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Team J.A.F.


Brickfest Matoran...

Posted by xccj , Mar 21 2007 · 24 views

Unless things go drasticlly wrong, I hope to send this little guys to Brickfest. Plus, back shipping should be free as I want to go there on Sunday, where I can just pick up my LEGO Bricks and be off. After, you know, I see what else is there.

Now, lo and behold, I have a really bad picture, but a picture nonetheless, of Custom Matoran! Woot!
IPB Image



I Wrote Something!

Posted by xccj , Mar 19 2007 · 31 views
News and Updates
I'm just viewing that as an acomplishment.

Well, the story was non Bionicle, and anyway on my Microsoft 95 computer that has absolutly no connection to the outside world. But, hey, I typed up about five pages on a battle sequence. Wasn't my best one ever, and the characters in said story are turning out a little more bland that I want. Point in case, the story is never going to be read by anybody beside myself, but it was still updated.

If you want another acomplishment, I won 2nd place in the event Remote Sensing for Science Olympiad. I was pushing for oceanography, but I only placed fifth, and only the top four get recongition. Worst, I was beat by Prairie. Sure, Prairie beat everybody, but that team I knew the particular kids and I was expecting to get a better score than them. It's a personal blow, really.

That, and I have so totally not finished my big notebook that holds all my math notes. On the other hand, I'm almost finished with my Comparative World Government project that was due last Friday.

Any signs of procrastination? No, I see none. Although I may call for judgement error in certain Oceanography competitions... no, maybe not. tongue.gif



Nostalgia Voting

Posted by xccj , Mar 17 2007 · 25 views
News and Updates
If you like the good old days and would like to vote for a remake of a popular Matoran, you may want to check out BBC 41 Poll E, and check out my entry. Or, if you are voting based on design, you may also want to look at a few of the other entries as well.

I'm kinda surprised, really. I've gotten 8 votes real quick-like. That's more than some of my other entries, and it's only the first day.

I predict I'll get really close, but lose, and then say something on the board that makes me look really selffish and stupid. It wouldn't be the first time I inadvertedy insult somebody after I lost... I'll try not to do it this time, because, all in all, it takes alot to get a MOC through to the finals, and anybody who makes it through deserves it. And, so far, I am not deserving of such an honor, because my MOCs #$&*^%$%#...

sarcasm.gif + beg1a.gif + music.gif


Late At Night

Posted by xccj , Mar 14 2007 · 33 views
News and Updates
Turns out I post alot of blog entries when I'm up real late at night. Spent the last half hour reading through them. It's now 12:50, so it's technically early morning or something right now. Bummer.

So, I'm working on a BSA Eagle Scholorship (due in two days, but I've gotta send it). Today (yesterday) was a totally horrible day, 'cause we had to rewrite an essay in English. I'll spare the details, but it was for an unjust (in my opinion) reason and my hand really hurt after two hours of quick writing. Only thing that made my day was musical rehersals after school. Oh, and that I don't have to take standardized tests this week... that's for the Sophmores. tongue.gif

So, yeah, chalk up another entry written at 1 in the morning.




Posted by xccj , Mar 10 2007 · 31 views
News and Updates
For my school's musical presentation, I'm in charge of fundraising, AKA organizing stuff to put into gift baskets that we can raffle off to the audience. That means typing up letters and going to buisnesses and begging asking for donated stuff.

Turns out, big corperations like Albertsons and Walgreens are big on giving stuff away via store managers. No, I have to go find somebody else to talk to, who probably doesn't even know where my community is. Then other places give me free stuff before I even finish my speech. bigeek.gif Those people were completely awesome, and amazingly helpful. You just need to find the right stores to hit up, and go in. It also helps to have an official letter from the school and to dress nicely.

So, I got a few things down, but not a ton. I will say the same thing now that I said when I was going around asking for stuff for my Eagle Project... I don't like begging for free stuff at stores. Community-shmunity, most places want to find a way to make a profit... at leats most of the big name stores. The more local stores are alot more helpful. It's amazing what you can find when you shop around.

And, since I woke up at 6 in the morning to get started, I'm going to crash now. wakeup2.gif



Look At The Topic.

Posted by xccj , Mar 06 2007 · 27 views

This one. And reply. If you feel like it.

On another topic, I was kinda annoyed by the show Heros tonight. It's not back on till April? That's just as bad as lost!! Oh, and they killed one of the more likeable characters too. Looked like there were alot of people getting in trouble in that episode.

