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Keep On Slizerin'

Posted by xccj , Aug 09 2007 · 71 views
News and Updates
I totally forgot about this. Sure, I progressed slowly on my Slizers epic while BZP was down. But I did progress, with two completed chapters and one that's nearly completed and will be done within posting time. So, I didn't think of posting them because I'm at a relative's house, using their computer. But, being the genius that I know I am (just like Calvin said to his tiger Hobbs) I put the Words file onto my thumb drive and easily transfered it to their computer for some "posting on BZPower"-ing.

So, thus, please check out the newest chapter in Slizers on Mata-Nui. The next few chapters will be posted within the next few weeks, depending on ym availibility and the number of replies I get. tongue.gif Thanks.



A Weeks Worth Of Ideas

Posted by xccj , Aug 07 2007 · 47 views
News and Updates
BZP may be back on-line, but my summer's about gone. I start early university courses in a few weeks, thus ending my slacking time that I'd spend on BZP. I hope to stay on BZP to update my blog and everything, but I don't know how much else I'll do. So, here's a few things from last week that I never got a chance to post...

1- Thanks to tyhe BZP staff for getting the forums bakc on-line. I was surprised when the forums were down for more than two days, and alarmed when it reached four days. Then I knew it must really be somehting serious. I'm grateful that they got it back up, and as soon as they did too (you know, it could've been months.) I really like hanging on BZPower, and its so cool that so many people work hard to keep it up. So, again, thanks to them all, especially Bink (who I suppose was really working hardm as he is the server guy) (On another note, this might've just been the staff's summer vacation, so they took the boards offline and giving us a different reason. But, hey, whatever. tongue.gif )

2- How can they be called summer sets if they don't come out in the summer? I have two weeks of this summer season left, and I have yet to see any summer sets on the shelves and I've looked too. I don't remember the other sets coming out this late. And even if the Mahri aren't as revolutionary as some of the previous groups that've come up, they're still awesome enough. I plan to write a comparison between the Inika and Mahri, to give my opinions about which really are better. But I'm not at home, so I'll spend the time doing that later. Sufice to say, I think the Mahri would be alot more cooler if they'd come out before the Inika.

3- I got Carpar. He's a cool set. I want to write a good review on him, but the set isn't with me, so I'll leave it until later. Needless to say, I now have five Barakki and don't plan to get any more. (Pirdak, after all, isn't too my liking)

4- I posted a short story, viewable HERE! It hasn't gotten any reviews yet, but I assume it has to do with the whole server going downh and not people not reading it. So... if you have a time, read it. It's actually really short. And, although I wrote it over a year and a half ago, I didn't post it 'cause it was suppose to be apart of a story collection that never got posted. So... yeah. Read it, and you can become an honorary member of my "Story Reviewers". I think I have three or four of them total... tongue.gif

Now, off to stress about my classes. Unfortunatly, I have to wake up in the morning to attend a few. Oh well.




The Summer Movie List

Posted by xccj , Jul 25 2007 · 47 views
News and Updates
This is the first summer in the last five or six years that I have not gone off to a Boy Scout summer camp or a fifty mile trip during the vacation. Of course, my summer expires a bit early as I'm taking an early start collage class at U of W. But I have plenty of time to sit down and relax, and watch a movie! That, of course, after I build up a few blisters digging holes in the backyard... but when my parents aren't out making me do yard work, I've taken the time to watch some movies.

Really, I've seen an abnormal amount of movies this year (mid spring to summer). Most of them have been adequate enough. The list comprises of...
  • Spider Man 3... not an exceptional movie, but a good, entertaining one nonetheless.
  • Pirates 3... what, like I wasn't going to see that? It was good, but to fully enjoy it I need to see it a few times on DVD... with subtitles.
  • Ratatouille... for a G rated movie, it was pretty awesome. Glad Disney and Pixar are still at it.
  • Harry Potter #5... better acting than the other HP movies, so it was okay. Doesn't replace the book, though.
I want to see Transformers, but as I've seen more movies this summer than I did all of last year, I think I'll be waiting for that to come out on DVD. Anyway, I'm not a big fan (or fan at all), so it's not an urgent thing. In fact, if I wasn't reading blogs on BZP, I probably wouldn't even bother...

