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Forget That Other Game.

Posted by xccj , Feb 18 2007 · 28 views
News and Updates
What was it called, "Titan Quest"? I got Lego Star Wars II now!

Yeah, apparently my parents got it, but were holind out until my grades came out. Although I didn't do so swell (turns out a load of A-s aren't so good as an A... my GPA is still down. But on the other hand, I attaned a school of perfectionists who must maintain a 4.0 GPA). But, hey, and A is an A (even if it is a minus) so they rewarded me.

I heard Bionicle Heroes was fun, but had some drawbacks. I've heard Lego Star Wars was fun too, and it is. I do not regret not getting Heroes. I but the Bionicle sets, and I avoid Star Wars sets. So I'll get the game instead. The gameplay rocks. While it is not a walk in the park, it's not too difficult for me and offers plenty of playtime. I kept on shooting C-3PO's arms and legs off, but I like the way Chewbacca rips of enemy arms. I completed the first "chapter" (a quick runthrough of the first movie) and it was pretty fun. I still have to get used to the controls and all, but overall it's a very entertaining game. Addictive, too. I was planning on doing homework this weekend, but might have to rethink that.

And, best of all, it follows the "classic" Star Wars movies. Don't get me wrong, the latest three weren't bad, but the originals just have this other feeling to them. I'm not a big Star Wars fanatic, but I can enjoy the movie. So... yeah.

But, let it be known that I did not spend the whole day playing games. Only half the day. I spent my morning helping out on my buddies Eagle Project. His went alot quicker than mine... although he's now down to a month, so he had to finish it up fast or else.

So, until next time. You know, when I beat the game.



A Little Excitement

Posted by xccj , Feb 10 2007 · 25 views
News and Updates
Check out this topic, if you please.

I must say, this is the highlight of my BZP career. Now I just need to start writing again...

_icon_joy_.gif music.gif _icon_joy_.gif



Posted by xccj , Feb 08 2007 · 34 views
News and Updates
Haven't I used that Title before? Maybe it was something different but similiar...

Anyway, I seem to have that cold that's going around my school. I'll spare you on the details, but I'm not feelin' so swell. Still went to school today, and tried to keep the germs to myself. Went to play practice, only to learn that the actress I'm with most of the time was out sick too. So I had to sit around because we didn't block her parts today, and conciquently, my parts too. I got five minutes in at the end of the day... after waiting two hours. Seems like I came up short today.

Anyhow, if I'm not feeling well tomorrow, I'll probably see if I can stay home. This whole "show up to first period" thing really isn't so fun. I like sleeping in, and if I get it through a cold, so what.



Titan Quest

Posted by xccj , Feb 07 2007 · 43 views
News and Updates
Ever played it? Ever heard of it? Hmm, maybe we aren't getting anywhere here.

Anyway, it's this action game that's suppose to be alot like Diablo (never played Diablo, though, so I can't reallt tell). Anyway, you're an anchient warrior in Greece fighting off the Titan's and their monsters that're trying to take over the world. Or something along those lines. It's highly likely that I'm confusion my Greek tales up a bit.

Anyway, you kill monster using different bladed weapons, elemental staffs, and special skills. The skills I'm using are Nature and Earth (the latter which includes fire elements). I played the game once with Storm (which had ice elements) and Defence skills, but that player got deleated somehow when my internet went haywire. So, after losing about 20 hours or playtime, I started a new character and invested my experience points more wisely. I'm made good use out of the wolf companions... they distract the enemy while you shoot 'em down from afar. Slight problem with those canines is that they sometimes take credit for the kills, and I get no experience points. But they're very helpful in big battle situations.

Biggest beef with the game is that it keeps glitching out my computer. It has amazing graphics, but it seems to take all my computer's got to run 'em, so every now and then the computer just blinks off. The game is good at saving where I was, but I'm sure it's not good for the computer.

Anyway, that's the latest game I'm addicted to. So I've been playing that, rather than surf mindlessly on BZP waiting for Epics Contest #6 to be updated. (It's tomorrow, I know, and I can't wait).

Other news includes this: I lost my 1 hour late start at High School to take Health class. And the teacher tells us we should get more sleep. I have to wake up an hour and a half earlier now to make it to health (cause now I have to take my sister in too. Err). And I got casted at Demetrius (Demitrios, Demitri, that stubborn, rude guy from MidSummer's Night Dream who wants Hermia but not Hellena and then vise versa...) Yeah, he's a main role, but I wanted Puck, the mischevious fairy guy. I only got casted as Dimi. because we have a limited number of guys in drama, and he has to be a guy. So... yeah.

