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"inferno" Is Mine!

Posted by xccj , Nov 04 2006 · 15 views

I managed to convinve my parents to drop me off at a Barns & Nobles today, and I went in and bought me a copy of the latest Bionicle Legends book! Yay! I'm considering it a birthday present to myself... and I read it. It was pretty good in many places, but it still left an odd taste in my mouth after having read it. But, as I learned with Power Play and Legacy of Evil, reading it the first time through doesn't make it seem as descriptive and exciting as when you've reread it a couple of times. sly.gif

I won't reveal any spoilers, but you'd better go and get that book if you've liked any of the Legends books. Only problem now... I'll have to wait until Janurary for the next book to come out (maybe sooner, maybe later). Because this one doesn't end nicely like Time Trap... it leaves us a nice big cliffhanger.

And if that spoils it for ya... sorry. tongue.gif

Happy Birthday to me.



Changed My Mind...

Posted by xccj , Nov 03 2006 · 15 views
News and Updates
Okay, my original idea for the newest story contest was to retell parks of Duka's story (based of his short Epicfest story and his adventures in Time Disruption) using the song Come Sail Away by Styx. But when I started planning it out, it seemed rather slow and repetitive. While I may eventually write the whole thing out and post it anyway, I want something a little more appealing for my contest entry.

I was thinking of creating a fight between Nuparu Inika and a Piraka, while using Tom Petty's Learning to Fly song. So far, it sounds like it will be more action packed and faster paced than my other option. Plus, it will go nicely with the Nuparu story I donated to Caesar's Story Collection (which he should be posting sometime). So, anyway... that's my plan. Now I just have to see it into action.

Now I've just got to write it, and call dibbs on the song.



Finished With My Eagle Project

Posted by xccj , Nov 02 2006 · 40 views
News and Updates
Yep. All that stuff about installing benches and all that I griped about last month is over. I've completed my Eagle project, finished all my merit badges, and got almost everything signed off. Now I just need to pass my Eagle Board in a few weeks, and I'll be of a new rank. smile.gif

Not that I'll get it, because the Board is suppose to be very tough on you. But I have hopes. And now a little bit more freetime to focus on... homework! UHG.



Short Story Contest Arrives...

Posted by xccj , Nov 02 2006 · 25 views
News and Updates
I've never been the greatest SS writer, but I'm going to enter this contest no matter what. Well, I'll try and put quality work in, but you get the point.

It's a song-fict contest. See the official topic for all the details and rules. I have this great idea for a song and I even think I know which character I'll use. Coincidently, I also used him in my Epicfest entry. Anybody remember Duka?

And, no, this has nothing to do with the other Time Disruption project I'm working on. That's currently on chapter 4 or something...

*remembers that he has two other incomplete stories he should complete too* Awe well.




Posted by xccj , Oct 25 2006 · 30 views
News and Updates
Did you knwo that some plastic covering sheets used for the walls of our Haunted House give of a noxic gas when they burn and whither away? The fire marshals did, so we had to tear down all the plastic walls (and that was all the walls) and replace them with wooden walls. And that means, instead of stapling thin plastic, we have to nail in heavy wooden sheets over and over again... and again, and again. So that pushed our opening night back a few days...

Not that I'm complaining. If the fire marshals think it's a hazard, then it is. Now if the place catches fire, the people can get out and won't be hammered by deadly gases. On the bad side, if the place goes up, then it will GO UP! Wood burns... but you arne't going to start a fire in our haunted house with a lighter like you could with the plastic...

In any case, after a half day of school and seven hours of lifting wood sheets, I'm very tired. Now I just have to finish my homework before Lost comes on...




Posted by xccj , Oct 24 2006 · 14 views

While helping paint the Haunted House, I've realized how useful paint thinner is. When you get sticky white paint all over your hands, it doesn't come off using a little soap and water... but some solvents work better. Yet the paint jobs looks pretty good... nice and scary.

Oh, and I'm writing a scary story for Spanish, and just because I can, I think I'll add Tahu into it.



Haunt Your House...

Posted by xccj , Oct 20 2006 · 23 views
News and Updates
Well, I was going to go on a scout trip this weekend, but I have a ton of homework to get through. I would do it after school, but my drama class gets to be apart of the schools Haunted House, so we'll be doing that in the evenings next week. The planning we've done has been really cool so far, and I can't wait to get in it. It's suppose to be one of the bigger haunted houses in our state... it fills up the school's entire Multi-Purpose Room. (Much to the displeasure of my drama class... we've had to work in a small corner for the majority of the week while it was under construction).

Also, I finnaly got the physical work for my Eagle Project completed. Now comes the most difficult portion... the paperwork! I'm down to about two weeks before my birthday, so I'm pushing it kinda close, but I think I'll make it.



Keep Your Eyes On The Road.

Posted by xccj , Oct 18 2006 · 23 views
News and Updates
What did I learn today in Comparitive World Govenrment Class? Not too much about Nigeria (which we're currently studying). No, I leanred that some people like to drive down the road with their eyes closed.

It's apparently the new "in" thing. "Everybody does it". Just find a section of road you know well, close your eyes, and navigate like you normally do. Half the people at my table say they have done it. I told them they were crazy.

Thus I think I may need to find a new table to sit at tomorrow. But on the other hand, I now have a more accurate understanding of why so many people die in car accidents in the United States. Us Americans must be crazy drivers!

Drive safely... and KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!


PS: If I posted this on that other popular blog thingy, those people would probably read this and reconize me. But as I'm sure none of them are on BZPower... cool.gif


Cloudy Skies...

Posted by xccj , Oct 16 2006 · 43 views
News and Updates

One last thing to complete for my Eagle Project...paint a Kiosk. But as it is now October in the Pacific Northwest, it's guaranteed that it'll rain every day till sometime in May (give or take a few sunny Mondays when we have to go to school/work). So I may have to delay that paint job and/or take it off the schedual completely.

Yeah, the rains in the Northwest can get depressing (especially in February) but it's what keeps our landscape green and our rivers flowing. We are so not in a drought this year (as far as I can tell). So, anyway, let it rain away... _icon_joy_.gif




Posted by xccj , Oct 15 2006 · 20 views
News and Updates
How fun is it to wake up early in the morning, shove yourself in a classroom and take a brutal exam for four hours straight. Not only that... you pay for it too! Yep, the great fun of taking the SAT tests... apparently you need 'em for college or something.

Can't say anything about the actual test... secrecy and stuff. If you think they go overboard with the SAT, they go crazy with secrecy on all the Advanced Placement Tests in May... bigeek.gif This was my second time taking it, and it wasn't so bad. First off, I already knew what to expect (kinda) and secondly, I did well on my first test, so if I blow this one it won't be the end of the world. Just apart of the last week of the world for me. tongue.gif

Anyway, the questions and writing didn't get to me... it's waking up at six to do something. I don't care if the world starts at seven in the morning... I like sleeping in! At least, wehn I got back from the test, I took a five hour long nap.

And thus my sleep scedual went KABLOEY! and I won't want to wake up earlier than 10 for the rest of the... week. Or year.

wakeup2.gif Question, how do people read this stuff in blogs? laugh.gif


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