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Just So You Know

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Dec 02 2014 · 162 views

I'm really bummed I didn't get to review one of the new Toa. :(

But thanks a lot to the BZP Staff who provided them. Was fun to read!



Potential Bionicle Convention Collaborative Project?

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions Nov 28 2014 · 128 views

Well, I am now dedicated to going full time to Bricks Cascade since I'll be a theme coordinator (for steampunk.) So perhaps now it's time to start thinking about a collaborative project.

One idea is another Bionicle mosaic. I have a stand that can fit 4x4 baseplates, so 128x128 as studs. I'm thinking it would be easy to translate some scene from the new animations into a mosaic. Another idea is maybe a sculpture of the new island, now that we've gotten some better images.

Although it would be easier for people to attend the convention to bring stuff in, Bricks Cascade would be part of BZPower's 2015 MOC run, so it would be easy for people to send a portion in. It's always fun to do multiple person projects, cause they get very big and stand out over lots of other things. But it takes planning and coordination and when nobody else is interested it might not be worth it. So here, gaging the interest, would anybody want to be part of this?



What Modular Building Should I Get?

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Nov 17 2014 · 174 views

The new Detective's Office model that's been seen around lately looks rather nice, and now I'm tempted to maybe get one. And if I do, perhaps I should also look like some of the older ones, so I can get a few of them before they disappear from production. This idea is terrible financially, since these things aren't exactly cheap. But it seems like a good idea when I'm putting up displays around my apartment and going "Gee, I don't have that many structures to put my minifigs next to." And of those two issues, clearly the one that requires me to purchase more Lego is the more important one.

There are only three other modular buildings currently availible thru Lego: the Palace Cinema, the Parisian Restaraunt, and the Pet Shop. None of them really jump out to me over the others. The Pet Shop has some nice colors (sand blue) while the Parisian Restaurant has some more intricate designs. And the Cinema looks nice too, even if there's quite a lot of tan. So none of them are bad, but none of them really stand out, so if I theoretically were to get one (just one), which should I get and why?




BZ-Koro Story: Chapter 1

Posted by xccj , in Stories Nov 17 2014 · 114 views

I finally got the first chapter up!

I make no promises in how fast I'll update this, cause I'll be writing it on the fly, but so long as there's interest, I'll make every attempt to keep it moving forward. Maybe it'll be enough to get me back to writing regularly again. That's the first "story" chapter I've written in about a year.

You guys did give me quite a cast of characters to work with. Quite a lot of "loners" for this group adventure, and half of ya are experts at Bionicle mythology in general. :P I'm making some tweaks here and there to make for a more well-rounded group, but if you have any issues, let me know!

Now go and read it! And just because there seem to be a lot of random name thrown around at first, I'll be organizing the characters soon enough. I'll say I hope to have the next chapter up in a few days... so maybe expect it a week later than that? I dunno, I'm bad with fansite deadlines now that I have a real job. :rolleyes:



Wanna Be in a BZP Story?

Posted by xccj , in Stories Nov 09 2014 · 585 views

EDIT: I've started on this, so any new entries will not be major characters.

I have an idea for a new story to celebrate the return of Bionicle. Specifically, a story featuring members of BZ-Koro, the virtual village where Bionicle fans hang out. (An analogy for BZPower, obviously.) I planning to use a few story tricks I’ve done previously, and one of those is to have members submit their names to become major characters!

All you’d have to do is fill out a short entry form in this blog and I’ll consider making you a character. Depending on how many entries I get, you may or may not get to be a main character, but I’ll do my best to make sure everybody who submits gets into the story. (And people are more interested in stories they’re in, so I hope to garner some readership that way too. :P ) You can pick your character traits, as stated below, so that I’ll be basing it off what you want to be like rather than just my impression of you. ;) (Some higher staffies will be in this regardless. How else are we supposed to have a supreme overlord if I don’t include Black Six?) That said, I do reserve the right to make slight alterations to characters to fit the story. (Or, if, y’know, you make yourself too powerful.)

