath my name for a year to be replaced by a golden Olmak. (Or I will, as soon as it updates.) I have reached my five year anniversary on BZP. It's been real, it's been fun, but nothing seems really special today? Hmm. Anyway, while the spinning Olmak may not be nearly as cool as previous spinnign Vahis and Avohkiis, but it beats that Rahaga head. Reminds me of a Rahkshi head... and associations with Makuta of Metru-Nui. Or it's just boring and red, maybe that's why. Anyway, a new spinny will be cool. I hope I get to stay around long enough to get more of these thingies.

On other notes, I went to the mall to buy a calculator. I looked for new 08 sets, but only found a few 08 Matoran, of which I decided I didn't want to buy yet. I'll probably wait until I go home and go shopping at a Fred Meyers... they always have good sales on LEGO Bricks. Unfortunately, the closest Fred Meyers ot me right now is an hour's bus ride away, with two transfers and a location i don't exactly know of. Too much work for a simple set, especially with school and it all.

One last 07 remake, and this one is cool.


Yes, that's where Kalmah's body went. There's a story behind this one, and I'll tell it to ya. Yeah, suffer, young listeners. tongue.gif

Ehlek was the first set I started to redesign. Like Hewkii, I thought Ehlek had alot of potential but it didn't necessarily all come out from his set. Sure, he has cool colors and awesome spikes, but his spindly form wasn't appealing. First, I experimented with his weapons... what would happen if I made them shoulder armor? To beef out his shoulders and make him look better, I put his limbs on Kalmah's body. (And, as you might notice, I switched the upper arm and upper leg connection rods, to make him more proportioned) It certainly have him a more masculine and muscular look, but he needed a weapon. I'm not sure how I came up with it, but I attached his spine to his arm and spun it around, creating this wicked clawed hand. Sure, there's no wrist articulation anymore, put I fully plan to use said design in future MOCs. Now, he doesn't just look buff, but dangerous too. Furthermore, to cover up the bare back of the Barraki, I added a few pieces that allowed me to attach Ehlek's third spine piece along his back, resembling a Piraka. (Only his spine piece is so much cooler.) It was mentioned before that my Carapar redesign showed him more as he was pre-pit... well, I think this resembles Ehlek better before the Pit claimed him.

The colors on this one are off, so of course I can't call him a true redesign of Ehlek. I'm sure I could've taken a few more pieces and made his scheme less messy, but I was lazy. I was going more for form here than color. On the downside... alot of him is still lime green. I thought my Ehlek had avoided the curse of the lime green, but as I was taking him apart, I noticed pretty much all of his limb pieces had cracks in them... not broken yet but I'm not going to MOCing in lime green anytime soon. I was kind of disappointed, because I have already MOCed with Ehlek's lime green pieces before and hadn't noticed any wear and tear, but I guess it just catches up with you. (Although he lasted longer than Hahli).

Be aware of this eel now... because he has claws and teeth and muscles and spikey shoulder armor. Enjoy.



Tough As Stone

Posted by xccj , Jan 17 2008 · 71 views
News and Updates
Not me tonight. Uhg, my Wednesdays are so long... three lecture classes and a quiz section. Some of them are on the opposite end of the campus... which isn't that bad when it's not cold. The weather has taken a dip these last few days. Yeah, it's been nice and clear, but cold. And worst, the snow froze! ohmy.gif We got a light covering of snow the other day, about enough to make the untrodden ground white. But when the air cleared and the temperature dropped... the wet snow turned to clumpy ice on the sidewalks. Alot of the main pathways were salted, so the ice melted, but one I use is kinda out of the way, so it wasn't cleared off. Unfortunately, I learned of this when walking to class after hours.

Now I'm tired and ready to sleep... after some homework... and after I posted this. Second to last in my series of 07 remakes... and one of the better ones at that.


Hewkii was my favorite Mahri, although I was the first to admit that his set was lacking. But it was so unique and had so much potential... well, I've tried to bring out some of that potential here.

