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Team J.A.F.


Wireless Keyboard

Posted by xccj , Sep 22 2007 · 45 views
News and Updates
I had my problems with a laptop's keyboard. This included having the text jump around where I was typing, so I could hardly keep my sentesnes together. I had trouble capitalizing letters ( AnD I doN't SeEm tO haVe thAt trOubLe nOw.) The keys were harder to press and easier to miss, and the keyboard got hot after a lot of typing (something with having most of the processing going on beneath the keyboard probably contributes to the problem). But now I've done away with all those probems, (and probably acquired a few more)

Lo and behold, I bought myself a wireless keyboard (I wouldn't have minded the wires, but they don't sell any with wires anymore, it seems). I had some trouble uploading it becaquse it works for Windows XP and I have Vista (new laptop). Some downloads of Microsoft.com helped... for now. Now it's connected, and I again have a keyboard that I can place in my lap withpout placing the rest of the computer there too. The keys are much easier to get, and I'm having fun controlling my music program from the keyboard (I'm old fashioned... my other keyboards only had mute buttons) The main problem so far is if the laptop loses connection with the keyboard, which is a possibility (in one night, it's warned me twice that the connection rate was low, but so far no troubles). The keyboard also came with a wireless mouse, but that doesn't seem to be working very well. That's just fine, because I already have a wireless mouse that works grandly.

So, what's this all mean to you? Does it mean I'll write more stories or something? No... I'll probably be writing essays or something along those lines (blog entries are going to come, though).

No, it means any spelling or gramatical errors I make in the future cannot be blamed on a lousy keyboard.

I'll miss that excuse.

And after all this, I sitll two-finger type.



How’s This For Spontaneity?

Posted by xccj , Sep 20 2007 · 47 views
News and Updates
Chapter 50 of slizers on mata-Nui has been updated!

Woo hoo? blink.gif

Well, I had the basics for this chapter down already, i just needed to flesh out the details. I think it has a really good fight between Jet and Sarkarg... who's gona win there? ohmy.gif As I said in the review topic, the next chapter is going to be tedious to write, so don't expect it anytime soon. Sorry.

Anyway, I finished my first month of college classes... although I'm not sure that it counts, because it was an EFS class (Early Fall Start) and thus an easier class than I'd normally get. It was really interesting too... it was about new technologies and science fiction and stuff like that. I heard some really interesting ideas for future technologies that are being worked on, and got to read a few interesting sci fi books (possibly the best reading list I'll ever recieve for a class). Neuromancer and Darwin's Children were okay and had some cool technilogical ideas, but not the greatest stories. (Okay, Neuromancer got pretty good in the end, but that doesn't work if the beginning and middle are boring) Snow Crash was my favorite of the bunch... it got dull around the middle but eventually came to a point where I could just not set it down.

Anyway, this weekend I'm going back to my dorm (I'm at home now) and prepare to take real classes. Worst one: Chemistry at 9:30 in the morning. I hate chemistry... sure, it has so many uses, but the whole "every rule has an exception" thing really gets to me.

Sorry, no creative writing classes (that would probably be poety anyway... i don't like poetry too much) but if I get some inspiration and don't have a paper due the next day, I might try to update Slizers on Mata-Nui again. (That other epic I still have going... yeah right. Kanoka Makers of Metru Nui has a chase scene next and I've been putting off writing that for a year or so now. Uhg)

And how have you procrastinated today... aw, never mind.



Comic #10

Posted by xccj , Sep 18 2007 · 52 views
I'm sitting here in my kitchen (at home... I came back for a week) making Jello (why? Cause I want some) and I was thinking about the cool new comic I got today, and how I'm really glad I avoided any spoilers before I actually got it in my hands and read it. So I thought I'd type up a quick review.

Minor spoiler alert, BTW.

Artwork: Well, it's the basic sayger artwork, but some of the Mahri are particularly well done... I especially like the color. Plus, we see more Matoran, Titans (Gadunka's entrances is quite cool to view), and other undersea stuff. One problem was alot of artwork consisted of red explosions of firepower or Cordak blasts. Almost too much.

