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The Iliad And Other Literary Works...

Posted by xccj , Jul 09 2006 · 317 views
News and Updates
Yay, back from a week long vacation away from all computer devices! Well, I still got to read and listen to the radio, so it wasn't so bad. I got a start on Homer's The Iliad for my Summer Reading, and I must say, it's a rather violent book. The first hundred pages mainly consist of people fighting and details on how they die, along with some gods and goddesses intervening and the such. So I guess it's not that bad as ancient writings go...

And while listening to the radio, I heard a Beetles Song "Paperback Writer". If a rock band sings about it, then it must be a good occupation. sly.gif

Anyway, speaking of writing, I have about a third of an epic completed on my computer, a sequel to Kulagi's Kanoka. I might want to write a few more chapters, but I plan on posting a bunch of it soon (on a daily basis). I just need to get some pictures created for the titles and all... the ones I have done so far look okay, but they're not my best. glare.gif Anyway, if you're one of those people who actually reads my stories, be on the lookout. tongue.gif

And now I'll go moan about the low scores that just got mailed in from my SAT & AP Tests. So much anxiety and stress for so little...



Talking To Myself...

Posted by xccj , Jun 26 2006 · 376 views
The other day I was reading Pearls Before Swine and there was a section where Rat was saying that it would be better to pile your writing under a box than in a blog, because it would still get the same amount of views but without the cost of internet service.

I can relate, but I don't really mind. I like talking (or writing) to, essentially, myself. I have my own computer where there's no internet access, and nobody goes on it but me. I started off by writing some personal diaries, which I didn't want anybody to read anyway. Then I went and started writing a whole series of epics there. It's pretty amazing... I probably have over 1000 pages of MS Word documents typed up (with 1 inch margins and size 15 font, single spaced). I'm sure no one is ever going to read any of the stuff besides me, but I like it. It gives me plenty of time to practice my writing, and learn new ways to tell a story and new words to use. And it might even come in handy if I decide to write a story for my Senor Project in High School.

Anyway, besides some ranting to myself, I'll announce that I have the sequel to Kulagi's Kanoka started (six chapters currently written) and I plan to read Gali Gee's and IQKid42's stories over the summer (and maybe DK's, BKoD's, and Kumata's if those start up again). And I will give an attempt at that S&T contest. Really, all it is is a story contest... there should be a few links to it from the Short Story Forum. sly.gif



@ The Pir Today...

Posted by xccj , Jun 18 2006 · 314 views
News and Updates
Went to the Portland International Raceway today. Got to see the Champ Car races, and those cars were pretty loud! Got to get in for free as a scout... although I had to spend the whole morning filling balloons with helium. At the start of the Nationally Televised Race, I helped launch them all into the air. It looked cool... and the balloons are apparently biodegradable. And the race aired on TV... although I don't know if they saw any of the balloons. They were doing a bunch of other stuff as well.

Like any of you really care... tongue.gif




Posted by xccj , Jun 09 2006 · 417 views
First of all, I’d like to complain about the word “Resume”. It sounds like “re- soom”. But it’s really “res- eh- mey”. Or something like that. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like it’s spelled. That wouldn’t bother me so much except that whenever I mis-say it, somebody has to scold me! ARRGG!

Anyway, I’m at the point where I’m just starting on my resume. Turns out I have a pretty boring life, and one of my main accomplishments is becoming an OBZPC here on BZP. I’m pretty sure that’s not something that an employer would be interested in, but whatever.

So my question to you (yes, you, the person who’s reading this! If you’ve gotten this far, then you can’t deny that I’m addressing you!!) is, would you put anything special you did on BZP on your resume? Like if you won a contest, if you were a staff member, or something along those lines. If I were a staffie, I’d probably throw it on, but I don’t think OBZPC qualifies as too much… Anyway, if I put down too much, all it would say to my would-be employer is that “I spent all my time on BZP, so if you want me to get any work done on a computer with internet access, either get a good firewall or think again”.

And thus I end this blog entry as well.



My Location

Posted by xccj , May 30 2006 · 340 views

You may want to believe I am from the Pacific Northwest, but that would be false, I say. For I am not there. I am not on earth. I am elsewhere.

I used to be there. But I decided to leave a while back, 'cause I felt like it. Anyway, I heard that the Cassini Satellite was going to shoot past the Earth on its way to Saturn. So I went into space, and hitched a ride on it. Fortunately, the Vogons didn't blow up the earth, so I could continue to connect to BZP. Anyway, I was stationed on the Cassini until Janurary 05, when we finally reached Saturn. The rings were really cool, but I was tired of living on the satellite. So I jumped on the Huygens probe, and fell down onto Titan, Saturn's largest moon that has an atmosphere. Scientists couldn't see through the atmosphere, so it was really surprising when I came down. There's methane oceans everywhere, and beach-front property is a steal!

So I am now camped out on the Moon Titan, next to the wreckage of the Huygens probe, orbiting Saturn, and a very long ways away from Earth. But I still come on BZP, and get Bionicle sets express mailed to my location.

Or so I would like it to be. Anyway, that's going to be my exact location from now on (as it has been). sly.gif



A Discussion About The Piraka...

Posted by xccj , May 28 2006 · 439 views
I think I'll fill up an entry all about my feelings on the Piraka...

They were some of the oddest Bionicle characters yet, in my opinion (in case you need a warning, all of the following is my opinion). They have odd light up eyes, glow in the dark teeth, and spines. I really didn't need any of that... but I'm a sucker and I was determined to buy some anyway. I bought based off the weapons, and I only planned to get two or three. After I got Thok, Reidak, and Zaktan, there was a sale (buy 2, get 1 free) that I couldn't pass up, so I grabbed the rest of the Piraka I needed. There were some things I liked about them, and things I didn't. Since nobody's reading this anyway, I'll humor myself by reviewing them all...

