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Posted by xccj , in News Nov 30 2015 · 244 views

Yay, Internet at new place after going without for a month. I AM CONNECTED!

I mean, I was always lurking either on my work computer or my phone...

But yeah, I have all sorts of things to update. Finished NaNo this year despite a late start. Went to BrickUniverse Dallas and took pictures. Got super stressed at work and it's only getting worse... yeah.

But what about all the projects that were left in limbo that you were supposed to be working on?

Forget about that now, I have a bunch of shows to binge watch that I missed last month!



Brick Universe Dallas

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Nov 19 2015 · 210 views

So last weekend I attended Brick Universe in Dallas, Texas. This is actually the first non-local convention I've been to since BrickFair 2011, so it was fun to see how many MOCs I could cram into a suitcase. I got a fair amount there; I think my stuff took up about 3 tables. (Stuff was grouped together by builders rather than themes, but most of my stuff was Bionicle anyway so no big deal.) I do think I was the one who traveled the furthest to get there; Oregon is just a bit further away than Virginia or Florida.

I got to hang out with a lot of great folks, like Toaraga, danny316p, Emzee (Furiosa's Sidekick), InnerRayg, Zox Tomana, and some more who's names I'm forgetting. And then of course there was Matt from Beyond the Brick and this fellow Andrew from Bee-Zed-Power, who were always busy giving talks to the public or leading discussions and stuff. :P (And on the side, I got to hang out with one of my other friends who lives in the Dallas area after the convention.) Lots of great time spent.

The MOCs were quite amazing for a first year show, and the local people sure know how to build. And they also got a lot of public attendees. (It wasn't quite as crowded as BrickCon, but maybe that's because it wasn't packed as tightly either.) One of the more interesting bits was that there were a bunch of tables of loose brick for the public to build stuff, including white bricks for Architecture, loose red and blue bricks, Friends bricks, Star Wars bricks, and even a bunch of Bionicle elements. And the public built some fairly cool things, especially in Architecture. I was impressed anyway.

It was a fun event overall, and I thought it went over well for a first run in the Dallas area. I mean, their website was a little wonky, and they perhaps had a few more sessions than there was an audience for. (Except Danny went to all of them.) Still went out to eat at a few new places (to me) which seemed to include a lot of tacos. Oh, and on Sunday I threw my green spaceship, I'll be interested to see when those videos start popping online. ;) Overall, a fun weekend.

(I guess I could also mention that I started a NaNoWriMo story on the plane rides, both ways. Already two thirds through the month but only one fifth of the way there... I'll have some catching up to do, I guess.)

Pictures (and maybe a link to someone else's video) to come!



In Dallas

Posted by xccj , in Stories, News Nov 13 2015 · 233 views

Back in Dallas. Packed in 45 pounds of Lego in my suitcase, pretty sure some of it will be salvageable when I go to set it up tomorrow. Been interesting to be back, I guess. The 635 freeway was a total mess of construction the last time I was here, but now there's a fabulous expressway there. (Although Dallas traffic is as bad as Portlands, at least they do have a lot of infrastructure... Portland's roads are not expanding and only becoming more crowded.)

Anyway, I started that Hero Factory / Human world crossover story on my flight out. Going to enter it into NaNoWriMo now. I'll see how I do, since I'm clearly busy this month and only have vague ideas on the lot for it, but it'll give me something to do.

See y'all at Brick Universe Dallas tomorrow! (I mean, for those of you who are going.)



Hero Factory Story Idea

Posted by xccj , in Stories, Thoughts Nov 10 2015 · 245 views

Okay, I’ll lead up with this idea is not entirely original, but somehow I got it out of the end of a dream I had this morning and although the rest of the dream was kinda something else entirely, I remember this specific idea and thought it might be cool to expand on and now I’m working out the story in my head and all that stuff...


The basic premise: The main Hero characters are somehow defeated and only their cores remain. Throw in some cross-dimensional rifts and stuff. They end up on earth. A human picks up the hero core. Hero is summoned. Run around world finding other Heroes. Yay!

