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More Thoughts on BBC Contest 69

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, MOCs Feb 14 2015 · 154 views

Oh man, this has got to be my favorite contest in a while. It's so awesome to see all the entries of classic characters reimagined. I mean, there were some neat builds in the BFTGM, but this is just an awesome revamp nostalgia trip with some swell designs of characters big and small! I mean, I always appreciated a good revamp, and this contest is littered with em. I have a feeling the polls are going to be REALLY tough!

I also don't know how well my entry will do in comparison. I haven't see my chosen character pop up yet, but he undoubtedly will. Still waiting on my Bricklink order... I think it arrived in the mail today, but I won't be able to retrieve the package until Tuesday. :( (Stupid tiny mailboxes and having them hand it to my apartment manager who has really bad hours.)



NEED: MOCs for a Black Light Display at Bricks Cascade

Posted by xccj , in Lego Conventions Feb 11 2015 · 152 views

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but it's been on my mind for a while.

I'm going to be setting up a small black light display at BricksCascade. Unfortunately, I only have one decent MOC that's made out of fluorescent colors. Last time, I just made a quick mash up of all my decent pieces that would look good... but it was a messy design. Instead, I would rather share the display with two-three other Toa sized characters, which is about what I think can fit inside the display. If you've built something that is made with a lot of trans neon green, trans bright green, trans neon orange, or trans medium blue (AKA colors that look awesome under a black light) and will have it on display at BricksCascade, then let me know. (Or you can make one... still have a month left. Although it took four months for me to get mine together, after various redesigns and parts orders.)

Anyway, wanted to put that out there. I think it'll technically qualify for the Lights and Action theme for the BZPower MOC circuit, anyway. (Also, no, I am not sending my black light display to any of the other conventions, it's a little too bulky for that.)



Working on my BBC Contest Entry

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, MOCs Feb 10 2015 · 114 views

Sorry, no picts, but I can at least talk about it and the contest in general.

I was already planning a project that would require me to rebuild a Toa Metru (I won't tell which one yet). I was thinking about designing it akin to my Toa Mata revamps, in that I would build a custom torso and then use my basic and unarmored limb design. But this contest gave me an excuse to try it out a little more CCBS style. Unfortunately, the finished model ended up being too big for my original project, so I need to make another scale character for that one. But I'm overall pleased with the design, although as always there are parts I wish I could fix, but color and CCBS restrictions don't really allow for it. And strangely enough, only one Toa Masters was sacrificed for parts; the other five are still on display. (Sorry Pohatu!)

Anyway, I'm awaiting on a Bricklink order to get a part in the right color. When that comes in, I'll enter my MOC. If it doesn't come in before the deadline... well then that part just becomes black and I'll call it good. (I'm not too worried, since most BrickLink orders arrive within a week. But I have one that I ordered back at the beginning of the year and the seller STILL hasn't shipped it out yet, and they haven't been very polite about it either. They're not going to get a negative review from me, but the odds of them getting a positive review are dropping sharply. So, y'know, a neutral review.)

Anyway, reading through the BBC Contest topic has been interesting. There've been other BBC Contests since Bionicle ended, but I think this might be one of the bigger BZP-only MOC ones in a long time. And as such, there has been a lot of nit-picking about the rules. I mean, there used to be a fair amount of that in every BBC Contest, but I'm seeing that a lot of them are asking for clarification on rules that are now kind of irrelevant, but were put into place years earlier when it was an issue. It's interesting to see how things have changed in the decade or so that I've been following BBC Contests. (Or haven't changed... I now integrate a lot more System pieces into my builds, and that often puts me in conflict with the 75-25 ratio. But hey, it's their contests.)

But the biggest change seems to be the new form system for entering your models in. On one hand, that's an excellent idea. Instead of cluttering the topic with entry posts, they're all entered in differently, and I assume it's also easier to track and grab links from the new system. But what I find interesting is how little discussion there is of it in the topic. Every once in a while there's a vague "Make sure you read everything" statement, which you know is referring to all the members entering the old way. Why not just downright say "Enter via the form, that's the new way we're doing things, entries via post will be ignored." It just seems odd to me, like the new form is a secret only to those who read the full text entirely; like one of those trick assignments in elementary school that tricks you to doing stupid stuff unless you read to the bottom where it then tells you not to do any of it. I get that it's a way to get people to READ all the rules first, which I'm sure a lot of people don't do, but it just seems in contrast to the usual IN YOUR FACE reminders of the rules I've come to expect. :P (And to be fair, I missed this on my first few readings of the topic, maybe just because of change-blindness cause the old way of entering just seems second nature to me. :shrugs: ) (Also, if you're concerns that I'm "giving away the secret" in my blog, tis okay, nobody really reads this anyway!)

