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A Bionicle Christmas

Posted by xccj , Dec 22 2006 · 61 views
Epic Reports
The season demands it. I must advertise this epic again. For every classic has to return year after year... now I just need to turn this epic into a classic...

IPB Image

Bio: Christmas Time has fallen on the Matoran of Mata-Nui, and for once the holiday can be celebrated in peace, as the Toa Nuva have defeated all foes. The Toa Santa arrives as legends said, and he planned to bring each Matoran a special present. However, his journey is cut short when an evil Rahi known as the Grinch shows up and steals his essence.

With no Toa Santa, the Matoran's unity is on the brink of destruction. Even worst, the Grinch runs loose, stealing the essence of all who feel the touch of its blade. Even the Toa Nuva cannot stand against it for long. Now, Kapura and his two Po-Matoran friends, Tunaka and Huaju, can save the day. They must find three stones and summon the Toa Santa before Christmas Day, or else the Matoran's unity shall shatter!

Any further reading may lead to spoilers, so beware, all ye who have not yet read it. sly.gif

Thoughts: Well, for starters, this is a classic cliche'. Ever watched TV shows with "So-And-So saves Christmas". This was my version of "Kapura Saves Christmas". I tried to use many of the traditions of the season in this epic. Mind you... marketing traditions. This has very little to do with the whole religious meaning of the holiday, and focuses more on the family/friends aspect. But I've includes such details as Christmas trees, flying Mahi (yes, Mahi) and a chubby Toa that goes "Ho ho ho." Plus, at one point, Kapura wears a Santa hat. Hey, it looked good in the cover pict I made.

This story is fairly well written. It surely is better than my first few epics, but the grammar may not be up to scratch (just reread it this year, and I caught numerous spelling mistakes). Plus, some of the descriptions are repetitive and sometimes wacky. Ahg, it turns out I actually have learning some things in AP English... who knew?

The Grinch was an interesting character. First of all, he was based of this swamp MOC I made when I first got a Toa... the MOC sucked, but it had a claw and a chainsaw blade. The name has nothing to do with Dr. Seuse's (sp?) character, besides that it wants to get rid of Christmas (or the Toa Santa). The Grinch was just this massive Rahi, with unimaginable powers. I always have fun writing battles against things that just don't die, and the Grinch was one of them. On the bright side, and following traditional Bionicle methods, the Grinch did not die from brutal strikes from it's foes (Kopaka wishes) but in a unique, "he so deserved that!", way. On the bad side, it's constant revivals got lame and repetitive. That was before I even knew what the Rule of Three meant, so I'm sure the Grinch got frozen like 7 times. annoyed2.gif

Not to say that I didn't have some ingenious plans interwoven in the story. The Grinch's demise was rather ingenious, if I do say so myself. Plus, Kapura's last "trick" came from something I placed in the story near the beginning... following the techniques in the "Harry Potter" series. And I spent the last chapter tying up the loose ends of the stories... mostly questions I had from the review topic.

The characterizations were numerous too. The Toa Nuva were fun to write about, and I think this is my best epic depicting them (after all, TD mostly involved the Toa Mata). Strangely enough, the heroic Toa was Kopaka... and I'm not big fan of Kopaka, but he was the likely one to avoid death until the very end. The other Toa (Tahu, Gali, Pohatu) had only a short time to show their characters, with Lewa and Onua lasting a bit longer. I liked some of Lewa's treespeech, which was rapid and consistent, but understandable. But, yeah, Lewa only lasted like 3 chapters, so...

The Matoran were fun too. This was the epic where I took Kapura for all he was worth. I was worried at first for choosing him- after all, his aloofness was something new for me to write about. I thought I did rather well at applying Kapura's odd logic to his adventuring. I also included my two famous Po-Matoran characters: Tunaka, who I borrowed from Time Disruption; and Huaju, who I reused for Kulagi's Kanoka. They provided most of the comic relief for the story, as well as a reality check at times. They represented the majority of the Matoran, who were too timid to take up the challenge, but still tried their best.

All in all, this isn't my best story. The plot is very amazing and all, but the descriptions are sometimes bland and the grammar is often off. The worst part of it, though, was the alternate ending I added a year after I finished writing it. It was supposed to make a point at how important the victory was, as it depicted what would happen if Kapura lost in the end. But, in all truth, it was a marketing gimmick to try and get some new reviewers to read the story.

And, in the end, that's what this is too.

Anyway, I highly advice you to read it (or any of my other work... don't worry, I'm very biased. tongue.gif ). I think it's actually an interesting holiday story, and it'll bring you back to the good old days of Mata-Nui. Plus, it exibits enough of the Bionicle morals that it certainly fits in this forum. Plus, it's only 12 chapters long... easily read in a hour or two... and take some good breaks, to add up the suspense. tongue.gif

Review A Bionicle Christmas. And happy holidays, whatever you celebrate. xmas.gif



The Beast Within

Posted by xccj , Dec 16 2006 · 29 views
That new Island Assult game, besides being too difficult for me to play, seems to have hidden images in it. I think Lego has something coming up in Bionicle that involves... a bear!

See the evidence for yourself.
IPB Image

Yes, there is no doubt that the shadowy bear is to be the next big thing happening on Voya-Nui. Maybe they must wake the bear from its hibernation to reawake Mata-Nui... or maybe it's all a coincidence? Who can tell?

No me.



