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What I Think About Bbc Entry Pictures

Posted by xccj , Jan 17 2007 · 21 views

Here are a few things that bug me in BBC contests concerning Entry Pictures.

Size: I hate it when somebody takes a picture and leaves it at its maximum size. There are programs that allow you to crop and resize, people! I really dislike waiting ages for a pict to load, and then being unable to see the whole MOC because the sceen can't fit the whole picture.

Quality: I don't like fuzzy pictures. I take plenty of fuzzy pictures, but I deleat them. The magic with digital cameras is you can take bajillions of picts but only keep the ones that are of good quality. So people who post a dozen blurry picts should've not kept the first one they took, but keep on taking photos until they have a good one. If all these rich, camera savy kids have expensive digital cameras, they can easily do that. If they're not using digital cameras... well, then they must be paying alot of money to develope their picts on time.

Show the Whole MOC: Don't show the torso because the legs aren't any good. Or because the torso looks more menasing without the legs. I judge the MOC by the entry picture... if the entry isn't all in the picture, then how can I accuratly judge it?

Lable It: Maybe, I think lables look cool.

I dunno... I spend alot of time working on my entry pictures, trying to make them appealing to look at while showing the best aspects of the whole MOC. While I was checking through the competition for BBC 40, I just noticed alot of odd pictures that didn't nessesarily show off the MOC in the best light. While the art of creating a good entry picture does not get you through the polls (I should know...) I think it makes a difference for the people who only judge an MOC based off one pict.

But, hey, in the end, I'm not a qualified MOCist or Artist, so what right do I have to give advice to other people? Eh? sly.gif I'm a writer, so I'll continue writing humour things that end up ticking a bunch of people off... laugh.gif



Epic Contest #6!

Posted by xccj , Jan 16 2007 · 33 views
News and Updates
Yes, there hasn't been a contest like this one for almost three years (the last one was durring the first year I joined). We get to enter a finished epic and let it get judged. The contest topic can be viewed here. I'm thinking I'll be entering Kulagi's Kanoka, although Time Disruption is also availible. Of course, that would probably kill the judges... sixty chapters. tongue.gif Before I enter, I'll likely be spell-checking and grammer checking it again... but I will be entering. And who knows, maybe I'll show up. Of course, my work was popular a year or two ago... the judges might not think much of it nowadays. But that won't stop me.

*Is Very Excited*




Posted by xccj , Jan 13 2007 · 51 views
Okay, I finally purchased some of the new 2007 sets. Precisely, the Po-Matoran Dekar. This Matoran has some high points and low points. I'll sort them out in this review.

First of all, I love the body design. It’s made from those +00+ boards that I use to build custom Matoran (seen here). Plus, the new weapons are unique… think about it, a new weapon mold for a Matoran set! I can see future uses of them in MOCs. And then there’s a new mask. I never got Toa Norik, so this one’s new for me… and in a new color too. The mask’s structure is not completely like the Toa Metru’s mask… the plastic is a bit more flimsy.

Some bad parts… well, the head. It’s the same Metru head that was seen with the Matoran last year. Only this time… plenty of room for eyes. But do we see eyes… no? C’mon, Lego, is it that hard to include glowing eyes for the smaller sets? You did it with the Matoran Metru… Also, there’s the re-use of the zamour launcher. It’s cool compared to the Piraka’s, but after the Inika, I can’t handle a zamour launcher without a magazine. (Although the shoulder attachment device is startlingly simple yet effective…) For further review, Ill compare this little guy to some other well known sets.

Dekar and Toa Onua Mata.

