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The Apathy Pit


The Top 10 Hottest Dragons in Fiction - #'s 10 - 7

Posted by The Present Automaton , Dec 14 2012 · 1,184 views

N-No, not like that. Y'know, because they breath fire? "Like a furnace with wings". Not because they're attractive.
So, yes, with the recent surge of "Top (x) (y)" lists, most of which were made for the purposes of being ironic, I decided that I would jump on this particular bandwagon, just before it goes careering off a cliffside. And with the first part of The Hobbit released, what better way than to give a list involving my favourite fantasy creatures of all time? Werewolves! Except I couldn't think of ten werewolves so dragons will have to do. I don't know why I said "in fiction" in the title, though. There aren't that many dragons outside of fiction, as far as I'm aware. Well, there are komodo and bearded dragons I guess. But they don't really count.
Oh and on the subject of things that don't count...You will not see any of the "dragons" of Skyrim. They have no forelegs, people. Those are Wyverns. Carry on with your day. 
#10 - Saphira
First appeared: Eragon (Christopher Paolini) - 2002
Posted Image
I'll admit, after a while I fell out of favour with Paolini's Inheritance cycle. Whatever happened past Eldest I can't tell you because it was at that point I stopped reading. It was clichéd, dull and I was just building my backlog when I got Brisingr so it looks like that'll be gathering dust on my shelves for a long time. What I won't fault it for though, is Saphira, the dragon that comes to Eragon early in the first book. Of course she did. There wouldn't be a plot otherwise. She was an interesting character, certainly much more so than the titular protagonist, and this being my first real book with a dragon in it when I was younger, the descriptions of her growing and maturing were a heck of a lot of fun to read. 
#9 - Danzi
First appeared: Dragon Keeper (Carole Wilkinson) - 2003
Posted Image
A Chinese dragon now. Danzi originated (clearly) from a book titled Dragon Keeper, which I just so happened to stumble across once, many years back before I became the avid reader that I am today.  I got it and fell in love with it before almost the first few pages were through. Though the lead character is a girl named Ping, her dragon companion, Danzi, is the real show (book?) stealer here. An enigmatic personality and a great mentor to Ping, he sets off the story as he escapes his life as a pet of the emperor and encourages Ping to travel to Ocean whilst ensuring they never lose sight of a mysterious rock he keeps in his possession. I wonder what that could be... 
#8 - Seath the Scaleless
First appeared: Dark Souls - 2011
Posted Image
"He's the albino dragon all the other dragons made fun of in high school."
"Aww. So now he's getting, like, his albino revenge."
"He doesn't have legs either! Check that out."
"That dragon has fallen upon hard times."
And so Matt and Pat of Two Best Friends Play fame describe Seath the Scaleless' appearance in the intro cutscene to the sadistically cruel Dark Souls. I wonder if they were so sympathetic when it came to fighting him in a boss battle? I certainly wasn't. Though Dark Souls isn't particularly story heavy (Or at least, it expects you to do your own searching to receive lore and plot details), what is made evident of Seath is that during a battle against the Everlasting Dragons, he betrayed his kind so that he might continue his research on the scales of immortality. He was made Duke by the Lord Gwyn and had full access to a library so that he might carry out his studies. Rumoured father of the Crossbreed Priscilla, he was a particularly vicious boss battle with an area wide attack you need to run from fast if you don't want to get demolished.  He also has some pretty cute fanart
#7 - Blue-Eyes White Dragon
First appeared: Yu-Gi-Oh! - 200...199...Uh...I'll get back to you on that one. The first card got released in Europe and America in 2002. I'll give you that. 
Posted Image
Aww man. When I was a kid and Yu-Gi-Oh! was the thing all the cool kids played, this was the card you wanted. It didn't really help how much the show bigged it up, but if you had one of these you had it all. If only we realised then that having this didn't really mean much. It just meant that you were able to find a Kaiba starter deck, which proudly displays one of them on the front. That said, if you had three you could then run around pretending you were Kaiba, only without the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to show for it. If you had one of those, it was probably fake. On retrospect, now that the game has evolved so much this card really doesn't mean much anymore. 8 stars and it doesn't even have an effect. If anything it'd be fairly quaint if your opponent pulled it out. Quaint, up until the point where you ruin them with whatever new type of card is available these days, at which point it becomes hilarious.
So there's 10 - 7.  Tune in next time for 6-4. Bear in mind that I haven't seen every dragon in fiction so if your favourite doesn't appear...meh. 

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