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The Apathy Pit


(A Lack of Inspiration)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 12 2012 · 103 views

(I haven't made a blog entry recently. It's been a while I've noticed. I think the reason is that I just really have nothing of any value to talk about. I could mention how for the first time I played and finished Klonoa the other day, just to let you all know that I do actually play some of the stuff I constantly talk about buying (It was a pretty fun game, by the way). I could give more excuses about why I'm not updating The Best Kept Secrets which is now pitifully old and lacking in proportional content, but I do that all the time and everything's beginning to wear a bit thin. I could talk about how I'm back at college, but what is there to say besides "Yeah, it's okay"? Or I could just mention how the songs by Deuter are great for relaxing to and trying to calm yourself down on frustrating days such as today. Ah, how I adore certain members of my family...)

(So all in all, this has been a pretty pointless blog entry. I'll leave this picture of Spyro here and then be on my merry way.)

(Posted Image)


(Assassin's Creed III Collector's Edition)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 07 2012 · 153 views

(i...I did it! I actually made progress in Dark Souls! Barely anything noteworthy, but enough for me to take pride in finally moving onto a new area! At which point I got mercilessly slaughtered by a layout of enemies even more intimidating than that which I had been dealing with beforehand. But such is Dark Souls. Not a game that entirely hates you, but more just a strict parent, who only wants the very best out of you.)

(On another, fairly unrelated note, for all I may criticise the upcoming Assassin's Creed III, with it's naval battles, loss of stealth in assassination's and almost painful amounts of patriotism, I still think it looks really quite good. The gameplay seems to be one of the best bits with some genuinely useful inclusions, rather than the bombs from Revelations which I ended up feeling guilty about because I never actually made use of them. That and the exploration of the countryside looks stunning and assuming the map is big enough, I can see myself getting lost, wandering hour after hour round that place.)

(Which brings me to my next point, wondering which of the two collector's editions I should get. I've always been a sucker for collector's editions and now I'm trying to decide between the Join or Die edition, notably cheaper and with a medallion that comes with it, or the Freedom edition which is £80 but comes with a nifty little figure of Connor. Ah, decisions, decisions.)

(On retrospect, it wouldn't be bad to rename this to "First World Problems: The Blog Entry".


(Current favourite image of the hour)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 04 2012 · 132 views

(Are the brackets getting annoying yet? :P)

Posted Image

(I'm gonna have to find out which magazine it was that interviewed Tameem and vow never to buy an issue again. Anything that glorifies this man's corruption of Dante deserves little more than a mean glare from me. And that is the worst kind of glare.)


(Times are changing)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 03 2012 · 167 views

(It appears we have entered the season whereupon almost every resident of BZPower wishes to change their name. Not that I'm following the crowd or anything, it just appears to be rather odd timing. And so I have abandoned the Organisation, crumbling as it was, and taken a new form. The unnamed King of Façade from that game I don't talk much about!)

(So, having taken this guise I've done more than just adopt the name. I've also now included a blog theme, by which I mean changed the name and added a picture and another content block, and changed my posting style to the way the King speaks in the game. For he does not speak the language of the protagonists, so to signify that he is being translated, his words are wrapped in parenthesis. So that is what I will do. Far easier than changing the font or colour every post.)

(So, yeah. Welcome to Façade and please enjoy your stay. Wolves not welcome. Unless it's Chols.)


A thousand dreams I long to share

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 01 2012 · 146 views

Just updated my blogs "Writing desk" with all my Bionicle-fanfic related ideas. That vast, never-ending number of coming "Coming soon"'s is intimidating. I can only wonder whether I'll ever be able to finish them all. I find it unlikely, given it's taken me 3/4's of a year to get as far as I have in TBKS...

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