The premise is kind of campy. Like, I can name at least three Anime I’ve seen that do this; something is trapped inside some small, carry-able object and can be released to do battle. (And to my credit, Pokemon is like the third one I thought of.) But none of those Anime have been particularly intriguing to me, so I can’t help but think this plot point might be a little too market-y, gotta-collect-them-all type of a thing. But I have some ideas that would let me explore the Heroes as characters (something the tv show only did moderately well in the first season) and also play around with maybe a few human characters I haven’t really tried before. (One problem is, some of those ideas I want to try may be a bit to “adult” for BZPower.)

I dunno, I might try it out and post it here, just to do something differently. I haven’t posted a whole lot of “real world” stories on BZP before, mostly Bionicle. This would be a “Hero Factory characters in the real world” but still counts.




Posted by xccj , in News Nov 02 2015 · 331 views

I've moved again.

So that means no Internet.*

For a month.

Don't expect much from me.


*Well except on my phone or at work, but I tend to just browse during those times instead of posting content.


I Have Two Places!

Posted by xccj , in News Oct 20 2015 · 251 views

Okay, I'm renting, but I currently can claim residence in two different locations! That means I'm wealthy, right? Only rich people can own two places at once! :happydance:

... for the next 11 days, anyway.

I'm in the process of moving again, but this time my rents are overlapping by a few days. On one hand, that just means more money leaking away, but this will mean I can gradually move, instead of doing it all in one mad rush. So multiple mad rushes. Yay.

But then I enter the period of being new to a place, which is where I don't have internet. Once I move out of my old place, I won't get connected at my new place until December, so basically an entire month off the grid!! (Well, I will have web access at work, plus mobile access on my phone, but still, that's not going to allow for much streaming of Youtube vids.)

So that's why I'll be EVEN LESS ACTIVE! Hah, like you even noticed I was inactive. But I'll be showing up at Brick Universe, Dallas, where I have a cool mosaic in the works with danny316p. And I have a mask for that contest, although I have a feeling it won't do so well compared to the competition, but hey at least I'll enter this time. And maybe I'll update my story again... the one that I said I wouldn't go months without an update... which I last updated months ago... blarg.

I should probably start packing...



Giveaway Ended

Posted by xccj , in News Sep 29 2015 · 241 views

Since few people read or watch my reviews, this might be a surprise, but I was doing a giveaway of some of the collectible series 14 monster minifigures in my last review. You just had to leave a comment on the youtube vid. Well only 18 comments, and I'm planning to give out 7 figs, so that's good chances... if people respond to me. :sly:

Even when I do get the responses, it might be a while before I ship them out, because I'm in the process of moving again this month. (My rent went up 18%, whereas my income... well it was more like 0.5%. Suffice to say, I cannot afford my current location.) That means cleaning and packing and, worst of all, SORTING my collection that is currently spread across my living room floor. :glare:

But first, BrickCon this weekend. Hope to see a bunch of ya there.



Posted by xccj , in MOCs Sep 23 2015 · 375 views
SHIP it up, you know you should. So SHIP it!

This is my third year "competing" in SHIPtember, where you build a SHIP (Seriously Huge Investment in Parts Spaceship) which has to be over 100 studs long. So I made not one, not two, but THREE of them. (Sure, they barely reach the limit, are generally narrow, and won't win any competition... but hey they're complete, as far as I'm concerned, so that's a plus.)

Posted Image

The Jade Spear: Basically an attempt to build a ship around the Ninjago spinner. It's pretty much entirely green, thanks to me buying a bunch of pieces from pic-a-brick. I made nice use of a brick separator tho.

Posted Image

The Lavender-Freighter: I wanted to build a SHIP in medium lavender, but didn't really have the parts. So I stocked up on the color this summer and finally got to work on this... and still had to make a few last minute orders to get it ready. It's heavy and fragile too. But hopefully it'll stand out.