Anyway, yeah, it's been an interesting contest so far, and I can't wait to see more of the various entries!



Review: Allegra from Galidor

Posted by xccj , in Review Feb 08 2015 · 168 views

Hah, bet you weren’t expecting this one! (I dunno, is there any expectation really? “Oh look, he’s blogging again about some set he likes. Better keep scrolling.”)

Posted Image

Anyway, last month I was in a BrickLink store and saw they had like half the pieces to this set, which was one I’ve considered for a while (out of Galidor sets.) But then I found a store that was selling the original set for less than buying all the parts individually, so I just went with that. And even though we know the theme failed miserably, I’ll review it to find out why! :P

Allegra was the second human of the Galidor characters and only female. Um, that’s all I know about her background. I guess the two human characters, her and Nick Bluetooth, were warped to some alternate dimension, where they could swap out limbs between a cast of alien allies and fight evil. I don’t know why the show failed as badly as it did, cause that premise is not bad, per say. I’ve never watched the show so I can’t really comment on it, but I guess it wasn’t very appealing. (But I would’ve said the same about Chima, and that show lasted for a few years.)

Posted Image

Anyway, onto the set. Allegra is a tall character (closer in scale to Gali Masters). She’s only made up of nine pieces, and I guess originally sold for $10, so that’s a pretty horrific price per piece value. (Oh, she also has two pieces for her robot worm pet.) Most of the joints here are click joints, similar to those used in the Bahrag and later in Knights Kingdom figures. They offer a fair amount of posability; heck, she even has bendable knees, and she came out a full year before the Rahkshi! Unfortunately, her arms don’t have elbow joints, even though her wrists do rotate. While the leg pieces can easily be switched from left to right, the design of her arms doesn’t allow for switching sides, which is unfortunate. She has another click joint in her neck, and also comes with a hair attachment. This is probably the most interesting piece here, because it has a standard axle connection. True, it is rubbery, so it doesn’t fit in standard axle holes quite as well as it should, but it allows for some more versatility. I’ll need to find a way to use that piece eventually. All in all, the pieces are very detailed (and large) but then this also makes them a little too specialized, in a way that even Bionicle never quite achieved.

Posted Image

The main play feature of Galidor was to swap around the limbs, which doesn’t sound like a terrible idea, but for Lego fans we were certainly hoping for some more options. The joint connections do fit into technic pin holes, where they’re a little loose, or even in the technic click hinge pieces like that came with the Bahrag or Knights Kingdom (or Exo Force robots or most modern mech sets. . . that click hinge design has not exactly gone away.) Granted, swapping out limbs between Allegra and Gali Mata didn’t produce the most desired effects, but it shows off what can be done.

She does come with a pet, to make up for the lack of anything alien or robotic about her appearance. I don’t know what it’s called, but it seems to be an orange worm that has robotic legs. The head has a connection point and can be detached (and connected to Allegra’s torso, for example) but overall it seems to just be a silly addition.

As an action figure, she’s not terrible. Her arms could’ve used elbow joints (I think some of the other characters had them, so she just got neglected) but she has otherwise decent posability and plenty of detail. However, as a Lego set, it’s flawed, partially for having too few pieces, but mostly because those pieces are not very compatible with standard system or technic bits. Even when they do connect, the style of the Galidor pieces is just too organic. It’s a Lego Brand action figure, and let’s just keep it at that. They improved their character buildings later on with things like Knights Kingdom, Ben 10, and this other theme called Bionicle, which both predated and outlasted Galidor. Still, Galidor has the knee joints first. Sorry, Rahkshi, you were a year too late.



Review: Jasmine’s Exotic Palace

Posted by xccj , in Review Feb 07 2015 · 89 views
Jasmine, Aladdin
Posted Image

The Disney Princess theme has reused the Friends Mini-doll design, but while the characters were recognizable, I never really got into the theme last year. But then they released an Alladin set, 41061 Jasmine's Exotic Palace, and since itwas one of my favorite Disney movies, I decided that I should pick this one up.