Anything else about my life you need to know about? You see, this afternoon, I was walking around and stepped in gum... (J/K. tongue.gif )



No Internet

Posted by xccj , Feb 03 2007 · 17 views

Ethernet card down. No internet access. Hope to be on soon, but can never tell. Bye.

Bah, it's fixed. Kinda. Instead of an ethernet card, we're using a USB. Or something. Our ethernet card burned out somehow, and it's not gona allow us to fix it easily. (By us, I mean my dad. I can use computers, but I'll probably damage them if I work on the interiors). So, our service is a little slower (gosh, how bad will it be during BZP's slow hour?) but I can still log on and answer replies. And read through this whole new Star Wars thing. Why'd it have to start when I was gone? Why?

So, I may be off a bit more (meaning not on constantly) but on the bright side, my name got added to the list for Epics Contest #6. So I'll be back to see the results.



If You Have Nothing To Say...

Posted by xccj , Jan 28 2007 · 42 views
... what should you write in your post? tongue.gif

I've encoutered that lately. I view topics that I want to reply to, but when it comes down to it, I have absolutly nothing to really say about the topic at hand. Therefore, I follow the traditional rule and just don't post. After doing this three or four times, I'm starting to feel inactive.

Now, I'm just waiting for the entry list to be updated for Epics Contest #6. Just to prove that I am a contestant. And that's all I have to look forward to.

That, and maybe posting useless blog entries like this one. tongue.gif But you read it, so shame on you. tongue.gif X 2.



Kulagi's Kanoka

Posted by xccj , Jan 27 2007 · 67 views
Epic Reports
In honor of Epic’s Contest #6, I’ll do a story report on one of my favorite epics, Kulagi’s Kanoka.

IPB Image

Bio: Based in pre-Toa-Metru Metru Nui, the city of legends is controlled by Turaga Dume and his Vahki, and plagued by the villainous Gang Matoran. Kanoka discs are a necessity for any Matoran in this city, and Matoran known as Kanoka Makers create their trade off this demand. A famous Kanoka Maker named Kulagi suddenly finds himself amidst a Gang Matoran scandal, and he must resist the criminals and the Turaga’s Vahki while helping his friends out along the way. Flying on a Hover-Bike and armed with many Kanoka discs, Kulagi is ready for the challenge.

Further reading will spoil the story.

Thoughts: When all is said an done, I think Kulagi’s Kanoka is my bets epic. It may not be as popular as Time Disruption, but it is (shorter) and better written, and uses my own characters (for the most part). This epic brings out the best of my writing, with fight scenes to chase scenes to the most romance I’ve ever put in an epic (and it wasn’t much, mind you). It’s a pretty action packed epic.

The highs and lows in this story consist of my character developments. The main character, Kulagi, became one of my best characters, and Makaru said, “Kulagi is now my favourite Matoran character over all the others you have created”. Kulagi had all the characteristics I would want myself; he was daring and reckless at times, but always plans ahead and tried to outthink his opponents. His a tad egotistic, but also incredibly loyal and helpful. He will not put the regular Matoran at risk (Gang Matoran are another matter). Through the epic, we get to see Kulagi’s character tested over and over again, until he learns something in the end. Like how not to underestimate others and to trust in Dume. (Yeah, trust in that guy. Fortunately, this is before he turned into Makuta).

The other minor characters also got some development. Huaju, the honest trader, turns out to be rather resourceful. (He got a very little part). Turaga Dume is mostly developed through his reputation and Vahki… but in the end he turns out to be like the Turaga Mata… wise and helpful. In the beginning, Kulagi somewhat exaggerates Dume’s personality to match that seen in 04, but the guys really not that bad. Since he has a whole city to run, he has to set up all the rules and such, which gets on Kulagi’s nerves (cause he breaks them). The main leader of the Gang Matoran, Gragu, gets all the major traits of a super villain; crafty, selfish, and a braggart. Oh, and evil. His character development is when he gets his just desserts. tongue.gif Then there’s the happy-go-lucky Matoran Triki, who everybody likes. From his wild reverences to human foods and Rahi to his Masks of Power that Matoran can use, he’s the goofball of the epic and adds most of the comic relief. This was the epic where I first introduced Triki, and I liked him so much that I carried him over to another epic (which got posted before this one, though). His character development was when we learned that he was crazy, but a useful kind of crazy, and not a useless, lock ‘im up kind of crazy.

