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(I need a better job.)

Posted by The Present Automaton , Nov 10 2012 · 367 views

(It would appear that my weekly wages at the greengrocers are still £3.80 an hour, so my rates apparently haven't changed a bit. What this means, of course is that I'm now getting paid less than the national minimum wage, having turned 18 last week. I'm quite irritated. I guess it's time to go job hunting again, as I really don't want to cause a scene with my boss given he's generally a nice bloke and I can understand why he hasn't changed anything. Local greengrocers barely even make a profit these days with all the competition against supermarkets. I'm still unhappy with it though.)

(That said, at least there was some humour in my day though. It's an uncomfortable moment when you think someone else is on the other side of a door so you raise your arms and make a low pitched zombie noise to try and make them jump and then your boss walks out. Completely the wrong person, but at least he jumped.)

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Ramona Flowers
Nov 10 2012 01:45 PM
Despite the fact that you're saying your boss is a nice guy, that's disgraceful and shouldn't happen. There's a reason we have a minimum wage.

- Vorex
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The Present Automaton
Nov 10 2012 05:06 PM
(I know and I'm furious about it, but at the same time the problem with local businesses is that they just don't get enough revenue these days. When working out his finances, his business was literally described as a "lifestyle choice" rather than an actual job. As such I'd rather just leave and let him hire someone younger than force him to shell out even more capital than he wants to. As I said, he really is a decent bloke, if perhaps a bit stingy with money.)
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The Lord Of Wednesday
Nov 10 2012 05:32 PM
Is that even legal in the UK? I do not know what their policy is with minimum wage, unless it is the same as over here. If that was over here then you would probably be able to have him arrested (or at the very least sued) for short-changing you.
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The Present Automaton
Nov 11 2012 08:01 AM
No, from what I gather it certainly isn't legal and I could probably file out some manner of complaint or talk to a union. But as I've said before I just don't want to cause a fuss over it. Perhaps I'm being too nice but I feel I owe the guy something.
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