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Heroes Win, Lost Lost

Posted by xccj , May 24 2007 · 39 views
News and Updates
Note, the following are my observations based of my viewing of the shows and ONLY that. I have no idea of what the future storylines / broadcaster licences / big-fan-hoo-ha stuff is about, but I'm posting this to just give off some of my opinions. Take it or leave it, but if you're an expert, don't go around correcting me because you read the manual or something.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way... Oh, and BTW, there are spoilers to the shows if you haven't seen them yet.

For me, this week held two season finalies... NBC's Heros and ABC's Lost. Which did I prefer? Here's a list og pros and cons.

Heroes (S.F. on Monday. Second season coming out in the fall)

Pros: They got every major character back into the scene, and gave us alot of information on many of the mysteries. The good guys all finally unite to help defeat evil guys. Little girl doesn't die... Japanese friend of Hiro doesn't get killed (forget his name)... Slyder does get stabbed. Been waiting for that all season. A big usage of powers all around. Good guys make right choices. New York doesn't explode... and the solution really caught me off guard. Yeah! Plus, the season ends on a cliffhanger with unknown stuff, but it's a new mystery, and it already solved the main problems. See reasons why I don't like Lost for the alternatives...

Cons: Slyder does not die... only gets stabbed. Makes sence... why kill off your greatest bad guy with a simple sword wound? Parkman, my favorite character, gets shot by his own bullets. They didn't downright kill him, but they didn't give him much glory either. The Petreliis (how do you spell that?) are likely toast, but that's okay, because they need to kill of some characters, right?

Overall, I think Heroes is a great new show. They introduce alot of new characters (and kill of plenty too) go through plenty of action and have these really weird power things with a perfectly logical explanation for it (its genetic) as compared to Lost's overall mystery of why stuff happens.

Lost (S.F. Wednesday Night, AKA tonight for me. Fourth season? Don't know)

Pros: Big explosions in the end. Large guy running down the Others in his truck was totally awesome. Charlie's little adventure in the underwater lab was great. So he had to die, but at least they gave him the most excelent death they could on the show. They spanned it out for most of the 2007 season... good to see him finally go out in such a way.

Cons: Flashback was terrible. Yeah, it wasn't meant to show Jack in a good light, but Desmond's flashback in last season's finale was much, much better. The brutal killing of some of the people got a little much without proving anything. It left on a cliffhanger where we don't exactly know what the heck happens. Are the bad guys coming? Will the island explode? Will Desmond gain teleportation powers in addition to foresight? What's up with Locke? You can't keep killing him and then bringing him back... in Heroes they only do that with the cheerleader, and that's because she can heal herself. And, if the show does go into a forth season, what'll happen, especially if the flashback was actually suppose to take place in the future?

Overall, I think Lost has run its course. Sure, months ago, I was saying it was pretty cool. Great characterizations, lots of mystery and conflict. Too much relationship conflict, though, and not enough gets resolved. Maybe it highlights mankinds standing on following without knowing and keeping faith in stuff, and then getting the final consequence without any explanation of "Why?" But Lost is a show... they can afford to tell us some stuff. I really don't like Ben's character... if he really is a good guy, he doesn't have that whole concept of "trust" down very well. Of course, Jack is just as bad, seeming to make his choices no matter what others say to disrail him. Maybe he's stubborn, maybe persistant, but I would try to talk things out a bit more (but maybe that's just because I saw the little message that Charlie sent out). Really, Lost has done a good job, but it never finalizes anything, and frankly I'm getting bored, and would rather watch Heroes, where at least them complete something every episode.

Now my rambling thoughts have been posted as a blog, and you were silly enough to read down to here. Or you skipped the bigger paragraphs, or clicked on another link. But you made it this far down somehow. Congradulations... that little bar on the side of your screen actually works!

Minor Update Thingy: I am almost finished with that short epic, just need a justifiable conclusion before I begin to revise it. But I won't anytime soon... graduating in 18 or so days, and have Opening Night in a week. Yaaahooo.

And props to Makaru for using my favorite Beatles song in his blog. "And if you want some fun... say oh la di la da!"



Just Thinking...

Posted by xccj , May 21 2007 · 39 views
News and Updates
On an unmentionable other message board-type thingy (I wonder what you'd call it other than by its name?) Anyhow, I was on, and reading some bulletons from friends. A guy crashed his car, and blogged about it. I read something along similiar lines with somebody else who got into a car wreck a few months ago. I myself posted a quick entry when I had my own little wreck, although I actually failed to say that I got into a wreck, I just posted to say that I was angry. (And, mind you, I've only been in low speed collisions... as in still in my parking space collisions.)

So, what's worst. That everybody my age is getting new cars and totalling them, or that we're very eager to post about it online?

Anyhow, I gotta go and watch Monty Python. PBS reruns at Midnight. gotta love it.



Concerning A New Small Story

Posted by xccj , May 18 2007 · 29 views
News and Updates
Gee, last week/early this week, I had a ton of stuff to blog about, but it seems that I've run dry of ideas. Hmm...

Anyway, as to deal with real life, I have been working towards my play, Shakespeare's Midsummers Night Dream. Opening night is next week. Since it's double casted, it won't be my opening night, but still I'll have to be there to help out in some form or another.

