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Posted by xccj , Oct 31 2007 · 56 views
News and Updates

In case you didn't completely get the message...

Yeah, this is some old artwork I created years ago. It's not quality... but it's festive enough.

Happy Halloween... go eat a bunch of candy too.



What To Worry About In College.

Posted by xccj , Oct 28 2007 · 44 views
Here's what I care about in college... in this exact order.

When do I have to get to my next class?
When can I sleep (or can't sleep)?
When and where can I eat?
When can I check out my e-mail (and BZP)?
When is my homework due?
When am I going to crack? (I got really close to this last week when I fell ill)

Another noteworthy thing: although people have been nagging me to use one for the past five years, I have still not made much use of my day planner. I don't write down many assignments or due dates in it... and those I do write down I never check back on so it's alwasy a surprise. Mostly, I've written down after-school related activities, and half of those have been canceled anyway.



Lego Mars Mission Game

Posted by xccj , Oct 26 2007 · 150 views

I was messing around with the new Lego club features when, somehow, I got into their catalogue of games, and I randomly clicked on the new "Mars Mission" one to see what it was about. Turns out it's one of those strategy games, but this one is slightly different. It's a stratigy game that I can beat. It reminds me most of that Alpha Team Frozen Land game thingy... maybe not as good, but still reminisant. It's a pretty good game, with enough strategy to make it interesting, but not too much so a basic 8 year old can do well on it (AKA, me, who has the strategical mind of an 8 year old. Ha). So I've been playing that all night...

And before I knew it, my night had whithered away, and I have midterms tomorrow. Bummer. glare.gif

So, in the end, it's cool to know that Lego has some pretty awesome games online off the Bionicle section... in fact, I don't really like the seventh Toa Mahri game because it mostly just copies the other levels wiht this big shoot out in the end. (And why does that part have to be based off Jaller's game! Whenever I play Jaller's game, my computer freezes up so I can't shoot the darn baddies... but they can shoot me. Drat.) This has probably been the most inventive Bionicle game since MNOLG II (which was very inventive in theory, just not a fun game in practice) The games are all live action and differ enough that you get to try something new each time. I approve of Lego coming up with such a great idea... I just personally don't like the games because i do poorly on them. (If any of you care, I was only able to beat the Hahli, Matoro, and Nuparu levels on the final games. Hewkii's still has too many bubbles, I can't steer Kongu away from the walls, and the Jaller game has some sort of glitch for me) So, tomorrow when midterms are over, I'm going to play the Mars Mission game instead (where I left off after I died multiple times and quit tonight)

blink.gif Well, what do you expect me to do on a Thursday night in a college dorm?



Highest Of The Lowest!

Posted by xccj , Oct 21 2007 · 49 views
News and Updates
AC 14 Preliminary voting is done... and of course I'm out of it by then. If fatc, I'm pretty sure I was out of it by the time I entered. ZPeople don't like my artwork.

But I still made an acomplishment that only ever gets held by one person during these contests.

I got the lowest votes of all the comic entries!

Yes, in both topics (okay, so maybe it isn't that great of achievement, but still) I had the lowest amounts of votes for my artwork. And this wasn't a case of "well, I just happened to like the others better" (because the others were better) but just a plain "you artwork stinks!" Because the voting was "choose all the entries you like", so the only people who voted for mine were the ones who liked it.

So thus I managed to create the most unappealing comic artwork for the contest. Beat that.

Anyway, this just confirmed my great dislike of the artwork forums and I vow never to post another topic in there ever again (I'll just put theme here, where you can bash me on a more personal level).




Posted by xccj , Oct 20 2007 · 45 views
News and Updates
Am I going to post some helpful BZP tip that has to do with current rule breaking situations that will, in turn, help people better understand the situation and avoid trouble in the future?

Heck no, I'm no good at those. Besides, all the good points are taken.

Then what on Mata-Nui is this title about?

