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Blog of a BZP Stalker and Former Active Member


Calling Staff Members!

Posted by Toa of Dancing , Aug 05 2013 · 361 views

So, this might be a strange request, but can I get an audio recording of one of you amazing staffers saying, "I'm sorry ma'am, I can't answer that." Any staffer would work fine, and full credit will be given in the final product.
Thanks in advance to whomever might take this challenge. If I can't get this, then that's cool too. It would just be awesome if I could get it.


So I Just Installed Audacity

Posted by Toa of Dancing , Aug 05 2013 · 153 views

And I need to figure out how it works in a few days to get this thing recorded for this contest. Yayyyy. XD Any quick tips for a beginner? How do I best record something that sounds like a broadcast/radio drama? It'll be probably the narrator and a few background noises (such as roaring).
Also, I'm not looking for additional voices, as this'll be short and solo (or maybe include a bit of Novu, my sister). Wish me luck, if you will. =3


Well, this is good news.

Posted by Toa of Dancing , Jul 26 2013 · 297 views

People can finally interact with the rest of the internet and not have to shadily say, "Look it up on that site... Y'know..."
Very glad to see YouTube is now allowed, and even the rest of the internet. To christen the occasion, I shall post something that everyone must know and love.

Have a Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan.


So I Might Become Active Again

Posted by Toa of Dancing , Jun 09 2013 · 243 views

At least for a season. Depends on how much interest and help I can garner for an idea I have. An idea regarding RPGs, to be exact. Oh yes, an idea for the RPG contest.
Dangit I miss being interested in BZP. I need something to bring me back. This would be the perfect thing.
Also, here's a little bit of an idea (based somewhat on League of Legends lore): Big war, people decide war is bad, create a system for nations to hold disputes in a controlled environment to avoid losses.
Any interest?


Just Keep Floating Along (Also, this includes pictures of me. =O)

Posted by Toa of Dancing , Apr 06 2013 · 287 views

I sometimes do wonder when I'll forget BZP (or at least peramnently leave it).
Then I remember that I can't do that because I always have it open as a tab and I still enjoy stalking and really want to get involved again and D=.
But yeah, I guess I should speak of something relevant. I'm almost done with high school - I'm going to dual enroll this coming semester. This is kind of a scary prospect, as I've been homeschooled my whole life, right up through this sophomore year. So... eh. I'm not worried about borking school or anything, I do just fine as is with a relatively difficult cirriculum. I'm just nervous about driving myself to the campus and having deadlines that aren't extended because I'm sick, which I almost constantly am from Octobe through April. And more things. Maybe I won't drive myself, idk.
So that's my current feels. Enjoying life otherwise, and I'm going to my local "homeschool prom" with a good friend tonight. A lot of people I know from my homeschool support group and my church, so it should be fun. Gonna weird out people who don't know me, what with going in a suit while I'm wearing a neon-yellow wig. Not bringing a fake cigarette though, I have a feeling they wouldn't appreciate that.
Also, if anyone cares, here's two pictures of what I look like normally and in my Sanji (from One Piece) cosplay:


Posted Image




Posted Image

So yeah, idk. Comment on how much of a dork I look like, how awesome that slapped together cosplay is, idc. =P Also note that the first pic was taken in August, so I had a haircut for the cosplay (including my Blu Scout) and currently it's a bit shorter than that. Alrighty then, see you guys later.


Phreak too stronk?

Better nerf Irelia.
Because I'm a LoL nerd.


a photo of myself

Posted Image

because i am an old young weighted companion monsquid

Recent Comments

The Bio Of A Dancing Newb Guy Dude Toa Person...

~My Profile~

Posted Image
Posted Image
Rahkshi Conquered
Posted Image
Group: Premier Members
Posts: 7,021 as of 12/21/11 at 9:50 A.M. Central
Joined: 3-May 07
Member No.: 56599

Posted ImagePosted Image

More In-Depth Profile Thingy

Name: Toa of Dancing
Real Name: No. Call me ToD, but Tod isn't my real name. Not going to give my name away for free...
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Interests: Lots of stuff.
Favorite Book: Uh... Uh... A lot
Favorite Movie: ^^^Look thar^^^
Favorite Game: ^^^Same^^^
Favorite Book/Movie/Game Series: ^^^Follow the ^^^ trail^^^
Favorite Music Genre: Er... Christian Metal or Classical or something
Favorite Color: Green/White/Silver/Purple
Height: Roughly 5' 11"
Ancestry: English, German, Choctaw, Awesomese, whatever else
Location: Florida, United States of America
Occupations: Student, procra - ah I'll finish typing that later, Mocer, author, gamer, wanting to be a voice actor
My Education: Ninth Grade Homeschool
Beliefs: Non-Denominational (meaning a mix of Pentecostal, Baptist, Charismatic and whatever else) Christianity
Hobbies: Reading, writing, wasting time, Mocing, dieing, playing video games, RPing, blogging, Scouting, Youth Grouping
Respected BZP Members: Brickeens, Black Six, The Power that Is, Lloyd: The White Wolf, Parugi, the list goes onwards...
Favorite Bands: Skillet, Demon Hunter, RED, tobyMac, Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch

~The Story of ToD's Proto in Interpritive Dance~

Posted Image
•~• And step and step and look to the past. See a newb dance up. See him join the site in hopes of a place to waste his spare time and annoy people with his dancing. *tap*tap*tap* •~•

Posted Image
•~• He does a little spin and money appears. Seven bucks he holds and tosses it away with a sweep. Dimensioneer catches it easily and puts the Toa up to Premier and plus two proto! *tap*tap*tap* •~•

Posted Image
•~• As a present he gets lifetime rank, a Premier for all his days. He does a little twirl and dances along, grabbing two more proto and goes away. *tap*tap*tap* •~•

Posted ImagePosted Image
•~• He reports some news and anxiously waits, tapping his foot quite rapidly. Then he does a happy dance as he sees one more bit and gets that great PM. He gets orange letters and a copper Huna, happy as a clam. He just keeps dancing happily. *tap*tap*tap* •~•

Posted Image
•~• One fateful day he asked a question, still dancing happily around. He was stupid and bypassed the word filter, slipping under its gaze. But he got nailed in the chest by an admin man, Black Six, the best sheriff in town. ToD frowned and, with his eyes to the ground, handed back a piece of the proto. B6 nodded sternly and then walked off, leaving the Toa a newb again. *sad, slow tapping* •~•

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All these awesome little approvals from different people...

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My obviously superior approval...[/selfcentered]

(Credit to Squishy.)

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^Above was an approval, I assume Eveh's, but it's gone...^

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Brickeens' Mctoran Jaller man...

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Squishy's frog with a slasher grin...

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Christo's black and blue Kopaka. Wonder if he hit something...

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