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Going Crazy

Posted by xccj , Nov 30 2006 · 25 views
News and Updates
I just had to inform you via blog entry.

QUOTE(Kumata Nuva @ The Other Day)
If you read the last four or so entries, you can watch xccj slowly turning insane...


Anyway, I do have a reason. The last couple of weeks have been winding down for the play I'm in, and I've spent the last few weekdays staying at the school over the afternoon practicing. The practice tonight went from about 2 PM to 10 PM... so I have thus had plenty of time to be creative and all.

Anyway, I'm playing Bob Cratchet in "A Christmas Carol". Opening night is tomorrow. I have about 21 hours left. Now I can either start freaking out or I can just go crazy (guess which?). Really, I'm not too freaked out. I've made a fool out of myself before, but I've practiced plenty so I think I'll do just fine. As long as there isn't a snow day.

Now to go write a last minute collage essay.



Scientific Inquiry

Posted by xccj , Nov 28 2006 · 37 views
Observation: Boy, it sure has rained a lot lately.

Connection: It also rained a lot in the beginning of the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, right before the freak snow hurricane that flash-froze the northern hemisphere.

Inference: Since its rained a lot lately, it can only be a prologue to a giant snowstorm that’s the effect of Global Warming which will bring freezing cold air down out of the upper atmosphere and turn us all into human popsicles.

Conclusion: Better type up this Blog entry before the electricity goes off.

Similarly, what kind of popsicle flavor do you think you are. I think I’m banana: I’m a unique flavor, but you either like me or you don’t.


If we’re all going to turn into popsicles, we’d better start thinking about this kind of stuff.

On a side note, it started snowing at my place last night. ph34r.gif



Super Speed!

Posted by xccj , Nov 27 2006 · 24 views
Well, that really hasn't been me the past few days. I've read books (not fun ones either, mind you), slept in late (like til 12 Noon... but that's 'cause I stayed up til 3 AM... how will I ever get back to school time?) and felt pretty sluggish. Didn't get nearly any homework done. I was working on my CWG homeowrk tonight, and I found a stimulus for my sluggishmess.

Super speed music.

No, Windows Media Player has an option to play a song at 1.4 X speed (and 2X and 5X, but those just get too messed up to hear). So listening to "Dead Man's Party" (Oingo Boingo), "And She Was" (Talking Heads), "Magic Man" (Heart), "For All That I Am" (A Teens), "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" (The Cars), and "Pump Up The Volume" (MARRS) at a very quick pase has quickened myself enough to get through this homework... My parents and sister say that the fast music drives them insane, so I'll have to listen to it on headphones. But I like fast music. As long as I can still hera most of the lyrics. And for songs like "Don't Worry, Be Happy" (Bobby McFerrin) and "Come Sail Away" (Styx) that are slow to begin with... it adds all that much more. biggrin.gif

Now I need to turn in early to actually get some sleep. I have alot to gripe about between early birds and night owls, but that's an entirely different entry.

music.gif + omigosh.gif + bounce1a.gif = dazed.gif


Another Song Fict.

Posted by xccj , Nov 24 2006 · 24 views
News and Updates
It could've been my entry into SSC#3, but I didn't write it all out until now. So, if you want to read The Departure, please do. It uses the song "Land of Confusion" by Genesis, and tells of Jaller and the Gang leaveing Metru-Nui to go search for the Toa Nuva. So... yeah. Enjoy.

And read / review. That's the main reason I'm adding this entry. tongue.gif



I Won!

Posted by xccj , Nov 22 2006 · 26 views
News and Updates
Well, not exactly win, but I got mentioned with Honor.

I got two out of three questions right in Greg's little contest, but I got to be a runner up in Short Story Contest #3. My songfict, based on a Tom Petty song and Nuparu's adventures as an Inika, was liked by enough judges that it made it in the winner's topic. I think that's good enough... I would prefer some more reviews, but there are certainly better authors than I. I was kinda surprised that T-Hybrid won again... not because his writing was bad, but because he just won the last story contest! ohmy.gif

If you haven't had a chance to check out the stories and topic, you should do so right away. And I might write another song fict soemtime soon... my original entry idea based off Duka. It won't be in the contest, but I could still post it.

And, coincidentlty, I've done rather well in alot of story contests that I've entered. Just look...