Get this. For my Freshman Interest Group in college (AKA FIG) (BTW, I'm now again a freshman, on the low end of the spectrum. But, hey, I was still able to talk with an upperclassman (woman) for about five minutes before it became apparent that it was my first year here) I digress. Anyway, for my FIG, we've got a bunch of people who take the same classes for a quarter, and a website has been set up for us to be able to contact each other for homework info and to organize other out of class activities. Pretty much, the web site's a forum. Nothing new to me, who's been on BZP for way toooooo long, and knows the working of it inside out (well, almost). One of the assignments (just FIG assignments, haven't nothing to do with our classes) was actually to post something on the forum. I mean, talk about easy. Some people still don't seem to have the hang of it... so for once I am one of the top ten posters (out of fourteen).

Ah, but here's the punchline. I'm a moderator of the forum!!

I have no idea why I am, but that's what my "member group" label says. I think it has to do with when our accounts were created. Some of us originally created accounts before our FIG leader actually turned the boards on (they're not invasion board, and I'm declining to name it because it is, essentially, another forum, thus against BZP rules) So the half dozen of us who made earlier accounts appear to be Mods, and everybody else are participants. That doesn't exactly put any responsibility on me or anything, just adds extra perks to my account. Like I can edit other people's posts if I really wanted to.

But I have absolutely no plans to do anything further with it, besides just posting helpful information when I can. The funny thing is just that I am a Moderator. Besides that, there's nothing special going on.

On an entirely different track, I just got back from this wonderful play on campus. It was a roundhouse theatre, so the seats all circled the stage. The acting was amazing, with some witty lines and fun blocking. It was a new experience... these people weren't exactly the best of Broadway, but they're a lot better than any high school performance I've helped put on. Just the way these people acted out their characters... especially when they have the audience on all sides... it was pretty good acting. The play was entitled "Ring Round the Moon". I've never heard of it before, but it seems to be from around the early twentieth century, with plenty of Shakespearean style ironic humour. (Best part... the two main characters were twins, but they were never both onstage at once because only one actor played them. There was one section near the end where one twin was onstage with the group awaiting the other to return, but the other sent a servant instead, and the other twin said "I knew he wasn't coming." It was slightly off his character, but sooo hilarious that the whole audience, all around, busted out laughing).

And the whole performance lightened up my mood. I've been feeling pretty down this week because of schoolwork and this cold that just won't go away. But getting to watch a funny and insightful play, as well as talking with another person interested in theatre during intermission (and she was an upperclassman... who was also required to watch plays for her drama class) really made me feel better about life. Now while everybody else is partying (and getting drunk, perhaps) tonight, I'm content to sit back with a good book and relax. I even get to hear the play again because I'm going to be a volunteer usher for it next week.

Woo hoo... and I also noticed that nobody ever replies to my blog unless Kumata's been here first. Ah well, he's off enjoying himself in South Africa... smile.gif

*rocks out to Monkeys Music*



Power Point Art

Posted by xccj , Oct 19 2007 · 64 views
News and Updates
I cannot be outdone by Bonesiii, at least when it comes to this. I recently read this Blog Entry by Bonesiii, which is an excellent guide on how to make art using the tools available in MS Power Point. But it's nothing new to me, I've been doing it for years. Case in point is my Artwork Contest 14 entry, which is justly losing in this poll. I do believe I entered that before Bonesiii's blog, so I assure you I did not just steal his idea and go somewhere with it.