Story: Basic is enough to describe it. My experience with the comics this year have been that they tell the story from the books, maybe adding a tiny bit more but covering the basics and giving us a visual interpretation. What i can say here is, the story was pretty good in the comic, so once all the dialouge and other details are added in when the book comes around, it'll be great. I like how my favorite Barakki takes stage, and the battle with Gadunka is very cool. The whole ending feels a bit anticlimatic, though.

Overall: Well, not one of the greatest or one of my favorite comics, but it does a nice, quick job of getting the story told, while still following a few choice characters. Note: Nuparu is seen in the background, but I don't believe he has any lines. Pity. If it's done anything at all, it's got me phyced about Bionicle Legends 8.

And for one of my preditions...

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «



Elements And J.a.f. Adventures

Posted by xccj , Sep 15 2007 · 66 views
Epic Reports
Now for some more descriptions of non-Bionicle stories that I’ve written but will probably never post on BZP. It’s not that the stories aren’t good, it’s just that they’re too mature for BZP’s main audience. (And I’m leaving most of that stuff out of the descriptions, so it’s all safe here. tongue.gif )


Synopsis: A game producer convinces this kid to test a virtual reality game, but really it is just an experiment to see how well the game can act as a prison and trap somebody in the virtual world. The game, named Elements, gives characters elemental powers with weapons, and they have to go through levels and fight against various enemies (for example, ninjas). The worst part of the game is how realistic it is: you need nourishment like food and water, you feel pain if you’re injured or poisoned, and if you die, you die. (Thus being only a piece of computer coding, which could be recalled if the producer wanted you to come back… but he’s an evil twit, so the odds are against you.) Then four friends, searching for their first friend, also wander into the game and get stuck, and then they have to go through the game to find their first friend, and to just escape. They have cool elements (basics like air, earth, ice, and water), weapons (boomerangs, whips, and swords), and outside help (one friend, the computer geek, avoids getting stuck in the game and then spends time trying to hack into the programming and getting his own friends out). The basics for the story were obviously stolen. The major elements I based off Bionicle elements, and some of the attacks (creating huge columns of earth to rise up and strike down opponents) were stolen from Toa attacks. The whole ‘trapped in a virtual reality game’ idea was stolen from some cartoon show, which I referenced in the story without actually naming it (I forgot which it was, but I’m sure it was a cartoon). This story was written roughly three or four years ago.

What’s Good: Since it was written while I was in high school, the whole story is written much better than previous work. To this I attribute having a few other stories already under my belt (Time Disruption had started when I was working on this one) and just a better knowledge of how to write based of my English classes (assuming I learned something from them). Anyway, the plot structure, character development, and action scenes are all much better than previous stories. This can also be attributed to it being a shorter story and better planned out. Unlike Ouch and Time Disruption, which were incredibly long stories that were updated over long intervals, this story was written over a Christmas break, in one go. It’s shorter (only about 100 pages) but contains enough that it makes a lengthy read. It flows very well, leaving no loose ends and summarizing about everything. (In fact, the sequel tweaked a few things to make it more believable). It’s probably one of my better stories yet.

What’s Bad: There were still plot errors I missed… pieces of the story I just thought about but forgot to write in, which I have added back in with recent editing. Some of the relationships in the story seem cheesy and unreal… some of the political aspects for why the game existed in the first place are strained. There are a few side stories that are worthless, and in recent editing I’ve taken them out. Besides for a few unrealistic and clichéd items, the first story is really pretty good. The sequel that I’ve started but haven’t finished is worst… the horrible side stories go crazy and the plot is hardly there. The second story is not nearly as neat as the first one, and it pretty much throws everything up in the air and lets the reader just try to figure it out. I started writing the sequel to include some things I couldn’t fit into the first story, but then it just went out of control and I’ve somewhat discontinued it. Oh well, that’s how most sequels are.

J.A.F. Adventures

Synopsis: If you thought I’d leave Team J.A.F in the dust with the failed story ouch, you’d be wrong. Ouch was just the first story I wrote that included J.A.F., but I’ve had the idea for much longer. I wanted to use it again without all the complications presented in Ouch, so I thus began to write a series of short stories involving Team J.A.F., which incorporates the Midnight Zone (I should blog about that at some point). Anyway, most of the stories involve defeating some group of terrorists right before they pull through with their plot. (Thus, most of the stories end with “yay, we saved the day” or something like that). Just to spice things up, I’ve included a magical entity that is always sending problems in their direction. So far, I have four stories written in the series, with a fifth one in the making. I started writing these about two to three years ago.

