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Zedd Moon Palace in Outer Space


Everypony Sign Up Sheet

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Oct 17 2011 · 2,166 views

Are you a Brony? do you want to meet other brony's and become part of an elite group? Well here is your chance! I will posting a list of every Brony (MLP fan) on this very blog page. For the vets, nice to see you, for the new comers:

Posted Image

  • --Calamity--
  • Zerothemaster
  • Vinyl Scratch
  • lunaticCircuitry
  • Evex is back baby YEAH
  • ckmc
  • Daiker
  • Skarloth
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Zatth
  • Necro
  • Rarity
  • Laughin'Man
  • Pinkamina Diane Pie
  • Utah
  • The true Zedd of Ponypower


All Hail Trixie.

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Oct 15 2011 · 277 views

Posted Image


The Vipers And Their Species. Should I Write About Them?

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Dec 23 2010 · 581 views

So a long time ago I was part of an RPG called a Hollowed Cry, which started on BZP and continued for a bit on another site. In this RPG...along with a few others both on and off BZP...I created characters called the Vipers. Now, I have been thinking about them quite a bit lately, I wounder if I should write an epic detailing the history of the characters and their species? would people buy into it? Will any of my pals from the RPG discover it? Is anybody even reading this blog post? I MUST KNOW!


Summer Coming To An End.

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Aug 30 2010 · 257 views

Well it is the 30th of August and the beginning of my last week of summer before returning to collage for my second year(moving into residence next Monday).
It shows this outside too, in what is probably the worst summer I've experienced in Saskatchewan so far(except for the ten days I spent in Denver, that was nice)-for most of June and July we had awful thunderstorms and always under the risk of a Tornado(never received one, but I HAVE seen my fair share of funnel clouds) and because the farmers harvested late, there weren't as many Conola fields to marvel at, and now it is bleak and dreary outside-a clear indication of a depressing fall and another frigid winter-I'm getting depressed simply thinking about this...

But like I said, collage starts again next week, I just got my Via card activated(lots of mail from the bank this summer), I turned 20 last month(farewell uneventful teen years), and I have a clear indication of where my life is headed if I make the right decisions.
Still doesn't change the depressing weather though...


Revolt Against The Bloggers

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Apr 01 2010 · 235 views

It has come to my attention that the Blogs have now joined with the FFA in their campaign to reclaim BZPower. We loyalists of the new Empress must not let this happen.
As such I am making this our official outpost in the blog section to try and reclaim this important part of BZPower. Anybody wishing to join in this attack can sign their name below.


Fun With Babelfish

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Jan 24 2010 · 142 views

So anyway in the M&B forum there is a topic with several different English translations of a scene from LoMN. These translations are so hilariously bad that I decided to have fun with the Brutaka quotes featured on BS01. The baisic gist is that I translate the original version into another language then translate it to English again. The translation site i'm using is Babelfish.
Original English is in a quote box. The new versions are in italics:

"I have uprooted mountains, Toa. I have ridden the tornado and filled the earthquake with fear. When you were still toiling at your mundane Matoran chores, I and others like me were holding your universe together. Do you really believe your puny powers can threaten a member of the Order of Mata Nui?"
— Brutaka to Toa Inika Hewkii, Power Play

" I have mounts, Toa uprooted. I have ridden the tornado and the earthquake filled with apprehension. When you cooperated rapidly still at your mundane jobs Matoran, I and others kept as me your universe. Do you believe really your weak powers a member of the order of Mata Nui can threaten? "
- Brutaka to Toa Inika Hewkii, the game of the power

"My name is Brutaka -- I know that has no meaning for you. But, at one time, it meant a great deal ... to myself, to my homeland, even to an axe-wielding comrade I called friend."
— Brutaka to Hakann, Dark Destiny

" ; My name is Brutaka -- I know who n' no significance for you has. But, at the same time, it meant much… with me, with my fatherland, even with comrade of axe-use that j' called friend." ;
- Brutaka with Hakann, dark destiny

"In my time, I've dared lots of things. Maybe too many things."
— Brutaka to Teridax, Into the Darkness