There are quite a few small builds, and most are fairly unimpressive. There’s a tree, a stand for the lamp, a fountain, the magic carpet, a shopping stand, and a palace entrance. Most of these are small landscape builds, and while they’re not particularly bad, I felt they lacked substance. (But maybe it works for the target audience, of which I am not.) The palace entrance has a somewhat decent build, and I wish some of the other parts had been sacrificed to make that part a little more impressive. However, my favorite part is the magic carpet, which has a basic flat design but some lovely printing. (Stickers are used elsewhere in the set, which I didn’t apply, but the tiles used on the carpet are printed.) The original carpet has the slot for Jasmine to wedge her legs onto, and a stud for the tiger, but I revised it a bit in the image above.

Jasmine is a decent mini-doll figure, although the generic face seems a little off to me. The hairpiece is excellent; it’s rubbery but highly detailed, and looks just as good on a standard fig too. The torso and legs also have printing to really pull off the character’s look. She also comes with her tiger, Rajah, but he is was too small to be the fully grown tiger from the movie. More likely this is the tiger cub version after he got transformed, but since that was not a fun time in the movie for them, let’s just pretend that this predates the events in the movie and he’s only just a cub. (Oh, I think it’s just the same tiger mold used in the friends jungle sets last year.)

The set comes with 143 parts for $19.99. It’s not an amazing value, and there aren’t any spectacular pieces here either that demand such a price, so it must be entirely the licensing cost. There are a fair amount of pieces in tan, medium lavender, and gold. Interesting or unique pieces include the 1x2 foot plate in blue, 2x4 blue printed tile for the carpet, 4x4 plate and 1x2 plate with clips in Keetongu orange, 1x2x5 medium lavender brick, medium azure 4x4 round plate, speckled trans purple 1x1 round cone, gold 3x3 quarter dome, gold cream top, gold lamp (probably not THE lamp, just a replica), and a white inverted dome. So while a fair amount of rare recolors, the set does seem a little costly for what you get. Maybe if they had made it $10 more and made the palace most substantial, it would’ve been nicer. Or, alternatively, get rid of some of the some of the smaller models (or the palace bit entirely) and have Jasmine and the carpet for $10 less.

Overall, I don’t think it’s the best set you could pick up, especially compared to some of what the Friends line has to offer. But the character is recognizable and popular, so that’s what will probably make this set sell. Maybe we can look forward to a larger palace set in the future with maybe Aladdin and the Genie included? Wishful thinking, maybe.



Review: Ezra’s Speeder Bike

Posted by xccj , in Review Feb 06 2015 · 89 views
Star Wars Rebels
Onto more quick set reviews!

Posted Image

Today I’m looking at 75090 Ezra’s Speeder Bike. This is from the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon, which is actually pretty decent. It features Ezra, the main character and a Jedi-in-training, along with ally Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian, against a generic Stormtrooper. Ezra and Stormy have appeared in last year’s Rebels sets. (In particular, this exact Stormtrooper, who I guess has some slightly different printing, including blue vents, that makes him stand out from others.) Sabine, however, is the last of the Rebel crew to appear in minifig form. While Ezra’s character looks close enough to the cartoon version to work (although maybe a little taller than he should be. . . guess they don’t want to give him short legs) Sabine’s character looks a little off. The hair piece especially seems too large for her (and I do believe it is a new mold?). Maybe the slenderness of her character didn’t translate into fig form very well. Normally that doesn’t bother me, but it does this time. :shrugs: She also doesn’t have her colorful Mandalorian helmet, but it sounds like they’re saving that for a pricier set this summer, so maybe she’ll look better then.

As for the bikes, my first reaction was disappointment when I realized both have the same designs with just different colors. Like, it’s not even a Toa Inika kind of thing where the structure is the same with some different armor and weapons; these bikes are completely identical, with only color differences to set them apart. But after building the bikes, I find that this doesn’t bother me too much, because they have some excellent builds. There’s a lot of interesting SNOT designs (studs not on top) and a bunch of curved slopes that really makes the vehicle have a smooth exterior. I know I’m not a very knowledgeable Lego Star Wars fan, since I really only started collecting a few years ago, but these are the best Speeder Bike designs I’ve seen. (And I’ve bought like 3 other sets that came with one, so at least I have some experience on the matter.) As it is, I’m totally fine having the same design repeated twice, because it’s a good design. (Like the Bohrok. . . although I won’t be buying twelve different speeder bikes just for a completion’s sake.) Anyway, they’re stable and relatively swooshable, and having two of them means you have a fairly even field as far as the chase goes.

