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The Apathy Pit



Posted by The Present Automaton , Dec 31 2012 · 412 views

Happy new year, everyone! Boy, I sure do pity everyone whose timezone is still in 2012. It's great over here in the future. We have hoverboards and everything. You guys should catch up sometime.
Now, I guess I can take a few moments from this party on the moon to do normal blogging. I finally finished Darksiders II, just an hour before midnight and boy did that game drag on. Not that I fault it too much for that, though. It was really, really enjoyable, probably my GotY if not for Solatorobo (Which I suppose doesn't count given it came out in 2011). It was so much better than the first game which I made quite clear I disliked strongly. The combat was so enjoyably fast, Death was actually a fun character compared to War and the soundtrack was sublime. My only gripe is the ending. I think I might have to give ME3 a pass for at least a little while longer. I don't think I could do with yet another disappointing ending of a game.
And I have my new glasses now. Yay!


My New Year's resolutions

Posted by The Present Automaton , Dec 30 2012 · 177 views

And so the disappointing rollercoaster of 2012 comes to a grinding halt so that we might all climb onto the ferris wheel of 2013 and try to convince ourselves this one will be marginally better. Yes, optimism abound as we have survived that pesky apocalypse business everyone assumed the Mayan's were foretelling and after that brush with death we all look for ways to better ourselves for the coming year ahead.
  • Read more. A lot more.
  • Actually start meeting deadlines.
  • Write more. A lot more.
  • Draw more. A lot more.
  • Don't get mauled by an angry bear.
  • Find a better job.
  • Don't get ravaged by a flock of eagles.
  • Don't awaken the legion of the six thousand.
  • Don't awaken Cthulhu.
  • Don't find a cure for human misery.
  • Stop spending so much.
  • Don't get ravaged by bear riding an eagle with Cthulhu's face on it.
I think I can keep at least one of those.


Assassin's Creed III Ending

Posted by The Present Automaton , Dec 28 2012 · 212 views

Posted Image
Was that it?! 
Okay, I don't want to admit it given how much I spent on the collector's edition but I'm actually kinda disappointed in this game. It was playable, don't get me wrong. It worked, it was fun, it filled time. But it was just adequate. There was nothing incredible like in Assassin's Creed II. At least that knew what it wanted to be. I buy the Assassin's Creed series because I want to be a stealthy assassin. What is with this idea of making everything cinematic? What was wrong with the first Assassin's Creed games system of finding out information about your target, then figuring the way of best going about dispatching them? Okay, it got old fast and was horribly repetitive. But the idea was there. I also put a little of the blame on Connor who, compared to Ezio, was incredibly boring to follow. I didn't really feel all that attached to him and his progression as a character seemed a tad predictable. Though Colonial America wasn't really a particularly fantastic era to set the game, especially when compared to the previous Renaissance setting and some of the more interesting events in that period, such as the French revolution) I did like seeing just how much research and effort was made into making this world seem alive. The frontier was beautiful, but then I can't help but think I didn't buy a Colonial America simulator. 
As I said, I liked the game but I just have gripes with it that I can't overcome. Is it wrong that I actually think the best part of the game were the ones where you play as Desmond? The whole Connor story arc just felt like so much padding or, for want of a better phrase, "faffing about". I'm sure some day they'll give us a modern day Assassin's Creed. Or Ubisoft will give us Watch_Dog which is also acceptable.
Now I should probably go back and finish Darksiders 2, which I really was enjoying, and then finally try and go through my hideously oversized backlog. Mass Effect 3 after that, people?


You now have permission to call me four eyes

Posted by The Present Automaton , Dec 27 2012 · 216 views

Well, would you look at that. It looks like all those months of staring into laptops and smartphones have paid off as now I've been prescribed glasses. Okay, I'll clear up that I didn't do it on purpose, but I'm certainly not mourning my slightly deteriorated vision. I like glasses. I've wanted them for a while, but known that I'd rather not unnecessarily damage my eyes just to get them. But now I have a reason to. Of course, they're not essential. I can see perfectly well without them, if things do get a little blurry sometimes without them. They're more an occasional thing for when my eyes get tired, though that won't stop me from wearing them as much as I can. I even managed to get a pair of £100 designer spectacles for £10, given I'm still in full time education. Howsabout that, eh?
As well as a trip to the opticians I had another trip to the hospital where they took another blood sample (What do they do with those things when they're done...?) and just gave me a quick check up. Besides some severe back pains I appear to be doing pretty well. After that I tried to buy that Legends of Chima set again from a completely different Argos and had the exact same problem as yesterday. Their systems just wouldn't allow it and said it wasn't for sale. Clearly they need to get their act together. I sort of regret not buying it from Toys 'R' Us when I saw it there, though not in so far as money was concerned.
Oh, and I finally caught up with the Doctor Who Christmas special. Highlight the white text if you really want to read what comes next. I really hope Oswin dying in each episode becomes a thing like with Rory or Kenny from South Park. 


Boxing Day Sales

Posted by The Present Automaton , Dec 26 2012 · 215 views

What a weird concept. So soon after Christmas people queue up and charge into innocent shops to buy from the latest, and barely noticeable, sales, completely disregarding all the presents they should have just received. I guess it's useful for spending all those vouchers they just received from unimaginative gift-givers but there's barely even a semblance of pacing themselves.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the new Legends of Chima sets on sale today. I think they were literally released on this day as the guy  from Argos said that somebody from Lego was going around ensuring all the stores were putting them on their shelves. I tried to buy that one £12.99 set with Crawley in it but for some reason the system wouldn't let it go through and I had to go away empty handed. I'm a little miffed but I guess that's money saved. I also found them in Toys 'R' Us complete with an advert for the TV series which I admit actually looks pretty great. I was also hoping to find Far Cry 3 for £22.49 again, but it looks like that offer was only temporary. In the end I came away with a dragon calender, a few books, an informational/photography book about wolves and even a steelbook case for Assassin's Creed III which I got for free. That was nice.

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