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The Junk Heap


I Shall Receive Individual Pages Of The Manual Sent In The Post

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , May 08 2012 · 42 views

Just caved in and bought Pandora's Tower off of Shopto.net. A little bit creepily, they then sent me an e-mail saying the product has been packaged and is ready for dispatching. Accompanying this e-mail was a picture of the package, like some insane hostage situation. I don't expect to have to meet the people of Shopto.net underneath the old bridge with £10,000 in a paper bag to actually get my game...

It's a good thing I got this. I never use my Wii, so it's good to find a game that I actually like the looks of, as well as Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, both of which I'll probably buy after my exams. My 3DS never sees much usage these days, but I saw a discussion over Solatorobo: Red The Hunter the other day and it looks like just the kind of game I would absolutely love, so there was £10.00 spent on that. Now I just have to very impatiently wait for it to arrive. I hate buying stuff online!


I Am A Text Of The Darkest, Most Arcane Type!

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , May 08 2012 · 47 views

Mm-hm-hm-he-he-he-heee! I did it! And nobody could stop me! Now, my very name brings kingdoms to their knees! And if I don't like it, then I've got one more change between now and the next thirty days. A rather pleasant benefit of being a OPBZP member.

Ragh, I hate exam time. My first exam, Film Studies is next Monday and I'm seriously dreading it. Worst of all, everyone seems to have gone to see The Avengers, yet my friends and I are mourning how we have to plan for about two weeks from now, so that we don't distract ourselves from revision. Like that'll help.

I think Business Studies is going to go worst of all. Instead of paying attention in lesson, I got bored and, given I doodle rarely and not exceptionally well, proceeded to come up with names for the thirteen Grimoire's of NieR. I have eight.



Posted by The Dandy Automaton , May 07 2012 · 58 views

It's like almost everyone's been changing their names lately. o_O

Hm, maybe after almost two years, I could do with something a little fresher...But what would beat The Wretched Automaton? Hm...


Plinky Plonk (That's The Noise Of A Piano, Right?)

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , May 06 2012 · 49 views

How rare for me to spend a day doing revision. If it can be called that. I've watched A Hard Day's Night, reread about half of Frankenstein and then watched Billy Liar, which besides from AHDN and Donnie Darko, is one of the few texts we looked at in Film Studies which I actually enjoyed. I find I can relate to Billy quite a bit.

Far more joyously, I finally acquired two new albums today, which I'd been meaning to get for a while. "NieR Tribute Album -Echo-" and "Piano Collections NieR Gestalt & NieR Replicant". -Echo- is alright, but given the facts it's a tribute album, is forgettable. I would never have imagined "Shadowlord's Castle (Roar)" to be performed by a brass band, but clearly someone else did and what do I know? No, the piano collection is where it's at. Both "Repose" and "Hills of Radiant Winds" sound gorgeous in this mix, not to mention how it has Grimoire Rubrum on the album artwork. Grimoire Rubrum! That boss we fought for about two minutes who was never mentioned before and never gets referred to again! :D


I'm Starting To Develop A Fear Of Screaming Fangirls

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , May 06 2012 · 52 views

I'm really hard-pressed to call lying in bed whilst watching A Hard Day's Night "revision". Something just doesn't seem right.

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