What’s Good: The writing really parallels the quality in SoMN. There are still flaws, but the entire story is something I don’t mind reading over again myself. There are some extremely good fighting sequences in them, where I describe complicated physical moves that totally take down an enemy. The character development in some of them is excellent, as various characters overcome their flaws and show personal growth… in the meantime beating up on the villain too. With a few minor edits for language and gore, I could probably post these in COT… but I don’t feel like it, so there. tongue.gif

What’s Bad: There are some logic errors in there. One that I’ve already addressed in my latest story is the knack for terrorists to keep popping up in this certain town (the story is set in a big city-like environment, but I haven’t actually chosen any specific city.) It makes for a good story, as people of the same basic group of enemies keep popping up in the same place, using new techniques but still getting beaten in the end by the good guys. But it doesn’t really do any good logically, and seems more like a rip-off from Power Rangers (didn’t most of the shows in the first season end with them fighting some big monster in the same basic city setting?) But besides a few plot holes here and there… it’s not too bad, really. Some of my finer work.


Ouch, The Story

Posted by xccj , Sep 14 2007 · 68 views
Epic Reports
Here’s a quick look at one of my bigger stories, Ouch, that is not related whatsoever to Bionicle and wouldn’t work on BZP anyway.


Synopsis: I started writing this about five or six years ago, around the time I was into Bionicle. It’s based off this story about a kid (who I decided to base of myself. Heh) who’s fighting this guy with magical powers and protecting two of his friends (who also have magical powers, but they don’t know he knows about it) from the first guy, who’s trying to steal their powers from them and take over the universe. The original story involves a lot of stealthy action and fights behind the scene, and in the end the bad guy is defeated and the protagonist wins.

“Ouch” is a spin-off, in which the bad guy does take over everything. The first couple of chapters involve the main character (I’ll just call him Xccj for now. tongue.gif ) making quite a few daring escapes as the villain takes over the world. Xccj then saves all his friends, and tries to escape to mars to form a counter-attack. One notable thing is the inclusion of Team J.A.F., a superhero-ish group led by Xccj, which grants him the power to resist the villain in the first place. But the whole counterattack thing does work so well, as their escape ship gets blasted, and they shoot twenty years into the future, where the villain has complete control of most of the planet, and most of the human population is cryogenically frozen in storage on the moon.

Then the story changes as Xccj and his friends form a resistance group, which fights various battles with the villain’s new army of humans (who were loyal to him and didn’t end up frozen) and robots. The first few battles are just so Xccj and his friends can survive, but they change as they begin to attack the villain, learning his secret plans and making a move on his fortress. About three or four years ago, I was writing the final chapters as they dove into the heart of the secret fortress and battled for the end of all things. (They do this twice. The first time, they blow up something that ends all life in the universe, so Xccj finds a way to go back in time a few days and change the course of things) But then I got distracted from writing it, and it hasn’t gone any further since then.

What’s Good: This is my first real action adventure story. The whole thing was over 200 pages, and was so big that I had to break it up into separate Word documents to keep it from overloading the program as one giant file. The basic plot is one of my best ever, including various twists and turns that nobody is likely to expect. Then there’s a ton of emotional content, from relationships to coping with dead friends. (The cool think about the story is that the first time they go into the fortress and end up destroying the universe, Xccj’s companions die off one by one, but when he goes back in time, he is able to prevent some of their deaths) Then the battles… it was my first time writing detailed physical fighting sequences, and some of them turned out to be rather inventive.

What’s Bad: Well, I still wrote this a while back, so the story suffers from writing flaws that I have improved upon. The overall plot is good, but side stories are often rather stupid and lead too far away from the initial story theme. Character development in a few select characters is good (Xccj, for example, as he is doing this all in the first person) but there are over twenty main characters in this story. Sometimes it feels a little stressed to include all of them. Some characters are flat, with a few strong points but not much substance elsewhere. The worst part is in battle sequences, I tended to rewrite the laws of physics, allowing a character to do something that seemed realistic at the time, but when I took actual science classes, I realized it was just totally wrong. Plus, the whole thing is just too long! I spent a lot of time discussing how one particularly odd plot hole can logically exist in the story, but it gets so boring that even I have trouble rereading it. This is a story I‘ve considered rewriting, because the basic ideas are very good, but the overall story told doesn’t meet up to my standards of today.


