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The Apathy Pit


(For freedom we rise. Learn to fly, reach the skies...)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 23 2012 · 180 views

(As said in my status earlier, I'm a little shocked when I realised. I'm nearly 18 now. I first heard Gravity Hurts when I was 13. Bloody heck, time's gone by surprisingly fast. I wasn't even a year into my first year at the ol' BZPower back then. Not that that's any real surprise. Every 17 year old was 13 once. Still, time does fly.)

(Anyway, who here has ever had to rub a corrosive liquid in their face? Lemme let you guys in on something. I have. To finally deal with my acne my doctor prescribed me something which I swear is more an industrial strength cleaner than a normal cream. I haven't yelled in agony for a while. I was expecting to see steam rising off of the side of my face. Still if it hurts like that, I guess that means it's working. Hopefully.)



Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 17 2012 · 230 views

(Dang, this place gets serious fast. Y'know, not that that's a bad thing. It's good to see the members around here tackling some serious issues that need addressing, just...Well, as I said, these things usually happen before I can even notice. Because it usually ends up with somebody posting a serious, heartfelt message about a real situation only to be followed by me talking about how great dragons are.)



(Assassin's Creed: Embers)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 17 2012 · 174 views

(Requiescat in pace. ;_; )

(Finally finished the fourth and final Assassin's Creed novel, written by Oliver Bowden earlier today. Y'know, just so I can remind myself of everything I've forgotten or missed from the games. Which it turns out was a lot. So, then I decided to finally watch Assassin's Creed: Embers, just to top it all off. Now I'm going to go listen to Enough For One Life on an endless loop...)



Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 15 2012 · 95 views

(Man, I love that film. If only Doctor Who finished earlier I could have watched it all from the beginning. Yeah, I have it on DVD, but that would require effort and it was enjoyable enough as it was. The best part is in the ending, anyway. I'd probably consider it one of my all time favourite films.)

(Now, I still have the rest of the night to kill, and I just remembered I have Reign of Fire recorded, waiting to be watched. I wonder if I dare go for a dragon themed night...)


(I gave in)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Sep 14 2012 · 167 views

(So it looks like I finally have a Twitter account. And I say this because I assume this is the only social networking site we're allowed to reference.)

(...Now what do I do?)

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