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Curse Of Advanced Placement

Posted by xccj , May 04 2007 · 26 views
News and Updates
The dreaded AP tests. I've been suffering in the classes all year, and now it'll come down to the final sacrifice. Comparative World Government, Calculus AB, and English Literature... all next week. My brain will be mush by Friday, if not sooner.

That, and the opening night for my next theatrical preformance is in about three weeks, and my lines / blocking aren't great. Sure, it was easy enough for the musical... one cast and I could drop everything. Now I have all this other achedemic stuff to worry about two, and this one's double casted, so that cuts rehersal time in half. Arg...

Oh, and graduation is somewhere down the road too. Big deal...




Posted by xccj , Apr 30 2007 · 20 views

Gone for a very long trip to New York to go see a ton of plays on Broadway. And mind that I come from the other coast too. It was an amazing trip, but it took alot of time, now I'm catching up on sleep. But I came to check if anything new was going on at BZPower. Wanted to see if I got any replies to anything.

I didn't.

Now why am I obsessed with this site again? blink.gif



Okay Now...

Posted by xccj , Apr 24 2007 · 33 views
News and Updates
Okay, so I probably overreacted in that last Blog entry. Information was released on line and on the TV news, just not by the teachers. And maybe DD was right… they probably didn’t want panic attacks and everything. It still annoyed me, but it’s over now. Sounds like whoever was causing the problems got caught.

Anyway, for such a Blog entry, I’m banning myself from BZP for a week.

J/K. tongue.gif But really, I’ll be going on a trip for a week. And since it’ll be a lot of “seeing new stuff, hanging out with friends” type of thing, I won’t be logging onto BZP for a while… like not until next week. But in the meantime, I’ve posted another chapter to SoMN, which concludes one giant fight but sends somebody over the cliff… again. Hey, rule of three, I can do it once more…

So, as you ponder Hahli’s fate, you shouldn’t miss me for a week. *Hears cricket chirps* I said, wouldn’t miss me… tongue.gif




Posted by xccj , Apr 23 2007 · 41 views
News and Updates
Rant coming on...

Okay, so my High School went into Lockdown mode today. Not extreme, "hide under your dest, the mad man is in the hallway" lockdown, but just "don't go out of the building" lockdown. Are they more paranoid after that whole thing at V. Tech? Maybe, and I believe there was even a copycat threat sent to a local University branch. So if the school wants to keep us locked up and safe, then good for them. I'd appreciate it, especially if some madman with a gun is on the loose.

Thing is, I don't know what happened, and I'm angry about it. All the teachers have been very "hush hush" about the whole things. They haven't said a thing, just told us to stay indoors and only leave school through one set of doors and all this stuff, but NOTHING about what the threat actually is? Even if they leave out some of the details, shouldn't they at least give us a brief idea of what the threat is? They never really said there was a threat, just ordered us to do this and that without telling us why.

I don't like this... I don't like it at all. Sure, maybe us High Schooler's aren't completely mature and adult-like, but we're not a bunch of third graders. Tell us if there's a threat and tell us what the threat is. maybe we can cope. Maybe if you tell us, we won't blow the whole thing off as unimportant. Tell us and maybe we'll be on out guard after school. It's all fine and well to see us safely off the campus where they no longer hold responsibility over us, but I have no idea what the problem is. Is it some escaped criminal, or just a threat?

What I want is answers, just like Jaller in BL1 (funny how I can somehow connect everything in life to Bionicle) I see no reason why complete silence will keep us safer, so I see no arguement for what the teachers are doing. And hopefully, in an hour or two, I'll see the report on the news and know what's really going on. Amazingly enough, I haven't found anything useful on the internet so far.

So now my little rant is over and I'm going to glare at the TV and mumble angrily under my breath.

music.gif burnmad.gif

Edit: Okay, confirmed, it was a phone threat, but I wasn't told that in school...


Second Is The Best...

Posted by xccj , Apr 22 2007 · 26 views
News and Updates
Not in the prelim polls, though, but it's good enough for me. 20 votes over all, 19 other people who liked the MOC over all others, and me. Not bad.