Non-bionicle Stories

Posted by xccj , Sep 13 2007 · 37 views
Epic Reports
I’m feeling kinda bored right now, so I’d thought I’d blog a bit about some of my other work. Yes, as it appears, I have written stories that do not incorporate Toa, Matoran, or other things from Bionicle. I have a various amount of action stories out there that I haven’t posted on the internet for various reasons. Some of those reasons is that they include vulgar language and gory fight sequences, which as a rule I don’t include in stories I post on BZP (although some of the actions against the Zarxec have been toeing the line). Indeed, they break many BZP rules, and editing them out would leave plot-holes in some of the stories that I’d rather not rewrite completely. And, of course, some of them are just plain stupid now that I look back on them. So, anyway, here we go…

Tito’s Journey

Synopsis: I wrote this for a school project in the fifth grade. It’s about this kitten, strangely named Tito (Tih- toe), as he tried to climb the mountain Pikes Peak (the closest mountain to where I was living at the time, in Colorado). He had a bunch of friends of various species (a fox, a cougar, a rat, a hawk) who helped him in the trip, and they had to face a dangerous wolf and a snowstorm and other terrible things as they tried to get to the top. After that, I wrote a few sequels involving adventures on other mountains.

What’s Good: Well, this was one of my first big stories, so it got me started thinking about plot and character development. Plus, it was also the first story I finished completely… and it was probably about six pages on MS Word, font size 14. For a fifth grader, that’s not bad.

What’s Bad: I was a fifth grader, so there were plenty of holes in the plot, plus the writing wasn’t terribly complex either. For example, the fox had her leg torn off in the battle with the wolf (who fell over a waterfall later… which is odd, because there aren’t really that many waterfalls on Pikes Peak). But later, the fox was still running faster than many of the other characters… hmm, did I forget about that leg she was missing? The geography was off, the names of the character’s were great (the cougar was named Cougar) and other generally newby-ish stuff. The worst thing is, after a few computer crashes and file transfers, I no longer have a copy of the story or the sequels I was working on, so it’s all just a memory now.

The RNA Story

Synopsis: I’ve mentioned this one on BZP before, and even tried to post it (but I eventually gave up due to bad reviews). I had to write this story for a science class, depicting protein synthesis in a creative way. What I did was made the cell into a kingdom, had a villainous virus invading it, and had three RNA warriors create a protein that’ll save the day. The initial writing was a little too basic, and it got complicated as I tried to include scientific terms in the story with not a good understanding of how to do so. Later, I tried to incorporate the story into my Senior project, in which I would make a movie of it. That whole thing fell through as I ran out of time and I couldn’t get any actors to play the roles.

What’s Good: Well, compared to the stories of other students who wrote on the same topic, mine was much better. It did tend to include a fairly accurate summery of what protein synthesis is, based off info from our Biology textbooks. And the story was also fairly entertaining too.

What’s Bad: I wrote this with a due date, so it didn’t have the best structure. And I learned recently that it doesn’t even follow protein synthesis correctly, as the Biology high school textbooks are not absolutely correct. In my collage class, we briefly discussed advances in Biology, where scientists are still trying to figure out what’s going on in our cells and adding new stuff each year. For example, according to my textbooks, DNA is made up of Intron strands and Exon strands, the former being useful information and the latter being gibberish. The M-RNA is supposed to filter out the introns from the exons. Turns out that, today, scientists are discovering that Exons might actually not be just junk DNA and might actually play some role. Thus, my overly simplified example of RNA synthesis, which doesn’t include many complicated things of the current time, is already becoming obsolete as new stuff is discovered. That’s what I get for trying to write something that incorporates science.

That’s enough for now. I have some other things I’ll add on tomorrow. You know, just to keep you coming back for an update. Better take it for all its worth, because I’m too lazy to actually continue on any particular story of mine, and am content to just write about stories of the past. Ha!