First of all, forget shot Hewkii. He got to be nice and tall as an Inika, he should stay that way as a Mahri. Thus, his arm and leg sockets were switched around, giving him better proportion. His Piraka body is flipped around so it's facing the correct side, although his head still had to be connected on the outside or else it doesn't work. With shorter shoulders comes a change in shoulder armor. Well, the spears on the side aren't gonna cut it this time around, so I ditched them. The Cordak holders are nice though, but don't fit with the arms... let's move them down to those bare legs (cause I ditched the spiked ball pieces as armor here). Now it's like Hewkii has ammo hanging off his belt as if he were in an old western movie... or something. It doesn't bulk his leg up at all, like regular knee armor should, but it gives a better feel than just bare sockets.

Now, back up to the arms. Well, let's just connect those Lego chains from his arms to his back, Inika style. Yeah, that works. But we still have those spiked ball pieces... how about lower body armor? I couldn't think of anyplace else to put them, so there works. They kind of restrict the hip joints, but it's not too unnatural. Now, for weapons. The Cordak is just fine where it is... as said before, Hewkii has the coolest connection ('cept for maybe the Hannah crab). Better yet, he can backhand people with that arm, turning that bulky blaster into an effective club. Hey, I had fun using it that way. Now, his other hand has that cool spear... but wait, we still have those shoulder spears. Hmm, when placed on either end of the hand, they resemble a bow. Now if only I had a long spear to be used as an arrow... but wait, I DO! Now Hewkii's got an underwater bow, which just looks completely awesome in my opinion. Sure, it doesn't work, and I don't even think it'll be too useful underwater, but it just looks soooo cool. So I'm keeping it. tongue.gif

I liked this remodel of Hewkii so much, I brought it to my dorm, to hang out with Pohatu Newva and Thok on my dresser. This is what I think the Mahri should've looked like... or something close to this. It's not a new and stunning Toa set, true, but it's better than the original. Best of all, this one is only uses pieces from the original... so you can recreate Hewkii like this if you have him at all, with no extra pieces necessary. Now I'd like to see the Barraki try and beat on him now. (Well, he's not that much more powerful, and looks don't always help in a battle, so maybe that's stretching it a bit too much.) So rebuild your Hewkii today! smile.gif

As a side note, the construction of his bow inspired me to include a bow and arrow option for Treglar's weapon in my latest epic. Since that option won, it'll be great to see just what a Toa of Stone can do with such a Toa tool.

One more tomorrow... who will it be? unsure.gif



Lego's Moc Gallery Works!

Posted by xccj , Jan 16 2008 · 113 views
News and Updates
Randomly, I decided to upload one of my creations to my second account on Lego.com... just for something cool to put on my MyLego page because I have nothing better up. Unfortunately, all my current good picts have my username stapled onto them... and that wasn't the username I put it under. I was thinking to myself that it might be funny... people would think my creations were worth something to be ripped off! Yet, as luck would have it, the image never got approved... it broke Lego rules? Why? because it looked like I had stolen somebody's image! How's Lego suppose to know it was really me? It means they're actually putting some effort into stopping stolen MOCs from being posted.

Or, it proves that putting you name in big, bright letters on your MOC picts does actually work.

Want another MOC picture with my name attached to it in big, bright letters? Well, I've got another addition...


This is a Barraki on a diet... no more calamari for him. Nope... while he's kept his muscle in his arms and legs, his body has slimmed down to nearly a single bar (with armor, of course). Unfortunately, dieting doesn't exactly make him look any better, so he's thinking about going on one of those high-fat Matoran diets to gain a little bit of weight.

As I set, I thought it would be interesting to see what Kalmah would look like on Ehlek's body. Well, I've made worst sets, but this is up there. Now the question you have to ask yourself... what happened to Ehlek? unsure.gif

Two more rebuilds to go... and I've been saving the best for last. I mean, these are actually, genuine rebuilds. But, hey, you'll see them next time I blog.

Give me clicks!


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