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Pearl Showcase



Posted by Argetlam , Jun 07 2009 · 135 views
My Life
And for good!

A very wonderful person purchased another PMship for me, a lifetime one, no less, and I am incredibly grateful for it! Not sure if he/she want his/her name mentioned here, so I'll wait with naming who it was until I know for sure.

Anyway, I'm glad to have my blog back, especially since it's a lot sooner than I was expecting. Completely unexpected, in fact.

It snowed yesterday. Yeah, June 6, 2009, and it snowed yesterday morning. I believe they said it was the first time ND has seen snow in June in at least 50 years, possibly longer. It didn't last long though, it melted within a few hours, but it was still cool.

Finally, I think I'm going to enter the Pimp My Blog contest. biggrin.gif



He's Gonna Destroy Us!

Posted by Argetlam , Jun 01 2009 · 128 views
Brigadier Major General Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster




What A Useage Of Time!

Posted by Argetlam , Jun 01 2009 · 219 views
625 songs in my iTunes.




And Suddenly.....

Posted by Argetlam , May 29 2009 · 136 views
My Life
It's been a while since I've posted something here in my blog.

I've been out a lot, taking advantage of summer vacation; the weather's been great here. I've been spending a lot of time on Platinum as well, preparing for some stuff that's going to be going on soon that involves the game. Can't quite talk about it here yet. Also, on that same note, I've been designing and building a new website for this "Platinum" stuff.

Finally, I'm pretty sure my PMship runs out very, very soon, and at present, I don't have plans to renew it for a while. Basically, all the money I had went towards something of rather high priority, and now that that's out of the way, I'm saving up for a DSi.

Plus, my blog seems to have lost some of it's appeal to others. shrugs.gif



Huzzah And Stuff.

Posted by Argetlam , May 23 2009 · 128 views
My Life
Well, school's out now, and I'm officially a senior. I watched that new Night at the Museum movie last night. It was absolutely awesome. I recommend that all of you go and see it. I've been working pretty hard on a new website, one that probably won't be linked to here for quite a while yet, since it's far from finished.

All in all, summer looks like it'll be quite a bit of fun. happy.gif



Some Artwork

Posted by Argetlam , May 20 2009 · 116 views
Golden sun setting over a sea of red.

Winter moonlight through a calm forest.

And now for the story behind these two paintings. Yes, those are my pieces of artwork, and I found them the other day while cleaning out my closet. I painted them about a year and a half ago in art class at school. The humorous thing is that those paintings were rushed pieces of artwork for an assignment that was due that very day. I wasn't really putting too much effort into them when I painted them, but now, as I see them again, I have a new appreciation for them. Especially the nighttime scene. It's strangely appealing...




Plans For Summer?

Posted by Argetlam , May 18 2009 · 185 views
Got any?

I'm going to be going to a few camps, and I've got plans to be at BrickFair this August. Fun stuff!



The Countdown Begins...

Posted by Argetlam , May 15 2009 · 116 views
My Life
Today is my last Friday of school, which gets out for summer vacation on Thursday, six days from now.

As soon as that happens, I'll be a senior. biggrin.gif



A Western Story By Me.

Posted by Argetlam , May 12 2009 · 102 views
Though completely unfinished, this is what I have so far for an English assignment in which we must write a Western short story.

All comments and criticism are greatly appreciated!

A lone tumbleweed crossed the path ahead of me, catching my attention as my mind wandered. I eyed it scrupulously, observing its lazy movements as though it was alive, warily assessing its nature. When deemed harmless, I pushed it into the farthest recesses of my mind and returned my attention to the sandy road at my feet. This was the Quartz Mountain Trail, one of many earthen paths winding through the thin, lower end of the Nevadan Sierras.

Quartz Mountain was a small mining colony, one that had been established about five or six years ago at the base of a mountain by the same name. The demand for quartz in the east has been high for decades, and the citizens of Quartz Mountain have been taking advantage of that demand, becoming filthy rich. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t care about the financial affairs of a mining town, but my employer does, and I’ve been paid handsomely to bring a few of its more substantial citizens back down to earth. As a part of my trade, it’s never my business to know the motive behind what my employers desire. I simply do what I’ve been hired to do, no questions asked.

I glanced upward, checking the position of the golden sun with the mountains that surrounded me. I had stopped in Fox Point an hour ago for supplies, and by my reckoning, Quartz Mountain was only another half-day’s ride away. Content with my progress, I checked my pack meticulously for a cornbread biscuit that I had picked up at Fox Point. Once I found it, I began eating it slowly, thinking about my mission and all the ways I could possibly execute it.

The sun was low in the west when I finally strode into Quartz Mountain. The town was your typical Nevadan settlement, two unpaved streets arranged in a “T” pattern with a bank, a hotel, a saloon, and of course, a jailhouse. Other structures lined the streets as well, but those four would be the main focus of my visit. My eyes wandered back and forth between buildings. Usually, a town like this would still be active at this time of day, but not a single soul was outside. Perhaps they had been expecting me, but that would have been impossible, and I laughed at the thought.

The hotel was obviously new, and I was impressed by its quality. The wooden building had been freshly painted, and as I entered it, I found that the interior was almost pristine. I approached the front desk, noticing that no one was there either, but when I rang the little brass bell on the wooden counter, a short man with a neatly shaven face appeared from a room in the back to serve me. I placed several gold coins in front of the man and made it known that I needed a room for a few days, and that I didn't want him telling anyone about me. His eyes widened as I pulled out a few more coins and added them to the others. After a few moments, he slid the coins into his hands, crouched, and grabbed a key from a shelf under the counter. After handing it to me and giving me the room number, he made his way back into the room from which he had originally appeared. I lingered in the lobby for several minutes, watching the town through a large window. There was no activity anywhere...



And I Thought It Was Only Beginning.

Posted by Argetlam , May 07 2009 · 118 views
Airsoft gun comes tomorrow. biggrin.gif


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