The two characters that I had trouble dealing with were Sufina, the girl, and Vakama (you know him, right?). I had trouble with Sufina because she had to suddenly plop into Kulagi’s life, and then form a relationship with him. She’s portrayed as strong and weak multiple times in the epic, although they are somewhat justifiable. I felt her bonding with Kulagi was rather weak, and their “kiss” in the end rather sudden. Plus, the whole “girl in the Lava River” thing felt weak too, and I reinforced it with a couple explanatory paragraphs in another chapter, just to try and strengthen it. Vakama also suffered from weak plot-lines. There was no reason for Vakama to go with Kulagi in the first place (I always thought Kulagi’s argument seemed a little lacking), but he did. He complained the whole time, but Vakama never actually did anything to go against Kulagi. It could be his “inner need of adventures” but I think it was a weak storyline. (I should know, I created it). His sudden switch in character works in chapter 8, but his involvements beforehand are not very great. It’s like “You want to leave, you stupid Ta-Matoran. Kulagi’s not gonna know if you take a wrong turn and go see Dume during the Vahki chase. If you were really an accomplice of Dume, you wouldn’t worry, because the Vahki would probably ignore you anyhow”. Whatever the reason, Vakama went with Kulagi. Their friendship gets built up, even though their “rivals”, but I probably could’ve done it better.

Now, there were some good things about this story. For one thing, it involves Kanoka. A lot. I always loved the neat ways the Kanohi powers were used in the MNOLG, and the Kanoka offered 8 great powers (although only half were really good for a fight). The comics showed a few uses of Kanoka, but I wanted to expand upon that. There are unlimited ways to use freezing, teleporting, and reconstruct at random Kanoka, and I tried to throw in as many as I could into this epic. I used so many unique methods of Kanoka attacks that I’m running out of good ideas for the sequel. After writing this epic, I must say that my favorite collectables in Bionicle are now the Kanoka. The Kanohi are fine, but the Kanoka rock!

The big thing that got reviewers excited were the chase scenes. Giving the main character a Hover-Bike just called for numerous chase scenes with Kanoka attacks. I had Kulagi fly from Nuurahk, Rorzakh, Vorzakh, Gang Matoran, and Gragu Nuva. Kulagi got to fly through the lava fields, the archives, and Le-Metru chutes. It tested my skills at writing, but the high action chases were the sweetest parts of this epic. And with all the chase scenes and fight scenes were a ton of villains. I use all of the different types of Vahki at one point or another (not always against Kulagi), and I put in the vicious Gang Matoran as the deadly third party that Kulagi should really worry about. The greatest character can always be judges by his enemies, and Kulagi had a ton of them.

And what do I like the most about this epic. Mostly, it involved Matoran. I always like seeing the Matoran as the main heroes, who can learn to take care of themselves without outside help. Bionicle may always focus on the Toa because the Matoran are cheaper sets, but I can always expand on the Matoran’s ability. And in this epic, there are only a few minor references to Toa, but no Toa at all. The Matoran get to use the unique powers of the Kanoka to make things explode or whatever, and the only Kanohi mask is the one Triki made (and used). I thought that was a great idea myself… since a Matoran cannot handle a mask made out of Kanoka with a power level of seven, how about a power level of six point five? laugh.gif So, with some useful Kanoka and some Hover-Bikes, I was able to create a fast-paced action packed adventure epic without any elemental heroes. There is a Titan with odd powers resembling that of the Piraka (although I based Gragu Nuva off the Hordika, not Piraka) but who defeats him in the end? Kulagi.

So, this story doesn’t have Toa. It has minimal romance. It has some plot holes involving Vakama and Sufina. It has many spelling and grammar mistakes (I just did a quick check through the whole epic, but I’m sure I missed some stuff). And it doesn’t have any pie in it (although pie is referenced). Instead, it has high speed Hover-Bike chases, Kanoka duels, tons of character development, Triki (which is a reason in and of itself), tons of baddies, one rebellious but honorable protagonist. Plus, it takes a whole new look at life in Metru-Nui before the great disaster. I think it’s a good epic. Will the people judging for Epics Contest #6 think the same way? In my biased way, I hope so. tongue.gif

So, if you have read this whole, long review… you need more of a life. Now, reply, rest your eyes for a bit, and then go and enjoy the story, if you haven’t already. And anybody who reads it (including you judges) should also reply to it to say what you thought about it. I’m expecting it from you. tongue.gif (although the judges can wait until after the contest to post… don’t want to give away their identities.)

Or not.



Kulagi In The Limelight

Posted by xccj , Jan 22 2007 · 29 views

Yeah, that little Onu-Matoran is probably my coolest character. Not only that, but he's not a Toa hero, but a Matoran who gets everything done. I really need to write an interesting character analisis for him, just to show off how cool he really is. But I don't have time for that tonight.