Did I say little? This guy is nearly as tall as Onua! He’s about one mask shorter, but still, he’s not the little Matoran looking up to the big Toa. That was something I always looked for in Matoran… is their size reasonable to the Toa’s size. While Dekar is smaller than the Toa Inika, I sure hope he doesn’t encounter the Nuva, or else they’ll mistake him for some obese Matoran. tongue.gif J/K. Anyway, another nifty comparison is the price. This guy was $5.99. The Toa Mata were, what, $6.99, or was it $7.99? Anyway, the little sets back them (Turaga) were simply $2.99. That’s a major price increase, in my humble opinion. That the “small” sets are now as costly as the older canister sets is kinda freaky. And hear this. Dekar is made up of 36 pieces. Onua was only made of 30. One thing that’s happening with the little sets is that they’re becoming more complicated than the older canister sets… now is that a good thing or a bad thing? Price wise, I’d say bad. (Even though Lego has legitimate reasons to raise the price, I’m sure). Piece wise- not so bad. There are some pieces I could use in my collecting with Dekar.

Dekar and the Voya-Nui Matoran

Well, in case you forgot, he’s slightly taller. But here’s the main thing I want to note here. The Matoran of Voya-Nui all had about 9 points of articulation (‘cept Kazi, but his build was cool). Dekar has only 7 (one up on Onua Mata). The lack of moveable hands is gone with this guy, which makes arm movements tacky at times. (And the arm with the zamour launcher… it’s a nightmare for him to move that one and retain a good launching position). So I won’t see Dekar doing any funny hand-stands this year… we’ll have to leave that to Garan and the gang (who continue to hold the record for most points of articulation for a smaller set). And then there are the boxes they came in. Pictured above was Dekar’s box compared to Onua’s canister. They’re the same height, if you take off the canister’s top, and that make’s Dekar’s box tall. I didn’t have one to compare it too, but I’m sure his box was massive compared to the Voya-Nui Matoran, in height and width. That’s more shelf-space it’s taking up.

In conclusion, I’d say Dekar is the beefed up Matoran. More pieces, larger pieces, larger size, larger box, larger price. What this guy lacks is articulation (in some ways) and general Matoran-ness. This guy could’ve been taken as a Toa a couple years ago. I’d rate him third in the Matoran series, behind the Voya-Nui Matoran and the Metru-Nui Matoran… but he is better than the 03 Matoran, Bohrok Va, and Rahaga…

And that’s it. But I’ll probably buy is Matoran partner anyway. You know, for the pieces. And Because I’m totally obsessed with Bionicle and will likely buy all sets that I can. tongue.gif



Buy Bionicle Stuff

Posted by xccj , Jan 12 2007 · 29 views
News and Updates
Although it cost me about $20, today I got Mantax (the black Bakari), Dekar (The Po-Matoran), and Bionicle Legends 6 (the newest book). Luckily, I got the book for free because I had a Border's Reward. smile.gif I expect to write a few reviews on them, but first, I have to write a 5 page essay on my Senior Project for High School.

Oh boy.

But, yeah, I am now up to date with the latest in Bionicle stuff, and Lego now has a good portion of my Christmas moneys. (Seriously, these things are getting costly now...)



Advertising My Bbc 40 Entry

Posted by xccj , Jan 11 2007 · 19 views

Because there's no other way to draw attention and/or reviewers to it. tongue.gif

Anyway, if you have a spare moment and want to look at MOCs of mine, please check out this topic. It's the Matoran Prophesier, for BBC 40: Prudence. (At first, I put it under Temperence, but then I realized I got the words mixed around and switched it... and had to redo a bunch of my picts. Uhg). Anyway, it's a small but solid Matoran design I came up with a while back. It's actually a mix between two Matoran MOCs... one I used the color sceme and the other I used the design. I like the purple / blue combo (Nui-Jaga, anybody?) and the little tubing in the Ruru mask. I think this qualifies as a well thought-out MOC, although I'm sure many would disagree. I gotta remember, people do not tend to like my designs often. Or, if they do, it won't work with the specific word. (Because the theme for this contest is so obvious that everybody can see the connections between word and MOC).

On the other hand, I've got the cuteness factor. That's got me votes in the past...