" In my time I' Lots things dared VE. Possibly too much things."
- Brutaka to Teridax, into the density

"Now I guess you could say my vision's improved, and I just want to see you sweat."
— Brutaka, Into the Darkness

"? Now I suppose that you could say vision'? my s improved, and I want precisely to see you sweat."?
- Brutaka, in the dark

"You can walk out, Roodaka, under your own power, and carry out a mission for some friends of mine, or I can carry you out, plant you in a hole outside, and we'll see if anything grows."
— Brutaka, Federation of Fear

" You can walk outside, Roodaka, nell' within of yours own power and carried out a mission for some friends mine, or can transport it outside, plants you in a hole all' outside and we' the ll it sees rather grows."
- Brutaka, federation of fear

"Meet Brutaka, an Order of Mata Nui member with a somewhat less than sterling record."
— Helryx, Swamp of Secrets

" With a little from conference Brutaka and some the maximum time record." Order of member of [mata] Nui;
- Mud area of the secret of Helryx

"Knock on the front door. Great strategy. I think all that time in Mahri Nui left you with a waterlogged brain."
— Axonn, Destiny War

" Knocks in the front gate. Fine strategy. Me brain." where the time when there are to Mahri Nui sinks to the water; Leaves in you and all thinks;
- Axonn fateful warfares

And finally for my personal favorite Brutaka quote. All translations of all languages on Babelfish:

"I fell a long way from the light, and I can never find my way back. But the darkness is not so complete that I can't recognize a monster when I see one."
— Brutaka to Teridax, Into the Darkness

" ; ? J' ; ? s' ; Ages of each meno of caduto of l' e; ? molto d' ; competent ED of dietro I of (anaflexei) diminishes the type. Milliampere l' ; Each egli of raised of toglie; ? L' ; the dark n' ; And qu' ; of the cost; ? I complete can' ; ? IF j' one." ; ? vedete - Teridax Brutaka ET l' ; TgoedkeuringsMonster of più of justice; ? The dark

As you can see frequent translations stay very accurate.


Time To Vent

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , May 07 2008 · 135 views

OK recently GTA IV was released(great game) and it is once again surounded by countraversy. I have seen and heard a few thing and now I am getting on my soapbox and go on an intangible rant on video game countraversy directed at the fat pigs who enjoy trying to take the companies who make "bad" games. I'll try to make this as BZP friendly as possible:

First off I'm going to address the "fact" that a video game is a murder simulator and trains anybody who plays them to kill. Um.. yes that is very true! Because we all know the R2 trigger is just like a peddale, the O button is exactly like a trigger! and Anybody can take several shots to the chest and still walk around! If video games train people to kill then watch out because I am an expert at killing!
Yes as you can see the acusation is flase. In Virgina Tech the attorney I dislike more than a screaming baby(Jack Thompson) said that the killer(Cho?) trianed on counter-strike and that allowed him to kill easily. He said this "fact" even though Cho's roomate said he hardly ever played the game and mainly wrote english plays(I don't have an exact quote and I'm not sure if thats the exact statment so don't quote me). Well I firmly belive Jack is derranged and dosn't know half the things he says are false so I'll leave it at that.
The next point is saying that the games are targeted toward minors. Yeah um, wait what? Yes we all know an M-rated game targeted at adults and cannot be sold to minors is clearly targeting it'self toward kids. It's like Adam Sessler said on his eddition of Sesslers Soapbos. The Marketing isn't geared toward the children, It's the children who see the marketing(once again that is not the exact quote but it was similar) It's the PARENTS who buy these games for their kids. It's the parents who do not see the large M on the front of the box. For the love of Mata Nui the game is called GRAND THEFT AUTO! It's another way of saying MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT! Plus the back of the box very CLEARLY hints that this game is not for kids! I don't see why parents can't figure that out!
My third and final point is If you don't like the game then don't buy it. Everybody out there complains that violent games should not be bought and that they are the cause of violence is society and blah blah blah. Yes because we all know violence wasn't around before video games were invented. If you don't like these types of games then don't buy them. Stop going on about how bad they are!

