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The Top 10 Hottest Dragons in Fiction - #'s 6 - 4

Posted by The Present Automaton , Dec 15 2012 · 203 views

Still not like that. You only have yourselves to blame for giggling and making it rude.
#6 - Snow
First appeared: The Adamantine Palace (Stephen Deas) - 2009 
Posted Image
"Little One Kemir. I am hungry."
Let's face it. If dragons really did exist in our world we all know who would be at the bottom of the food chain. And so it was in Stephen Deas' surprisingly entertaining The Memory of Flames series, until a way was discovered to calm and pacify the dragons with chemicals. Kept in this almost comatose state, the dragons were little more than beasts to tamed and used in battle. That is, until a precious white dragon named Snow escaped long enough for the effects to wear off and regain her conscience. And she wasn't happy. She's a frustratingly well written character, understandable in her motivation for the freedom of her kind yet you're sure you're meant to be rooting for the humans she views as food. It's an interesting split for the audience that makes her a great character to read and me hoping that I find the two remaining books in my stocking this Christmas. 
#5 - Spike
First appeared: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - 2010 (I know, he appeared in generations beforehand...it's just not the same.)
Posted Image
Okay, first off I guess it's only fair to apologise to all the people tired of seeing the My Little Pony craze that's been sweeping across the internet for the past two or so years. I've no doubt those most irritated are sitting behind their computers, raising their arms and bemoaning "Automaton, you ridiculously handsome machination, why would you fill a space on this oh-so-important list with that thing?". Well, I'll tell you. Spike's always been a personal favourite character of mine, just because of how he works as someone the male audience can relate to. Even before the show's creators expected such a maelstrom of popularity, Spike was claiming how uninterested he was in all that "girly gala gunk", yet secretly wanted to be a part of it. He's telling male kids that if you want to enjoy the show go for it. Just don't be incredibly annoying on internet forums about it. Oh, and he makes for some fantastic comic relief.
#4 - Toothless
First appeared: How to Train Your Dragon (Cressida Cowell) - 2003
Posted Image
Like Spike, he's changed a lot since his original appearance, though I decided to credit his first appearance to Cowell's book anyway even though I've never actually read it. Though he goes the entire film without saying a single word, Toothless is a dragon most audiences can instantly fall in love with. With the personality traits of both a dog and a cat and a dependence on the protagonist Hiccup of a loyal friend, Toothless can usually make hearts melt come the end of the first showing. I can't count how many times I've had conversations with people about the movie How To Train Your Dragon that have usually turned into a discussion about how much everyone wants a Night Fury. He's an adorable dragon who also gave us that wonderfully directed Forbidden Friendship scene.
So there's 6-4. Tune in for the final part tomorrow, for numbers 1-3 and a few honourable mentions. Let's just hope you don't see my final choices as...too controversial. Not that I can see why they'd be. They're just fictional dragons. 

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Please let Smaug be in it..

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Also Chrysophylax is utterly fantastic if you've ever bothered to read Farmer Giles of Ham  (which I'm sure you haven't).

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