No, I have a different announcement. Kulagi's two main stories are reentering my BZP life. First of all, I updated the sequel Kanoka Makers of Metru-Nui. I had two left-over chapters that I never got around to posting, so I'm doing it now. If anybody was ever interested in that story, check it out.

Secondly, the classic Kulagi's Kanoka (I consider it a classic, at least) has had a minor make-over. I edited for grammer and spelling for about half the chpaters, so that it's in ideal condition for the Epic's Contest (Number 6). I've heard some people say that it might be illegal to edit the story (haven't heard anything official, though). The way I look at it, I'm doing the editing before I enter the story, and I won't touch it once it comes under the judge's eyes.

I'm also thinking about writing a short analysis of that story here in me blog, to say what went well and what didn't. But as of now, I'm just givin' you a few updates. What I'm actually doing is writing this English thing for school. Turns out us Seniors still have homework. And I thought my last year in high school would be a breeze. tongue.gif




Posted by xccj , Jan 21 2007 · 22 views

As well as being one of my favorite emotions, it is also my real emotion right now. annoyed2.gif

Yeah, this last week, we got a bunch of days off from school due to snowdays. And since our school just doesn't prepare, we have to make all these days up in the summer. So, what, we missed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because of bad weather. (Monday too, but that was a holiday). For a one day week, it was bothersome. 'Cause on Friday we learned that our senior graduation (when I get to leave high school forever!!) got pushed back 7 days. Not three days that we need to make up, but five school days (and a weekend!)

This is problematic for plenty of people because they've made plans to leave right after graduation, and most won't be at school for their graduation. How annoying. I'm mad, not because I have anywhere to go (I don't, I'm a loser that way) but because we're gaining two extra school days in the year (because we only lost three). I don't see how this works.

And, while they're delaying the end of the schoolyear and (thankfully) semester finals, they're not delaying, say, the opening night for the musical I'm in or the three AP tests I'll be taking in May. By the time June comes around, I'll just be retaking finals that are similiar to the AP tests...

And thus my emotion right now is annoyed X 2. That, plus I have to write that five page essay. (I should consider myself lucky... the essay was due last Thursday, but now it's moved to this Tuesday.) Yeah, I'm probably acting like a spoiled brat, but that's what we are at my school, a bunch of rich spoiled brats. (I haven't wrecked a car yet though... so I'm not too bad).

On a side note, I have this interesting story I'm working on that I might post in COT. It's almost an Indiana Jones rip-off, but not exactly. That, and I'm editing Kulagi's Kanoka for spelling errors. There are plenty, and that doesn't account for all the bad grammer. Hopefully, I'll get it done in time to enter it into Epics Contest 6.

Have a good day to you all, and use your emotions wisely.

annoyed2.gif - angry.gif + cool.gif = music.gif


What I Think About Bbc Entry Pictures

Posted by xccj , Jan 17 2007 · 23 views

Here are a few things that bug me in BBC contests concerning Entry Pictures.

Size: I hate it when somebody takes a picture and leaves it at its maximum size. There are programs that allow you to crop and resize, people! I really dislike waiting ages for a pict to load, and then being unable to see the whole MOC because the sceen can't fit the whole picture.

Quality: I don't like fuzzy pictures. I take plenty of fuzzy pictures, but I deleat them. The magic with digital cameras is you can take bajillions of picts but only keep the ones that are of good quality. So people who post a dozen blurry picts should've not kept the first one they took, but keep on taking photos until they have a good one. If all these rich, camera savy kids have expensive digital cameras, they can easily do that. If they're not using digital cameras... well, then they must be paying alot of money to develope their picts on time.

Show the Whole MOC: Don't show the torso because the legs aren't any good. Or because the torso looks more menasing without the legs. I judge the MOC by the entry picture... if the entry isn't all in the picture, then how can I accuratly judge it?

Lable It: Maybe, I think lables look cool.

I dunno... I spend alot of time working on my entry pictures, trying to make them appealing to look at while showing the best aspects of the whole MOC. While I was checking through the competition for BBC 40, I just noticed alot of odd pictures that didn't nessesarily show off the MOC in the best light. While the art of creating a good entry picture does not get you through the polls (I should know...) I think it makes a difference for the people who only judge an MOC based off one pict.

But, hey, in the end, I'm not a qualified MOCist or Artist, so what right do I have to give advice to other people? Eh? sly.gif I'm a writer, so I'll continue writing humour things that end up ticking a bunch of people off... laugh.gif


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