OK That was my rant on video game countraversy. I think it's BZP apropriate.



The T Is Here

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Aug 12 2007 · 96 views

Hello and I'd like you all to bear witness to a new era, a new stage of my life where the T rules all. All who make me angry shall feel the wrath of the T!

Word of advice: All hail the T




Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Jul 05 2007 · 150 views

do you like spam? I like spamming, but BZP won't let me spam so I spam on my blog spammy, spam, spam.

word of advice: Go ahead and spam.

-The Lord


History Of Bionicle Part 6

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , May 27 2007 · 102 views
History of BIONICLE
Yes after a very long absense I am back with my final entry in the "History of Bionicle" series. This entry I will detail the 2006 storyline, the first part of the 2007 storyline and info on the future of Bionicle. So without further adu...

History of BIONICLE part 6-The expansion


As the Adventures story arc came to a close Bionicle fans all around were now waiting for the return of the Toa Nuva and there quest to awaken Mata Nui.
This year officaly began when six new Matoran(Balta, Garan, Velika, Kazi, Pridak, and Dalu) were released. These six small sets finaly broke away from the clones of of the previous years but that would not be truely explored for another year...
Also released in the begining of 2006 were the six Piraka(Zaktan, Hakaan, Avak, Rediek, Vezok, and Thok). These new villans were unlike anything anybody had ever seen before. Now free from the gear fuctions that hindered previous sets, and introduced with light-up eyes, and glow in the dark teeth. However the rubbery spine that dominated the Piraka hindered there posibility somewhat, but were still praised by Bionicle fans worldwide. The story kicked off with the new comic series(Ignition) and the first Bionicle legends series of books entitled "Island of doom." It has now been revealed that Mata Nui is dieing and that the Toa Nuva must travel to the cursed island of Voya Nui to find the Ignika Mask of Life and save the Great Spirit. They do this and try to fight the Piraka when they arrive being badly beaten in the process.
Also released in early 2006 was the Dark Hunters guidebook which had fan-created Dark Hunters shown as the new offical source for just over 50 of the Dark Hunters. Bionicle Legends 2-Dark Destiny was soon released detailing the Toa Nuva teaming up with the Voya Nui Resistance team to reclaim there stolen masks from the Piraka and stop Brutaka and corrupted member of the Order of Mata Nui.
As this goes on six Matoran from Metru Nui-Jaller, Hewkii, Nuparu, Matoro, Hahlii, and Kongu- (aided by Takanuva) try to seek out the Toa Nuva but are seperated by the Toa of Light and drawn into the domain of Kharzahni. They have there masks stolen and recive new ones. But end up escapeing in six toa canisters. located within the realm. Bolts of lightning come down from the red star and the Matoran are transformed...
On Voya Nui the Toa Nuva and Matoran make an effort to try and defeat the Piraka again but are stopped by Brutaka and taken hostage.
As spring turned into summer the new sets were released. The six Matoran that had traveled to Kharzahnis realm had been transformed into Toa Inika and come complete with light-up swords and strange organic masks. The titans included are Brutaka along with hsi former friend Axonn and Vezon and Fennrahk the gaurdians of the Mask of Life.
Eventuly Bionicle Legends 3-Power Play is released in late summer it details the "awakening" of the Toa Inika on Voya Nui and they fight the Piraka with aide of the resistance team and Axonn at the end of the book the Inika and Piraka find the entrance to the Mask of Life chamber, Axonn and Brutaka prepare for one final batle together and the resistance team sets out to find the Toa Nuva.
In fall of 2006 a second aurdian of the Ignika was released the being called Umbra and a promotional combiner set called the Kardas dragon was released.
Bionicle Legends 4-Legacy of evil was released in late fall and detailed the Pirakas turn from Dark Hunters to traitors. The fiftth book called Inferno was released about one month after this and it detailed the retrival of the mask of life and the capture of Brutaka by Botar of the Order of Mata Nui. The year ended with the Mask of Life plungeing deep beneath the waves of Voya Nui...

