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The Apathy Pit


(A boring day out for boring people)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Oct 14 2012 · 252 views

(Gather round children and I shall tell you a tale. This won’t be a fun tale, mind you. There are no dragons nor do any princesses get rescued at any moment. There are no wars to be won and I wouldn’t say there’s a happy ending. It just sort of ends. There’s a car chase though, if you count a bus overtaking somebody to be a car chase. I don’t. I just thought I’d point that out. This is the tale of my day out.)

(So Assassin’s Creed III is coming out and I decided that the best way to acquire money for the Freedom Edition would be to sell some of my old games, the ones I’ve finished and never play anymore. So I gathered them up and decided to make a day trip of it. My parents were out, friends were busy and I needed to replace my broken headphones anyway.)

(So I hopped on the bus, paid the fare and sat down to read Charlie Brooker’s Dawn of the Dumb for the hour’s ride that was yet to take place. At least, I tried to read. Concentration isn’t that easy when the girl behind you insists on gabbing away on her phone for the entire trip.)

(But nevertheless it eventually ended and I promptly hopped off the bus. And then at bullet speed hopped back on when I realised my wallet had made a mad bid for escape and was relaxing on my seat like a petulant child.)

(My first port of call was Game. Handing over the huge pile of games, the guy ran them all through and told me I could trade them in for £80. I asked how much if I traded them in for cash and he said that unless I was 18 (Three weeks to go, people) I wouldn't be able to do so. This day was not going well.)

(On the way to Waterstones, I noticed a particularly large crowd gathering. Not for Waterstones, though. Without giving too much away, the city I was in made me surprised they even have one. No, there was some kind of promotion going on for Fanta and as such they were giving away free cans. The city was overrun by people swigging from little orange cans, which were disappearing from buckets at a rate of knots. Perhaps I’ve watched too many films but nobody was even slightly suspicious. They could have poisoned the darn things for all anybody cared. They could have been giving away free arsenic in a Fanta can and nobody would have noticed by the rate those things were disappearing.)

(Not that I’m judging anybody with any manner of superiority. I was thirsty and decided I’d take the risk. Let them control my mind if they want. It’s free and that’s good enough for me.)

(So the rest of the day flowed by in that manner. I was surprised to find Yahtzee Croshaw’s Jam for sale in Waterstones, so I snapped that up and bought it straight away. I should probably cancel my pre-order now. I also went to Cex and traded in Okami for Okami which I think puts me in a position to be awarded “Most Redundant Transaction of the Century” then made my way over to HMV, where I got a new pair of headphones thanks to their handy dandy reward scheme and then traded in some old games for Darksiders II. Yeah, I may have disliked the first Darksiders but at least it was a hack and slash game in a flood of brown and grey shoot-em-up’s. And it was half price, so I only had to trade in three games. So sue me.)

(But that was pretty much it. My bus home was filled with me battling the headphone packaging whilst laughing at the “security protected” sticker. I’ll say. And that was it. Nothing amazing happened, nothing life changing occurred. I didn’t get what I wanted which was money, but I still got some pretty cool stuff. Was it worth blogging about? No, it probably wasn’t. Did it need such a ludicrously long story to tell when I could have summed it up in a fifty instead of seven hundred? I doubt it. But what they hey, I had fun going there and just as much fun writing this.)

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