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The Junk Heap


I Cannot Bite The Day To The Core

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , May 16 2012 · 56 views

*Slams head on keyboard* English Literature exam done and...I'm actually...optimistic about it. I really don't know if I should be, given nobody else I saw was happy about it. Thing is, I open the exam paper and practically pounded my fist in the air when I read the question was about how Edward Thomas (The poet we were looking at) portrayed strong emotions through imagery and whatnot. And that's like the perfect question for him, given the fact that he was completely depressed for the most of his life, which bled into his writing. (What I find a little disconcerting is that a lot of his reasons for his depression actually reminded me of myself quite a few times. Maybe that's why I liked him so much).

The Frankenstein essay was alright. I probably could have done with a few more quotes, but most of them had escaped my memory, except a few very useful ones. The question was on whether any characters deserved to suffer, and I think I spent too long discussing Victor's suffering. And I quite obviously shoehorned in the context, outside source and structure features in the most unsubtle way possible.

So, all in all, the exam went well, but I'm starting to wonder if it went a little too well.


Ds Related Wittering

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , May 15 2012 · 35 views

I'm watching the English trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, and I can't help my suppressed fanboy instincts of getting really darn hyped. It just looks so good. But the problem is, despite buying it roughly when it came out, I still haven't finished Birth By Sleep. I've finished Terra's campaign, and I'm about halfway through Ventus', but I just can't find the motivation to keep going. Although, now that I'm practically drooling over Dream Drop Distance, that might be motivation enough...

Ooh, finished the first part of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, which is both amazing and slightly depressing. It's nice for me to have found a game I truly am enamoured with and want to play, instead of one that feels more like a chore to plough through. I can imagine it'll be sad when I finish it, but then the hunt for more stuff to play goes on. I think I'll finish BBS, then Okamiden, then get Kid Icarus, hopefully before Dream Drop Distance comes out.

Oh, and if Frollo is a boss battle, he has fire based powers. Calling it now.


The Impossible Is No Limit

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , May 14 2012 · 29 views

I seem to have a way to exceed expectations. After all, would you think it possible to run into an automatic door? Because I sure did. In front of a crowd of people. They all turned to stare. I then did the most beta male thing ever and just turned to my friend and said "Watch out, there's a door there," before continuing on my quest. That takes a lot of skill... ._.

So, first exam of the four today, and my wrist has already been decimated. My thumb was throbbing after three solid essays and my mind was rather numb. It went better than expected, though I think I wrote one essay completely wrong. The other two I'm hopeful I did quite well on. Ah, well.


+10,000 Hours In Ms Paint

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , May 13 2012 · 63 views

So, I was just doing some thinking, and I thought of how sorry I felt for the people of the "Describe the sig" thread, given I haven't changed my banner for months now. Surely they must be getting bored, I pondered. And I can't bother Shattered Mask Productions for yet another advertisement. So, I wondered, why don't I just try making my own banners?

I remember now.

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After a little while yelling at GIMP because the bugger wouldn't do what I wanted it to, when I wanted it, I finally churned this out.

I don't like it.


This Would Be The Glowing Weak Spot Were I A Boss In A Video Game

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , May 12 2012 · 43 views

Ah, Away From Her. Forgot to mention that when I listed the texts I actually like from Film Studies. Well, I would like it if it weren't for the fact that it knows my one weakness. Sad old people...And boy does it love to manipulate that weakness...

Worst part is, I can't even find the theme.

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