2007 began with the release of four small sets(two Matoran and two Hydruka) and six new villans called Barraki. These sets now cast off completely the clone sets from previous years and all special functions. Bionicle legends 6-City of the lost was released. This story now taeking place beneath the waves have the Inika(now turning into toa Mahri) trying to recover the Mask of Life from the dreaded Barraki while trying to save Mahri Nui at the same time.
The future of Bionicle looks bright. It has been said that Mata Nui will die at the end of this year and that the Bionicle story is planned out until 2009.

Closeing comments:
Bionicle has come a long way since it's original predecessors that were RoboRiders and Throwbots. It has gone through six and a hlf long years filled with praised, countraversy, and a lasting storyline that will be brunt into the memories of many fro many years to come. It truely earns the title of being the greatest LEGO line int he history of the company. Thank you BIONICLE.

In the future I will be detailing the events that took place during the years I emntioned in my articles. Stay tuned!

-The Lord


History Of Bionicle Part 5

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Mar 30 2007 · 107 views
History of BIONICLE
Welomce again. Wihtout further adu....

The history of BIONICLE part 5- a universe revealed


As 2004 came to a close the DVD feature on Legends of Metru Nui had them woundering what the new sets for 2005 would be like. After seeing the prototypes on the DVD many were exited and disapointed by the new sets.
The story so far was that the the island of Metru Nui had been dameged and Mata Nui and the Matoran were put to sleep. The Toa Metru stopped Makuta by sealing him in a protodermis prison. The Toa eventuly found a new island that they also called Mata Nui and returned to Metru Nui, bent on saveing the remaining Matoran.
As the year kicked off six small sets -Norik, Iruni, Poukes, Bomonga, Koulas, and Gaaki-six Rahaga were released. These half-turaga half-rahkshi beings had to help the toa who had been mutated in Toa Hordika save themselves. The Hordika had been mutated by the six visorak ruled by King Sidorak, and the Visoroy Roodaka. The Hordika and Rahaga had to find the legendary Keetongu if they had any hope to be changed back. fans reacted with mixed feelings towards the Hordika beliveing them to be too ugly and looked more evil than good. They are also the final canister sets that had a gear function.
The story was once again told through the comics and books. There was also six new animations that told the tale of the Hordika in their quest to find the mask of light.
The six visorak were released in summer of 2005. Keetongu, Sidorak, and Roodaka were released as titans. A label the large sets now go by.
This also marked the year that truely expanded the BIONICLE universe. Roodaka and Sidorak were servants of the Brotherhood of Makuta, and the Dark Hunters-which were formaly just Nidihki and Krekka-now came to light. It's leader the Shadowed One apeared in one of the books but more on that later.
Also in 2005 a Rahi building challenge happened and the winning entries were placed in the Rahi Guide. The original Rahi from 2001, the set combiners, and even Krahka were featured along with all the other winning entries.
Also in October of 2005 came the third and final movie. BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows was released and although it was praised for it's amazeing scenes, the DVD sales were poor and no more movies were to come.
The same month a guide called the BIONICLE encyclapidea was released with information from 2001 to mid 2005. It also had a short story called birth of a Dark Hunter which showed Nidihkis betrayl as a toa to become a Dark Hunter. The final book released was Time Trap which showed the adventures of Vakama to retrive the Vahi mask of time from the depths of the ocean. This story concluded the 2005 story and the Adventures book series/story arc. With the final scene of time Trap had Turaga Vakama and the Matoran return to their home.

tomorrow part 6-The expansion.



No History Today

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Mar 29 2007 · 94 views

Yea I just haven't been feeling up to writeing my BIONICLE history today. I'll try and get the next part up tomorrow-not that anybody cares tongue.gif



History Of Bionicle Part 4

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Mar 28 2007 · 106 views
History of BIONICLE
Without furhter adu....