Well, I'm prejused against the reviewing of / voting for MOC habits in BBC contests, but that doesn't stop me from entering every time. And out of twenty entries, I've only made a fool out of myself five or six times. I do say, that's pretty good. sly.gif (Do NOT ask for examples)



Add Hours

Posted by xccj , Jan 07 2007 · 25 views

There is not enough time in the day to play computer games and get my three-odd school completed too. And, of course, I did mostly the former. Did make some juice for my Spanish class, though. Aguas frescas. It tastes a little bland to me, but maybe I'm just not a good cook.

Now to go waste the rest of the night in front of the... uh, schoolbooks. Yeah. lookaround.gif



What I Hate About Inika Assult

Posted by xccj , Jan 06 2007 · 33 views
I mean, it's a great game and all. But the load time takes longer than the actual game. You can never tell when the loading will finish. Seriously, sometimes the loading takes longer after the bar has filled then while it is filling. It really annoys me.

Then there's when the whole thing freezes, usually around the Reidak and Zaktan levels. It starts loading, and then just stops.

The game is difficult and all, but if the game would load correctly and/or faster, I'm sure I could finish it. I think that, maybe next year, Lego should have downloadable versions of Piraka Attack, Matoran Escape, Inika Assult... so that the loading (while playing the game) won't be so bad. annoyed2.gif

And I really want to get to that Zaktan level... only made it there once, and I had only one life, and i died and ended the game. I guess if I ever have more than two lives when I get that far up, the game freezes. Whatever it is, I don't like it.

Even though I could be doing something more productive than playing games.



No Books For You! Yet...

Posted by xccj , Jan 04 2007 · 23 views
News and Updates
Inspired by the anouncement in this topic, I visited the local Borders and Barns & Nobles stores. No Bionicle Legends Six. Ha, in Borders, they were all sold out of Bionicle Legend Books. So, on the west coast, the books are coming out so early.

It's funny. It feels like it's the middle of Janurary already- I just seem to have so much going on. But really, its only the third day of the year. I have a feeling this month is going to be very long and tedious... annoyed2.gif

And the Bionicle books won't come out for a little while more.



Looking Back And Forward (at The Same Time?)

Posted by xccj , Dec 31 2006 · 34 views
Another year of Bionicle and BZPower is over. 2006 was a rather interesting year for me, both on BZPower and off. Unfortunately, it may well be my last full year.

First of all, the Bionicle toy line was amazing this year. Other people may not agree, but I think it is the best story line since the Toa Mata. The Piraka and Toa Inika sets were all great, still relatively similar but with enough differences to make them not clones. The Voya-Nui Matoran were also amazing builds. I bought all the canister sets this year, an improvement (for Lego sales people, I guess) over last year, where I only picked up a few canister sets at my leisure. The storyline was great, and I think it was because I finally went out and bought all the books. If books sales went down, that’s too bad, but the story I got to read was very exciting. There was the Nuva again in Bionicle Legends 1, Jaller and his Matoran friends in BL2, who then turned into Toa for Bionicle Legends 3 and Bionicle Legends 5. The Piraka turned into the most interesting set of villains in Bionicle, for their unique personalities (all treacherous and mean, but different) and vast array of powers. Then you have the Titans and Matoran, and the story was full of material. I’ve come up with a couple different fan fiction ideas from 2006, which is more than I can say for 2005. All in all, I think 2006 was a success. Voya-Nui for the gold!

My third year on BZPower went well too. I entered a total of 6 BBC Contest, and made into the Semi-Finals once (but it was from lack of competition, seriously). More importantly, I entered Epic Contest #5, Short Story Contest #4, and Storyline and Theory Contest #2, and placed well in all of them. I got honorably mentioned in the first two, and made it to the Semis in the third (which was, again, through lack of competition.)