Anyway, entry submission time!!
  • Name: Generally based off your username, but pick one if you change it often, or pick a shorter nickname if your original is way long. So like somebody called “Blardy The Super Cool Toa of Extremeness” will get it shortened to “Blardy.” If you’d like to think up something entirely original, go ahead, I guess, but then people won’t recognize it as you. :sly:
  • Area of Expertise: What’s something you know a lot about, Bionicle-wise. Is it masks? Weapons? Characters? Locations? Can you craft stuff, or are you stealthy? Choose something fairly limited, like a simple profession or area of study. Forge disks, purify protodermis, study Rahi, knowledgeable in Bionicle history? (This is one where I might tweak things if you try to godmod the character.)
  • Mask: Choose a mask of power that you can use. It’ll be Great Mask level, and let’s limit it to the common ones, so no legendary masks of time, light, life, creation, shadows, energy, ext.
  • Weapon / Element: You can choose a weapon that has elemental powers. Like a fire sword or earth hammer. You can pick the design and the element, but no extra gimmicks.
  • Side: Are you good or evil? Or are you a turncoat? If you want to be the latter, enter in which side you want to appear as, and then PM me the details so we can keep it a secret. :sly:
  • Motivation: Answer this question: Why would you embark on a quest? For the fame, or for the fortune? Help me learn what makes your character act.
  • Fatal Flaw: Here’s where you deviate your character from yourself (or at least claim to.) Pick some sort of unique downside to your character. Are they afraid of snakes? Can’t swim. Weakness to lightstones? Inexplicitly turn into a koala one a day for just fifteen minutes? Be creative here, and it’ll challenge me to include this into the story!
  • Other Details: If there’s something else about your character that you want to include that’s not covered above. Don’t go into too much detail here, cause there’s only so much characterization I can pull off, but something extra to add your special personality to the character in the story.
Aaaaaand that’s all I’ve got for now. I might start writing in a few days or so, depending on how quickly I get entries. (Or if nobody is interested I’ll just scrap the project.) But thanks for reading, now submit your own character!



Collecting Slizer Disks

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Nov 03 2014 · 120 views

Posted Image

The ORIGINAL Collectibles. For constraction figures, anyway. Cause they were kindof the first ones... never mind.

Anyway, a few key Bricklink purchases (including one from Germany) and my collection is filling up. Of course, I already had the top two rows, cause those are the ones that came with the sets... although I did buy a few extras because I had either lost the originals or deformed them. (There was a brief period of playing with my Throwbots next to a hot light... and that was when I learned how plastic reacts to heat.) But the bottom four rows were only available in disc packs, which I believe were limited in retail availability. (I know I never saw them advertised outside of the Lego catalog, otherwise I probably would've impulsively tried to buy them like I ended up doing with mask packs.)

The neat thing about these collectibles is that they tell a story... or well more of a story than was ever officially given for the Slizers. The artwork on each is really great... well, at least the idea, anyway, some of them are not as sharp as others, and the picture really blurred things too. I'm thinking of somehow mounting these. Since the connection for discs is kinda loose, I'm thinking about doing it without Lego, maybe even *GASP* gluing them to the poster-board so I can display them like a poster on the wall.

As you can probably tell, I'm still a few short. I have two more orders in that should mostly fill out these (both from Germany... I guess the Germans were the only ones who collected these discs too) but I'm still missing one disc. Particularly, this one for Granite. Like, most of the other discs were for sale in random German stores, but this one isn't on BrickLink at all, and there hasn't been a sale of it in the last 6 months. Obviously, if you have one that you'd be willing to sell / trade, let me know! (Also, I'm only focusing on the original 8 Slizers/Throwbots. The Millennium / Invader ones had discs, but not in a consistent color, so they're less appealing to display with these.)

So yeah, I guess this one would be hard to top as far as retro-ness is concerned. Unless somebody has a full set of roborider wheels in all the variations? (Was that even possible? There were like 16 designs and 6-7 colors, so that's approaching a krana-sized collection)



Review: Series 12 Collectible Minifigures

Posted by xccj , in Review Nov 03 2014 · 88 views

Posted Image
[i]Click for Review

Well, THAT was more work than it was worth. I mean, I don't know if anybody's really excited for these anymore / wants to know how to feel for them. But then, I kind of feel the same about all reviews I do lately. Like, is it really worth stressing out to get these done quickly when other sites have done the same thing already and nobody here really gives a care anyhow.

Granted, it's the only time I seem to do news anymore, so I guess I need to do it if I want to keep my job here? (Unless that's also against the public consensus :P )

I'm going to go back to sleep now and get ready for my real job tomorrow.