History of BIONICLE pat 4-The turning point


The end of 2003 saw the defeat of Makuta and the discovery of the island of Metru Nui. But what was this island? What was it's history? Well the answer lay 1000 years before the current BIONICLE storyline.
2004 was kicked off with the release of six small sets-Ahkmou, Tehutti, Ehrye, Vhisola, Orkaham, and Nuhrii were rleased as the new Matoran featured on Metru Nui. Also released were six new toa-Vakama, Nokama, Onewa, Whenua, Nuju, and Matau-all of them were the turaga featured in the previous storyline. The first half of the year had these Toa Metru have the six Matoran help them find six great disks to help stop the Morbuzahk- a large plant. The story was told through the new Adventures series of books and the comics. But on BIONICLE.com the online animations were no more. A brand new site surfaced with virtualy no content from the previous-even the Mata Nui Online Game was taken down. But this new site came with the Kanoka club. Entering codes found on various Kanoka disk collectibles memebers could get new content. Includeing Mata Nui Online Game 2 and the Vahki animations.
The Vahki themselves were the law enforement machines used in Metru Nui. They were released along with other 1004 summer titans-Nidihki, Krekka, and Dume/Nivawk- the first two were Dark Hunters sent to Metru Nui to eradicate the toa and Dume was the turaga incharge of Metru Nui. After the Morbuzahk was defeated the Toa Metru had to enter the maintanence tunnels under Maetru Nui to fix some protodermis leaks. However instead they faced Krahka a shape-shifting rahi. She was eventuly defeated.
Then, in the fall of 2004 the next BIONICLE movie was released. This movie was called BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui. It did quite well but it's DVD sales failed in comparisson to Mask of Light from the previous year. It showed the Toa Metru failing in helping Metru Nui, for Makuta put all the sleeping Matoran in pods the toa did eventuly defeated Makuta by incaseing him in protodermis. But even after the movie was released the year was not yet finished. Two more books followed by one more set-Lhikan and Kikinalo-followed the release of LoMN. This had 2004 end in a good manner and it funneled right into the following year....

Tomorrow: part 5- a universe revealed.



History Of Bionicle Part 3

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Mar 27 2007 · 134 views
History of BIONICLE
I welcome you once again to the third part of my history of BIONICLE. So without further adu....

History of BIONICLE part 3-The bad and the good.

2003(first half)

When this year began BIONICLE had exeeded all expectations and had become LEGO's best selling toyline. The story so far was that the Toa had defeated Makuta and his Rahki in 2001, then in 2002 they faced and defeated the vicious Bohrok and they turned into the Toa Nuva at the end of the year. Now 2003 begins with the release of the new enemies. The Bohrok Kal!
However unlike last year the Bohrok Kal we're not new and inovative enemies. Instead they we're exact clones of the previous Bohrok, even shareing the same names(with Kal on the end of each). Not even the new glittery Krana Kal helped much. However the storyline still went on. The Bohrok Kal had stolen the Toa Nuva's symbols to fry anf ree the Bahrag and thus releaseing the Bohrok swarms once again. This storyline-like the previous one-was told through online animations and news updates on BIONICLE.com and the comics. Also this year the LEGO company held a special promotion, they randomly released a few thousand Krana Kal which we're "startling silver" and "wite metal." This year colectibles also featured Toa Nuva masks packeged with Krana and Krana Kal(although the ones with the Kal were grey). This storyline only lasted for half of 2003 and is what launched BIONICLE into a breif "dark time."
However all was not lost as after the Kal story was finished in the comics three BIONICLE novels(called BIONICLE chronicles) were released-Tale of the toa, Beware the Bohrok, and Makutas revenge. Not long afterwards the first guid called The Offical Guide To BIONICLE was released. This had info on all characters and locations up until that point. It also featured a sneak-peak of a mysterious "Toa of Light" and showed us somethign that would change BIONICLE forever-the Rahkshi


