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The Apathy Pit


A Heartfelt Apology

Posted by The Present Automaton , Mar 09 2012 · 289 views

Okay, I admit, I lied yesterday. Only a little bit. A smidgeon. Merchant Prince isn't the theme of The Darkest Hour, Laboured and Lost from the Assassin's Creed: Revelations soundtrack is. Merchant Prince is more of the trailer music. I'm very sorry for this, and I know the trouble I've caused as a result. I promise not to do it again.

On another note, thank the Spirits that it's the weekend. And I've got the day off work tomorrow, so I may not be getting paid, but I would probably have collapsed dead if I tried to do another Saturday of work. I can feel my whole body celebrating with joy at the relief of some rest.



All I Want To Do Is Spin

Posted by The Present Automaton , Mar 08 2012 · 229 views

Blaaaaargh. It's been one of those days where my mind just won't focus. Mainly because I can't get a darn song out of my head. It's one of those songs where you listen to it literally all day and still want to hear more. Merchant Prince from Thomas Bergersen (Also TSFH), I curse thee!

Listening to it so much, I've decided to declare it as the theme for The Darkest Hour (The direct sequel to The Best Kept Secrets), for now. Now all I want to do is spin in circles with my arm outstretched, imagining torrents of water enveloping me.

On another note, I've come up with an idea for a regular feature on this blog of mine, a little webcomic about a sentient automaton. It has potential to be fun to create, at least. Of course, I tried doodling a little and it looked horrible, so it may be some time.


A Load Of Vortixx Doodles

Posted by The Present Automaton , Mar 07 2012 · 244 views

So, my efforts of learning to draw have definitely taken me further than I was when I was starting, there's no denying. Of course, I still lack any real kind of skill at it, and I can't seem to draw without something in front of me to base it off. And even then it has to be easily copyable basic shapes. Bodies and fingers are my biggest issues (Besides human face but...well, these aren't humans). But, of course, instead of describing, why don't I just show you all?


So, yeah, that's how what I've been doing so far. From any of the more talented and helpful artists out there, criticism of all kinds is appreciated and advice will be duly noted. It's all appreciated.


Look At That Automaton, Isn't He Just Wretched.

Posted by The Present Automaton , Mar 07 2012 · 343 views
I'm back, baby.
So, once more this blog has resurfaced from the depths like the great city, R'lyeh. Only less city-like. And with less Cthulhu. But still passable.

So, I finally shelled out and donated to BZPower and in return got this swanky new Premier Membership dealy, which ain't too bad by the seem of things. I even got to take my blog out for a ride more than once a week each year. How's about that.

So, what will I update it with? Hm, remains to be seen. Probably doodles from my currently unfortunate attempts to draw (That's a Vortixx, over to the side. Not a shark) and little bits of info and background details about The Best Kept Secrets. And stuff about me of course, because we all know that's why you're here. I'm just so irresistible.

False life of the automaton

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