Thok: He's probably my favorite one. I got him for the weapon. Excellent ice peg. The gun part is awesome, and while the pick section is a bit odd, it was still nice. It makes a nice, thick, sturdy weapon. Plus, it fits incredibly well in Thok's arm. Then Thok's face is rather good. Not too big, but still large enough to cover up the white head. He looks almost like he has a beard... ohmy.gif The white colouring is a new shade that I don't mind, and the aqua blue (although I was expecting teal like on Kongu) goes well with him. I got him first, and I still like him the best.

Reidak: Note 1: the clawed feet. They don't seem as stable as Thok's large feet, but they look really cool. evilgrin.gif Reidak's head is larger than most, and I was disappointed that he really has no "third eye". Oh well, but it makes him feel more like a brute. I thought his saw thing was way too long, and his drill bit seems a little short. It makes a nice weapon, but the proportions are off. His spines were also slightly odd... didn't quite bend right for me, but neither did Thoks. Not my favorite, but he's good.

Zaktan: The secondary colour for the leader is sand green, and while I don't love it, its not too bad. Don't see where I'll use it in a MOC, but whatever... His spines are wacky, his face is kinda long, but they're okay. His weapon is like Reidak's... the blades are too long and the hook is too short, plus it doesn't fit well with the arm (when the blades are out, atleast). Plus, the blades are too thin and flimsy. Can't see them taking a solid blow... Anyway, he’s okay for the Piraka leader.

Hakan: Major disappointment on my part. I wanted him for his cool lava launcher. The weapon looks cool, and works well with the arm, but it is way too small. Not nearly as big and thick as Thok’s, and a major disappointment. The head, likewise, is too small for my liking. Not really big and thick, but just long up and down. Plus, no new colours. Also, his eyes didn't light up very well. Since he's the cool red hero, I'm sure all the little kids used his "light up" features and wasted the batteries before I even got him. rolleyes.gif He was one of the Piraka I originally wanted to get, but he was a disappointment to me.

Avak: I was not planning on getting him. I heard once that the Lego Team has been debating releasing brown figures (not sure how accurate that is) and I was thinking I should just buy the brown Piraka to show I support the Po-People. And Avak does have his upsides. His head is pretty nifty, although it doesn't exactly fit on the skull. And when his eyes light up in the dark, he looks really cool. The colours are okay... a new shade of tan plus a chocolate-like brown (that I approve of more than the Metru-brown). But his weapon... lousy in the story and lousy as a set. The thing not only looks bad, but it doesn't fit with his arm at all! I think Lego mis-designed the weapon... if the stud had gone in one other place, then the weapon would've fit nicely on Avak's arm. But the stud is somewhere else, and... ehg. On the bright side, Avak's spines were the easiest to mold around on his back. Yay for that.

Vezok: I really didn't want to get Vezok, and technically, I didn't pay for him either. But I got him in the sale, so he's mine. glare.gif The colours are nice... can never have enough dark blue, and the sand blue is a nice addition. The spines and head are okay, but could be better. The weapon looks interesting, but again, I believe it is too small for this animal-like Piraka. Reidak had his huge saw, so why shouldn't Vezok get a large harpoon? It works well by fitting in his arm, but it's still just short!

Anyway, most of the Piraka have their faults. Out of all of them, I liked Thok for his good weapon, head, and general colouring. And that concludes my Piraka review. I now have nothing better to do to waste my time. So you can go on your way no. Thanks for reading. (will not say "sucker" in case you want to read further. tongue.gif )



First Entry

Posted by xccj , May 27 2006 · 464 views
News and Updates
Yay For Me.

Egads, I'd never thought I'd ever write a blog. I've looked down upon this kind of activity on pretty much every other website. It's not a bad thing, I just don't find any interest in it. But if BZP has taken it on, then it must be good, right?

Anyway, here's a blog. What do I write? A history about myself? Maybe? I guess I can just comment on stories and artwork I'm working on or whatever.

Or how about a history. I was a kid. Male (incase you still didn't know). tongue.gif As a kid, I was into lots of stuff. I got really excited by Power Rangers (the first season) and created my own team, known as "Jason and Fun". Now that I'm older, it sounds really stupid for a crime fighting super hero team, so I make it JAF (aka, title of this bloggy thingy). I got into Lego Bricks with the Aquanauts, stayed in with it through the Alians, Xtreme Team, Johnny Thunder and the Dinos, Insectoids, Rock Raiders, and Soccer. I eventually got into Throwbots, and I enjoyed the new characters alot. From them, I got hooked on Bionicle in the first year.

When I first saw the advertisements for the Toa, I was excited, but didn't think I'd get hooked. But I ended up getting Gali, followed by Pohatu & Tahu, then Onua, and got Lewa as a present, and finally managed to track down Kopaka after checking out many stores. I started the MNOLG when it was about half way through, but never finished it until sometime in 02. I enjoyed the comics, and by the time the Bohrok were coming out, I was hooked.

I got onto BZP in January 03, became an OBZPC a year later, and I've stayed on. I've written more stories than you can shake a stick at, posted a few drawings that you don't want to see, and added a bunch of MOC topics to the BBC forum, including entering 20 contests (although never really accumulating any votes). For a list of most of my accomplishments, check on this topic.

I live in the US (in the Great Northwest, to be a tad bit more specific). I'm in High School, I take AP classes, I'm a Boy Scout, and I have proven myself to be completely insane on more than a few occasions. If you are reading this blog completely, it shows that you must indeed have to much time on your hands. Maybe instead you should read my epics. *hint-hint*

Eh, or not, but thanks for readin'. This concludes my first blogish thing. Now to exit with my favorite smiley.


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