The second half of 2003 was kicked off with six new small sets-Hewkii, Hafu, Macku, Hahli, Matoro, and Kopeke. All of them we're new Matoran sets which came packeged with new Kolhii staffs and a small puck. Storyline-wise the Matoran had rebuilt themselves after the defeat of the Bohrok Kal to make them stronger.
Also in the summer of 2003 four new large sets came out-Jaller/Gukko, Takua/Pewku, Makuta, and Takanuva, the toa of light. The release of his set indicated that Makuta had returned and he now had six new henchman-Turahk, Korahk, Vorahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, and Gurahk-six Rahkshi that we're set out to capture the ?Mask of Light and prevent the comeing of the Toa of Light. However this story was only partialy told through comics as the mian story came with the realease of a new Direct-to-DVD movie. BIONICLE: Mask of Light. It did amzeing at the boxoffice and was praised by BIONICLE fans worldwide. This finaly brought the line of it's darktime after the failure of the Bohrok Kal. Also released late in the year was another new game simply called BIONICLE: The Game. However this did horibly and is generaly considered a massive failure.
With BIONICLE in it's peak once again it was time to introduce something new, a new story arc, new characters, and a new island....

Tomorrow: pat 4-The turning point.



History Of Bionicle Part 2

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Mar 26 2007 · 174 views
History of BIONICLE
Welcome to the second part of my BIONICLE history. I don't have anything funny to say so without further adu....

History of BIONICLE part 2- BIONICLE takes root.


This year got off to a rather rocky start. The Maori people filed a Lawsuit against the LEGO company for useing there words as names for BIONICLE characters. LEGO lost and ended up changeing the name "Toghunga" to "Matoran." Several others-notabley names of rahi-also took place. More changes would be shown later.
With that out of the way 2002 kicked off it's toyline by introduceing six Bohrok breeds-Tahnok, Pahrak, Gahlok, Nuhvok, Lehvak, and Kohrak-along with six smaller sets called the Bohrok Va-Tahnok Va, Pahrak Va, Gahlok Va, Nuhvok Va, Lehvak Va, and Kohrak Va. Also released we're the new collectibles, Krana. These we're rubbery mask-like collectibles that fir inside the Bohroks headplate and the Va's back plate. There we're a total of eight "breeds" of Krana each with a diferent colour that was asociated with the six Bohrok and the Va counterparts makeing a total of 96 Krana to collect. Also with the Krana came the original six toa masks. Only this time comeing coloured as silver and gold. Storylinewise, the toa got the golden Kanohi and eventuly defeated the Makuta. However now they had to stop the Bohrok, a new enemy.
The storyline was now being told once again through the comics, whcih followed the adventures of the toa. However new online flash episodes done with the same style as the Mata Nui Online Game soon apeared on monthly "news updates" on a new BIONICLE.com. In adition to the episodes the news updates(written as an in-universe perspective) had frequant upadates on the Bohrok attack on Mata Nui. Also this year saw the two most popular unoffical fansites-BIONICLEZoneCommunity and Kanohi-Power merge in august of 2002 to create BZPower the largest BIONICLE forum on the net. In other media a new video game for the GameBoy Advanced once again came up that showed the Matoran trying to help the toa defeat the Bohrok. A new online game was also promised, but alas it was not released until the following year in an unfinished state.
In the summer of 2002 new sets started to surface, the Bohrok-despite being innovative and new-we're complete "clones" of eachother with only colour and hand tools being the difference. However the new sets now had the Boxor-the Matoran machine used to defeat the Bohrok-was introduced complete with a Matoran called Nuparu who had invented it storyline-wise. New Exo-Toa we're relased that had the original toa fit inside and "ride" them. These Exo-Toa we're used to combat the Bahrag-Cahdok and Gahdok-twin queens of the Bohrok swarms. But these large sets we're not the true talk. Instead it was six new heros called the Toa Nuva. Storyline-wise the original toa fell into protodermis(now called energized protodermis) and emerged as new heros with new tools, new armour, new pices, and new masks. It was with these brand new Toa Nuva that 2002 eventuly ended and with it a great storyline and avarge sets. However this was still only the begining and 2002 also had teasers of something new, something that would cahnge the face of BIONICLE forever. This was called BIONICLE: The Mask of Light! but that would be seen in 2002, as it would apear intead in 2003....

Tomorrow: Part 3-the bad and good.



History Of Bionicle Part 1

Posted by The True Zedd of BZPower , Mar 25 2007 · 145 views
History of BIONICLE
Well today I am breaking away from my useual randomness about chicken and what have you(PEANUSTS...must...control) to bring you my new series entitled the History of BIONICLE.