Why have I never shown anything before with this? Well, prior to this summer, I had a computer in my room that was without any output source at all, including printer, Internet, flash drive, CD drive... floppy disk drive (yes, even the floppy broke on that computer. Lame machine). So I could do stuff on it, like use MS Powerpoint 95 to make Bionicle figures... but they could never leave that computer unless I felt like redesigning them from scratch on a real computer. However... in my going to college, I wanted take a few stories off that computer before it was thrown out of the house by my sister in her haste to claim my room as her own. rolleyes.gif One of those stories was in fact the original Kulagi's Kanoka, which I wrote on that computer first, and then rewrote it on another computer to post on BZP. (The rewrite is better than the original, as it catches more grammar mistakes and fixes some plot holes the original had. And, hey, it worked, as it did win second in Epics Contest 6) Along with some other stories mentioned in previous blogs that are unrelated to Bionicle (I've recently done a revision of some of those too, editing out the mistakes. It's been kind of cool to see the highs and lows of my writing in the past). So, I did the only thing I could to transfer files from that computer to my new laptop. I ripped out the harddrive, put it in another computer, copied the files onto a CD, and loaded them onto the laptop, and WAH-LAH, I have all my old stories stored on a computer with output devices, so I can read them (and in theory update them) anytime I want. But, Wah-Lah, I also copied the Power Points containing my Bionicle artwork, so now it can thus be transferred into PNG files and posted on the Internet, and thus shared with BZP. I did a lame job doing so with my AC 14 entry, but now I hope to show you all exactly what I've been up to while I was off BZP. (I mean, what did you do when the server went down?)

Without further ado...

Toa Inika


Toa Metru

Toa Hagah / Toa Lhikan

Toa Nuva

Voya-Nui Matoran

03 Matoran / Rahaga

Brickshelf (When Public)

What I have up:
  • Toa Inika
  • Piraka
  • Voya-Nui Matoran (minus Balta... his design isn't too great)
  • Rahaga (Norik, I have the others, but only the color changes, so why bother?)
  • Toa Hagah (I have custom made versions of the others, but only have Norik and Iruini posted)
  • Toa Metru (including Lhikan)
  • Toa Nuva
  • 03 Matoran (the six who went to Voya-Nui, but I could easily make others)

What I have that I haven't posted yet.
  • Bohrok (minus Kohrok and Nuhvok)
  • Rahkshi
  • McToran (I have a ton of these guys made custom)
  • Mata-Nui Turaga
  • 04 Matoran (I also have a ton of these)
  • Mahri-Matoran
  • Hahli Mahri (haven't attempted to make the others yet)
  • The Vahi and Avohkii masks (but without characters to fit on)

What I have that is pretty lame and I don't want to post 'em.
  • Toa Mata (they were the first ones I made, so they're way too basic and crummy. I plan to use the redesign I used to make the Nuva to revamp the Mata in time)
  • Bahrag (side versions that are basic and lame)
  • Makuta (a side version used in my AC 14 entry)
  • Roodaka and Sidorak (incredibly basic titan designs that hardly resemble them)
  • Toa Hordika (the heads are impossible)

And thus a detailed summery of what I've done. With these, I can create comics, custom characters, and all sorts of stuff. I'll post more when I get the time to do so. sly.gif

So if you want to try and make some of your own characters or some other canon characters, go ahead and open up powerpoint and follow bonesiii's detailed blog entry. This blog is just to confirm that "I got there first!" (Even though I really don't have anything much to prove that I started this in 03, but whatever)



My Thoughts On The 2008 Set Previews

Posted by xccj , Oct 15 2007 · 51 views
I'm too lazy to add spoiler tags. Just scroll down yourself...







Ba ba da da ta ba da, dum do de da dum da du....

That enough for the annoying sound effects? 'Kay, now onto the review...

Toa Nuva
First of all, I think it's brilliant to have three good guy and three bad guy sets come out together. The only downside I can see is that the early release Nuva will get a ton of attention in the winter / spring, but will lose out when the summer / fall Toa Nuva are released (in terms of media attention). But I don't know where Greg's going with the story, so I'll wait it out.