Only other thing I could think to blog about was that story I referenced to. Well, when I was building my BBC entry and taking picts of it, I got really bored (redudant, but the rule of three allows me to say that once more). So I got some specific sets together and built something new. Then, since this idea could easily be fused into the official storyline, I thought of writing a short story dealing with it. And, once my story reached 7 pages without having come to a full conclusion yet, I thought that myabe I would'nt have a really long short story, but a really short epic with a half dozen chapters or so. The most I'll give away is that it'll be on Voya-Nui in 2006. I have only written one story in that era, and it was a contest story so it hardly counts. Most of my stories are focused on the Matoran on Mata-Nui or Kulagi and his pals in Metru-Nui. (Or the Slizers on Mata-Nui, Metru-Nui, and Zaru-Nui) But the now-short-epic isn't completed yet. I still have some more battles to write, and I'm waiting for the Biosector.com Wiki to come back up so I can check on some Rahi references. But if all goes according to plan, I'll have something fresh to show you at the begining of the summer. smile.gif



Squid Eye

Posted by xccj , May 15 2007 · 30 views
News and Updates
Wouldn't you know it, I was REALLY bored while taking pictures of my BBC entry, so I put a few things together and took a shot of it, and then spruced it up a bit on Paintshop Pro. I was thinking about writing a short comedy about it, just to get some of my writing back into the BZP forums outside of SoMN. But then I remembered that a picture is worth a thousand words, and my comedy would've probably been about 300...

Which didn't stop me from throwing in about 20 more words, not to mention this Blog Entry. But, anyhow, you'll be wanting to see this picture now. Sorry about the size... I don't think you'll miss out on most of the text...

IPB Image

And, on a side note, I built another MOC that prompted me to write a short story which has slightly evolved into something bigger. Blog entry on that later...



Spot The Minifigure Game!

Posted by xccj , May 13 2007 · 29 views
I got a little bored while taking picts of my latest BBC entry.

Here's hoping the image doesn't make my blog explode...

IPB Image

First person to get it right... get to post about it first. Ha ha.



Just Checking...

Posted by xccj , May 13 2007 · 32 views
News and Updates
Like a few days ago, I added this chapter to SoMN. It's not a great chapter, but I didn't think it was half bad. But, what, no reviews? Now I'm just being obnoxious...

And I'll see if this blog entry alerts anyone... tongue.gif




Posted by xccj , May 11 2007 · 18 views

I'm ticked. I got my car rear-ended today. Sure, it was at a stop sign and it was at less than 10 MPH, but I'm still ticked, because the guy tailgated me all the way down the road, which was congested enough from school being let out. The damage is hardly there, but it's the thought that counts.

If I could, I would like all tailgaters to have to walk on their hands and knees everywhere and be banned from ever, EVER, using cars again. angry.gif



Of Ap

Posted by xccj , May 10 2007 · 33 views
News and Updates

AP Comparative World Gov... is finished. I don't think I did too badly on it.
AP Calculus AB... While I didn't finish everything, what I did put down is most likely accurate
AP English Literature and Composition... I don't care how badly I did, I just dom't. tongue.gif

Now I can focus my energies on...


Which opens in three weeks... yikes. ph34r.gif



Dude... Cogito Ergo Sum

Posted by xccj , May 06 2007 · 52 views
Double Blog Entry in less than an hour, but I just had to post this...

I was trying to find something to put in my sig, so I put in this Descartes joke I heard from my friend. (I think I even got the joke written down correctly). Anyway, just to look up Descartes's name (because I'm copy/pasteing it instead of typeing it) I logged onto Wikipedia and looked up the article "Cogito ergo sum" (I think, therefore I am". Anyway, I read some of the "Pop-culture references" and laughed at a few of them. Then I saw this one...

One of BZPower's forum's server busy messages is "servo, ergo sum".

BZPower's so important that it can even make it into a pop culture reference in a Cogito ergo sum Wikipedia article...

I don't know what to make of that, but it surprises me. Wiki article here



Refering To Politics...

Posted by xccj , May 06 2007 · 32 views
News and Updates
I really, really don't want to get into them.

Sorry, but politicians drive me crazy. Sure, maybe they're the one's who actually "get stuff done" in our society, but I'm sure they spend too much time argueing. Politics always has two sides to everything, so no matter what topic you're thinking of, you can find people argueing for your view, the opposing view, and a third view that you had never even thought of.

All of which is to make me wonder why I'm taking Comparative World Government.

Sure, it'll help me better understand what the government in my country and other countries are doing about saveing and upkeeping the world, but it's not going to get me through College. If I wanted to be a lawyer or politician or something, maybe, but what does an engineer need to know about world politics on an AP level?

Unfortunatly, I probably have a better grasp on this subject than Calculus, but that's for Tuesday's blog.

All I'm saying here is that I'll be suffering trying to remember the government structures of Britain, Mexico, and Nigeria tomorrow. Cheers.


Side Note: I don't think this is dealing with the "No Politics" rule, but if it is, I'll just deleat all offending replies I may or may not get. tongue.gif

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