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The Apathy Pit


(Everyone hail to the pumpkin song)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Oct 31 2012 · 230 views

That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.

(Happy Halloween everyone! As you can tell I've been spending my day reading H.P. Lovecraft when not working, because what better fiction is there for this time of the year? You know, discounting Poe, Stoker and all those other fella's.)

(Well, it would be a happy Halloween were it not for one very irritating fact. I was gonna include ACIII in this blog entry but whoops, looks like I'm not gonna be able to because nobody was in when it arrived so it got taken back to the delivery office. Whoop-dee-doo. Not like I pre-order things so I can play them on the day of release anyway.)


(Keyblade Lightsabers)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Oct 30 2012 · 562 views

(After that I'm Han Solo thing for Kinect and then the terrible animated "comedy", Star Wars is dead to me. Not that I ever really cared for it in the first place.)

(However, what does encourage me by the latest news is that given Disney bought it, that might mean Star Wars levels in a future Kingdom Hearts game. Might. By my theory. A guy can dream.)


(There is no other explanation)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Oct 28 2012 · 239 views

(Last night, I travelled backwards in time by an hour. In my sleep. I must be, like, the greatest wizard around.)

(Went to the Halloween festival thing I was talking about yesterday. I'm so glad I didn't dress up, given how dull and dry the whole thing was. Another Halloween flits by uneventfully so it would seem, y'know, besides the actual night.)



Posted by The Present Automaton , Oct 26 2012 · 517 views


(It was a good feeling today to wake up on such a grotty, unpleasant morning and find TSFH's latest album on iTunes. Instant purchases ensued.)

(So far, favourite tracks include: All is H*** That Ends Well, Titan's Dream, El Dorado, All the Kings Horses and Sun and Moon.


(Darksiders 2 ramblings)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Oct 22 2012 · 194 views

(Oh gosh, this is fun. I was really down on Darksiders when I finished it, but I'm starting to wonder if that negativity can be attributed to me being in a bad mood or whether the game was just genuinely tedious, because right now I'm having a whale of a time on the sequel. It seems to have improved everything that I found wrong with its predecessor. The environments are gorgeous, Death actually has a personality and the music is beautiful. Not that I should expect anything less from Jesper Kyd.)

(As such, I then proceeded to assault my Twitter with commentary, more tweets in a row than I ever managed before, as though my 16 followers might actually care. And given I've nothing better to blog about, I thought I may as well throw some highlights up here. Cleaned up versions of course. I'm a little more liberal with my use of language elsewhere.)

For all my troubles I got a pair of boots. Not good boots either. Thanks Darksiders (2)!

I said the boots thing as a joke because a guy dropped them. Then I opened the chest and holy heck it's like Brantano sponsored this game.

You know, you don't really get to call it an environmental kill when Death clearly teleports out of the pit and I lose a smidgeon of health.

And now I'm stuck in a door. Great.

Death will guard this door till his dying days. Which is literally about five seconds when the big monster runs up to get him.

It's a wonder I don't have more followers.

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