Better than paying extreme fees at the theatre have been the home DVDs I've watched recently. They are...
  • Pirates I and II… if I was going to watch the last in the trilogy, then I made sure to watch the first two. Pirates one is a great story that leaves little to be desired… in my opinion. The second one's okay… not up to the first one, but not a bad movie.
  • Indiana Jones (the three movies, in reverse order)… classic adventure movies. I decided to watch them again when I heard the announcement that Lego would make Indiana Jones sets… so I looked at the scenes and thought of how they'd be formed out of LEGO Bricks. But, after all… they're great movies. Maybe lacking all the cool special effects of today, but maybe that makes them all the better.
  • Lord of the Rings (extended version, all three movies)… I've forgotten how amazing those movies were. Animations great… some fabulous scenes of Middle Earth / New Zealand… and great action sequences. Although I've seen them quite a few times, they're still one of my favorite films, and surely work better as a trilogy than Pirates or Spiderman. And, since I don't have any other DVDs worth watching, I might rewatch the movies with the commentary on, which is almost as interesting as the movie itself.
So, thus, my excuses for not actually writing anything new lately. I'm working on Slizers, but I'm hitting this annoying writer block at one section. One of the chapters may turn out a little short if I can't find something interesting to add. I also have two other stories… both non-Bionicle related, that I could work on. For one, I have lots of plans but am hitting a similar writer's block, and the other I have lots of plans but I just haven't started it yet. And, in the end, I'm putting off writing more fiction to find something to post in my blog. Because, since I'm unable to take pictures of my MOCs, I'm no good at artwork, and I haven't written anything, blogs are the only thing that generate comments for me. So neh.

So I'm not sure which LotR commentaries I'll watch first… the Director's or the Actor's… those are the ones I find most interesting, as I would like to either direct or act in a movie like that.


Edit: After looking through my MS Word documents, I did indeed find something old that I've never posted here but wrote specifically for a BBC story collection. You can view it here.


Off Reading...

Posted by xccj , Jul 21 2007 · 38 views
News and Updates
Okay, it's the fad I'm joining. I'm going off to buy the last HP book today, and I'll be off line until I finish it. So, hopefully, I'll see you in two days ready to post all sorts of spoilers. colgate.gif

Or not... I have a few other blogs I want to write instead. See ya. cool.gif



You Thought I Was Just Joking...

Posted by xccj , Jul 19 2007 · 34 views
News and Updates

Neh, isn't the greatest picture, since my camera's flash no longer works, but you get the idea.

Onto other news, I've updated my blog a bit, by adding BBC entries and their votes to the sidebar list (note, the links don't work, since I've deleated most of my brickshelf before the site deleats itself.) Maybe if I find another image hosting site, I'll relink them all. I also added a few comedy and short stories I've written to my list. What I really need to do is update my Library topic... or better yet, just create a new Library topic from scratch, because all the codes in the old one are messed up big time.

Now off to play games... my summer is so productive.



Vezon And Fenrahk

Posted by xccj , Jul 17 2007 · 68 views
Yep, that’s the Titan that I’ve been hinting about. I got Vezon and Fenrahk the other day for only $8!

I bet you’re wondering how I managed to get that deal, and it’s true, I am leaving a bit out. Anyhow, my main chore this summer has been to drive my sister to her driver’s ed classes. The building happens to be located next to a Fred Meyers, so once a week I’ve dropped by to see if they’ve got the Mahri yet. (So far, no luck). However, for the past couple of weeks, they’ve had some clearance sets on sale… for 50% off! For example, Hewkii Inika is $4.99 and good old Vezon and his spider buddy are $14.99. Well, I wasn’t interested in dishing out 15 bucks, even for such a good deal… I wanted to save my money for a Mahri. Then, one day, I went there with my mom, and I was struck with an idea. She could go halfsies on it with me, so I wouldn’t waste a whole $15. So she agreed (since I got to 4s on my AP tests this year, she was willing to be nice). She paid $7, I gave her $8, and I got a Titan.

