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The Junk Heap


Seriously? Like...seriously?

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , Jun 10 2012 · 79 views

I wouldn't call today a particularly bad day, but a very frustrating one. It appears everything around me has either broken or gone missing. The right ear of my earphones has decided to go for an early retirement, which is made worse by the fact I've seemingly misplaced the HMV insurance on those things. Not having that means I lose the £60 I would have gotten back from the earphones getting damaged. During the hunt for that I then stepped on the lap tray I sometimes keep my laptop on when it needs more ventilation, which resulted in a lot of glass covering my floor. Then I decided it was time to make use of the Wii for the first time in weeks, only to discover that the sensor bar has somehow broken, and I'll need a replacement of that, which isn't too bad given they're about £5. Oh, and those bloody posters still won't stay up.

Still...On a lighter note, I think I might finish Solatorobo tonight if I keep at it. I'm not sure I want to, though. Y'now, see if I could savour it some more. It earnt a lot more of my respect in a scene where the history of the lands and characters was explained and achieved a NieR-level of deepness. I was impressed.


Home Decor

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , Jun 08 2012 · 91 views

Who would have thought the simple act of hanging posters up could be so infuriating. I can only wonder what my father must have been thinking, hearing the frustrated growls echoing from my room.

And they're still bloody lopsided.


On The Best Kept Secrets

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , Jun 07 2012 · 93 views

Crikey, it's been more than a month since I last posted a chapter, hasn't it? That really annoys me, as my original intention was to right at least a chapter a week, which quite clearly hasn't been the case. I could blame it on writers block, but I'm not sure if that's even it. I just don't feel motivated and whatever I write, I'm not happy with and end up erasing.

Thing is, that doesn't mean I've abandoned it. Not at all, if anything, I miss it. What's been stuck in my head lately has been the sequel to TBKS, The Darkest Hour, which I've now managed to fully lay out and am actually quite pleased with. Obviously there's a heck of a lot of room for development, but there is in everything I do. That's why I write these things, to practise, to test my creative writing skills and find those areas that I need to improve on, and even in the 17 chapters I've written so far, I've learnt a lot.

But I feel that having scenes for TDH stuck in my hand is crippling my ability to write its predecessor. By focusing on the sequel, I'm obviously looking at the more entertaining portions and wishing I could write them. But obviously I can't as I have to focus on TBKS, which I still consider very interesting, but not the "in thing" at the moment, if you will. Worst of all is how it's not only TDH that's been distracting me, but my head seems more full of ideas than I can deal with. I've been developing ideas for a dozen backstories and two other epics, all based upon my RPG characters. The same RPG characters from the BZPRPG, which I have once again seemingly neglected. I probably should stop doing that.

I guess I could say I'll force myself to finish the chapter tomorrow, but I get the feeling that will result in one very dissatisfactory piece of writing. Not that I won't try.

Also, Hinder. Why had I never gotten this guy's albums before?


A Word Of Advice

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , Jun 06 2012 · 110 views

Don't bother with gaming laptops, unless you want an overpriced waffle iron. Watching this thing reach 89 degrees celcius during a game of Starcraft II is just painful.


E3 Thoughts Part 1

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , Jun 05 2012 · 101 views

Well, I'm not gonna narrate everything I saw in E3, as I've pretty much forgotten most of it, and I can't really be bothered to go back and jog my memory, so I'll just discuss that which had some semblance of an effect on me.

I only caught Microsoft's conference at the end to catch the Cawadoody Blops 2 preview. And once again I watched it with a cynical eyebrow raised, wondering just how anyone could enjoy it. I've never been a fan of the Call of Duty series and the best part about it in my opinion is how I managed to make a profit from selling Modern Warfare 2.

EA's conference made me sad. Seeing Dead Space 3 with co-op and cover based shooting was ridiculous, given that's a sign they've completely abandoned the survival horror elements of the first game and arguably the second. Also seeing them trying to push The Old Republic. Can't they just let that doomed ship sink?

As for Ubisoft, I was a little more interested. Assassin's Creed 3, though I was dubious about it at first, looking at gameplay, I'm now a heck of a lot more excited. I'm still disappointed in how subtlety seems to be a forgotten concept in these games and now the focus is explosions and large scale wars. Watch Dogs, however, looks absolutely amazing.

Now, finally, the Sony conference. I'm sad to say I fell asleep when this was playing. According to the friend whose house I was staying around, apparently I was talking in my sleep. Which is unnerving since I can't remember what, though I have a feeling I might have been describing what I already knew about Assassin's Creed: Liberation. Having rewatched it, I can safely confirm I like what I see. Beyond looks incredibly meh and not nearly as interesting or immersing as Heavy Rain did, but God of War: Ascencion is just...wow. I was very cynical as I hate it when developers can't let a franchise go and seeing a God of War 4 seemed ridiculous. But now having watched the game in action I can confirm I'm getting excited for it, as the graphics look incredible and the gameplay more fun than ever before. Then we have The Last of Us, which, again, I had no interest in, but now I'm impressed and will be trying to mix in with the people who were already excited for it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be going back to crossing my fingers and sacrificing sheep to Square Enix and Capcom in the hope that they can find it in their hearts to announced anything related to either NieR or the Onimusha series, respectively.

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