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The Apathy Pit


Kick Butt 2

Posted by The Present Automaton , Aug 21 2013 · 297 views

So earlier today I went to see Kick Rump 2. I was glad to have been invited out because it broke the long monotony that comes from putting off writing in favour of watching people kick and shout at each other over menial things on Tumblr. I wasn't so sure about Kick Backside 2 because I'd seen the first one and hadn't particularly enjoyed it. It wasn't a bad film by any means but it certainly wasn't anything to write home to about. It just felt like a schizophrenic movie that couldn't decide whether it wanted to be a commentary on superhero movies, a parody of superhero movies or join in with the big boys and be a superhero movie. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mindset when I watched it? I can't tell for sure because I've yet to rewatch it. If I ever will. I don't really see a reason to.
Now, why do I mention my early watching of Kick Flank? Because I just wanted to stress that for all the faults of the first film that may or may not have carried over from its predecessor (sins of the father and all that), Kick Hindquarters 2 is an absolute must-see. For certain people.
It was fun, funny and...funtastic? I don't know. I wanted a triad there but it doesn't really work. Either way, it was good. Hilarious at times, and satisfying just because it's over the top and enjoyably so. But it's not for everyone and even at times parts not for me. If you're not a fan of huge amounts of violence and the glorification of it, it's best to stay away. As I said, Kick Bottom 2 rarely holds back. It's good to see a fight in a superhero movie showing that if you're battling against two large people, chances are you're going to get beaten up, but it can get visceral and brutal. And there's one scene in particular that springs to mind that would entice me to warn the sensitive to steer clear.
So that's my summary. Kick Posterior 2 is brilliant, fun, hilarious film with an affection for violence teetering on the crazed. Also I am a sucker for scenes where crowds gather behind the protagonist to offer their support, so that might have won me over.
P.S. Also are White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen the same movie or do filmmakers just really have it in for the White House right now?


Playstation 4 release dates

Posted by The Present Automaton , Aug 20 2013 · 274 views

North America: 15th of November
Europe: 29th of November
Posted Image
At least it'll give me time to find a job.


A much needed change of subject

Posted by The Present Automaton , Aug 16 2013 · 398 views

Because we really, really need it. So with the campaign from Fire Emblem: Awakening done and Aversa paired with mU (I'll be playing it again on a harder difficulty soon) I finally moved onto Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, because I fear I might find people in University who don't like me for not finishing it. So far it's really enjoyable and looks so impressive on the 3DS. If I had one criticism (I have several) it would be that the soundtrack for the Notre Dame cathedral is too similar to the (amazing) film it's based off and isn't:

In fact that should be the theme of every cathedral in every video game ever. Someone needs to get on that.


I wonder what's happening on BZPower today

Posted by The Present Automaton , Aug 16 2013 · 451 views

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Results Day 2013

Posted by The Present Automaton , Aug 15 2013 · 264 views

Went well enough. Despite my fears of completely blundering up my hopes for the future in my English Literature exam, I've still come away with a comfortable A to go with two B's in my other subjects. Whilst not exactly meeting my first choice University's requirements, I still got my place and I'm happy to say I'll be moving out in a month to exactly where I wanted to go. And that's fantastic.
So yeah, that's pretty much my day summarised. An ABB and with that the next three years of my life sorted out.

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