Bzp Iron Man Contest

Posted by xccj , Sep 12 2007 · 56 views
I've seen some posts pondering over what would be the next cool contest. I got randomly struck by this neat idea, and decided to blog it 'cause I didn't have anything better to do.

The Iron Man BZP Contest

First, you must create a MOC of something really cool.
Second, you must write a short story of that MOC
Third, you must draw a title picture for your story, which incoprerates a scene from the story as well as a rendered version of your MOC.

Then everybody reviews your work and votes on it. ohmy.gif

I have a pretty good idea that this would be a difficult contest, requiring most of the skills nessecary to enter any particular contest on BZP, but combining them all. Worst, people probably wouldn't vote according to the best overallwork, because they'd all be too lazy to view everything.

But, hey, it's an idea.




Posted by xccj , Sep 11 2007 · 33 views
News and Updates
I've been on an unmentionable web movie site, watching taped episodes of anime for the first time. They're very weird. Some are funny, some are a bit too mushy for my tastes, and really they're all just crazy. I don't know what those Japanese were thinking when they made them (most of the ones I've seen either have english subtitles or bad voiceovers). i guess this is what I get for not having cartoon network, because I'm brand new to this form of cartoons.

And the best anime work I've seen so far comes from edited clips that go along with music- essentually, anime music videos.

Wait, I'm in college now? I should be studying instead? I should not be enjoying this new high speed connection to watch cartoons online? Too bad. tongue.gif

But I still come to BZP to read Chaos in the Deep.



The Bohrok Are Revolutionary!

Posted by xccj , Sep 09 2007 · 47 views
Well, maybe, so here are my thoughts…

I was just viewing this topic, asking what was your least favorite year. I answered 2005, and listed my reasons. Other people voted for other years too, because they have this oddity that I call “different opinions” that I just don’t quite understand but will have deal with anyway. tongue.gif Anyways, as I saw the results, I saw that 2001 didn’t get any votes (yeah, the first year of Bionicle bombed so badly that I stayed tune because I knew it could only get better) but 2002 also wasn’t rated the worst year either. That got me thinking. And realizing what a rare occurrence that is, I decided to write those thoughts down in a blog and post it for greater marketability.

Am I done with the lame jokes yet? Probably not.

So, what was 2002 all about anyway? Oh yeah, it was the Year of the Bohrok (they should add that to the Chinese calendar). So what made it so good that these buggy invaders could capture an audience after all the great Rahi-fighting Toa Originales? (just because there was an alternate poll discussing who uses ‘mata’ and ‘olda’, so I had to make up something ‘newa’) Uh, well, here are some of my thoughts.

Sets: The Bohrok were plagued with what we later called “clone-itus”. Besides for color and shield piece, they were identical. Why’d this work? Well, they were really the first clones to come around, because the Toa were not very clone-ish and the Rahi were far from it. (The Turaga and Matoran… well, for the sake of my argument, let’s not consider them to be pure clones yet. tongue.gif ) So, for the first “real” cloned sets, maybe people were more tolerant. When Lego wanted you to pick up six more of the same design with the Kal, then it got out of hand.

Then there was the fact that the sets were actually MONDO COOL! Think of it, have any other canister sets had all the playability of a Bohrok. They had arms, legs, and heads, so you could play with them in a humanoid-style fashion. They had about the best function ever with their head snapping gears (all the other gear sets either twirled arms or waists). If that function ability wasn’t enough, they could launch krana out of their foreheads as well. Then they could transform into their ball-like states to either be stored in status or used for bowling or other ball-related sports. (ever play Bohrok baseball? Then you’re glad all your Bohrok are clones) Really, mobility and overall image of sets have improved, but how many sports can you use a Piraka in? I can’t think of many (they could act as bowling pins in bohrok bowling, I suppose).