Posted Image
Bulk's Silver Blade Ship: Every time I've done this contest, I thought it would be neat to make a purely Bionicle SHIP, especially since I have so many long, silver pieces. So this year I finally went through with this. (I mean, it turns out that while I have a LOT of silver weapons, I only have a few in bulk, most are just two-offs.) The final form is still a bit messy, but I streamlined it a bit compared to earlier. This thing is also fairly sturdy, made up of Bionicle and technic bits primarily. So obviously my first thought is that this thing could survive a throw, which I plan to do at least once at BrickCon. (Most SHIP builders seem to cringe at even moving their ships for fear of wrecking them. Ima gonna throw this one to show that Bionicle builds can be DURABLE! Unless it really snaps when it hits the ground, then I'll be all sadface.)

Anyway, that's it for MOCs. I might make a few more small ones, but now I need to sort my collection back into the various bins, because it's looking like I'll be moving next month... again. Cursed rent increases. :glare:




Rose City Comic Con

Posted by xccj , in News Sep 20 2015 · 254 views

So I went to my first Comic Con yesterday. I found it to be a combination of something I disliked greatly (crowds) and something I’m only mildly interested in (comics.) I would probably not go again on my own, as it was expensive and I would rather attend a Lego convention, but it would be fun to go with a friend or something. (I was planning to attend with some people, but they all dropped out for various reasons and I ended up going alone.) It was an okay event, but not quite worth the money and time I put into it, IMO. (Okay, mainly it’s just the crowds. I do NOT like crowds and it was jammed the entire time. I arrived half an hour before one of the panels and then stood in line for 50 minutes... suffice to say I missed the first bit of the panel.)

I guess a big draw is celebrity appearances. There were a few people whose autographs I would’ve been interested in, but $30+ for each? Yeah, I don’t adore celebrities that much, sorry. Still, the highlight of the show for me was the two panels I was able to attend. The first one was Silas Weir Mitchell and Reggie Lee answering questions about Grimm, which was great because half the panel was them discussing what they liked about filming in Portland. The next was Elizabeth Henstridge and Brett Dalton talking about Agents of SHIELD. I’m only moderately impressed with the show now, but they were very entertaining. (And at one point a young girl dressed like Thor asked a question, and they brought her up to the stage to take a picture with them... and her question was one of the more interesting ones too.) It was fun, but also the kind of thing I could’ve enjoyed just as much watching on Youtube as in person. (And they filmed the whole thing, so I expect it would pop up on Youtube soon anyway.)

There was some excellent artwork on display, from various artists and stuff. But see, I didn’t know any of them, so there was none of that “meet the creator of your favorite comic” stuff for me. Pretty much if felt like wandering through an art forum that was very specific to super heroes. Lots of great stuff, lots of amazing artwork, but OMG the crowds. I’ve seen crowds at Lego conventions, but this was like a constant wall to wall group of people. It never let up, and it made it difficult to pass by all the booths. I know it’s totally introverted, but I would’ve rather browsed the artwork online. Still, I splurged a bit and bought a couple of posters, or prints or whatever they’re called, both to support the local artists and because I need more variety in my poster collection in my apartment. I got two Legend of Korra prints (one is Korrasami), a Star Wars print, and a Sword Art Online print. (Went over my budget on that, but hey glad some artists accepted credit card and not just cash.)

Oh, and I guess there was cosplay. Like, a LOT of costumes. I guess if you like dressing up, that alone would be reason enough to attend. There were some really great ones too. But I’m just not into that, mostly because I’m visually unappealing to look at anyway. Also, in case I forgot to mention it, crowds. (As fun as it would be to go to New York or San Diego for ones where Lego has an official presence, I could totally not handle that level of crowds for that long a time.) Oh, there was a neat display by PortLug, basically a highlights of BricksCascade display, but it was nothing compared to what they can put up when they have their own full convention. :P



Color Names

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Sep 13 2015 · 449 views

You see, it's not Teal or Dark Turquoise, or even Bright Bluish Green.


Any argument to the contrary is wrong.

(I will also accept Kongu Blue.)


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