Rain, Sleet, And Snow

Posted by xccj , Dec 15 2006 · 36 views
News and Updates
... and ice, wind, lack of electricity...

And, no, I do not want to be a mail man.

The weather in this part of the country has been wacky the last few days. Last night, we had this huge wind storm, where we had about 60 MPH winds blowing. We didn't lose any trees, but other people did (lots of fallen trees on the news). Our electricity also went out for a couple of hours, but I hear that other people had it out for the whole night. And then today, we were getting rain, sun, hail, sun, snow, sun, more rain, and then some more sun before it went down and turned into more rain. In that order.

"Wait five minutes and the weather will change." But I thought that was Colorado's Motto! I live in Washington!

All in all, a good day to stay indoors.



I Wrote Something New.

Posted by xccj , Dec 14 2006 · 15 views

My Newest Comedy

I don't ordinarily write comedies, but I threw this together over the last few weeks, based off the latest Legends book, Inferno. There are some spoilers, so beware. I think I can post spoilers, since the book has been officially released, right?

Please read, and I hope you get a few laughs out of it. smile.gif And reply...




Posted by xccj , Dec 09 2006 · 10 views

It's rainy outside, cold, and in the middle of December.

My dad made me wash the car today?

Let me repeat that it is the middle of December.

And we do not live in California.

I used lots of hot water, yet I still got drenched. Luckily, it didn't rain. The car will just get muddy again when they take it out next, though.



Bogus Stuff

Posted by xccj , Dec 08 2006 · 28 views
Have you ever had to give some sort of information that you wish you could just completely make up on the spot? Like, instead of giving your real name and address, so they can find a way to contact/bug you later on, you give them something that leads them nowhere?

Well, if you haven't, maybe you're normal. But I have. And I'll just prodive an example of what I thought would be an ideal bogus address. So it's...

13579 NS 123 ST.
Townsville, East Dakota

As far as I know, that address couldn't work at any possible place. Partially because of the whole "North-South" thing.

Now that I've had my random thought and elaberated on it, I'll leave you with my favorite smiley.



I Entered A Bbc Contest!

Posted by xccj , Dec 06 2006 · 19 views

Aren't you just so happy?

Well, I hardly ever go in BBC anymore to post anything (because like whatever I have is always critizied. I've been out for the last 3-4 years, even though I've entered sooo many BBC contests.

Anyway, if you want to view my entry and (Mata-Nui forbid) reply on it, you can view the topic here.

And if you see it in the polls and nothing else draws your eyes, you could also vote for it tooo! *wink* *wink*

And yes, I have a very low self esteme when I'm dealing with MOCs, which is why I tend to spend more time in the library forums.



I Alert Thee

Posted by xccj , Dec 05 2006 · 30 views
News and Updates
It's 1:00 in the Morning, and I just finished with my English assignment. It's this vocab thingy. I have to find two examples of literature that abide by the rule of the specific vocab word, list them, MLA cite them, and then explain them. And I have to do this for 48 words. And I've had two weeks to work on it... to bad I spent those weeks working on my play (which went well, that's another entry, though). So, technically, I'm only half done with the project, because each vocab word has only one example (except for a few exceptions). So, I'll turn it in and hope the teacher really just doesn't read them. After all, they're suppose to be for our learning for that AP Test... annoyed2.gif

I thought overnighters were either sleepovers or something you do in collage? Or maybe it doesn't help that I'm a procrastinator. But I am a night owl. I won't be waking up in the morning, even if I am forced into the classrooms?

And why do I post this entry at 1 in the morning? Because I have nothing better to do.

music.gif wakeup2.gif zzzzzzzz...


After The Show...

Posted by xccj , Dec 02 2006 · 31 views
News and Updates
What's the best thing to do after a sucsessful play?

Go to a restaraunt with the entire cast and order dinner.

We pretty much swamped the place (didn't help that another High School Drama Club also showed up.... coincidence?) We all had milkshakes and food, and some of the stories told were very entertaining. Now, I'm not one of the popular kids, but if that's what they do all the time, then they must have fun.

And also have alot of cash. Since I have a tight budget, I normally don't spend my own money to eat out. While it was realitivly cheap, I still gave away enough money to buy a Toa Inika.

annoyed2.gif And just because I made that reference classifies me as totally obsessed.

So, when I got home around Midnight, feeling pretty swell, I decided ot post this blog. Now what? Well, first you reply. Then I tell you to see our shows tomorrow. Then I remember that many of you have no idea where I'm actually from, are far away from there, or still believe I'm on Titan (now I'm just visiting the moon on weekends). Then I end the blog entry with my music smiley.



Going Crazy

Posted by xccj , Nov 30 2006 · 27 views
News and Updates
I just had to inform you via blog entry.

QUOTE(Kumata Nuva @ The Other Day)
If you read the last four or so entries, you can watch xccj slowly turning insane...


Anyway, I do have a reason. The last couple of weeks have been winding down for the play I'm in, and I've spent the last few weekdays staying at the school over the afternoon practicing. The practice tonight went from about 2 PM to 10 PM... so I have thus had plenty of time to be creative and all.

Anyway, I'm playing Bob Cratchet in "A Christmas Carol". Opening night is tomorrow. I have about 21 hours left. Now I can either start freaking out or I can just go crazy (guess which?). Really, I'm not too freaked out. I've made a fool out of myself before, but I've practiced plenty so I think I'll do just fine. As long as there isn't a snow day.

Now to go write a last minute collage essay.


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