In Epics, I began the year by finishing strong with Kulagi’s Kanoka. In the summer, I revived Slivers on Mata-Nui to enter Epics Contest #5. I advanced the story a good number of chapter (I think 10) but then I ran out of inspiration and dropped the epic again. Worst, my sequel to Kulagi’s Kanoka, Kanoka Makers of Metru-Nui, was a flop that I haven’t continued yet, and the sequel to Time Disruption has died before it’s even been posted (loss of inspiration). My other Short Stories and Comedies I’ve posted this year haven’t been big either.

I’ve come to recognize that I am no longer with the in-group of epic writers (probably never was, actually). Gone are the days of reading the works of Crisis, Daikaiju King, Golden Krana, or Gali Nuva’s Shadow, and I only seem to get reviews through Kumata Nuva (who is still working on his epic, so that’s one not lost). The only person I recognize in the Epic forums is GaliGee, and even she is working on her last epic. Most of the great storywriters I knew a couple of years ago have moved on and I may just be loitering around after them. I have school work and real life to begin worrying about, and I have considerably less time to write and even less inspiration for the majority of my works. Most people spend their time on BZP for a few years and then split, leaving an opening for incoming members. I have refused to give up BZPower, but if I can’t even post any work, why even stay so active?

Anyway, I’ve had some changes in my real life as well this past year. I was the Senior Patrol Leader for my Scout Troop, I finished my Eagle Project, I entered my High School senior year, and I turned 18. And in a year, I hope to be attending a university with intensive studies. If I really want to start my life up, I’ll probably have to leave BZPower eventually, or become considerably less active.

So, this is not an announcement of my departure, because I’ll probably continue to check up on BZP every day for the next couple of months. But it is announcement to not expect any work from me. My two-three epics that are out there that are unfinished will probably stay unfinished. I might post a short story or comedy every now and then, but then hardly anybody ever reviews them so why bother?

What do I have to look forward to in 2007? Well, obviously, I’m going to pay close attention to the Bionicle storyline. Mahri-Nui sounds interesting, the sets look cool, and those next chapter books are going to be mine. evilgrin.gif I’ll stick to BZP to reply in random topics in GD. Mostly, though, I’ll probably update this blog with random thoughts that enter my head. If nobody wants to listen to my ramblings, then that’s their problem. Just make sure not to view the topic, because I might get excited if that number counter goes up. tongue.gif

Anyway, have a happy new year, and here’s to 2006. _icon_joy_.gif



I Need A Titles For This Entry

Posted by xccj , Dec 28 2006 · 24 views
Just wondering, is anybody even reading those Epic Reports I'm coming up with? Or is there just nothing to say after the fact? Maybe they're just too long and scare any readers away...

Anyway, I'm back on BZP. The holidays are over. I now have all the Toa Inika (got Matoro for Christmas) and I have some funds that I can use to pick up a few Matoran Mahri later on. Mostly, I got a bunch of candy (and I had no cavities before Christmas... maybe that's changed) but I also got some books. My cousins gave me "Eragon", which was an interesting read but doesn't end... turns out the whole things a trilogy. mad.gif Trilogies are good when you have all three books and you can read through them in one go. Lord of the Rings worked, as did Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the 5 book trilogy) becuase I read through all the books, without having to wait for the publication of the next. Now, if I want to continue reaidng the adventures of Eragon, I have to buy two more books, one which isn't even out yet. annoyed2.gif And I didn't even get the Lego Star Wars game... I got a game that doesn't work on our computer. Oh joy.

And now that Christmas is over, I have only a few days before I'm back in school. That means working for my Comparative World Government class, Calculus class, English class, and probably Spanish, along with my Senor Project. On the bright side, when school starts again I get to start on the next musical... that should be fun.

And I have nothing new to add on BZPower. My storywriting career is at a null... I have no inspiration to write anything, be it Bionicle or otherwise. I have a few MOCs I made, but I'm sure they all suck (all mine do) and probably won't qualify for the next BBC (too bad. tongue.gif ). So, thus, I only stay on BZP to update my blog and to comment in a few topics. So, yeah.

Happy holidays, and have a grand ol' New Year.


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