As far as pieces are concerned, you get 253 in a $19.99 USD set. That’s actually a pretty good value, as far as Star Wars sets are concerned, even if a lot of those are small detailing pieces. You get a bunch of SNOT bricks and brackets, and a fair amount of curved slopes, including a few exclusive ones in dark green. Plus, the trans bright green 1x1 studs for Ezra’s stud launchers, which are still a fairly uncommon piece. Oh, and Ezra has a light-sabor coming out of some binoculars; this makes absolutely no sense unless you’ve seen the show, but there is a reason for it. IMO it looks cooler in the show.

Anyway, it does seem like kind of a niche set for those who watch the cartoon and not so much for those who only follow the movies. (But hey, they’ve been doing Clone Wars cartoon sets for a while too, so nothing new there.) Still, good characters (or passable, in Sabine’s case, even if she could be better) and great bike designs make it worthwhile. If you’re interested in the material anyway.



Review: Heartlake Hot Air Balloon

Posted by xccj , in Review Feb 05 2015 · 76 views
Hot Air Balloon
I’ve gotten a few new sets recently, and since I’m not up to writing full front page reviews, I’ll provide a couple of short ones in my blog here.

Posted Image

Let’s start with 41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon from the 2015 Lego Friends line. This is cool because we haven’t seen a hot air balloon since the days of the Adventurers line, and this one gets some new pieces to help pull off the look. While the balloon pieces are obviously designed for one purpose, they offer enough connection points that I could see them being used elsewhere, and look forward to what creative uses people will come up with. (I currently don’t have any ideas off the top of my head, I think I’ll just keep it as a balloon.) You also get two of the inverted done pieces in lime (used as the weights on the balloon) which is currently exclusive to this set. While there’s a fair amount of good pieces in tan, green, medium azure, brown, and such, there aren’t really any other new molds or unique colors here. Looks like all the new piece allotment for this set went into the balloon itself. And can’t really complain about that.

The mini-dolls included here are Andrea, one of the core cast of characters, and her friend Noah, who is one of the rarer male mini-dolls (oh, they do have a slightly different torso mold) and is exclusive to this set. There’s nothing really remarkable about him except that he comes with Kai’s hairpiece, which is fairly uncommon. The balloon itself has a nice basket that can fit multiple characters, even if it’s a bit snug. Granted, it is way too large for the balloon (or rather the balloon is too small for the basket) to realistically float, but I can ignore the realism for the otherwise great design. The set also comes with a little landscape bit, which I think is just filler to add to the piece count and boost up the set’s price. This includes a little hill with a stream, a picnic area, and a campfire complete with marshmallows to roast. I guess it’s fairly substantial for an outdoor landscape piece, but it just looks lackluster next to the balloon. Still, it offers a destination for the balloon, and adds to the play value.

The set is 254 pieces at $29.99 USD. Not exactly a great value, but the balloon totally makes up for it, so I think it’s fair. It definitely stood out to me as the Friends set to get in the winter 2015 wave, and it’s not too pricey either. Now I want to see if I can fit the entire cast of Friends characters in that balloon; it could squeeze in four without a problem, I think, but five might be pushing it. Somebody might have to hang on the outside!



Bionicle Double-Decker Couch

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Feb 05 2015 · 138 views

I haven't blogged much lately, so I'm gonna start out with a new MOC I've been working on for a while...

Posted Image

I have yet to see a Double-Decker Couch built out of Bionicle elements yet, so I went ahead and built one myself. Granted, it's a little messy and not very stable, especially since the characters are just barely attached to it. But I think it comes off well.

That is a new Matoran design, and while I'd like to say it's mostly Bionicle, that's kinda untrue. The torsos are primarily system built, with lots of curved slope action going on. The hips are that one Hero Factory piece that just managed to fit into some technic bricks, and then of course the limbs are just HF CCBS elements. Still, I was able to make it work in a variety of colors to get the Bionicle characters I wanted.