So now I have a Titan from every year. Tarakava and Nui-Jaga from 01, Boxer and Bahrag from 02, Pewku and Ussalnui from 03, Krehka and Kikanalo from 04, Keetongu from 05, and now Fenny from 06. I was expecting this to be the first year where I put off getting a Titan, but if I just wait a year, then I can get some pretty good sales. And now, onto a review.

First of all, there’s Vezon. What is he? A Piraka. It’s a good design, but overall, he’s just a Piraka. I really like the chest armor arrangement… a nifty usage of pieces there. The legs and arms… good, but since I’ve seen them all to often, they’re also basic. Although the coloring is good, and if I ever tear him apart, I can make some craft MOCs, I’m sure. The glowing eyes are great… my favorite eyes of all. Now only are they translucent enough, but they GLOW! They’re a heck of a lot better than those stupid Inika swords, and rock even the glow in the dark elements. Unfortunately, they’re hidden by the Ignition (The Mask of Life, however you spell it). I don’t like Vezon’s face compared to other Piraka’s. The hard plastic makes it all that much harder to fit on the skull, and the extended Ignition blocks the use of the glowing eyes. Luckily, one of the eyes from the Piraka (Hakann) died out, so I might switch them around. Vezon doesn’t need the glowing eyes (although they’d still reflect well enough so that he actually has eyes) whereas the original Piraka all need their glowing oyos. (Or is it Ojos? One is Spanish for eye, one for bear. Hmm)

The cape is also a bit annoying. I’ve never had a Bionicle cape before (or a Lego one, for that matter). The holes in the fabric do fit over the pieces of Vezon’s neck, but the entire cape just seems to get in the way. If I had a choice, I’d ditch Vezon’s cape for a rubbery spine any day. Lastly, you have his Staff of Fusion. Really, there’s no new pieces there that are remarkable, and the overall build isn’t very impressive. But it’s still a cool weapon in the hands of this Piraka, especially when he’s ridding above Fenrahk with all his toothy glory (more on that later). Plus, I’ve seen the last brown piece… the Inika leg armor piece on the staff is in Avak brown. I expected it to be red, but brown gives it a different tint.

Then there’s Fenrahk. (Or is it Fenrakh? Or something else entirely? I’m not checking my spelling with this review) A bit of a disappointment to me, really. This is the set that won some sort of award? I’d almost prefer Keetongu over him. Definitely the Bahrag. But he does have some good designs, so I’ll go into detail…

The body. A big, squarish chunk of plastic. Sure, it’s not one piece, but it’s too simplistic, and as it’s made with four Piraka chest armor pieces, it’s not far from a big chunk of plastic. This body is a far cry from the function-ability of the Rahi and Bahrag, and even that of Keetongu (who’s function involved his Rhotuka spinner popping out) and Krehka (who’s head and chest pieces could move from left to right… a bit). Fenrahk’s body is simply a way to connect all the limbs together… nothing more. He is must more similar to the Kikanalo, and I prefer the latter’s design a bit more. While I’d approve the body for getting the basic job done (holding the thing together) and would like it if it were a MOC somebody made, I just don’t think it meets up to the standards for a Lego Titan. It looks like 2006 moved away from set functions and set itself entirely into ball and socket movement. If so, Fenrahk’s body is proof that things are simplifying.

