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Posted by The Present Automaton , Mar 26 2012 · 271 views

So, fans of the All-American Rejects should be aware that their latest album was released earlier today and so I feel I should probably make a quick review of it as a die-hard fan. All throughout college, I was itching for lunch so I could run down to Sainsbury's and buy a physical copy of the CD, given I have all of their other released on disc. However, unfortunately upon arrival, there was a distinct lack of AAR, which left me disappointed.

Y'see, I've always been a fan of them since the day I first heard them in the Toa Inika commercial. I feel I owe them a lot as I defend them as "The Band That Saved My Life". Not in the Simple Plan kind of way, but pre-Summer of 2006, I hated all forms of modern music and couldn't bear to show an interest. I say I didn't listen to any music at all, but that's sort of a lie, given I would religiously listen to a singer known as Jimmy Nail. But I don't really talk about that, so it's best we move on. So, after hearing Move Along for the first time, suddenly my ears were open and I began to listen to more and more songs of theirs before drifting onto Linkin Park, Evanescence, Simple Plan and My Chemical Romance. And thus, the big five were born, but that's another story for another time.

Thus, I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment at having to break the CD tradition, and as I wanted Kids in the Street so badly, I connected to my college's wi-fi and snuck onto iTunes where I shelled out the £7.99 necessary for the 17 songs. Posters on the What Are You Listening To At This Very Moment thread will probably have noticed me constantly updating with AAR songs, and yes, that was me bored on the bus listening to the latest album, and I have to say...I'm disappointed. Very much so.

I mean, I'm happy to say it wasn't "The Verge from There For Tomorrow" kind of disappointment where I never even finished the album before turning it off in frustration, but it wasn't nearly the "Incomparable from Dead By April" kind of disappointment where it wasn't like the first album but was still bloody good in its own right. Compared to their previous albums, of which I had listened to every one of them earlier today, this one just didn't seem right. None of the songs in this album could compare to the poetic beauty of Dance Inside, the adventurous energy of Another Heart Calls, the inspiring tone of Move Along, nor the bashful innocence of My Paper Heart. Each of the previous albums had their own kind of energy and every song seemed to stand out. Here, they just all seem....the same. Nothing stood out for me, and granted a couple of the songs made me smile or caught me off-guard, but I can't think of a single one that made me desire to go back and put it on repeat. If anything, Tyson just sounds bored while singing them and I find that sad.

In the end, of all the big five's latest albums, though it depresses me to say it, I'd have to put Kids on the Street at the bottom of the list, just after A Thousand Suns. Get Your Heart On takes pride of first place though, just so y'all know.

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I've met those guys, as I went to college in their hometown back in Stillwater, OK. Nice guys. I love their first two albums, have been ambivalent about their latter ones.
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Ramona Flowers
Mar 30 2012 02:20 PM
The only AAR song I really liked was Move Along, TBH.
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Mar 30 2012 03:50 PM
I'm a firm believer that A Thousand Suns is highly underrated, but you're entitled to your opinion.

I've only listened to all of The All-American Rejects' second album, Move Along, which is fantastic; I hope to pick it up at a library soon. I ought to listen to their other albums someday soon, too.
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The Present Automaton
Mar 30 2012 04:17 PM
I'll admit, A Thousand Suns has grown on me somewhat, hence why it's not still at the bottom of the list. The Catalyst, Wretches and Kings and When They Come For Me have proven to be loveable songs over time and I enjoy listening to the fillers as they exercise my imagination when I craft them into teaser trailers and things like that. (I do weird things with my mind when I listen to music, trust me)
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