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The Apathy Pit


(Side effects may include benefits)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 07 2012 · 165 views

(Oh boy, so I finally got the latest batch of medication for a skin condition I've taken to calling "the corruption", in loving homage to Darksiders 2 (Though not yellow I hasten to point out, before I start filling your minds with nasty images). And boy is there a lot. I was reading through the list of possible side effects and things it was warning me about and was quite amused with some of them. So I'm not allowed to drink alcohol (No issues there, I don't like the stuff), I need to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun (I'm not exactly Mr. Outdoors and it's winter anyway), it might cause hair thinning (I have too much of the stuff anyway) and I ought not to do strenuous exercise (No comment there). That, and it's advised that I don't get pregnant. Well, darn.)

(Oh, and it has a habit of causing depression. Not like I haven't been there before. So there's a warning, the number of whiny blog posts may be set to rise. Pre-emptive sorry about that folks.)



Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 06 2012 · 199 views

(Come on guys, this is important. Vote for your local police and crime commissioner before it's too late.)

(Jeez, the British sure know how to put up decent competition when it comes to exciting elections. What a splendid time to get the right to vote.)


(Sequel to Solatorobo announced today)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 05 2012 · 215 views


(*Ahem* Moving on. Today should have been the start of the next half term of college for me. However, the closest appointment I could get at the hospital for a blood test was right in the middle of the day so there wasn't much point going in for the rest of it. Therefore I would logically have more time for homework. Or I could just spend the whole day playing Assassin's Creed III. I'll admit now, my guilty pleasure is the modern day story. I really love this part of the game. Especially climbing a crane to infiltrate a penthouse (Highlight to reveal).)

(Oh, and the ending of Sequence 3: WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT.)


(Guess whose birthday it is!)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 03 2012 · 198 views

Posted Image

(Why, it's Gabe Newell's 50th! Just look at that happy, smiling face of his and let's wish him a happy birthday!)

(Oh and it might also be mine...So I'm finally 18 and now I can play 18+ video games. Which I kind of already do. Or I can watch 18+ films. Which are usually naff and overly gory. Ooh, but I can drink alcohol now. Which I really don't like the taste of...)



(Wow, this song is whinier than I remember)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 02 2012 · 143 views

(Well, seeing as today is my last day as a 17 year old, I'm taking the opportunity to listen to Simple Plan's I'm Just a Kid for what will probably be the last time in all seriousness. Unless someone invents some kind of anti-aging formula. If they could, that would be great. But, I guess there's no rush.)

(Thankfully my copy of Assassin's Creed III arrived yesterday in all its Freedom Edition-y goodness. And boy is that Freedom Edition good. Pricey as all Karzahni but when I admire the statue of Connor I have to confess it was probably worth it. Just a pity it then prompts me to buy the other statue. But I don't wanna turn into a merchandise collector...Much...Okay, I probably can't really say that given how often I buy collector's editions and the like. Oh yeah, and the actual game itself. Yeah, it's okay. :P)

(So far I haven't gotten to playing Connor yet. For the most part that's down to me exploring Boston a lot and also down to me being hopeless at stealth sequences. I lack patience which isn't a useful thing for such a game. It didn't help when I had a glitch just now that caused the entire game to run in slow motion. Annoying, though also curiously tragic and moving if sad music is played overhead as Haytham cuts up unfortunate guards.)

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