Then there was a storyline, which extended on the already super cool one that Bionicle had already established. The best thing they did was reuse the old heroes for the first part of the year, so we didn’t immediately get the Toa Bohroko, who descended from the skies to help fight off the Bohrok once the original Toa got crushed in round one. The comics were good, creating one of the most suspenseful and exciting sagas of the Bionicle comics that I can remember. (because later on the comics were always splicing up missing sections from the movies and books. In 02 they told the whole story). If you got bored of the toa’s adventures fighting the Bohrok, then you also had the cool flash animations on the web considering the home front (the animations weren’t the next MNOLG, but they sure beat MNOLG 2 for storyline material). It was a great year for a story, maybe even better than current years because it didn’t disregard anything of the past, because they considered most people would still remember 2001. Or maybe it also had something to do with me remembering the glory years of Bionicle, which were so much better than this current stuff, and which shaped my childhood forever! ( rolleyes.gif Note: maybe that’s too dramatic) Anyway, I thought it was good.

Yeah, there were other downsides. The Bohrok Va were not cut out to be replacements of the Turaga sets. With the Toa Nuva, we got the first signs of infection of clone-itus. The Bahrag, Exo Toa, and Boxer were excellent sets with amazing functions, but they were too expensive for some people. The on-line game of the time wasn’t any good (Battle for Mata-Nui… move Toa thingies around to whack all bohrok in le-Koro and Ta-koro, but get glitched out in Ga-Koro and die. Not to mention that this comes at the time when the Bohrok have already been defeated.) And, in case anyone remembers, the on-line updates were really slow… we got the last half of the online episodes in the last one month of the year. And, worst of all, the Bohrok saga just led to the Kal saga, which was a major flop set-wise.

But in the poll I linked to above, nobody had voted 2002 the worst year yet. So I’m going to credit the Bohrok for bringing a little bit of happiness to us in that year that made us like it better than, say, 2003 or 2005. They filled our hearts with joy as they unexplainably destroyed most of Mata-Nui and threatened to bring the end of Matoran society. (Hmm, I do believe that’s a good example of irony! Or satire… I dunno, did you memorize the meanings of all those English phrases? I was in the back doodling on my notes) ((And really, what the Bohrok did wasn’t all bad, the great spirits wanted them to do that stuff with leveling everything on Mata-Nui. They’re timing was a bit off because Makuta messed with their alarm clock. But, of course, we didn’t know that…))

Now did you get through that with a straight head? If so, then I obviously didn’t twist my words around enough. Make sure to count how many lame jokes you counted… so I can tell how well you read this. laugh.gif



I Hate Keyboards

Posted by xccj , Sep 08 2007 · 35 views
News and Updates
Notice a deterioration of the grammatical quality of some of my latest posts?

Well, hopefully it hasn’t been that bad, but recently, I have been skipping keys and not capitalizing letters and silly mistakes like that. Where do I place this blame? Whose fault is it that I can’t type as well as before?

It’s the keyboard, obviously.

I have this new laptop, and thus a new laptop keyboard built into the thing. The keys are smaller than the traditional keyboard that I’m used to using. I like plenty of space to spread out my hands, and I want the individual keys to have some more thickness to them. Those styles of keyboards make it hectic for transporting, which is what laptops are great for. But my typing skills are going downhill.

Besides missing the right keys ever now and then, sometimes it goes all wacky on me while I’m typing and suddenly, instead of typing on the end of my sentence, it automatically teleports my curser and I’m typing in the middle of my paragraph! I have absolutely no idea why it does this, as I can’t connect what key I’m using at the time that makes it go wacky. I think it may have to do with the number pad, which is now embedded in the right side of the keys in the alphabet. (The numbers pad is the small keyboard with the numbers and a few select options that is so good for accountants. To prevent laptop keyboards from being too wide, they fuse that in with the letter keys too. Of course, there’s still the line of numbers above the alphabet that I’ve always used, but still…) Anyway, I’m not sure what causes the problem (or even if I’ve adequately described it here) but it’s bugging me.

I hope to get another keyboard to hook up to my laptop when it’s at my desk in my room. Until then, my grammar may be a bit off here and there… so consider this a warning. (And this blog doesn’t count… I wrote it in Word and spellchecked it and everything… so the obviously wrong things have been taken care of. Other silly mistakes are my own fault, but have probably always been apparent, so there…)

Anyway, I have nothing better to blog about. I haven’t updated my stories because (among annoying keyboards) I have somewhat of a writers block for everything and am just getting by playing games and watching movies and reading other people’s work.

Bye now.


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