Continuing on the negative note, I’ll cover his hind legs. When I say they’re basic, that’s an understatement. True, a few nifty design features limit their movement, so that Fenny doesn’t have to worry about them collapsing. But the movement is too restricted to really make them of any use, especially when compared to the fore legs (I’ll get to those next). Really, the legs seem to be something added to make sure the whole think doesn’t topple backwards… and even then, they don’t do a good job. Whatever reason you’d like, they’re just not up to the standards I’m used to. (Although, the metal grey joint pieces could be useful in MOCing)

The fore legs, now, they’re something to behold. The design here restricts movement too, but not as much. Plus, they’re beefed up compared to the hind legs, and look pretty cool. There are more pieces in one fore leg than there are in both back legs. The claw piece (Bordakh staff) works better at stabilizing than the back legs do with the Takanuva staffs. Plus, the wrist movement that’s there in the front but lacking in the back is a plus. What I like most about the front legs are the special leg supporter staff that’s been fount in Titan legs in 06 and 07. I’ve been too cheap to actually buy a titan and get them, but now that I managed to grab Fenrahk, I finally got them. They work well in stabilizing, and I can’t wait to use them in a real humanoid titan. But those front legs totally rock, and makes Fenrahk look good in a front shot (as long as you can ignore those back legs)

And what else is left to mention? Oh, yeah, THE HEAD! IT IS AWESOME! (Calms down). No, seriously, they should just make a set of Fenrahk’s head and sell it, leaving out the rest of the annoying body and leg pieces. The bite function rocks. I’d say its even better than the Bahrag’s. Here, the ball and joint function works wonders… And the angles used to make the teeth work… now that’s an excellent design. A Bahrag’s bite can hurt a bit… but if Fenrahk clamps down on you, say goodbye limb. Seriously, the head makes the set all worth it. True, I might be more disappointed if I had paid a full $30, but since I got it at about a quarter or the original price, I can same I’m good with it.

Now, when it comes to playability, the set is lacking. Yeah, Vezon has the basic functions of all Piraka, although his staff gives him a longer reach than most. And Fenrahk’s mouth can bite anything… and that’s cool. (It’s fun to fit Vezon’s entire head in there). But, although Fenrahk has two good legs, he needs four to be able to stand up well. The back legs don’t do well to hold him up, and it can get precarious to balance him. If he wants to swing one of his fore legs, he’s going to do a belly flop. The two of them make up some great poses with lots of amazing pieces, but if you want to have a fight with Vezon on Fenrahk’s back, then don’t expect them to move much.

A few other things I’ve noticed. The chain is too short. Hewkii Inika’s is longer! And he only has it attached to his axe… Vezon’s suppose to be chained to some giant monster! You’d think the chain would be a bit longer. That, and the two of them together take up lot of space. At first, I thought this would be a real problem, as I’m currently putting my sets on a shelf to be displayed for when I go to college. But Fenrahk takes up so much room… the other humanoid titans can condense a bit, but not Fenny. He doesn’t have more pieces, but they’re just spread out. However, I’ve found the solution. Fenrahk’s body is suspended up in the air… so underneath him I can place some of the smaller sets like the Bohrok Va and Matoran. And that makes an interesting sight for sure.

So, in the end, this set was totally worth the eight dollars. It’s probably even worth the fifteen dollars. I’d probably be a bit disappointed if I got it at full price, but it’s a nice addition to my collection. And if I don’t like it, I can tear it apart and MOC with the pieces.

Except for Fenrahk’s head. I’m going to attach it to a chain, hang it on my bedroom door, and make people think twice before entering. That head is SO COOL!



Backing Up My Brickshelf

Posted by xccj , Jul 16 2007 · 53 views
News and Updates
Okay, yesterday evening was a real tearjerker for me. (No, I didn't cry, but it was depressing) BZPower was offline. Fine. Brickshelf went offline. Not good. Biosector01 was offline. No suprise there, the trick is to find it when it's online. Even Makaru's forum was offline, so I couldn't even check that out. Pretty much, my online community was dead until I IMed Kumata at 1 in the morning.

It's gotten better this morning, as BZP came back for a while, and Brickfest went back up too. Unfortunatly, the latter is up only temporarily, which means all my work there is going down in a month or two. Thus, I should back up the picture files onto my computer and begin looking for another image hosting website.

