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The Apathy Pit


On functions in Brain Attack

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jan 30 2013 · 257 views

I'd just like to say that whoever the guy may be responsible for pricing things at my local supermarket, Morrisons, you have my eternal gratitude. That said, I sure hope you realise that the only person benefiting from your dramatic, accidental discounts of Lego sets is me. A couple of weeks ago it was the small sets for £2.70, today it was Bruizer for £6.70. It's a pity they didn't have Ogrum or Pyrox, two sets I'd much rather have found.
As for my thoughts on Bruizer...Well, he looks good. I love the rocky aesthetic he has going for him which is rather creative. But my biggest complaint is that his arm-swinging function just completely ruins all hopes for poseability. The only articulation in his right arm is in his hand which is practically useless. There isn't even movement in his shoulder which would give him a range of things to swing his arm at. The same goes for Scarox who I was really excited for, and was bitterly disappointed when I found out his arms had to be posed exactly so they don't constantly fall down his back. It reminds me why I was glad they stopped including functions in these sets in the first place. By all means, they're a good idea, making a toy that can actually be played with but the way that they're implemented just severely detracts from every other feature of the set. The fact that Bruizer's right arm can't be bent, turned or even remotely moved means there's no way to hide that rather hideously bare interior. Scarox's arm flipping action seemed nice on paper but it then causes a rather serious balancing issue, completely reducing the amount of posing potential it has to offer. 
Do I dislike these arm swinging functions? Yes. Do I resent their presence? Well...no. I'm actually glad to see that the set designers over at Lego are being creative with the design of these things. We haven't seen a figure that actually has an in-built action since the Hordika of 2005. Eight years later, that's a pretty interesting move that they'd try to sneak this back into our sets, like the brown in Ogrum. Better that they start practising some innovation than keep releasing the same action figures over and over again. Sure it didn't work out for the best, but at least they're trying and I'll praise them for that. Trying shows thought and if they keep thinking they may even come up with something I like. For now, though, I'm happier seeing functions in vehicle sets. 


Hip Action Figure of the help me

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jan 28 2013 · 697 views

Somebody talk me out of spending £90 on the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Limited Edition. I'm not sure my wallet can take such a vicious beating. 
Posted Image
I mean seriously, that looks so cool. Though I would have probably preferred the US' edition which comes with a plasma lamp.
Actually, on this note I probably ought to ask existing fans of the series, do I need to have played any of the other previous MGS games in order to get the full enjoyment out of this? I gather that it takes place after MGS4 but it's also a spin-off and...egh. All I know is that I am in desperate need of that dose of cuhrayzee that DmC failed to supply. 


I've done nothing productive all day

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jan 27 2013 · 583 views

This is why you never leave the most recent copies of your coursework saved on the computer's in college over the weekend. I swear I could have been doing something more useful than a Studio Ghibli movie marathon.
That said, I absolutely loved Spirited Away and Tales From the Earthsea was interesting, though seemed filled with every fantasy cliché ever. Might be because it was adapted from a series of fantasy novels, who knows?
Also, I apparently wrote a short story. Huh, so that's what happens when you have two hours with nothing to do and the Dear Esther soundtrack on repeat.


The party don't start till I walk in

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jan 26 2013 · 239 views

What's that? Just got paid? Parents out? Home alone? Well then it's time to crank the NieR soundtrack up to full volume, get myself a takeaway and crack on with some serious writing. Also catch up on the latest episode of MLP.
i didnt choose the thug life the thug life etc...


Dear Esther

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jan 23 2013 · 215 views

That's the third time this week I've played it, today, and I get the idea it won't be the last. Why did I put off playing this game for so long? It's absolutely beautiful.

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