If you've followed my stories in the past, you might recognize these characters. And since probably none of you have, I'll just name em off. Top row is Kulagi (Kanoka Maker), Sufina (Chemist) and Triki (Eccentric crazy peron.) Kulagi and Sufina are a pair, BTW. Bottom is Gragu (Gang Matoran, technically a baddie), Tuili (Okay, he never actually made it into my stories), Vakama (Mask Maker... you might know of him), and Huaju (Traveler).

The TV is also mostly system with a frame of CCBS pieces. Yes, I'm aware that TVs don't actually operate by having little piece inside of them act out the shows, but that seems a decent way to pull off the model. Later I might also add some accessories for the Matoran, like food and drinks and a remote control.

I have more pictures, but I'm too lazy to edit them, so I'll upload em later. And then I'll post like an actual topic for this, with more shots of the Matoran in poses. (I'm actually really happy with the design.) But wanted to share something, so here it is!



Rest of the Toa Masters Short Reviews

Posted by xccj , in Review Jan 21 2015 · 109 views

So I’ve completed my collection of the Toa Masters. (Is calling them Toa Masters fine? That’s what I’m going to do anyway, I forget if it’s been used elsewhere.) I would post short reviews with pictures… but Majhost has been down for over a week, so I don’t think that’ll work, since I don’t feel list hosting blog images elsewhere. So text it is. . . if you want to see them, you know where to look. ;)

First off is Gali. My first reaction is that she needs more of that lovely dark azure. I might buy a second just to get more of those armor pieces. The thing that really bugs me about her is her shoulder armor. They attached it to the rotating beam that’s supposed to be her gear function. WHY? Not only does the armor look kinda meh (seriously, what’s the need with shoulder armor that extends above the heads?) but now it also messes up the arm functions. It has since been removed.

I’m also not a big fan of her trident. Sure, it’s a somewhat decent design, but it’s waaaay too big, especially considering she’s one of the smaller Toa. I instead broke it down into hatchets, more similar to what they wanted me to use on Lewa. (But I refused on him.) I think the new axes closer resemble her original hooks, of which I was always a fan of. Plus, their size is more manageable for her. I also took out one of the extra gears that was used in her function. She initially came with two in order to provide the friction to hold the trident, but when I got rid of that, it was a little too much friction, so I took one out to give her a little more room. (As fun as those added friction gears are at keeping things straight, they totally take away the fun of quick arm flailing by spinning the gears on the back, which is something I liked. . . but maybe that’s just nostalgia again.)

Without the bulky shoulder armor or giant weapon, Gali feels more properly slimmed down and looks quite good. Heck, I’m even getting used to the mask, which I guess invoked more of the MoL Kaukau shape. I mean, it’s still a far cry from the Kaukau and Kaukau Nuva, but it feels recognizable. (Lewa’s, however, is still a far cry from any of his previous appearances.)

Next I picked up Kopaka. I was always used to the tall and narrow versions of Kopaka, but I can dig the muscled-up version too. I do like their shoulder design for him, which fills in the gaps nicely but also doesn’t really affect his gear system at all. On some of the other Toa, I was disappointed when there was only a gear function for one of the arms, but for Kopaka this method makes sense. I do wish he had a slightly better sword (or rather a spear, I think) and shield. The pieces are good and all, but I wish his shield was more circular. (It reminds me more of Glatorian Mata Nui’s scarab shield, which is not a bad design, just for me it’s not Kopaka. Again, I think that’s mostly nostalgia.)

The elephant in the room is Kopaka’s legs. They used those 3L beams with a ball joint in the center to position armor on the front and back of Kopaka’s lower legs. I like the attempt, and the pieces are great, but gosh it looks ugly when viewed from the wide. The porportions are just entirely wrong. I quickly just put the front armor on straight to the leg joint. He’s not as armored, but it flows better. Also, his upper leg armor comes with stickers, which I regretfully applied, since armor in that style only appears in white here. But the design looks great on Kopaka, so the stickers stay. Oh, and the mask is great, probably the one that closest resembles the original. (Granted, it doesn’t quite have the circular look of the original Akaku, but looks like the Nuva. And really, if the three lenses are there, it’ll be an Akaku no matter what. Those seem to help make all of Kopaka’s masks recognizable.)