Korra Game

Posted by xccj , in News Oct 30 2014 · 165 views

So the first thing I do when I get Internet? It's not work on the projects I said I would. It was download the new Legend of Korra game off Steam and play it. (I only recently downloaded Steam when it wouldn't let me download Lego Marvel without it. I got a couple of games at the beginning of the summer but I've been so swamps with stuff in the last few... months, that I've hardly done any actual "gaming".)

Anyway, the Korra game is fun. Decent animation and voice acting, which is cool since they got the original actors to do it, I believe. A basic story to go by, nothing fantastic (would expect better from the show) but still good for what it's for. I'm actually rather fond of the gameplay of going around and beating on things. There are some good combos to use with the bending, eventually, when you earn them. The Mecha Tank bosses can be really tough tho.

My biggest gripe has to be the controls. Since I'm doing this over PC, Steam only seems to allow me to use keyboard and mouse. Nevermind that I have a Logitech game controller collected that works on other games; none of the games I've gotten from Steam seem to recognize it. Worse yet, I don't seem to have the ability to change the keyboard controls for the Korra game, which is kind of a pain when all the buttons are in one general area. Would work so much better with a controller. :(

Not that I've beaten it yet; still stuck on the final level, second round of bosses, methinks. I kinda wish it was longer and spanned more areas (it covers Republic City, Air Temple Island, the South Pole, and the Spirit World, and I think it ends there.) I also wish some more characters were included, but while they're referenced, this seems to be a Korra-only game. (With the exception of Naga, and I guess Mako and Bolin appear in the Pro-Bending bit that I have yet to unlock...)

Um, yeah, that's what I've done with my time. Also tried to build a table when I realized that it required a specialized tool that I don't have to work, and disassembled my fan to try and fix it but now it won't go back together. So really the gaming is the more productive thing I've done.



Moving Tomorrow

Posted by xccj , in News Oct 21 2014 · 107 views


Want to punch things.

Stupid adult responsibilities.

Also no internet.



Completing Collections

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Oct 20 2014 · 88 views

Swert's post of his new, completed collection the other day has made me rethink my collection and look through it recently. Curse you, Swert, now I want to work on mine!!

I actually already have the original 72 masks, plus gold and silver, for a few years now. (I did a challenge where I built a model for every mask of the Toa's 36, which resulted in some cool Rahi and a lot of Meh Rahi.) One tempting idea is to go for the misprints... I currently have 5 of the 14, but gosh that's expensive. I also at one point had a nearly complete Nuva collection, but I never used those masks so I gave a bunch away. (And I don't regret it, those were ugly masks! Well, except for the silver ones... those sell for so much now adays that I do sorta regret handing a few of mine away, although I think one was a trade to Chocolate Frogs...)

Of course, my mask collection is almost entirely packed away in a container, which is kinda sad. So this recent burst of collector-itus spurred me to buy parts to create a stand so I can have my masks on display. That set me back a bit, but mostly because I'm insisting on using Mata heads with eye pieces.

Then I considered Krana. Like the Nuva masks, I handed away a bunch of random krana for a while. But I kept quite a few, and when I checked em out, I have about 1/3 of the original batch left (Both active and inactive), and nearly 1/2 of the Krana Kal. I'd be more interested in completing my original Krana batch, so I might be interested in buying and/or trading the Krana Kal? I dunno, haven't thought too seriously about this one.

I could do Kanoka, but there's not much collectability value in them, even if I'm a sucker for the Kanoka powers that the codes record. But that got me thinking about the original collectible... the disks from the Slizer/Throwbots! Each Slizer had 6 discs to their name, each with cool artwork, but only the first two were ever in sets. See, back then they had "disk packs" with random discs, but they were only available through limited retail (or maybe even just the Lego catalog) so it was harder to collect them compared to the eventual Bionicle Kanohi collections. But they still exist, and seem to be poorly valued on Bricklink... so there's an idea!

That said, if anybody has any krana or Slizer discs, I'd be willing to buy or trade something. (I still have three silver Nuva masks, plus a handful of others) (Also for the Slizer discs, not one of the ones that came in the sets with them throwing the discs and their elemental emblem... I have those already.)

As for the kraata... no, just no.


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