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The Apathy Pit


(Well, now I'm sad.)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 30 2012 · 164 views

(Doctor Who spoilers below, click with caution:)

(So I finished series 1 of Sherlock today. I liked it. I'll see if I can get the DVD for series 2 somewhere then I can join every other human being in the wait for series 3. Maybe I might read the books before their release. I doubt it, though.)

(Also finally found The Silent Comedy's latest single Blood on the Rails on iTunes today. I bought it with a wide grin on my face and have been loving it ever since.)


(Doctor Who and Sherlock)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 29 2012 · 144 views


(Anyway, on the non-spoiler side of things. I finally caught up with the rest of the human race and have finally seen the first two episodes of Sherlock, having decided I'm not going to finish the books anytime soon. It's pretty good. It reminds me how much I love London.)


(Onimusha 5)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 26 2012 · 249 views

(Oh...boy...Now there are rumours of a new instalment in my beloved Onimusha franchise currently in the works. I should be excited but then I remember DmC. And all I can feel is fear and resignation. Why have you done this to me, Capcom?)

(I guess it was a little ambitious to think that by tagging along on Tuesday I could finish an entrant for a local short story competition by tomorrow. The theme was "shadows and hope" which sounds easy enough. I tried, wrote something, highlighted it all and promptly deleted it. I have never written something so disgustingly angsty in my life. Unless I can think up something during my frees in college, looks like I'll be giving it a miss.)



Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 25 2012 · 218 views

(No, not the festivity. The new Two Steps From H- ...Oh fine. The new TSFH album! 48 songs of pure spooky goodness for the low, low price of £7.99. This along with This is Halloween and the attempt to finally watch Soul Eater, the Devil May Cry anime and He...and that anime featuring a protagonist called Alucard without giving up once again are sure to put me in the seasonal mood!)

(It just sucks I'm the only person in my friendship group who enjoys Halloween. ;_; )



Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 24 2012 · 115 views

Weird, weird, weird things. They're like jeans but...colourful. But I decided I needed to get some for the sake of expanding my wardrobe. My sister's been complaining at me, saying everything I wear is too monochrome so I'm trying stuff a little more...fashionable. I don't understand it, but they're comfy and easy to wear.

Also, quick recommendation. If you're strolling through a store, make sure you're not listening to any cheerful, bouncy soundtracks. Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All came on and you can guess just how my movement around Matalan started changing in time with the tune. I must have looked so strange...

And I bought a flat cap. Flat caps are cool.

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