The basic designs are too Inika / Mahri like, although there's a nice new combination of limbs in new colors. Kopaka has wings, 'eh? And, dang, Lewa sure has a long katana this time! Mask wise... Kopaka's seems to be a mix of a Ruru and Akaku (from what I can tell) which looks promising. Lewa's is too much like a Faxon, but hey, it's better than that spikey Miru Nuva (and, of course, nothing can outdo the greatness of the original Miru, so they shouldn't even bother trying) Pohatu... bah, looks like the same concept of the Vahi, where it only covers half his face. Colors: Kopaka, good as always. Pohatu... orange? blink.gif I'll have to see how well he looks when we get better pictures. The lack of brown is a slight disappointment, but at least he now has a slight hunch-backed look, instead of the porky look he had as a Nuva. Lewa... well, I was right, there's no sign of Bright green, but lime green with a bit more of silver might not be too bad... better than Kongu. The Nuva aren't a redo of our original favorites, but they don't look half bad. Probably its that my nostalgia extends to the Mata, which were in turn ruined by the Nuva, so the sets only could improve. sly.gif

The Baddies
Called Phantoka? Phantoms of the Kanoka. (BUUUUM... ba dum dum dum dum duuuum... okay, bad Phantom of the Opera interpretation). Well... it's different.

I give up. I can't tell diddlysquat of what these new sets will be like. I'm guessing a similiar style design that the Nuva have, with maybe some new pieces in different colors. The blue one has a really intriguing mask/face. And the black one has an orange egg with a green hatch-ling inside? blink.gif I probably won't pick up many of them, because I'd rather get the Nuva... but depending on how great their designs are, I might consider a few later on. They certainly have the promise to make good villains. I hope their storyline significance is better than the Barakki's (great villains who just don't seem to hold the center stage in 07 like the Piraka did in 06).

The Matoran

I am liking the new Matoran design, which appears to come with a new limb piece, cool masks, and rad colors. Weaponry is reused, but they're still good weapons. (Yeah, the katana piece is old, but it is still soooo cool) I'll certainly be grabbing a few of these... notably the green guy, but white guy and orange guy look good too. And their villainy counterparts don't look too bad... better than the Hydruka, that's for sure, but without the appeal the Matoran have at this point. However, I may change my mind when I see the actual sets in better pictures.

The Titan
??? huh.gif As far as I can tell, he looks like a slightly beefed up Mahri on a surf board. Doesn't have the appeal that Lehvoski has. The mask looks cool, but that's because it's similar to Hewkii's mask of accuracy (in my opinion), which was a cool mask to start out with. Is he worth any money, really? No, probably not. But I'm sure his name will spark a ton of theories for the future of the mask of life. (Hey, maybe big ol' orange and black in Matoro. laugh.gif )

All in all, the Nuva look okay, the villains are promising, the Matoran look AWESOME!! and the Titan is not going to be on my wishlist. My opinions are likely to change as better pictures come out, (so I can determine which Nuva I'll be getting first, as well as how the construction of the villains looks). But, for now, here are my first reviews on the subject.



Thoughts On Comedies And Epics

Posted by xccj , Oct 14 2007 · 49 views
Recenty, I have read a topic on Comedies and a topic on Epics in General Discussion. In the Comedy topic, people are bashing comedies because of their general lack of quality. (Which to an extent I agree upon) In the epics topic, people are naming off their favorite topics (mine never got mentioned... in fact, most I've never heard of before. (Yeah, I am not that great of a mass reviewer anymore)) But there was something that irked me off in both topics.

The way people protrayed their own stories.

In the Epics topic, people would say that their favorite story was their current epic. To give them credit, yes, most people seem to prefer their own work, because if they wrote something they hated they probably would've never continued on with it and/or posted it in the first place. However, I view this as a cheap way to advertise their epic. Why? (Well, for starters, it's something I would've done a few years back). Plus, if people say their epic is their favorite, other people assume it's good and rush off to read it right away... or so is how the advertising is supposed to go. I frown upon this form of advertisements... I believe that people should accept that others have better skills than they do, and should thus aknowledge those stories as their favorites. I know for certain there are better authors out there than me... I'm sure the only reason I've ever won anything in a story contets is due to lack of competition. I am proud of the skills I do have, but I accept my faults and praise others for their great work that inspires me. So this is not to say that you should think that you own work isn't qorth anything, but when asked "What's Your Favorite Story" don't say "Only Mine." Then I'll just assume you're an author who's never read anybody elses story and you just want some quick reviews for your story.