On another topic, the weather was pretty amazing today. It's March, but it was sunny, reasonably warm when it was sunny, and I spent it inside the school building. Tipical Monday.

On another topic, the rule of three only allows you to repeat something three times before it gets reall boring. The only alternative is to repeat the rule of three three times.

On another... okay, I'm done.



After Midnight...

Posted by xccj , Mar 05 2007 · 30 views
News and Updates
We're gona let it all hang down...

(Okay, lame Eric Claptan reference... did I even spell Claptan right?)

Anyway, there's just something appealing to surfing BZP after 12 AM Pacific Coast Time. Normally, it's not that busy, unless Bink is doing something with the server or people in Europe are getting on way too early or something. tongue.gif Anyway, I just finished my school assignment, after starting it at 9 and actually working on it by 11. So, yeah, lifes good. The house is quiet, I'm on the computer, and it's already Monday. Hurah.

So, besides just providing yet another example of how I procrastinate, I'll post something meaningful.

I just entered this MOC into the latest BBC contest. It may not be my greatest creation, but it's entered in. I plan to post a topic in further detail explaining how and why I think it would be cool for Lego to produce something like this (although they'd have to be out of their right minds to even consider it). So, be ready to check out that topic when I get it posted, because I know how much you all want to comment on my MOCs, right. sly.gif

'Nother note, I'm also planning on entering some MOCs into Brickfest. I don't have any pictures of the whole group yet, but you can take a peak at this image. Notice the little guy on the left? Using my cool Matoran design, I've made him and a few of his buddies, and I hope to get them displayed at Brickfest PDX, because I think it's a cool reference to old school Bionicle Matoran. Nuparu may be a Toa now, but here's what he used to look like... roughly. Plus, the design also allowed me, for the first time ever, to get all six Time Disrutpion Matoran together as sets in my bedroom. Now I don't need those annoyingly rare McToran bodies anymore... just some colored hand joints and masks from the annoying bulky 2003 Matoran sets.

Now, I'll wrap up this blog entry, turn off the computer, and get seven hours of sleep before I have to reawake and go to Health class, where I get to turn in this (word removed because I felt like it) class. Stupid paper... glad I'm not taking AP Health. That would be scary.




Posted by xccj , Mar 03 2007 · 27 views
How do you get back into writing when you have no real inspiration and little free time. I feel like working on an epic, but I never seem to have any fresh ideas to move it forward and I spend my free time just mindlessly surfing BZP (and sometimes leaving mindful posts). But, really, I'm just falling out of writing.

And I can't do any right now. It's midnight. I should be in bed. tongue.gif



It's Like Getting Free Squid With A Barakki

Posted by xccj , Mar 01 2007 · 58 views
Today, I got bored while driving people around, so on one of my trips, I stopped by my local Fred Meyers to see if there was any sales on LEGO Bricks. There was; a 20% off sale on all LEGO Bricks, including Barakki. So I picked up Kalmah, and instead of ten bucks, he was only eight. But there was also some squid ammo, so I grabbed a box as well, and that turned out to be a tad less than two dollars. So, with the two things combined, it was about a full $10, but it's almost like I get the squid ammo for free. And what's even better is, the squid ammo is BLUE! tongue.gif

Couple notes on Kalmah. Tenticles look cool, but are actually really annoying on the set, in my opinion. One I got was even bent around (I could straighten it out, but it still has an unusual curve). The head is okay, and the launcher, to my surprise, is much sturdier than the one I got with Mantax. Hmm, I guess that first one I got was just a poor quality piece. Kalmah's shooter actually seems to work, and it doesn't fall off his hand. I'm also suprised that his feet are not recolored Hordika feet... they're actually a cool redesign that I don't mind.

Think next time I'll get Ehlek. I wanna get him for his cool weapon and spines, but the newer pieces in Kalmah and Mantax have appealed more to me than his spikes. But when I do get him, I'll have some pretty blue squid to attach to him. (The blue squid go well with Kalmah and his aqua eyes.)

On another note, I am not 15 dollars poorer (had to buy grapes with the LEGO Bricks...) So that's more money I'm gona need to earn...



Yay For Me.

Posted by xccj , Feb 24 2007 · 29 views
News and Updates
I'm going to my first choice college.

I don't have to be a bum. I can go pay to be taught complicated stuff.

Is this a victory or not?


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