In this and the following entries I will be giveing all of you a history lesson on the BIONICLE franchise. Each entry will cover one year. Things covered will be the sets, comics, books, games, and the offical website along with a rundown on what that years story is.

So without further adu, I give you my history of BIONICLE:

part 1- predecessors and early begining.


BIONICLE's orgins can be traced back by two technic lines that came before it. These we're called Throwbots and Roboriders.
Throwbots came into the scene during 1999 and Roboriders in 2000. Although I myself am a little shakey on the details of the stories(I only got one throwbot and diddn't even notice the Roboriders) but I have found out that Throwbots had twelve-something heros. Divided up into the goodguys and badguys. Each throwbot weilded an element and each resembled robots, they also had parts and other pices that would go onto BIONICLE such as there torsos, legs, and collectible disks just to name a few. After Throwbots we're discontinued in 2000 Roboriders took up the stage. From what I have heard they we're a failure but did help define what BIONICLE would be. It aperantly had six hearos each with an element.
Roboriders we're discontinued later the same year, however eventuly promotional pictures for BIONICLE soon to surface. and in December of 2000 it's website along with the Mata Nui Online Game were launched and in Jannuary-Febuary of 2001, the toa and Turaga we're released in Eurpoe. BIONICLE had begun.


Soon after the Toa and Turaga we're relaed in Eurpoe, McDonalds started a promotion that had six Toghunga(sp?) called Jala, Maku, Huki, Matoro, Onepu, and Kongu. Each had seven pices and came with a disk very similar to the ones throwbots carried. These disks could be flung across the room useing the Toghunga's arm. While this happened, the comics we're released to tell the stroy of these Toa-Tahu, Pohatu, Onua, Lewa, Gali, and Kopaka- in their quest to defeat the evil Makuta by finding Kanohi Masks on the island of Mata Nui. They tried to acomplish this task with the help of six Turaga-Vakama, Nokama, Onewa, Matau, Whenua, and Nuju. While all this happened, an unamed and unseen Toghunga tried to hel the six villages on Mata Nui. These events we're part of the Mata Nui Online game which was updated monthly on Bionicle.com.
In June of 2001 the BIONICLE line reached North America, a couple months later the Toa's villans, Rahi we're released in packs of two all over the place-(from cheapest to expensive) Nui Rama, Nui Jaga, Tarakarva, Muaka/Kane-Ra, and the Manas. Also during this year there was a PC game that would tell the whole story fo that year. However deadlines and glitchs caused to the game to be canceled and as the comics did not really have much of an ending the Mata Nui Online Game was the only source that finished the 2001 story in a rather messy way. The stroy would not truely come to a proper close until Bionicle Chronicles 1 was releaed in 2003. Also in 2001 a GameBoy Advance Game was released called Tales of the Toghunga. This told the story of the no-longer unamed Toghunga called Takua in his quest for the toa stones.
Wehn MNOG ended there was also something else, a new enemy shrouded in shadow was ready to be unleashed....

Comeing tommorow, Part 2-BIONICLE takes root.



Vote For Me

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Remember to vote for my entry QUEST FOR THE ORBS OF POWER in RPG contest poll F remember a vote for me is a vote for your future!




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Well today at lunch I got MotorStorm for my PS3. I must say that if you don't have the game. THEN GET THE GAME!!! If you don't have a PS3 then get that, then get MotorStorm. It has amzeing graphics and the mud splatters all over the place. It has many uniouqe tracks and several different vehicles to choose from(those big rigs decimate the bikes...). So Thats my entry of my new game, MotorStorm.

On Saturday I also got the Bionicle Atlas.

Word of advice: Play video games.


Stupidness Thy Name Is Big Boba

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Well today I got up at 7:15 AM. I had a light breakfest, spent half-hour on the computer, cleaned my teeth, brushed my hair and put on a hoody and winter jacket with my backback. I set off at 8:00 AM to my bus stop. I got down there and saw that nobody else was there. Then I remembered that I have no school today!

Word of advice: Always check your calender(mine was marked but I diddn't care to look at it)




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