Then I bought Tahu, who is again the Toa who’s hogging all the limelight. He again has his shoulder armor attached to his rotating shoulder, which I dislike. It was easy enough to switch it around a bit so it’s connected to the front body piece, but is still kinda annoying that they designed it that way. The connection for the gold swords on the back is pretty nifty, although I preferred them angled down instead of up. His swords are a great design, resembling Lhikan’s quite a bit. It was always a shame the original Tahu didn’t have his own lava surfboard, and Tahu Nuva’s doesn’t quite compare to this new style. They make for good melee swords too. However, like Kopaka, his lower leg armor is pitiful. Those giant torso armor pieces look good from maybe one angle, but from the side or back they just look too empty. Not a bad Toa, and his mask is clearly based off the Hau, but I guess not quite my favorite.

Finally, I come to Onua. Man, Onua’s been hulked up. Like, seriously, that chest piece was originally used on the Hulk. I like their method for extending the arm functions, and adding function to it with the socket piece on the back. It slows down the motion considerably, but when he’s holding onto his massive hammer, that helps, and makes it feel like there’s some force behind his swings. I do like the design of his hammer, with the Ben 10 foot piece fitting in quite well. Meanwhile, his weapons are very versatile. I like how they act as claws and armor individually, but their combination into the hammer is very awesome. Onua does come with four, but I could definitely use more. Speaking of the shoulder armor, its design allows it to cover the shoulders and gear function quite well without actually disrupting it.

Onua’s color scheme is a little out there. I love the inclusion of purple, although it would’ve been nice to see more of the trans purple limb elements included, since they appeared on the legs but not the arms, where the gray version of the piece was used. The gold armor is supposed to fit with Onua’s gold, powered up form, but I still think those pieces would look better in silver. As soon as I can get some extras, I’ll be switching them out. His torso piece also uses a sticker, unlike any of the other Toa’s torso designs, but in this case I’m fine with it, since I don’t see myself repurposing that torso armor anytime soon anyway. His mask also closely resembles a Pakari is design, but seems way too small for such a large character, especially since the original Pakari was a sizeable mask.

So all these Toa definitely have their ups and downs. The colors are all great, including a fair amount of rare shades, even if that does make MOCing in that color very difficult. The gear functions work on all of them, pending some shoulder armor redesigns. I think I have made slight modifications to all of my Toa, some more than others, because each one tended to have something about their design that I didn’t like, and also making it really hard to pick a favorite, because I have issues with them all. Still, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of collecting and building a Toa team again, which I haven’t really done since Tahu and the gang last appeared in 2008. So worthwhile sets, and now I have all six Toa on display, guarding my apartment.

I should also mention that the Skull Spiders are nice. I kind of wish the green ones had been in a more common shade, or that made of them had included stinger tails like the ones that came with Pohatu. They’re kinda meh on their own, but now I’ve got my own small swarm collection, and they’re trying to take over Benny’s Spaceship now. See, fun! I’ve also built a simple display stand for the gold masks, although having seen better ones posted online, I might redesign it.

I’m still considering purchasing the Lord of Skull Spiders and the Protector of Earth, and then maybe an extra Pohatu and Gali for their pieces. And then I need to think of some cool ways to MOC with these new pieces. (Maybe, my Toa might not come apart for a while.)



Okoto Socket Mosaic

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Jan 20 2015 · 92 views

Posted Image
Okoto Socket Mosaic by Xccj, on Flickr

Not going to talk much about this; it's a concept idea I had, a mix between a sculpture and a mosaic of the new Okoto island. Maybe it's just me, but the shape just doesn't seem iconic or anything, so it's kinda hard to tell if I matched it well enough? Now I want to do the Mata Nui island in the same style... but all my sockets got used here, for the most part.

I tried some new things here. I flipped every other column to mix things up, although this made it a huge pain when I tried to take sections apart to adjust coloring. I also have it fully secured in the back using liftarms, so this one won't just be held together by duct tape. (It's still slightly warped. I dunno how these socket mosaics get so warped, must be some design aspect of the piece.) Finally, I added some layering effects, where the sockets are stacked two or three high, in the mountainous regions. This also allowed for the creation of some pits in the earth region and some trans orange parts with an orange backing in the fire region.

Anyway, yeah, here it is.


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