So, anyway, I've spent this afternoon using that nifty program availible here. And it's been a lengthy process. So, anyway, here are some statistics towards the whole thing.
  • Gallery: Xccj
  • Folders in Gallery: 49
  • Total Folders (Including Subfolders): 185
  • Total Files (Pictures): 1255
  • Total Size of Gallery (as would fit on a disc): 69.9 MB (Which will easily fit on my 700 MB CD-R.)
  • Time it took to rip all the picts off Brickshelf: Roughly 3 and a half hours
  • Times the program crashed and I had to restart it (and to do that, I also deleated all the files on my Brickshelf that had already been ripped off) : 4
  • Number of Days left that I'll actually have a Brickshelf: As of 7/16/07, 15 days, but who's counting?
  • Number of Folders I'll have to rip off my Maj page if that goes down too: 11

Well, now I have everything I've ever put on Brickshelf (minus one folder I accidentally deleated before ripping, but it wasn't anything special). Now my problem will be to find another site to host images on. It took me six months after joining BZP to get a Brickshelf account, which was everybody's suggestion for an image hosting site back then. Before that I tried using the BZP Premier Member image adding feature, but now that has limitations. (Funny thing, when they first added the limitations in one of the server updates, I exceeded them by twice the amount. Since then, I've cleared them out). As I'm reluctant to join Photoshop, I'll have to see what pops us. For now, all my little pictures for my blog will go in a small folder on Maj, but if that goes down, I'll have to forget about adding images into my posts on BZP.

Ahg, I hate this kind of change...



And Now For The Weather...

Posted by xccj , Jul 13 2007 · 37 views
News and Updates
I have a couple of cool blogs I want to write up, but I have no real inspiration to do so. Thus, I am posting a blog to talk about the weather.

But it's cool weather. And not in temperature. This week has been a real hot one. Up to 103 degrees F (I'm not even going to try to spell Farenheights...) Although, at one point, the thermometer recorded 107, but it was probably also picking up heat off the cement. I don't know the conversion to degrees F to Celcius... but it's been hot enough. I'm supposed to be digging holes in the backyard, but in this heat, I would probably roast. Since I'm also lazy, I decided not to roast, and by the time the temperature reaches ideal levels, the brightness in the sky is lacking (AKA, the sun goes down)

But what was really cool (and yes, it was a bit cooler, though it did happen at night) was the thunderstorms. I used to live in a place where we had t-storms all the time, and lightning was a common event. So I know the whole drill: run around like crazy and unplug the computer, TV, stereo, and all the cool electronic stuff that could be fried. And when outside, don't be the tallest thing around, and don't stand under the tallest thing around. And if you insist on sitting in the swimming pool holding up a long metal rod, then make sure to have a lottery ticket in your pocket.*

Of course, we hardly get t-storms out here in Washington state the Moon Titan (you know, where my location thing says I am), so I didn't go through the unplug phase at first. But I got outside and watched the lightning light up the sky. It was pretty cool to see the flashes and hear the thunder. Sure, I was at risk, because if you can hear the thunder, you can get struck by lightning, but I took the chance. It was a pretty amazing show, and it lasted all night. However, since we did eventually unplug the computer, I couldn't go on BZP and report on it. So here I am, a full 24 hours later, typing it up. But, hey, whatever keeps me from digging holes.

I'll be reviewing that titan I got soon. Need to play with it some more. I would take pictures... but the flash on my camera died. That's really annoying...


*Anybody get that joke? You're more likely to get struck by lightning than to win the lottery. Ha ha ha ha... hum.


Hey Everybody!

Posted by xccj , Jul 10 2007 · 34 views
News and Updates
I just got a cool new set. It's a Titan. And I got it for eight dollars.

Just something to pique your curiousity while I write up a full review (and play with it some more)

On the downside... still no Mahri.



Keeping Off Bzpower

Posted by xccj , Jul 09 2007 · 36 views
News and Updates
I come back for a week to find this site in tatters... or something like that. as much as I like BZPower, I think I'm going to take some time off of it to help ease the server load Bink must be dealing with. I'll check up on messages and update my story, but I'll keep it to that. Maybe I'll write something else while I'm offline (or maybe I'll play games)

Anyway, see you all later. And, if you're here and want to read something, I did update my story. smile.gif


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