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Kanoka Game

Posted by xccj , in News Oct 18 2012 · 332 views

Kanoka Hand Coded Games
I was looking through my collection today, since I have a lot of stuff to put away after the conventions. That aside, I took interest in my collection of glow in the dark Kanoka discs, and I started to remember a game for them that I created back in 04. I know I've hinted about it before, but I've never downright posted the rules. So I spent some time revising the game today, and now have stuff to share with you. :D

Kanoka, of course, were the collectible discs from the Metru Nui saga, There was a code on each disc that described its different attributes. The first digit was the Metru, which determined specific flight patterns. The second was special powers. And the third was overall power level. So you could have a ton of combinations, and you had to "collect them all!" (Granted, not all codes were released in set forms, sadly enough.) I got slightly obsessed with Kanoka after writing a couple of stories with them, and somewhere along the line I came up with this game that matched discs against each other.

So, for the actual game's rules. Basically, you have two opponents, and each has six discs they can select from. There is also a discard pile. Each opponent has twenty life points. One opponent goes on the offensive, and selects a disc to use. The defender can then select a disc to counter the offensive one. The disc powers are matched up (I'll get into more detail on this) and if the offensive player wins, the defensive player loses life points (determined by the difference in disc values.) If there's a tie or the defender wins, no life points are lost on either end. Both players discard their discs (unless a powerup allows them to keep the disc) and then they each pick a new disc from the pile. (This way, they always have six discs in hand, and can go through a wide variety of disc types.)

The determining factor for a disc to win is its power level. Initially, this is determined by the third digit, so higher numbers (7 or 8) are obviously more powerful discs. However, disc type and special powers can also provide bonuses, depending on the situation. This way, there's some strategy to choosing the discs to use in offense or defense. Here's a list of the various bonuses.

First Digit: Region
[1] Ta-Metru: 2+ Offense
[2] Ga-Metru: Do Not Discard Disc if Win on Offense
[3] Po-Metru: 2+ Defense
[4] Ko-Metru: 1+ Offense, or 2+ Offense against Po-Metru
[5] Le-Metru: 1+ Defense, or 2+ Defense against Ta-Metru
[6] Onu-Metru: Do Not Discard Disc if Win on Defense

Second Digit: Powers
[1] Reconstruct at Random: Random 1+ or 1- Offense and Defense
[2] Freeze: 1+ Offense
[3] Weaken: 2+ Offense
[4] Removes Poison: 2+ Defense
[5] Enlarge: 1+ Offense, or 1+ Defense against Shrink
[6] Shrink: 1+ Defense against Enlarge
[7] Regenerate: 1+ Defense, or 2+ Defense against Weaken
[8] Teleport: 1+ Offense and Defense

I could go into all the reasons why I chose specific bonuses, but that would increase my babbling even more, so if you have a question about one, go ahead and ask. But I did try to make some counter each other, like the Ko-Metru and Po-Metru discs. And I also liked the idea of Reconstruct at Random discs either giving you positive or negative points. :D

So yeah, that's my game. I guess it's comparable to other card games or whatever. And despite everything, it doesn't actually require any shooting of discs when played with on the floor, so accuracy or skill doesn't really factor into the outcomes. I'm not completely against tweaking some of the rules or powers, because I did play it against myself with mixed results.

But don't have anyone to play with / don't want to play by yourself / don't actually own a large collection of Kanoka discs?? Well, then you can also check out my WIP online game version. Yes, right now it's text only, but I think I've worked the code out right to make the game play logically and everything. It needs work, obviously, but if you have any suggestions on it, let me know. (And it's also a little more fun than my Slizer game, because it requires a bit more strategy rather than blind luck. The luck part comes in the fact that I kept getting all the lame discs and the computer opponent got all the good ones!)

Aaaaaaaaaand that's what I obsessed over today. Night, folks!


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Oct 18 2012 04:00 PM
That's pretty awesome!
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