In the Comedies topic, people seem to be lashing out saying what they hate about all the comedies out there, and how they'd rather jump into a tar pit with vicious crocodiles than try and read one of those comedies (okay, that may have been slightly exagerated. tongue.gif ) Some people retaliated, saying that there are good comedies, as well as say why they like or dislike comedies. However, again, we have people saying "the only comedies that are any good are my own." That's one thing to say if they're talking about their favorites, but when they're also bashing other people's comedies at the same time... ohmy.gif My view of the whole topic is that it comes down to taste... some people like the crazy, random comedies, and some people don't. But to state that your comedy is better quality than everything else... that's a tad bit pigheaded there. Get down to earth, buddy. Odds are, there are people who's skills at writing is better than yours. (I heard a reference to Douglas Adams humor... haven't heard anybody say they've topped him) Secondy, the comedy forum isn't for serious, detailed stories, and it's more likely that members are just starting their writing careers there by posting a few comedies that may not have great standards, but they don't deserve to be trodden upon. I know for sure some of my earlier work was am embarassment to me, and it was a wonder that anybody ever reviewed it. So, anyway, give some comedies a chance. If you don't like some, then don't reply to them, or better yet give 'em some advice on how to improve. But don't go bashing them and stimutaniously say that you're comedies are so much better.

Now, by no means am I singling any individual BZP member out here (excpet for myself) and I don't mean any offense to anybody who posted in one of the ways I critisized above. These are just some of my moral opinions based on what I've read in the topics mentioned above. If you find any of this offensive... well, it's your own fault, because you kept reading until you were done, and now like it or not, I got my point embedded in your brain! Muhahaha... *ahem* And anyway, I control the replies to my entries. evilgrin.gif

Whatever... on a side note, there's this comedy I've had for a while now that I'm thinking about writing down. The comedy topic inspired me to think about posting another comedy, but I've been having a writer's block for a while now on everything, so don't expect anything too soon. Because that writer's block also extends to that lab assignment that's due tomorrow...



American Pie

Posted by xccj , Oct 13 2007 · 51 views
The song, of course.

Anyhow, my current crave in music right now is Weird Al parody songs, and he's done a parody called "Saga Begins" of "American Pie" by Don McLean. The parody is a retelling of Star Wars I: The Phantom Menis. The lyrics are pretty cool, and I memorized most of them by now. But it's so cool how the parody is so close to the original song, which I have listened to before but never paid too much attention to.

So, I bought (legally on Zune) the original "American Pie", and I am now determined to memorize all the lyrics, like I have done for other long songs like "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel. I have a few of the stanzas down, but there are a few I'm still working on. It gives me something to hum to myself as I walk between classes.

No, I will not post the lyrics here like every other stereotypical song entry.

BTW, the other (longish) song that I have mostly memorized is Weird Al's "Horoscope For Today". "American Pie" may have some hidden meaning in it that singing over and over again might be revealed to me (or not), but "Horoscope For Today" is just amazingly funny.

music.gif <-- For once that emotion makes sence, doesn't it?


Naming Chemicals

Posted by xccj , Oct 11 2007 · 56 views
News and Updates
First of all, I'm sure this is an easy problem, because it was on first course Chem class homework. I'm stil allowing myself to be stumped, so if any of you brilliant chemists want to step in and show off your grand knowledge, feel free to, but don't go bashing my lack of intelegence, because I'm fragile. tongue.gif

(Okay, don't know exactly where that disclaimer went to, but let's get to the point now)

Problem on Homework.

Name this Compound.


What is it?

I have no idea. I've already givin my five shots at trying to fgure it out (internet homework) so I'm locked out, and thus any answers given here will improve my grade by nada.

Anyway, I couldn't solve it using the methods from the book (as far as I understand them), so I was wondering who else can figure this one out on the top of their head. (I would guess Makaru or KIE could, because they often like to correct me when I make slight errors in my chemistry). So, anybody know the name from this?

Because I don't.


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