Duka's Story. EpicFest Semifinalist.
Rahi in the Dark S&T Contest #2 Semifinalists.
Slizers on Mata-Nui. Epics Contest #5 Runner Up.
Learning to Fly. Short Story Contest #3 Honorable Mentioned
Time Disruption Well, it was my most popular story...

Now I can't wait to see what contest is running in December. Maybe a traditonal Epics one... maybe a BBC... maybe they're going to take a break. You'll never no until the time is right. biggrin.gif



Wood Cuts

Posted by xccj , Nov 19 2006 · 33 views
They have their ups and downs. They're a quick way to make alot of money, and they get you exersising. On the other hand, they take alot of time to complete, and the following day, you are very sore. I currently can't feel my wrists because they're numb with chopping wood with a sledge. Luckily, I don't have any essays to write... I just have to type them up. annoyed2.gif



There's Another Lego Theme I'm Interested In.

Posted by xccj , Nov 10 2006 · 31 views
News and Updates
Just browsing the Lego shop online, I saw these new theme; aqua raiders. I loved the aquanauts, which first got me hooked on Lego. I think I'll try to get a few of the new sets from these theme again... they look like the old aquanauts with some of the new elements Lego's introduced over the years. So I now have something I want other than Bionicles. (Yes, I just put that in the plural. Shoot me).

Oh, and my TD sequal is on chapter 5. I probably won't post it until I have about 10 chapters. And I probably will forget about it eventually, along with KMoMN and SoMN.



How To Tell If You Procrastinate.

Posted by xccj , Nov 09 2006 · 35 views
It's simple.

-You have a 15 page English Essay to write, and you've known about it for 3 months.
-You decide your topic with 2 week to go (did I mention that we weren't given a prompt to begin with. AP classes, indeed)
-You write up a thesis statement with 6 days to go.
-You begin writing the actual essay with 3 days to go.
-You go to school and brag about the massive amount of content you have while other people stress out. You laugh at them. This is a required step.
-The night before it's due, you write from page 2 to page 15.
-Turns out you only have 12 pages of content. Mess with font size, and hope you don't get caught.
-When you're finished up, you hang out on BZP for a bit, seeing if anybody's replied to your work and see that the topics haven't been touched since you last left.
-Realize that it's Midnight and that you should be asleep.
-Log of the computer and go to sleep (and hope you don't have a Zero period).

That pretty much sums up my experiences. My essay is indeed only 12 pages long (13 if you count the bibliography) but I'm not going to risk changing the font or margins... I'm sending it in via e-mail (to save trees... hey, the teacher suggested it!). I should warn you, don't try this at home unless you are a qualified procrastinator. I am indeed qualified- I bought the shirt, and I've had plenty of practice. Now I just have to hope that what I wrote actually is quality. But why bother stressing over it? My Eagle Scout Board is in a couple of weeks... that may be something to stress about.

Last step...

-Recycle, reuse, repeat.
-And listen to some good music along the way. (Tom Petty is my preference right now)



Learning To Fly

Posted by xccj , Nov 06 2006 · 23 views
News and Updates
Yep, I've finished my Short Story Contest #3 entry. Learning to Fly, a great song by Tom Petty. It's not classic rock, not new funky stuff. Just my kind of music. Oh, and the story is about Nuparu fighting Vezok for the first time, and using his Kadin mask. I actually think it's a rather good story, but people always have diverse opinions. Not that many of them matter... only the judge's opinions do. Unfortunatly, they're looking for the better writings, so...

If you have a spare minute (or three) check out the story and comment on it. Then I might feel happy when I see I get a review. Yes, it's all to make me feel better about myself.



"inferno" Is Mine!

Posted by xccj , Nov 04 2006 · 15 views

I managed to convinve my parents to drop me off at a Barns & Nobles today, and I went in and bought me a copy of the latest Bionicle Legends book! Yay! I'm considering it a birthday present to myself... and I read it. It was pretty good in many places, but it still left an odd taste in my mouth after having read it. But, as I learned with Power Play and Legacy of Evil, reading it the first time through doesn't make it seem as descriptive and exciting as when you've reread it a couple of times. sly.gif

I won't reveal any spoilers, but you'd better go and get that book if you've liked any of the Legends books. Only problem now... I'll have to wait until Janurary for the next book to come out (maybe sooner, maybe later). Because this one doesn't end nicely like Time Trap... it leaves us a nice big cliffhanger.

And if that spoils it for ya... sorry. tongue.gif

Happy Birthday to me.


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