I have noticed an increase in votes for my creations in the last few contests I've entered. So instead of getting hardly noticed, I end up trailing behind first place, but with a lot more votes than previous contests. Maybe I'm getting to be a better MOCist, maybe the competition is slacking off (probably not) but I'm feeling better about my MOCing skills?

Did I say that? No, I still can't make an MOC worth anything, but hey, I can try.

Which is why I like the Library so much better...



Alpha Two One Niner...

Posted by xccj , Apr 20 2007 · 44 views
News and Updates
If that title has any meaning anywhere else, I have no idea what it is. I think I may have heard it before as some radio thing you can say, but as to it's meaning, I'm drawing a total blank. Sounds cool for a title, though...

And it has relevense. I'm in BBC 42 Poll Alpha. Boy, they sure got into a lot of Greek Letters this time. Anyway, if you want to check out the poll, please do so, and vote for the best MOC there.

Also, big thanks to Tufi for actually putting the polls together. Sure, it was a few days late, but there are a ton of entries, and I'm amazed she got it all done at al. So big thanks to the BBC empress.

And it occures to me that BBC Contest can be redundant if you extend it to Bionicle Based Contest Contest. It works as Bionicle Based Creation Contest, but not nearly as much as British Broadcasting Company Contest, or Badly Bashed Corn Contest. But now I'm just being silly.



Bitter Sweet

Posted by xccj , Apr 16 2007 · 28 views
News and Updates
Uh, yeah.

I just got back from a collage trip, looking at a top notch university that I may be going to. While alot of it was kinda dull, it's an exciting experience and I think I know where I'm going. They're engineering courses are good, but allow for some other things to do as well, like maybe even drama...

The irony cuts deep that, when I get home, I hear about this shooting at another university across the country. It just kinda makes me sick to think that kind of stuff still happens. But, hey, in today's world...

Then this whole blog of the week thing. Who do they think they're kidding, that guy is writing total nonsence. (Heh, I should know. tongue.gif ) Anyway, that was cool...

So, yeah, peace out. No more shootings. Yeah. smile.gif



Revival Of Creativity

Posted by xccj , Apr 15 2007 · 30 views
News and Updates
Well, not that my creativity ever went away, but it just hasn't been posted in a while...

Anyway, a nice, big, NEW chapter of Slizers on Mata Nui has been added. Big battle scene. Lots of Matoran characters. Toa! (Yeah, but not the right kind). No Slizers, but they're still in there. This puts some of our favorite villagers back into the action. In fact, there's no worms present at all in the chapter. tongue.gif

Plus, sometime soon, I'll be posting my BBC 42 entry. Sure, I built it on like April 3rd, but I changed one piece and haven't taken pictures yet. I'll work on that tonight and get it posted before the deadline. It may not be the cutest MOC ever, but its very realistic, in my opinion, and fairly well built. It's a dolphin, BTW, but you can see it in all its glory soon, in a BBC topic near you. (Ha, like you'd ever view MY topic...)

Anyway, a contest is beign entered, and a stalled epic is being updated. If that's not a revival of my creative side for you, I'd like to know what is.

*And a few months ago I was saying not to expect anything from me. Mood swings galore!*



How Comes...

Posted by xccj , Apr 11 2007 · 32 views
How come, when somebody risks their life to help another in a situation like a drowning or a house fire, if they succeed, they're hailed as a hero, and if they fail, they're considered stupid for trying?

No particular reason for this, just thinking.



Just A Little Game...

Posted by xccj , Apr 11 2007 · 30 views
News and Updates
What better way to revamp my interest in Slizers on Mata-Nui than by creating a card game out of it!

IPB Image*IPB Image*IPB Image

Maj Shelf of Cards

Okay, I don't have the rules up yet or all the cards I have planned (these are just the ones with easy pictures). But, yeah, I got bored so I created a card game, using Slizers and Zarxec and even Matoran. I played it with my friend with physical cards, and it went okay. I just need to create a wider selection of characters... I have sixteen cards created, and I haven't added four Matoran cards to the web yet. Eventually, I'll put up some rules I came up with, but until then, see what boredom can create.

The next chapter that I'm thinking about writing for the story is looking to be a big battle with the Dark Toa... so, of course, I'm putting it off until I get some real inspiration. Later.


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