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The Apathy Pit


Let's just get something clear.

Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 13 2012 · 870 views

A teacher who says that I don't have "a snowball's chance in >heck<" of getting a good grade is clearly a teacher who can't bloody teach. Especially if this is in the same subject where I've already been getting A's in both coursework and exams.

Not that I don't consider myself to blame for any falling levels in motivation but frankly I think something might be up with the teacher herself when as soon as she leaves the room, the entire class unites in a sigh of relief and a swift discussion about just how unpleasantly she behaves.


No-Shave November

Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 11 2012 · 739 views

Yeah, because I didn't look ridiculous enough as it is, now my friends and I are all partaking in this daft thing. I'm sure it would be alright if I could actually grow something worth showing off. (I'm secretly just mad because I have a lopsided moustache.)

Anyway, as you can probably tell I did eventually decide on a new display name. I'm going retro, at least for now. Didn't have much to do for a blog theme, though. This was a rather lacking topic. At least this means I'm not doing those annoying brackets anymore, even if it does mean my posts lose that extra level of individuality.

I know I should be getting on with some coursework, but Dragonheart's on again and that's always been a favourite of mine. I am way too easily distracted. ._.


(I need a better job.)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 10 2012 · 365 views

(It would appear that my weekly wages at the greengrocers are still £3.80 an hour, so my rates apparently haven't changed a bit. What this means, of course is that I'm now getting paid less than the national minimum wage, having turned 18 last week. I'm quite irritated. I guess it's time to go job hunting again, as I really don't want to cause a scene with my boss given he's generally a nice bloke and I can understand why he hasn't changed anything. Local greengrocers barely even make a profit these days with all the competition against supermarkets. I'm still unhappy with it though.)

(That said, at least there was some humour in my day though. It's an uncomfortable moment when you think someone else is on the other side of a door so you raise your arms and make a low pitched zombie noise to try and make them jump and then your boss walks out. Completely the wrong person, but at least he jumped.)


(I don't like DmC in case you didn't notice.)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 09 2012 · 204 views

(So, I've been considering "My Name is Donte" for my next display name. The new avatar sort of goes with it. The only issue is that it would take a bit of explaining, a: in that it's meant as a mick-take of the voice actor for the shameful Devil May Cry reboot so it's an intentional misspelling and b: No, I'm not supporting the remake. I don't like it. I could alternatively just go back to being The Wretched Automaton.)

(By pure coincidence I've also gone and added another character to my BZPRPG roster called Donte. And he might just be yet another attempt at me taking the mickey out of DmC. Whether I use this character remains to be seen as that would be the third time I've randomly burst into the BZPRPG after a prolonged absence. And it probably wouldn't be the last.)

(Elsewhere in the TBKS area of things, chapter 26 is nearly done. As testament to the fact that I make a lot of this up as I go along, this one introduces a character I hadn't planned beforehand as I realised I needed to consider what the Order of Mata Nui were getting up to. I'm not that disorganised, mind. There are just little details I'm constantly seguing in or changing as I go along. The ending's set in stone though, so at least there's that.)


(I grow weary of brackets)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 08 2012 · 186 views

(I need a new name. And a new avatar. And a new blog theme. A new sig would be nice but I can't find a better image for TBKS than a burning city. That story is taking longer than I imagined to finish...)

(So yeah. I can't think of anything for now (Read: I'm too lazy to think for myself) so any suggestions would be appreciated. If not, then I fear it'll be another NieR related title. Or maybe even Solatorobo, though I think I used up every possible avatar for that earlier this year.)

EDIT: Unrelated point but I just felt I have to say how the latest Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer has to be one of the coolest ads I've seen in a long time. Maybe I'm just easily amused by pretty lights and big names but that got me hyped up for a game I had little to no interest in before. Heck, it even made Donte look cool for the five seconds he appeared.

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